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WonderSlim Meal Replacement Pudding/Shake CocoMint Cream (7 ct)

Item #: WS101
WonderSlim Meal Replacement Pudding/Shake CocoMint Cream (7 ct)

Price: $14.95

Availability: In stock

WonderSlim Meal Replacement Pudding/Shake CocoMint Cream (7 ct)

Price: $14.95

In stock

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  • Delicious Chocolate Taste with a Hint of Mint
  • High Protein - 15 grams Per Shake
  • Low Carb - 7g Net Carbs*
  • Enriched with 24 Vitamins and Minerals
  • Low Calorie - 100 Calories Per Shake
  • Low Fat - 1.5 grams Per Shake
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Saturated Fat Free
  • Use as a Meal Replacement Shake for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner
  • Easily Mixes with Water or Non-Fat Milk
  • Promotes Fat-Burning and Weight Loss
  • Quick and Easy to Make
  • Make as a Creamy Pudding or a Frothy Shake
  • Kosher
  • No Gluten Containing Ingredients
  • Also Available in an Aspartame Free Formula

*g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols

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Mmm... Chocolate and mint. Not too minty, but just right in the chocolate department! You'll enjoy this perfect balance of flavors while your body savors the benefits of 15 grams of quality protein and a wide variety of important nutrients. Why settle for boring meal replacement shakes when you can let your taste buds tingle with cocomint pleasure? High protein, low carb and delicious!

*2 meals is the monetary equivalent of $0.20. $0.10 helps provide 1 meal secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks. WonderSlim pledges a minimum of 1,500,000 meals (monetary equivalent of $150,000) to Feeding America® and member food banks from 02/15/2019 to 02/14/2020.


Calcium Caseinate (From Milk), Fructose, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Cocoa (Processed With Alkali), Nonfat Milk, Sodium Caseinate, Corn Syrup Solids, Sunflower Oil, Magnesium Phosphate, Salt, Disodium Phosphate, Dipotassium Phosphate, Aspartame*, Soy Lecithin, Vitamin C, Tocopherols (To Protect Flavor), Ferric Orthophosphate, Carrageenan, Zinc Sulfate, Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol Acetate), Niacinamide, Copper Gluconate, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Maltodextrin, Manganese Sulfate, Vitamin A Palmitate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Thiamin Mononitrate, Chromium Nicotinate Glycinate Chelate, Folic Acid, Molybdenum Glycinate Chelate, Selenium Glycinate Complex, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Biotin, Potassium Iodide, Vitamin K (Phytonadione), Magnesium Carbonate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin).


WonderSlim CocoMint Cream Pudding-Shakes


For a Shake:

  1. Place contents of one packet into a (10 oz.) glass, shaker cup or blender.
  2. Add 8 ounces of cold water and stir or shake vigorously until dissolved. Nonfat milk may be substituted for water.

For a Pudding:

  1. Place contents of one packet into a small cup or bowl.
  2. Add 4 ounces of cold water and mix thoroughly with a spoon until smooth and serve. Pudding thickens upon standing. Nonfat milk may be substituted for water.


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347 Customer Reviews

Set Ascending Direction
by Carol S. on 1/4/2008
These protein shakes taste great. Much better than most I've tried. They also are very filling and are helping me shed a few pounds I gained over the holidays. My favorites are chocolate and vanilla. A++

These shakes taste great
by Sonia on 2/6/2008
These shakes taste great and fill me up. I use them 3 or 4 times a day every 3 hours or so. Sometimes I make them with skim milk making them thicker. I've lost 12 lbs. in about a month.

the best!
by Teresa on 2/10/2008
These are the best! Very satisfying and filling. My preferred flavors are chocolate strawberry and chocolate mint. And they work!

by Bonita on 2/17/2008
MMMMMMMMMM for the Mocha Pudding! Pleasing to the palate and very filling.

by Molly on 2/24/2008
Just tried the Mocha and Vanilla shakes today. YUM. The mocha wasn't real heavy on the coffee flavor so don't let that scare you. Also the vanilla was a little light on flavor too I might try that with a pinch less water. I will definitely buy again and am looking forward to trying the other flavors.

Try this
by Debra Laurent on 3/5/2008
Add 1 oz water and a pack of oatmeal. Roll into balls. put on plate. add more water if needed. Melt a double choc. bar in micro and pour a little over each ball. Let stand or refridge. You sure feel like you are cheating when you eat this filling snack. Beyond wonderful! Try it and see.

Love the Chocolate Mint!
by Lynn on 3/5/2008
Chocolate Mint! Yummmm. Tastes like someone crunched up a thin mint in your pudding but its smooth without the crunchies.

by Robin on 3/13/2008
The Mocha PuddingShake (my favorite) and the Chocolate PuddingShake are absolutely delicious!!! Try the Vanilla PuddingShake with 6-8 oz. of Orange Crystal Light and 5-6 ice cubes. Blend well in a mixer... Yum!

These are great
by Karen on 4/2/2008
I tried the chocolate mint and the mocha shakes and they are great. It is a wonderful way to replace a meal and have the proper amount of vitamins minerals and a great taste.

Chocolate is my favorite
by Kerry on 4/6/2008
This brand is very similar to protidiet. The chocolate is my favorite by far. This product is great for dieters on an high protein low carb (ketosis) type of diet.

by Marsha on 4/24/2008
Up until this past January I was doing Medifast and have been maintaining my weight eating a low carb diet. Now I want to loose the last 15 pounds and wanted to try something else. I had my first chocolate shake last nite. DELICIOUS!! With Medifast shakes you had to make them in advance or they'd be chalky and nasty. I made this shake minutes before drinking it and it was thick and creamy. Another excellent WonderSlim product. I highly recommend it.

I Lost 80 lbs.
by Brenda on 4/29/2008
I joined medical weight loss a year ago. They offered the same wonderful product. But it's a lot cheaper here. I lost 80lbs in 6 months on this diet. Just don't forget to work out for 30mins a day and the weight will fly off of you!!!

Great Shakes!
by Sue on 5/28/2008
My husband and I both enjoy these great shakes to loose and maintain our weight. We were first introduced to the shakes when we went to a metabolic weight center. Here's a tasty trick I learned when I first started making the shakes. I replaced the water with any flavor of diet soda. For instance with the Chocolate flavors I use diet Dr. Pepper or diet Root Beer; with Strawberry I usually use diet A&W Cream Soda. I also add a bit of free Cool whip before blending. A few strawberries or blueberries or banana in a Strawberry or Vanilla shake or banana in the chocalate shakes make them absolutely delicious!! Get creative with any diet soda!

Your prices are MUCH better
by Phyllis on 5/31/2008
I lost weight 100 lbs 25 years ago on a liquid shake diet. Have been maintaining ever since with exercise & a shake for breakfast. If I gain a few lbs. I drink the shakes for a few days. I was buying the same shakes from a medical program & then at another site online. Your prices are MUCH better & your service is excellent. On days when I'm just drinking shakes I like to make a large bowl of sugar free Jello with 1/2 shake. In a blender add a package of sugar free Jello to 1 cup boiling water. Blend & then add 1 cup of cold water. Add 1/2 package of a shake (I like vanilla with lemon or chocolate with black cherry). If you like it really sweet add 1/2 package of sweet & low or 1 package of splendor. Blend until frothy & chill. Right before it solidifies blend again & chill until firm. Can make in the morning & eat it in the evening or at night but don't keep it overnight. Save the other 1/2 shake to make a bowl on another day.

great product!
by Patrick on 7/6/2008
This is a great product! I have lost 125lbs using this product. I have tried other products that I could buy off the shelf some cost more and some cost less and they don't come close to the quality of this product. I mix two together after my evening workouts for 200 cal and 30g of protein.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this shake.
by Amy Voges on 8/8/2008
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shake. I bought the chocolate mint one and it's so amazing. compared to the medifast shakes i used to drink this is heaven...there's no gross vitamin taste and it's good as a pudding shake or blended. You won't be disappointed :]

by Gayla Norris on 8/12/2008
Try the vanilla shake with diet vernors for a boston cooler or diet rootbeer for a RB float taste. Try the vanilla with the fullfill oranage fiber (heat the 3oz of water disolve orange figer gellatin add the last 3 oz cold water ice and blend) you have an orange dreamsickle.

The chocolate is DELICIOUS!!!!!
by GAA on 8/24/2008
I honestly didn't think these would be good but figured I would give it a try...It was fantastic!!! ed it is no Dairy Queen Milk Shake but for the nutritional value and scanty calories who cares!!! The chocolate is DELICIOUS!!!!!

by Stacy on 10/15/2008
The chocolate is awesome. I didn't really care for the strawberry because it had a after taste. I am going to blend it with a banana and see if I will like it better then. Chocolate is REALLY GOOD!

I like these
by Art on 11/16/2008
I find the strawberry and vanilla a little chalky tasting. The mocha choc mint and choc are great!

WonderSlim Shakes
by Kazoo Gal on 12/4/2008
I routinely use the chocolate vanilla and mocha shakes and like them all. Sometimes I mix them with water and sometimes I mix them with coffee. Either way they're all very good! I also mix the vanilla with diet root beer or diet squirt usually as my evening snack. Both of those concoctions are good too!
Love it better than most
by nay on 12/7/2008
Excellent flavor and taste.
Delicious! Just like Chocolate milk!
by Lisa on 12/22/2008
Love it! Tastes great just like chocolate milk but make sure you use ice cold water for best taste! I prefer it as a shake rather than a pudding. Definitely doesn't taste like your on a diet and its filling!
by Tgirl on 12/24/2008
The Mocha shake one of the Best and I mean best tasting cocoa shakes on the market. I have never had such wonderful results in weigtloss as well. Highly recommended!
Wonderslim Shakes
by L. Lowe on 1/4/2009
Love the shakes. They are not too rich or too filling. The strawberry however I don't recommend. It is way to sweet and frothy. I happen to like strawberry flavoring so I think it could use some work. THe chocolate and mint are excellent. Not too minty but a nice change to plain chocolate. Needs a fiber additive is the only downfall to this product.
Mocha - yum
by MSarz on 1/10/2009
Mocha is my favorite of all the pudding-shakes. It tastes like melted chocolate ice cream and I look forward to my next serving.
Tried them all.. Love them all!
by carinosa2 on 1/24/2009
I have tried all the flavors and they are all delicious! I sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon when I blend up the chocolate shake! I must say that I prefer the vanilla as a pudding rather than a shake...so good!
by Wendy on 1/28/2009
Loved the shakes. They are very filling and have a great taste. Am ordering more. the prices are excellent.
chocolate mint shake
by okee58 on 1/29/2009
Wow!! I drink a shake for lunch with a bar and I must say I am satisfied...the chocolate mint is really good!!
BUY Diet Direct instead
by AJL on 2/8/2009
As the case with the Wonderslim Protein Bars the Wonderslim Pudding/Shakes are equally delicious and a significant savings/value compared to the same product purchased from Medical Weight Loss. Chocolate Mint is my favorite as well as the Berry Smoothie. Enjoy!
Surprisingly great flavor
by AmyH. on 3/3/2009
My favorite flavors are Chocolate and Mocha they really taste like a milk shake!

The Vanilla and Chocolate Mint are fine for a change but the Strawberry needs some help!
Losing Weight on this product-Tastes Great!
by Miss on 3/4/2009
Like the taste of Mocha especially and Chocolate. Been doing WonderSlim for 3+weeks and have lost 25+lbs! Very filling. On a medically supervised diet. Prices are great will keep ordering.
Great taste, great price
by BuiltForComfort on 3/20/2009
Cost is 1/3 less than the other well known diet shake plan and better tasting too! I like the selection of flavors (especially the Mocha!) and the variety of great tasting bars and snacks.
GREAT Value & GREAT Results
by Deanna on 3/22/2009
Had used shakes (100%) for a medically supervised diet. Lost 60lbs. in 5 months. Being untrue to myself I gained it back after 3 years so I'm back on it again but on my own supplementing for breakfast lunch & snacks and losing 4 lbs. a week while eating salad & meat for dinner with a dollup of potato (LOW carbs!) The high protein keeps you satisfied longer. But the key to staving off hunger is LOTS of water and have a shake every 3 hrs. Also good is the chicken noodle soup or creamy chicken soup. Favorite shake is mocha but nice to have a box of the other flavors available when I need to switch up the taste. Saving big $$$ buying online instead of through medical center. Also try mixing diet orange soda with Vanilla for an old-fashioned Orange Dream popcycle flavor. Yum! Get creative with flavor extracts too - rum anyone? :) Feel free to use a blender and ice too. Best diet ever! Takes guess work out of cooking and keeps things simple when you need it to be.
Chocolate/ berry smoothie
by on 3/26/2009
I have tried the chocolate shake and my husband the berry smoothie. I think they were both great! I like to use milk instead of water and add a cup of crushed ice and mix it all in the blender. It is great!!!
by Ranya on 3/27/2009
I started using these shakes from a medical center and then found them on line. First get yourself a Magic Bullet. They are wonderful. Every morning for the past year I have had the following shake. Vanilla with 8 ounches of water 1 1/2 cups of frozen strawberries. Put in Magic Bullet for 1 minute or so -- unbelievable. Another unbelievable shake is either chocolate or mochoa a mixture of crushed ice and water and a sliced frozen banana. You will be addicted. Sure they're good just shaken with cold water but once you start adding even just crushed ice and maybe cinnamon or coffee instead of water you won't believe how good they are. They never get boring and they do keep you from getting hungry or keep your glucose levels even. I've turned at least 4 people on to them. I should get a commission.
by bgirlsquirrel on 3/29/2009
I got the 12 week kit and I have tried the chocolate chocomint and mocha. Amazing totally amazing!! The taste is fantastic. I prefer them so far as a pudding maybe it is a brain thing but they are wonderful as a pudding. Mixed the mocha in with my coffee this morning yummy yummy yummy. Like a very creamy latte.

I used to manage a nutritional supplement store when low carb was big. I have had my share of bad tasting stuff and consider myself pretty picky but these blow everything away. So happy to have something taste great from the get go and not having to get used to how something tastes.
Love my pudding!
by Sooz on 3/31/2009
I have tasted Chocolate Vanilla and Mocha.

They are all delicious and filling. I usually keep a bowl in the refrigerator so that when I am ready to mix it up I have a cold bowl and I think it helps it thicken faster. Plus it's cold:) I use a fork when mixing to make sure the power is all dissolved. (Updated on 4/1/2009.)
by Kee on 4/14/2009
Holy cow is this stuff good! Even as a shake this is SO creamy and thick. I've only tried the Mocha so far but I also ordered the vanilla. I can't wait to try it next.
by nicmz1772 on 4/20/2009
Mocha is the best closely followed by the CocoMint. I have only had them as shakes and they thicken up perfect. Great protein source before a good walk.
I like ice cream, freeze this after you prepare and it gives you that enjoyable feeling!
by DJS on 4/24/2009
Did someone say Ice cream! I prepare as package suggest for the pudding and put it in the freezer. I enjoy the consistence and the cold for that special Treat! YUMMY!!!!
Love the Mocha
by angela on 4/29/2009
I had great success several years ago w/ this diet. However...I have slipped so I just got my order. I tried the mocha and absolutely LOVED it.I do not even want to try the others b/c I love the mocha so much.
Tasty treat
by Marion on 5/6/2009
Chocolate Cream is my first choice in the protein shakes. It's tasty creamy versatile and satisfying. Blended with flavors adding crushed ice and other combos make this my favorite of the shakes.
These are sooo good!
by SCarr on 5/18/2009
Mocha is my favorite but all the flavors are good. I almost always eat them as pudding and sometimes mix the flavors.

Very satisfying!!
This is the best
by on 5/19/2009
I just bought some of the wonderslim products to test them out. Everything I bought was great tasting. I just tried the Mocha Cream Pudding I followed the directions and MADE MOUSSE. OMG This stuff is the best and it keeps me full I love this product.
Vanilla Shakes
by on 5/19/2009
EXCELLENT Shake mix doesn't taste like it's a diet shake at all........I have to hide them from my teenager.....enjoy Wendy
New to Wonder Slim
by Rosie on 5/20/2009
I have been with MF for a year and a half and I have lost 168 pounds but I am having financial difficulty going thru a divorce now and I just can't afford their prices. So I was a little hesitent ordering Wonder Slim but the price was right and it actually has less carbs and sugar then MF...So I ordered the CocoMint and Mocha. I just tried the CocoMint and it is absolutely delicious...it tastes like a creamy pudding fudgesicle with mint and it was shipped to me in 3 days. MF always took 7 days or more and shipping was higher. So I am happy and hopefully I will continue to loose my last 60...
Wonderslim Pudding/Shakes
by Taxi on 5/27/2009
EXCELLENT! I buy these all the time and make them as shakes! They are delicious!!
Chocolate Pudding and Shake
by Beth on 6/4/2009
I enjoy the chocolate as a shake but I use it everyday in my coffee as a mocha latte.
Vanilla Cream
by Cutie Pie on 6/8/2009
This is absolutely the best . I use this as a pudding only. It has just the right amount of sweetness to curb your sweet tooth.
Mocha and Cocomint are the best
by KimK on 6/23/2009
The mochoa and cocomint flavors are excellent especially mixed with a little instant decaf coffee. The chocolate seems a little lumpy (need to use a blender). Strawberry is ok. Vanilla is not my favorite definitely needs another flavor combined with it; hard to mask the protein flavor with vanilla just too mild.
Great for a chocolate crave
by Didalee1 on 6/26/2009
Great for anytime you want a chocolate fix. I have missed chocolate milkshakes and ice cream...this does the trick for me....

I add one pack of chocolate mix 8 oz. of water and 8 to 10 ice cubes to a blender...mix well and you have a chocolate shake. The shake is filling and will serve you well for a breakfast or meal.
Really Good
by Shells on 7/8/2009
The Mocha Cream is VERY good! If you go to PWLC these work just as good as the ones they offer but are $5.00 less per box!!
This product is great awesome hot!
by Joanie on 7/15/2009
My husband and I have a hard time starting the day without a cup of the chocolate cream; we like it microwaved and served hot. It is so good that it's almost like comfort food. I love the taste!
Better Than MF
by Imsally on 7/16/2009
Just rec'd my order yesterday. The chocolate didn't mix well but might have been my mistake. Taste was very good. The first sip of the chocolate mint reminded me of my favorite Girl Scout cookies! Agree with others that these taste better than MF.
Not Too Bad!
by JoAnna on 8/10/2009
I have had the vanilla chocolate and Cocomint shakes. All three are pretty good. My favorite is the cocomint it's more like a tasty minty/chocolatey treat! And they do keep me full! I have been doing the shakes and meal bars for a month and so far I've lost 13 pounds!
Vanilla Cake!
by Pat on 8/15/2009
I love these pudding shake drinks esp. the vanilla. It's taste reminds of cookie dough or it's like licking a spoon of a vanilla cake batter- YUM. I lead a busy life and often have these for dinner when I'm busy -- they are very satisfying.
Love ALL the Flavors!
by Lugnut on 8/22/2009
As a former Medifast user I have to say that these shakes are far superior! They are thicker and creamier. I'm not usually a mocha girl but I really enjoyed the Mocha Shake! Also my big surprise was the Vanilla shake I have to admit I was dreading it based on the Medifast Vanilla (which I threw away) well I think I look forward to the Wonderslim Vanilla Shake the most! It smells just like cake batter and the taste is yummy...and that's from a chocolate devotee! Truly they are all really tasty. Enjoy!
Love these shakes and puddings
by otkari on 8/27/2009
I absolutely love these shakes and puddings. My favorites are Chocolate cocomint and mocha. They actually taste like a real milkshake if you add crushed ice in a blender. When i have a craving for ice cream i freeze the pudding and it is an awesome quick fix for my craving. I definately recommend these shakes they are awesome and filling too.
by delbrige on 8/28/2009
Love the shakes they are much better than medifast and don't leave a gritty taste in your mouth. Mocha and chocolate are the best. Strawberry is good not crazy about the vanilla but it is okay! I will buy again.
This product is great!
by RedWing on 9/4/2009
This product is great. Excellent as a pudding Yummy as a shake. Favorites are Vanilla and Cocomint. Use the vanilla and add half a banana and some crushed pineapple put in the blender with ice - wonderful!!!!!!!!!
Coco Mint
by S.L.P on 9/13/2009
Great shake and very filling...I have one every morning.
by jbean on 9/26/2009
I tried the Mocha pudding for the first time today and it was AMAZING! I made it then let it sit in my fridge for about an hour. I enjoyed each and every bite...you do NOT even think for a second that you're on a diet with this...you truly feel like you're indulging in something rich and calorie filled. Here's to an excellent guilt-free treat! Yummmmm... (Updated on 9/27/2009.)
Love this product
by DPurington on 10/4/2009
All of the WonderSlim Protein Diet Pudding-Shakes are the BEST. I love to add about half and half water and ice and make a smoothie for breakfast. The pudding form at night is perfect end to the day...

Try them all...
love it
by betty on 11/10/2009
This is what I do for the best taste and the most protein! I freeze 1 cup of skim milk and then put that and the powder shake in the blender with a little more liq milk. its very thick and icy you wont make it any other way. It ends up being about 25g protein!!
Great Taste and Texture!
by Dom on 11/11/2009
Coco mint is my absolute favorite shake! It takes like a liquid version of the thin mint girl scout cookies! These shakes mix up so well and have a very nice creamy consistency no grit or vitamin aftertaste. I recently tries the chocolate as a pudding and was thrilled with the flavor and texture. The pudding set so well it really reminded me of the pudding cups that you buy at the grocery store.
Pretty Darn Yummy & Only 100 Calories
by Joe on 11/13/2009
I have tried the CocoMint and Mocha Cream so far and they are fantastic! In terms of value for caloric buck I don't think these can be beat I like to blend them up with a banana or some blueberries and I substitute some of the water for ice to make the shake extra creamy. Apart from being so low in calories I like the fact that these shakes mix easily. The one thing I would say is that the Mocha Cream didn't have a lot of flavour to it I didn't taste any coffee just chocolate. The mint in the Cocomint really comes through though.
The best pudding
by jwl on 11/17/2009
I love this in pudding form. It satisfies the chocolate craving!
Chocolate cream shake
by bionic on 11/18/2009
This shake tastes great.
This product is great
by P.McG on 11/30/2009
I like the strawberry the best. I mix it in my blender with 4 pieces of ice and some frozen blackberries. It is a creamy berry thick shake. It tastes great.
Absolutely the best ever!
by Jackiemoon on 12/5/2009
I am on a medically supervised weightloss program and the cost of their products is a third higher but taste great so I hesitated ordering from Diet Direct because I am very particular about taste. I ordered one box of the Chocolate Cream shakes and the peanut crunch bars and I have to tell you they are BETTER than the more costly doctor's products. I am totally amazed at the flavor. No after taste. Tastes like it's the real deal. I use a manual shaker and it doesn't clump up. I just placed my entire diet order from here. Order with great confidence!
Only flavor I will use
by nature on 12/6/2009
Chocolate creme is the only flavor I will order. The other flavors just don't measure up. You can mix this flavor with coffee and ice and it is thick and tasty. I found out the hard way after I had tried the other flavors that this one is the best one.
Yummy Cheesecake!
by Patti on 12/17/2009
WOW! This pudding is great! I am going to take some graham cracker crumbs mix it up good with I Can't Believe Its Not Butter press it inside a small aluminum mini loaf pan. This will make it even better and more like having actual cheesecake! YUMMY!
Make your own "Mocaccino"
by CirqueDallas on 1/6/2010
Who needs those high calorie minimal nutrion blended coffee drinks? This is one of my fav items to keep on hand. I blend one of the chocolate packets with a little water (or skim milk if allowed) ice instant coffee Splenda and a touch of vanilla extract. DELISH! The only thing you'll miss by not going 'you know where' to purchase their 'frap' is the $$!
by Califgirl on 1/6/2010
I have only tried the Chocolate Cream and it is really really good rich & thick. I had it made as the shake I could only guess the pudding will be just as delicious. If your wondering what to buy this is one for sure.

Mocha Cream
by rmock on 1/11/2010
This is great. Tastes just like a milk shake.
Vanilla Cream
by on 1/23/2010
Very good and filling. Works a lot better than any other diet shake I have ever tired and you loose weight too!
Shake, Pudding
by Kathy on 1/26/2010
I really like the chocolate and the vanilla is pretty good too I have only had them as puddings because I like the idea of eating it with a spoon rather than just a drink. It has kept me going with my weight loss. I Love this company!!!!!!!!!!!
WonderSlim Pudding Shake
by DLB on 1/29/2010
This is a very tasty product. It really surprised me because I thought it would be tasteless. I eat it as a snack in the evening. It hits the spot.
very filling!
by Teri on 2/7/2010
These are a great addition to my diet. They are really filling! I had the chocolate mocha one and it was very tasty. I will continue ordering them and have turned a couple friends on to them too!
best shake out there!
by charlie on 2/7/2010
This is the creamiest tastiest diet shake I have tasted. Medifast and others don't compare! This is a winner and a staple. (Vanilla is not near as good aftertaste and lacking in flavor.)
Im Addicted! lol.
by Erica24 on 2/7/2010
Delicious and you don't have to feel guilty about drinking or EATING the pudding. They taste great. Every time I have a shake I drink a bottle of water. Great Stuff. Very Light.
WonderSlim Protein Diet Pudding-Shakes
by BooBoo on 2/8/2010
Absolutely in love with the shakes! I add a packet of Starbucks instant coffee to the Mocha Cream! It is fabulous! I add a Tbsp. of fat free Vanilla Creamer to the Vanilla Shake and a dash of pure Vanilla...Oh my! Delish! I also enjoy them as Puddings! Rich and creamy texture with a great taste...By far the best shakes out there!
Wohoooo Chocolate
by SimplyMO on 2/11/2010
This is a great shake! I just ordered a few boxes of this as it came highly recommended plus i read the reviews and it is delicious!I could get used to this =]..... Oh and because I get tired of things easily I find different ways to eat it mostly i do the pudding but this time I mixed it with the 8oz of water but then I put it in the freezer for a few hours and when it was halfway frozen to it out and broke it up with my spoon I personally like it this way the BEST it taste better than just putting it with ice in a blender. You wont be disappointed! (Updated on 2/12/2010.)
by Lauren on 2/16/2010
Got the chocolate shakes two days ago and they are WAYYY better than I imagined even after reading all of the great reviews. The colder they are - the better they are. Reminds me of Yoo-Hoo when I was a kid.

I'm never hungry and have already recommended them to a friend! I placed an order for the Mocha and CocoMint and can't wait until they arrive.

If you are skeptical like I was don't be!! These things are great and I drink them all day long! I've already lost a few pounds!!
Great Chocolate Shake
by highlandlass on 2/19/2010
This product is great mixed with water - its as delicious as any shake you can get anywhere. I look forward everyday to having my protein in the form of a thick chocolate shake!!! I've ordered more and can't wait to receive them!!!
Chocolate pudding shake
by Dmontgom on 2/21/2010
Best tasting protein shake out there. You won't be disappointed. Love it.
Wow, this is diet food?
by NPDPM on 3/1/2010
So far have only have the shake I have had is cocomint- and OMG is it delicious! Like many others here I have used the Medifast shakes and stumbled across this site in a quest to find more variety and cheaper products. I was getting my shakes from them on the popular online auction site and when I found this place I said well people really seem to love this stuff I'll give it a try.

Boy am I glad I did! These shakes blend MUCH better actually have a shake consistency (I tend to add 20 ozs of water though- so mine are runnier than they're supposed to be) if you do 8 ozs of water and they TASTE like a shake. Not like protein powder.

The cocomint has just a hint of cocoa and hint of mint. It's the right balance - but yummy enough that I could see this fulfilling a sweet tooth if you were having one.

I sure hope the other flavors are this good.
Love these!
by AngieBaby on 3/12/2010
The MochaCream flavor is outstanding! Didn't love the ChocolateCream flavor as much. Overall the shakes are creamy delicious and full of flavor. Definite step above Medifast.
Yummy Puddings - Success in a Pouch!
by DCote_AZ on 3/14/2010
If you've tried other Protein pudding/shake products it's time to switch to WonderSlim! I've been using Wonderslim for 8 years. It started as a way to lose weight but after successfully shedding 50# I now use it as part of my regular diet. If I didn't enjoy the taste of Wonderslim I would have stopped years ago. But it's like a dessert every time I eat it -- and it's helped me to ensure I'm getting the protein my body needs. COCOMINT MOCHA and CHOCOLATE are the absolute YUMMIEST! When I'm having cravings for something high in fat I reach for a pudding instead. It tastes just as indulgent with side benefit that it's low in calories and high in protein. A little taste of heaven in a pouch!
First time, I likey
by nikki on 3/23/2010
eating my first one of the brand wonderslim mocha flavor and it yummy I will switch from pro-cal to this plus it has more flavor and it creamer. A+++
So much better than Medifast!!!!!!!
by on 3/31/2010
I am very happy to find a high protein low carb low fat delicious shake to use. I have tried Medifast (key word is tried) and could not stomach the products without soaking them over night and doctoring them up some way. I am very happy to have found this product :).
Great product!!
by Dawn T on 4/4/2010
These shakes taste so much better than other brands that I have tried. They have a very nice texture when prepared as a shake but have the very convenient option of also being made into a pudding which also tastes great. Love the Cocomint Cream and the Mocha Cream especially but I have never had a bad flavor! I love these products I use them every day! Thank you Diet Direct for making these items affordable!! (Updated on 4/5/2010.)
Ex Medifast Client
by LucyLouWho on 4/6/2010
I was thrilled to find your products. As an Ex Medifast Client I was at the end of my rope with the high cost and non-existent customer service Medifast provided. I don't know how they stay in business with 12-15 day shipping times not answering calls and unavailable for Nutritional Support. Your products arrive in 2 days flat tastes incredible (no vitamin flavor) and the puddings actually stay like pudding and don't break down. At nearly half the price and with such fantastic customer service you have a customer for life. Thank you. Thank you also for not putting the vitamins IN your foods..a simple food based vitamin will do the job without actually assaulting your taste buds.

Another big plus is you don't have to order more than you need in order to have a supply on hand. You guys are terrific!
by LDabs on 4/7/2010
Awesome awesome awesome! I was honestly surprised at how good these puddings are....each and every flavor! They do not taste like diet food at all I'm very impressed.
Best Protein Shakes!
by Chellebelle007 on 4/15/2010
I've tried SO many protein shakes and I always come back to these!! Best flavor by far! Not to slam Medifast as I lost over 100 pounds on their shakes before I found Diet Direct..but these have MF shakes beat! Not only are they more delicious..they come from a site that has FAR superior customer service! AND they are reasonably priced! I LOVE WONDERSLIM!
by Jorja on 4/19/2010
While pretty tasty as a shake.. mix these bad boys up like pudding and you have a great treat! Especially the COCOMINT!
Great as a pudding
by Lmarino on 4/25/2010
I have only tried the Vanilla cream and it is great. For breakfast I make it as a pudding and top it with frozen cherries. It keeps you full until lunch.
Better than any tried before!
by Rosie on 5/8/2010
All the shakes my husband and I have tried are really good. Great flavor and don't feel hungry afterwards. Highly recommend the chocolate chocomint(favorite) vanilla (especially with added fruit) and mocha cream. (Updated on 5/9/2010.)
Better than Medifast all the way around
by ctjgirl120 on 6/7/2010
This product is superior to Medifast on every level. Wonderslim tastes so much better the cost is very reasonable you don't get gouged in the wallet on shipping delivery is FAST and the customer service leaves Medifast in the dust! I would recommend this product to anyone that is on Medifast and thinking of trying Medifast. There is no magic in Medifast! It is all about calories and carbs. Wonderslim is the best product I have found for weight loss and to help maintain weight loss. I wish everyone on Medifast would just try Wonderslim! I bet they would stick with WOnderslim. What is not to love about Wonderslim? Woderslim works tastes great reasonable cost and World Class customer service! I am glad that Medifast upset me or I never would have found Wonderslim!!!! So I guess I should thank Medifast for providing BAD customer service!!
great taste
by redheadgranny on 6/13/2010
Very creamy easy mix. Does not lump. I put frozen strawberries and a cup of water in the blender then add the chocolate. Thick and yummy!! (Updated on 6/14/2010.)
~Excellent Shakes and Excellent Customer Service~
by ~Rene J.~ on 6/25/2010
These shakes are SO DELICIOUS!...I've tried other shakes but they all fail in comparison to Wonder Slim!.... The Mocha Cream and the Chocolate Cream are Very good but Chocolate Cream is my favorite...Since I started drinking these shakes I've already lost 14.5 lbs!!!!...The first time I only ordered a weeks worth...B/c I didn't know if I'd like them or if they'd really help with weightloss...But after getting those kinds of results...I just ordered a whole months worth!!!..The customer service is Amazing!!!!...So helpful and friendly and fast!!!...I ordered my shakes Friday afternoon..And they arrived at my door the next morning !!!..Can't get any faster than that!!!!...I'm def a satisfied customer...Who will continue to order products from Diet Direct long after I've reached my weightloss goal!!!:)
Luscious Lemon
by lpokas on 6/29/2010
I have been using the chocolate and vanilla for quite some time and ordered the Lemon for the first time last week -- love it! I also creamsicle and root beer shakes by adding a diet orange or root beet to the vanilla with ice cubes in the blender. (Updated on 6/30/2010.)
Gotta say it. For diet shake/pudding you can't get a better taste!
by TOGal on 7/20/2010
Okay I have tried Medifast and although they have good product too ... Wonderslim beats it for 1) taste -BIG TIME! 2) Customer service so far has been fantastic! 3) Price - MUCH BETTER!! What else can you say??!! These shakes are good. Love the mocha in blender ice and a splash of vanilla extract - even using water to mix! So far I have lost 14 lbs. Going away on a vacation for our 10th wedding anniversary. It will be great to be in a bathing suit again!!! ENJOY
LOVE the Shakes!!!
by Angel on 7/24/2010
Chocolate Mocha is quite tasty but the Vanilla is my favorite!!! I mix with 6 oz water a tab bit of ice and 1-2 oz of my favorite flavored diet soda... and Ummm Ummm Delicious!!! I have lost 16 lbs over the last 3 weeks drinking 4 shakes a day and (3)250 calorie regular home cooked meals! Love it!!!
Helped us lose 140 pounds
by KaD on 8/3/2010
My husband and I used these shakes to lose over 100 pounds together. Now that I've reached my goal of a size 4 I continue to have 2 or 3 of these shakes each day. My doctor recommends 6 small meals a day in order to maintain our weight loss by keeping the hunger at bay and the metabolism up. The shakes provide excellent protein with very few calories and make maintenance (the hardest part of any diet) manageable. Thank you Wonderslim for a quality affordable product.
great puddings
by abby on 9/7/2010
All flavors are great as a pudding. My absolute favorite is vanilla. I mix in fruit or blend with a diet coke and ice to make a coke float! I also use vanilla or chocolate and mix in with cold coffee and ice for a frozen latte.
Super Yummy!
by Chrissy on 9/10/2010
Tried the Cocomint and it tasted amazing... like a Girl Scouts Thin Mint!
This product is great!
by Jewels on 9/19/2010
This shake blends so well and tastes amazing and satisfies my desire for desert so I can stay on course with my program. I love it. It is so convenient I just need water and I am good to go. There is nothing better!
by Lisa on 9/29/2010
So far I have tried the Mocha Chocolate Coco Mint and Strawberry. They have all been delicious!! The Mocha is my all time favorite the Coco Mint is delicious but for my tastes it would make a better pudding snack than a meal replacement. I mix all of these with skim milk and shake them up with a little ice and they make a nice thick SATISFYING drink... yumm!!
So Tasty, Really Didn't Expect That But It Was Delicious
by Drea S on 10/10/2010
I just began this diet 10/11/2010 and I must say the creamy chocolate is so tasty with a few frozen strawberries blended in the 8oz water. I'm trying to lose about 55lbs I'm currently 180lbs so hopefully this 1200 calories a day works wonders for me its 7shakes and 2 full meals a day & Shaun T-Hip Hop Abs Workout(45mins-1hr).I'll Keep You Updated.
by Christine on 11/1/2010
I've been using Medi-fast since 6/1/10 and am so happy I've found this site. I think these make much better shakes than MF. Also love the price.
Absolutely delicious!
by shinnitag on 11/2/2010
I started using this product 2 months ago and have lost 41 lbs! All the shakes are super good especially the Mocha! But what really kept me coming back and ordering more was the excellent customer service! Everyone was so friendly and attentive.
Versatile and Surprisingly Delicious!
by Michelle on 11/10/2010
Not only do these mixes make a great shake and pudding they make one yummy cup of hot chocolate! Be sure to blend well in your shaker first before pouring a serving into a cup to heat in the microwave. I tweaked the plan a bit for my own needs and without any real exercise I have lost 2.5lbs in 3 days. With fast results and delicious shakes weight loss is almost effortless!
Awesome Taste!!!!
by RLH on 11/17/2010
I have tried so many protein shakes and all of them made me gag except the Medifast Dutch Chocolate which I really like. The price of Medifast is more than we can afford now so I bought several boxes of these shake to try. OMG!!!!!! They are way better than Medifast in taste and cost. I bought the chocolate Cream the mocha cream and the strawberry yogurt smoothie. I absolutely love the strawberry yogurt smoothie it takes as good as McDonald Strawberry/Banana smoothie. As for the shakes I love the mocha cream it is like having a sinful glass of chocolate milk. The chocolate cream was okay and it had a slight aftertaste. So I tried the chocolate cream with skim milk instead of water and then it was awesome! I am going to order the other 3 flavors and try them. Diet Direct has awesome customer service! I ordered the shake and had them the next day with out any type of expedited shipping. I will continue my weight loss with Wonder Slim.
Better than expected!
by Daisy on 11/17/2010
Wow I did not expect these shakes to taste SO good! They are also very filling. I didn't feel like I was starving at all. I lost 7 lbs in one week just by drinking these shakes throughout the day eating a complete meal per day and drinking plenty of water. My clothes also fit better! This is the longest I have lasted on a diet for a long time. So I am definitely sticking to this. :-D

My favorite flavor is Mocha cream...I could never get tired of that flavor..chocolate cream is good too! I can't believe something that tastes so good is actually working for me. My family like my results so far and now they are drinking the shakes too.
Great Shake
by stephanie on 11/29/2010
The strawberry taste great! It is hard to believe that it is so low calorie.
Love these puddings!
by Trishie on 12/1/2010
I have tried cocomint chocolate cream and vanilla. I like them better as shakes and in the winter the chocolate ones taste great as cocoa (I use a little more water to thin it out a bit. For the vanilla I had to add a little sugar free French Vanilla creamer as there isn't much of a vanilla taste. Also I tried the vanilla hot with some candy cane Capella drops and a little cinnamon. I also tried it with Eggnog Capella drops and a dash of rum (just a touch). If you like warm spiced milk these are good. The strawberry is okay I added some mixed berries and it improved it tenfold. Happy Holidays! (Updated on 12/1/2010.) (Updated on 12/2/2010.)
The best most practical shakes
by justme on 12/1/2010
These pudding shakes are great. I love the fact that you can make either with them. The taste and texture are perfect. I like to add 8 oz water and 4 ice cubes and blend in a blender. I add 1 tsp psyllium husks for added fiber. Love them!! Thank you Diet Direct!!
Absolutely My Favorite
by Mmaccree on 12/8/2010
This has the smoothest and greatest taste of them all. I have tried Slim Fast Medifast Protein Shakes and many others and this is by far my favorite. The texture and taste are similar to that you would make at home. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.
WonderSlim Protein Diet Pudding-Shakes
by PLKrohn on 12/14/2010
YUM!...This product is the best. I have tried other protein drinks but this is top shelf. Whether you use it as a shake or a pudding you will not be disappointed. I've tried all flavors and enjoy them all. I've used MF previously and all I can say is never again. I'm thrilled I found WonderSlim..I've lost 7 pounds in two weeks. Woo-Hoo!!!
Best Diet Protein Shake EVER!
by AmandaC on 12/16/2010
This was seriously the best diet shake I have ever tasted! I was not expecting it to taste that good! If chocolate is this good I cannot wait to try the other flavors...you won't be disappointed!
by HGF on 1/10/2011
WonderSlim Chocolate Cream Pudding-Shake:

Excellent. Not artificial tasting or over chocolatey. In addition to intended use of pudding/shakes I have used the product as hot cocoa with a dash of light whip cream. Very satisfying.
by Alish1974 on 1/11/2011
As far as protein shakes go this is tops in my book. I've tried them all. The chocolate has a good flavor without being over sweet and none of that chemically processed taste that Medifast has and at a much better price.
Great tasting shakes!
by rb on 1/13/2011
These shakes are great. They keep you filled until the next meal easily! I really like the chocolate cream and mocha cream flavors. But my favorite is by far the cocomint cream. It is really refreshing. (Add a banana and a splash of light soy milk and they are delicious!)
A pleasant surprise!
by picky1 on 1/13/2011
I purchased shakes thinking that they would be tolerable. I did not expect for them to actually taste good...well most of them. I did not like the strawberry. AT ALL. The chocolate reminds me of chocolate milk. The mocha is very good as well. The cocomint taste like a light version of thin mint. Make sure to mix it well with water or you will have clumps (tasty clumps lol)These shakes do contain aspartame. I was not aware of it until I had already started my diet. I will continue to purchase these until I hit my weight loss goal.
Diet Pudding-Shakes
by EAH on 1/14/2011
I'm not a huge fan of vanilla but all the other flavors are great! Make sure to use a good shaker otherwise it may have little lumps.
Tastes Great
by szque on 1/17/2011
I have tried many protein drink mixes trying to find one that tasted as good as one that I used once before. Many of the ones that I tried either tasted awful or had too many calories to use as a snack. When I found WonderSlim and the nutritional facts matched the Hi-Energy mix I had used I wanted to give a try. Much to my pleasure I found that these drink mixes are almost identical to the others. I am very pleased with this product. I also received excellent customer service help via the Live Chat representative.
Look No Further
by on 1/21/2011
The chocolate Vanilla and Strawberry I can vouch for. Very good flavors. Tasty for a 100 calorie protein supplement you have no further to look.
Will be ordering more of these
by on 1/23/2011
I tried the Cocomint Cream Chocolate cream and Mocha Cream pudding shakes. The Cocomint Cream is my favorite glad I ordered 2 boxes. This makes a great protein to add to my weight maintaining program.
I really like this shake
by jlinhart on 1/24/2011
I love the chocolate mint and the chocolate. I make mine with about 7 ounces of water and 6 ice cubes and blend it with an emulsion blender (or you could use a regular blender). This makes it thicker. I also just blend with 8 ounces of water and then put into a mug in the microwave for a nice hot chocolate. I have yet to figure out how to make it into a great pudding though. Its a little gritty.

I have not tried the other flavors.
Delicious for the most part
by LovesChips on 1/25/2011
My very favorite is the caramel but I do love the four chocolates. I'm not big on the strawberry at all. It makes me gag. I don't like the vanilla either but I have found a way to get by. Add your favorite fruit juice instead of water for the pudding or with water for the shake (a 6-oz can) and it is delicious. I tried using flavorings but it didn't change the taste much at all. I'm hoping to change the strawberry so I can use it up. What I don't like is that we didn't get an even amount of the caramel and mint flavors :-(
Great Stuff!
by Christine on 1/25/2011
My intention was to make pudding out of this but because I needed a quick on the go breakfast I threw in some water stirred well and had a wonderful tasting protein drink. I'll try the pudding tonight however I bet it's just as good.
by Dee on 1/27/2011
I love my SHAKES! I've been drinking them for quite some time and they've become an important part of my diet. They're delicious and filling. I don't go anyplace for any length of time without them. A friend of mine drank one of mine and decided she wants to order her own. The last order I placed was for her! Now she's on her own. THANKS DIRECT DIET. WE LOVE YA!!!

(Updated on 1/28/2011.)
by MM on 1/29/2011
Easy to make and great tasting.
This product is the best protein shake around!
by Carrie on 1/30/2011
This product is the best protein shake around! I had a lapband and it is difficult to get protein in since I have such small portion size. I have tried others and nothing compares to the amazing taste of Wonderslim! There are a bunch of us at work that order together to get discounts on already good pricing. The vanilla and strawberry I did not care for AT ALL. Considering I am not a huge coffee drinker-the mocha was great. I LOVE the chocolate and cocomint. It is like you are cheating on a diet without having to! I highly recommend these shakes to anyone!!
Great Shakes..
by Dalin on 2/1/2011
Received my Chocolate Creme shakes yesterday and I didn't do anything fancy with it just poured in a glass and added cold water. They get thick very quickly with just plain old stirring..Very tasty and satisfying..high in protein and low calorie.. What more could you ask for?
by on 2/4/2011
Absolutely delicious!! I love the chocolate and mocha. I use the required 8oz of water and add 3 ice cubes and shake in my shakers bottle. Wow!!! The colder the better. I lost 6lbs in a week. Since the shakes are only 100 calories I drink one every hour for until lunch time then eat a salad for lunch. The Strawberry is awful and not as thick as the Chocolate. I buy enough to last 2 weeks and the savings is great. If you're looking for a great and tasty way to lose weight try these shakes.
Great Product
by JCraig on 2/5/2011
Best diet shakes I've have. Very filling.
Great shakes!
by Rick on 2/8/2011
Who says diet food can't taste good? These shakes make dieting very easy and the fact that they taste so good makes it that much easier. My wife and I both use and love the shakes. Chocolate and Mocha are our favorites. I first started using these shakes while seeing a diet Dr. but after following his program I find it easier to now buy the shakes online and go it alone. I do check in with my family Dr. periodically to have BP and blood work run.

I have recommended the products from DietDirect to a number of my friends who have marveled at my weight loss.
These shakes are amazing!
by MCastro on 2/10/2011
The chocolate cream and mocha cream are delicious. When I first ordered these shakes I was preparing myself for them not to taste good and have a hard time with my diet but I was pleasantly surprised they were awesome! They are creamy and thick I love them. Can't wait for my next order to try the cocomint cream.
WonderSlim Shakes
by SJo on 2/12/2011
These shakes are great! I have tried many brands and none compare. Most shakes that I have tried are gritty and have an aftertaste and don't end up finishing them. Love the Mocha Vanilla and Chocolate Cream. Have not tried the rest yet. This is my second order;)
Excellent Product- Make your own flavors!
by Dpavuk on 2/13/2011
As far as diet shakes go these are absolutely the best. The chocolate is the best overall flavor out of the box by far. I really did not care much for the other flavors but here is a tip. Would like to have Chocolate Covered Cherry Raspberry Hazlenut Coffee Lime Banana Caramel flavors as well as some exotic concotions like Mounds Bar Almond Joy Berry Berry and more? It's simple just buy some of the vanilla and purchase some DaVinici (or similar) sugar free syrups of your choice to make almost any flavor you desire. It takes the shakes to a whole new level!
Love this product
by PEP on 2/13/2011
Love this product!! Yum!!!!
The best
by Nikka on 2/14/2011
quick and easy. Very Tasty...no after taste. easy to carry
Nice chocolate fix
by Tillie on 2/14/2011
Love this shake very satisfying and rich.
by TTaylor on 2/15/2011
I can actually drink these every day!!
so good!
by c25 on 2/16/2011
I love this as a pudding! So rich I put it in the fridge for a few minutes and eat it as a chocolate mousse!
MY dessert!
by Barbara on 2/16/2011
I make this as a pudding in a fancy dessert cup put in a pinch of sliced almonds and 1/4 slivered snack chocolate protein and it's MY dessert! My family asks what I am eating and I say it's MY diet food-sorry you can't have any!
Chocolate and Mocha are fabulous!
by cpa1 on 2/19/2011
The chocolate and the mocha flavors of the WonderSlim shakes are very very good!! They certainly do not taste like diet food. I have also tried strawberry and vanilla but I will not reorder those. I particularly did NOT like the strawberry flavor. Also the Blender Bottle is the greatest! These shakes along with this bottle are so easy for on-the-go.
Get creative
by Mountain Girl on 2/20/2011
I've used Medifast in the past and have compared the products carefully. They interchange wonderfully at a much better price. I prefer the vanilla because it gives you options to get creative. Today I added a teaspoon of sugar free orange jello and a cup of crushed ice. In the blender for a wonderful orange cream shake. Tomorrow I will try lemon. (Updated on 2/21/2011.)
Taste Great
by ct dieter on 2/23/2011
Taste great. I drink more of this flavor than and other.
The protein shakes are great.
by Cselby on 2/24/2011
The protein shakes are great. I had several co-workers try them and they say you really can't tell it is a protein shake. My favorite is mocha!!
Perfect taste, creamy, delicious
by azuresky on 2/27/2011
I mix mine in the blender jar with the cool wire whisk ball let it sit for a few minutes and then sip on it because its so good I want to enjoy as long as possible. It really does taste that good.

btw... so far in 3 weeks I've lost 17 pounds!! woohoo...
Love, love, love it!
by Sally on 3/1/2011
I love fixing the Chocomint as a pudding - yum! I would crave it even if it wasn't a diet product! Simply delicious.
Doesn't Taste "Diet"!
by Mari on 3/4/2011
I ordered the chocolate and mocha flavors and they are both GREAT! Delicious and creamy with no funny aftertaste. I've never had it as a pudding but I'm sure it would be just as good. I drink these for breakfast all the time and it keeps me full until lunch time! It is perfect for a girl on the go like me!
Better than I expected
by Lili on 3/6/2011
Wow I'm actually impressed with this product. The mocha creme and chocolate creme shakes are quite tasty. I was expecting these shakes to be hard to drink and enjoy but I'm so glad that I was proven wrong. Please give them a try for yourself and see how they compare to other diet shakes you've tried in the past because you just may be surprised.
Diet..are you kidding?
by KGill on 3/6/2011
I've lost 20 easy lbs since I started using this product and the flavors are delicious. I also have great energy after my morning drink.
Best Product Ever
by EWood on 3/7/2011
This is an awesome product rich thick and very reasonably priced
I love it!
by Tina on 3/8/2011
Fits the ticket...Tastes good and filling. I will continue to buy it.
It's the BEST!!
by dtornillo on 3/8/2011
An easy and delicious meal or snack!!
by Teresa on 3/10/2011
Very good! Will order again and again.
by Queen Bee on 3/14/2011
Great flavor! Like the chocolate and the strawberry as shakes. Heat the chocolate for 1 1/2 min to have as hot chocolate on cold days. Put ice in the strawberry-yum! Haven't tried the other flavors yet.
Soooo HAPPY:)
by footballmom on 3/15/2011
I Can't say enough about how great these Pudding/Shakes are. They're very smooth and creamy and are a great addition to ANY meal replacement. You have to try these!
Couldn't believe the taste!
by P.King on 3/16/2011
I have tried several brands with various calorie content and various levels of taste...but I cannot believe what a wonderful tasting shake this is!!! Not only is it less calories than the previous brands but it by far exceeds the taste. I would recommend these shakes to everyone. No worry....every single flavor is amazing!! PLEASE DON'T CHANGE A THING ABOUT IT!!
Yum Yum!
by superbaker on 3/30/2011
I drink these EVERYDAY and everyday my husband hears me say Boy this is SOOO GOOOD! The Mocha Cream is so creamy and chocolaty especially with a half banana in a blender with about 10 ice cubes. The shakes have plenty of protein to keep me sticking to my diet. A great plus is the soy content which is said to reduce menopausal symptoms. I feel so healthy drinking these shakes! I love the tasty vanilla and strawberry too. My parents LOVE it when I make them individual pudding servings instead of the shakes. They make a terrific snack or dessert for diabetics: high in protein but it feels like cheating!!Yum yum!
Great as a shake!
by DebStar on 3/31/2011
The chocolate shakes are great: In a blender use 6 ice cubes; 8 oz water; chocolate shake mix; one banana. Makes a great thick breakfast drink . . . easy to have breakfast on the way to work.
Sharing my fav recipe
by Chris on 4/3/2011
I love the everything about these pudding shakes!! I mix vanilla with diet root beer or diet orange soda for a treat. But my favorite thing is mixing the chocolate with Almond milk and some ice I use a submersion blender right in the plastic cup I drink it from and it works great. It's low calorie (get the original non sweetened Almond milk) and makes it so thick and rich you'll think your cheating!!
Love this Product
by [email protected] on 4/4/2011
I have purchased the vanilla flavor and find it very satisfying. As a shake I mix it in a Smoothie blender with diet orange or diet root bear. For pudding I add less water and make it the consistency of cookie dough. I add a splenda/cinnamon topping and find it delicious.
Great tasting shake
by lost37lbs on 4/11/2011
Great tasting shake. Had to stop drinking milk and thought the shake would taste badly with water but to my surprise it taste just as good. Have been hooked on Wonderslim products for 3 years and love Chocolate and Vanilla shakes the best! (Updated on 4/12/2011.)
Surprisingly, tasted very good
by NP on 4/16/2011
Really enjoyed Chocolate and the mocha didn't lose weight as fast as other shakes. A little expensive per box - ordered $259 and received only a few free samples of other products of things I don't even eat/drink...in my opinion they should have given 3 for every 50 spent. The order came rather quickly and while I drink 7 a day I am not sick of it. Yes I am trying to do the same as the impatient dieter but I do not see the same results...only down 8 pounds in 24 days.
by CJones on 4/17/2011
I love these shakes I never thought a shake that you mixed with water would taste this good. I was expecting milk but the shakes were flavorful and filling. My job as a Paramedic make it hard for me to stop and eat but I keep my cold water in a cooler and put the mix in the shaker I can have my meal on the way to a call. I love it! My partner just ordered some when she saw I lost 6 lbs.


by on 4/18/2011
This is great! Very similar to regular Jello brand pudding!
Addicted to Mocha Creme!
by ADavis on 4/24/2011
I couldn't believe this shake was so low in calories and tasted so unbelievably great! I ordered several boxes and I'm glad I did. It makes keeping to a liquid shake diet so much easier since I look forward to having one of these vs. something sweet like candy or junk food. It's a great filler and holds me over until it's time for the next one. This is a 'must try' as you won't be disappointed!
by ERV on 4/28/2011
Great product. Works as advertised.
Wonderslim is the best
by Janet on 5/7/2011
In May of 2009 I was researching bariatric diets online when I found Diet Direct. I found Wonder Slim and ordered the 12 week plan. The shakes smoothies and bars are delicious. The entrees-not so much. There is no amount of condiments that could make them yummy. Bottom line I lost 50 pounds. I was trying to be realistic with 40 the extra ten was a happy bonus. This loss was with a shake for breakfast shake and bar for lunch and a regular dinner. Wonder Slim is the best and easiest diet I've ever been on. I gained back eight pounds after the holidays so I've ordered a months worth of shakes smoothies and meal replacement bars for breakfast and lunch. Thank you Wonder Slim!
Wonder Slim Vanilla Shake
by LA on 5/9/2011
I lost weight with WonderSlim - but now I want to keep it off. My problem is with choice. Limiting my choices is the way to go. Like many before me I use the shakes and bars for breakfast and lunch and try to eat a decent meal in the evening. I think the shakes and bars are tasty and here is my TIP: for breakfast I mix a vanilla shake powder with my coffee -- in the blender it becomes a frothy latte type drink. ENJOY
Mix with Skim milk and ice
by Wonderfully Slim Now! on 5/22/2011
The best way to use this product is to mix it with a cup of skim milk (instead of water) in a blender with ice. This boosts the protein content and frothiness and makes a wonderfully satisfying scrumptious shake!

Mocha cream is the most delicious flavor. I drink them every morning and even add three heaping tablespoons of Flax seed for added fiber and all the good things it provides. (Not everyone will go for this). This makes it even thicker and more satisfying to me.


I skipped breakfast before discovering these shakes. Now they are part of my healthier routine and have helped me maintain my weight loss for more than 3 years.
The best protein shake
by vic on 5/30/2011
I love the mocha cream flavor protein shake. It is delicious and an easy breakfast on busy days.
very good
by mom2boyz on 5/31/2011
I've been using your products for about 6 mo. Will continue using them. Tastes good. (Updated on 6/1/2011.)
Love this product
by qbanlady01 on 5/31/2011
Chocolate Cream shake is the shake that tastes good like a regular not diet product. I could take it for weeks and not get tired of it.
by geovanna on 6/1/2011
Tastes Great
by BigMomma on 6/3/2011
I noticed it mixes much better (no clumps) with warm to hot water and it tastes like rich hot chocolate. With cold water it tastes great but I personally prefer to drink them warm.
My favorite WonderSlim
by pat on 6/7/2011
I use this with cottage cheese eggs sweetener and water to make (and bake) an awesome breakfast custard. I serve it with either fresh fruit or toast. (Updated on 6/8/2011.)
Shakes Are AMAZING, especially if Blended! Here are MY RECIPES...
by Tricky Nikki on 6/8/2011
First: Get a Blender if you don't have one.

Second: It's been 3 days and I have lost 3 lbs!

I just received my Shakes: Mocha Cream and Vanilla. At first I was disappointed in them because I found them to have a weird aftertaste. Not awful but not great.

However I then made a Mocha Creme Smoothie using 5 or 6 ice cubes 1/2c UNSWEETENED Chocolate Almond Milk and 1/2c Water. I added 2tsp of wheylow (my FAV lowcarb sweetner - but you could use splenda)

Then I blended with my emulsion blender. Now THAT my friends was mind-blowingly delicious and it only added 30 calories to the smoothie so not bad right? It tasted just like a chocolate milkshake. fuh real! You must really look for the Almond Breeze brand unsweetened chocolate almond milk. I found it at Whole Foods.

Also the Vanilla Smoothie I made was ultra tasty. Here's what I did: I made some really strong Tazo brand CHAI Tea (2 tea bags per 8oz of water). I then froze that tea into ice cubes. I blended the Vanilla shake mix with 6 Chai Cce Cubes 1/2 cup unsweetened plain almond milk and 1/2 cup water plus 2tsps wheylow. Nice! I definitely will be buying more of this PRODUCT! UPDATE: UGH! I JUST REALIZED THAT THESE ARE MADE WITH ASPARTAME. THAT SUCKS 'CAUSE THEY ARE SO TASTY SO NOW I'M SWITCHING TO JAY ROBB. (Updated on 6/9/2011.)
by ZenD on 6/8/2011
I was a little hesitant to try this because I thought it would be chalky and nasty. But I was more than pleasantly surprised it was delicious!! It really takes care of my sweet tooth cravings and fills me up. I take the packets everywhere they are so convenient for a person on the go. I plan to use these forever.
Mocha Creme
by Goldenangel on 6/9/2011
This is the best! I drink a Mocha Creme shake every morning and I look forward to it! Very tasty!!
Lovely chocolate cream shake mix
by nonie on 6/10/2011
I like the taste and consistency of this product. will order it again. Tasty.
Dieters Dream
by Sassyciss on 6/11/2011
I use the pudding for a meal replacement. It is very filling and loaded with protein. (15g)

I put a tbls of light whipped cream on top if I want to sweeten it up as an after meal snack. At only 100 calories and 7 grams of carbs this product is a dieters dream.
Strawberry Cream pudding shake
by LLA on 6/14/2011
I generally blend it with frozen strawberries and skim milk - tastes just like a strawberry shake! Love it!
Excellent to make smoothies
by Deb on 6/15/2011
I use frozen fruit Vanilla Pudding and the grain Salba to make a wonderful healthy breakfast that you can take on your commute in the morning. My favorite is with blueberries. (Updated on 6/16/2011.)
Chocolate Cream Shake
by Lilli on 6/19/2011
I find this product refreshing and tastier than others I've tried.
love them!!
by shrtnprty on 6/21/2011
I love these shakes very creamy and tasty I lost 7 lbs in the first 4 days every one is noticing my change my friends have asked what I'm doing to loose the weight and I have recommended the shakes!
This is a very good product
by TES on 6/22/2011
I love this pudding it is my own little sweet treat. It really tastes like real chocolate. I love it!
Chocolate and Mocha are good
by Kristin on 7/7/2011
I ordered the chocolate and mocha cream based on the review of others. I found them to be too sweet for me so I have been mixing them with two extra ounces of water and they taste perfect for me. I really prefer this over premixed because they are less sweet and more filling this way. I usually enjoy mine over ice.

I also ordered one of the shaker cups and I am very glad that I did. It is a highly quality cup mixes wonderfully and is perfect to drink out of. I am going to order a couple more to stash in my car and at work for one the go shakes.
by Kit on 7/13/2011
The pudding is sooooo good~could live on just these! Also tastes great as a shake~I use a little less water add ice and pulse in my magic bullet and voila.....chocolate cream shake....reminds me of Wendy's softee.
I love it!!!
by Wherndon on 7/14/2011
These shakes are great. They aren't chalky and they don't have that chemical taste that other diet drinks often have.

They are only 100 calories but they are very filling.

At night I mix it with a lot of crushed ice and some water in my vitamin and it is close enough to ice cream to satisfy me.
Good taste
by CHOC LOVE on 7/17/2011
WonderSlim Shakes all of the chocolate shakes are awesome. They taste like hot coco when I add the mix to hot water. WOW its just like sipping on a dessert. (Updated on 7/18/2011.)
Great Taste
by TMRicks on 7/23/2011
I really enjoyed the shakes. I like both the chocolate and mocha cream shakes. Great taste and very filling! I would recommend it to my friends. Thanks!
WonderSlim Protein Diet Pudding-Shakes
by rstone on 7/25/2011
I was a little skeptical at first but I have tried the chocolate mocha and strawberry all very tasty! They really do keep you feeling full for a good 3 hours I am hoping that they really help with my weight loss.
WonderSlim Pudding-Shakes
by stormcloud on 7/25/2011
The shakes are better than any I have tried out there - I have tried many products and this is better than the competition. I just wish I found you before spending so much on products that are not as good. thanks!
Doesn't taste diet at all
by T. Genaw on 8/13/2011
Wow what a great treat as pudding or a shake. Taste so rich you would never think it was diet at all. This is definitely one of my favorite products.
As good as Medifast for half the price
by Becky on 8/14/2011
I have used Medifast in the past and was going to use it again until I discovered it was going to cost over $500/month PLUS they were charging me shipping (unless you give your credit card and agree that they automatically charge you monthly and ship products). I cant afford this. When I used Medifast years ago it was 1/2 the price they are now charging. I stumbled onto a link to diet direct and found Wonderslim which is EXACTLY the same as Medifast and HALF the price PLUS free shipping. The results with Wonderslim are identical to my past success with Medifast I am losing average of 5 pounds/week. I feel that Medifast used to help people lose weight but now they are taking advantage by charging WAY TOO MUCH!!!
Mocha Delicious
by Firsttime buyer on 8/17/2011
I bought the try me assortment. The mocha cream as a shake was so delicious I wish I had more. I used milk to mix. I will definitely buy the mocha cream pack. Will try the chocolate cream next maybe as pudding.
Surprisingly Delicious!
by katiebecca83 on 8/18/2011
I was surprised by the taste of this shake -- no medicinal aftertaste at all! Very satisfying. I've tried it with water and with cold coffee as an additive - both ways it's delicious.
Better than Optifast or Medifast and I LIKE Aspartame !!
by Eve on 8/18/2011
Most shakes taste watery to me. Just not enough flavor and it kinda makes me nauseous to drink something a little slimy without much taste. BUT... these are rich and tasty and I LIKED THEM. I am so happy I found a shake I actually like because they are so convenient when you are out and about or just need something quick because your blood sugar is diving or you are starving. I hope they don't get rid of this version with Aspartame. I LIKE Aspartame and I HATE Splenda. The manufacturers boast about switching to Splenda but it is no where as good as an Aspartame product. And I did a lot of research. Aspartame is not bad for you. It got bad press but there is no proof it is actually bad for you. Ugggh to think Splenda may take over the world. Ick !
Rich Flavor
by DBocc on 9/1/2011
Great Flavor. I even add more water to it and it is still rich in flavor!
by Lois on 9/4/2011
I have not tried these as puddings but we love them as smoothies. We blend them with ice and milk. I often add fruit as well. The mocha flavor is great with just milk and ice. It feels like I am drinking something decadent.
by kat on 9/14/2011
I will give this a five star I have a very funny stomach and I was scared to try this product and other products here but let me tell you I took that chance and omg it's really a great product. No after taste thank God lol. I would recommend this to all my friends and this is the honest truth. Thanks for reading my rating and try it you will like it!!!!!
Works with Weight Watchers
by razzberry cat on 9/18/2011
I'm on Weight Watchers. These shakes work perfectly on the plan... and they taste better than anything! I basically have one every morning for breakfast and it's about 5 WW points: I either have the vanilla with skim milk and berries mixed in or the chocolate cream with skim milk and a banana - incredibly thick and creamy.
Love it!
by Tracy on 9/21/2011
by Vicki on 10/1/2011
The mocha cream and cocomint flavors are excellent; the chocolate cream is very good; and the vanilla and strawberry are just ok. I use the Wonderslim shaker (which I love) and mix them with water and plenty of ice. The colder they are the better they taste. I actually look forward to these protein shakes and they do fill me up for about two hours three at the most which is perfect and works well with the plan. Since the Wonderslim desserts are so horrible (my opinion only) I mix one of these up as a pudding and let it get nice and cold in the freezer. Yummy dessert.
This product is great!
by BAL on 10/3/2011
Delicious pudding with great taste - and it's filling too. So easy to make.
Yummy shakes!
by DMiller on 10/8/2011
I just love the WS shakes! All the flavors are palatable with Strawberry Cream being just okay while the chocolate-based flavors are all surprisingly delicious. Moca Cream and Cocomint Cream are my favorites and I love that I can make these either as a shake or as pudding if I'm feeling like I need something sweet and dessert-like. My husband and I are on Medifast so I've tried those shakes too and the WS ones are far superior in regards to taste. (Updated on 10/9/2011.)
Very Good
by William on 10/8/2011
I will give this a five star I have a very funny stomach and I was nervous to try this product and other products here. The product taste very good with no after taste. I would recommend this to all my friends.
TRY THEM WARM! yum yum yum
by Shavone on 10/13/2011
So I've been on program for about a week and I'm soo glad that I made that choice. Just a tip. I love the shakes/puddings cold but considering the change of season I wondered what it would taste like warm. I mixed it just as it says on the box with the cold water and it mixed well! Then I popped it in the microwave for about 30 second and a WONDERFUL Mocha Latte came out lol. Just a thought :)
Love this product
by R.Byrd on 10/16/2011
Ive been using wonder slim chocolate for some time and I love it.The taste is great!!!!Would definitely recommend this to anyone.
by michellesellswine on 10/17/2011
I have been a customer for some time and seem to always gravitate to what I know and like however I recently bought the Chocomint instead of the mocha that I usually buy and it was DELICIOUS! Think "Girl Scout Cookie- Thin Mint" delicious! Highly recommend it!
by SUNSHINE on 10/20/2011
For years I have been trying to drink a lunch. I do not like to cook and need to stop the "cookie or doughnut" for lunch and get on a healthier path. I have tried so many and they all taste GROSS! Some of the bars are okay but I prefer a shake. So far chocolate cream my favorite. I make in a personal blender (easy) 1 cup water 1 cup ice 1 packet 1 banana and 1 tablespoon creamy peanut butter blend blend blend! And you have a healthy lunch that completely fills you up! for well under 300 calories. Taste so much better than a bar and is much more gratifying than eating a bar.

Customer for life!

Thank you!
Great shakes!
by Tilchen on 10/23/2011
I totally love this shakes: so creamy sweet and can replace a meal so easy to make. I make pudding for desert ice shakes in summer and hot shakes in winter (shake cool and then 1 minute in microwave) Try it!
Great Shakes
by union537 on 10/24/2011
Great Product. I have ordered these many times. Great flavor and high in protein. A very good product use as a meal substitute.
Wonderslim Meal Replacement Shakes
by D. Blye on 10/27/2011
I ordered 20 boxes of shakes for a month supply because I wanted to cook fresh veggies and 4 oz. lean meat. The shakes are the best I have ever tasted in my life. Creamy with the right amount of sweetness. I ordered Chocolate Cream Vanilla and Strawberry. I love Chocolate Cream the best. I started my weight loss journey on Oct. 17 2011 today is Oct 28 2011 and I have lost 14 Lbs already.I have 62 pounds to go. With this plan I can finally succeed after years of trying to get rid of this excess weight. I love you Wonderslim your product exceeds all of my expectations....will keep you updated. And I will be ordering more real soon....
Mix Chocolate Cream with Vanilla Cream
by on 11/21/2011
For the last few months I have mixed one pouch of chocolate cream with one pouch of vanilla cream. It's really good. It's more of a milk chocolate flavor than a real rich chocolate. I have an extra choice this way.
REALLY Great Taste!
by CAvant on 12/1/2011
So far I have lost 70 lbs on the WonderSlim Diet Plan and these shakes are the main focus of this plan. I've tried many other "shake-based" diet plans over the years and I honestly was quite skeptical about this one. With the others I was choking and gagging down the shakes after the first week and quit but these shakes are DELICIOUS!! Smooth creamy - a delight! Another plus is the ability to mix this product to a "pudding" consistency - I can eat pudding all day! Thank you for such a wonderful product - WonderSlim indeed!
by deb503 on 12/29/2011
Love this product-great taste easy to make and affordable.This is helping me maintain my diet without being hungry and it taste sooo good also trying some of the other products- great alternative to nutri-system & Jenny Craig diets that are expensive and you can buy as you go.thanks wonder slim!
Love all of the shakes!
by Kel on 1/4/2012
I have tasted all of the shakes and every single one of them is delicious! I was really skeptical b/c I have issues with texture and sometimes find powdered drinks to remain powdery in your mouth but these do not! They mix well and taste great! Chocolate tastes like chocolate milk strawberry tastes like strawberry milk Chocolate mint tastes like a girl scout thin mint cookie! YUM! I have lost 6 lbs in one week on this diet and I am not hungry.
Love Chocolate Cream
by MelB on 1/6/2012
I love the Chocolate Cream as a pudding. Have yet to try it as a drink but I am definitely fond of the flavor of the pudding. The texture is a little different but flavor overrides that majorly. I have rejected many protein foods and drinks but I actually enjoy this one.

Take it from a very picky person if you are looking for flavor the Chocolate is awesome!
Delicious - Mocha Cream Yummy!
by LGroff on 1/12/2012
The Mocha Cream is so refreshing & good. Unless you taste it you will never know how good. I have tried the "other diet" starts with a "M" & it was YUK! Not only that I paid $16.50 for a box!!! Diet Direct has been a God-send for those on a budget. I do not plan to stay on this forever but I do intend to keep drinking this shake at least once a day to replace a meal (on maintenance). You have nothing to lose it's guaranteed or your money back. How can you go wrong???
Wonderful as always
by bbarnhart on 1/15/2012
First time to try the Mocha Pudding/Shake and I was very pleased. May be my new favorite... Diet Direct delivers once again some of the most flavorful "diet" foods around.
Great Ease, Convenience & Blood Glucose Control
by Don on 1/20/2012
Both my wife and I have been having these shakes for our breakfasts for about a year. Being a diabetic I strive for consistent blood sugar levels. My wife although not diabetic follows pretty much the same diet I try to and we both like the ease and convenience of the shakes while still getting good nutrition.
by pato on 1/23/2012
Use it as pudding add fat free cool whip as a treat. Really good.
Awesome drink for weight loss!!!
by Temi on 1/25/2012
This is my best weight loss drink (Chocolate Cream)! I love crushed ice in my drinks smoothies and I've got a sweet tooth too. I take 1-2 packs a day as a meal replacement due to my schedule. I mix 1 pack with 8-10ounces of water add crushed ice and 2 stevia (optional). I shake my mug and the drink is ready! It fills me up really well for at least 3 hours. If I add nuts I'm typically full for at least 5 hours. As for weight loss I'm eating 1 major HEALTHY meal everyday and I've since lost 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks:):):) It's a whole lot cheaper than these other drinks out there and the shipping is FAST. I'll strongly advice to try it for a month and you'll TASTE and see what I mean. Awesome job Diet Direct!
Great Taste!!
by T.G. on 2/16/2012
You've made a believer out of me! Wow...I love this product. I make it as a pudding and it taste great. Never knew that diet food could taste so yummy. The cocomint and vanilla are my favorite.
by Amanda on 2/23/2012
These really taste great!! I was quite surprised. Very smooth creamy filling and tasty!
Love These Shakes!
by kjj on 2/29/2012
These shakes make it so easy to lose weight. I just purchased my 3rd box and still not done with the 2nd :). I've been getting my issues with food under control so that I can use the shakes more in hopes of losing some serious weight. I'm excited! Thank you!
by MELISSA on 3/4/2012
This chocolate shake came in the 2 week trial kit and was just absolutely wonderful!!! Very filling easy to mix in a shaker cup(w/o a ball) no aftertaste non-gritty thick consistency like whole milk. I can't say enough good things about it! will buy again & again. The diet plan calls for eating every 2-3 hours which is about right because i was getting hungry again in that time frame.
Great Meal
by SIVB on 3/9/2012
I love these as a pudding not a fan of the shake for some reason but great flavor leaves no after taste in your mouth. Perfect for snack before bed to keep you full!
Vanilla Cream
by Deb on 3/13/2012
I always mix the vanilla cream with frozen blueberries and a cup of water. Makes a fabulous smoothie. (Updated on 3/14/2012.)
Wonderslim Pudding/Shakes
by A7M on 3/17/2012
I love the Wonderslim pudding/shakes as shakes. I like that they are easy to mix up and it tastes great too. Sometimes the powder doesn't always mix up but I just swoosh around the liquid a bit and its done.
by Linda B. on 3/27/2012
These shakes are the best!
Better than others
by Lonestarl8d on 4/3/2012
I add ice to the water and use my magic bullet to make a really good shake. (I have to let the ice soften a little bit so the blades will cut it up). I don't think there is any after taste at all. I would buy the chocolate shake again.
Wonderslim Shakes
by Larry on 4/3/2012
These are just delicious. Every once in a while I add frozen berries for an extra treat. No sugar drops.
Best as a pudding!!!
by LanaCSR on 4/3/2012
These make the best protein pudding! Yummm! I never really cared for making shakes because I don't like to drink my calories. But if you make these with half the amount of water it calls for to make the shake and then put it in the fridge for a little while (or the freezer for about a minute if you're in a hurry) it firms up really nice and tastes AWESOME! Plus it takes longer to eat and more enjoyable than a shake.
Very Good
by madmit on 4/9/2012
I got the chocolate cream and it was very good. I mix it just with water and it really filled me up for awhile which isn't easy. I would definitely reorder.
by Patty on 4/12/2012
I have only used this pudding as a shake and must say it is very good! Tastes great and is thick. You hardly know it's a "diet" food.
Great Product!
by Deb on 4/13/2012
Great Product! I have used MediFast for years to help me maintain my weight and was looking for something that was not as expensive tasted as good as MediFast plus did the job of helping me with my weight. I found this product on the internet and decided to try it and was not disappointed. Love it and will continue to use it.
good stuff
by sha on 4/14/2012
i enjoy this as a shake i LOVE it as a pudding (when refrigerated for about 2 hours beyond that i find the texture too gelatinous). great product that i discovered via theimpatientdieter on youtube. Will definitely buy this again.
by Me on 4/21/2012
These are the same exact shakes as MWLC. They are cheaper here and there are many discounts free samples and free shipping to make it even better. So glad this was recommended to me.
by Rita on 4/27/2012
MWLC helped me to lose 70 pounds. I learned how to eat right and add protein to my diet. I was on their maintenance program until I found this website where it is cheaper than buying it from them. I am now on my own and I love this website. This pudding is my favorite the chocolate and mocha. Excellent way to start my day!
Love these shakes!
by Deb on 4/27/2012
I love the vanilla best I mix it with a little sugar free caramel coffee syrup and let it stand a few minutes to get as thick as possible. It's quite satisfying.
Love it
by Jen on 5/6/2012
I love the chocolate cream and the Chocomint shakes. Chocomint is my favorite. Vanilla was HORRIBLE and I was not fond of the hot chocolate either. My friend thought it tasted more like coffee to her but I just did not think much of it.

When I really need something extra I will make the shake with FF milk.

Definitely have a blender bottle though. Like most mix ins it is hard to get it all dissolved without it. And it helps with measuring too :)
The shakes are delicious
by DLMitch on 5/22/2012
I enjoyed every flavor of the shakes my favorite is Cocomint and mocha. I like the fact that the shakes are light and low in calories. These shakes are addicting and tastes delicious. Ever since I started drinking wonderslim shakes I can never go back to slim fast nor special k shakes. By the way I started the program a couple of weeks ago but I only just use the shakes and I already lost 5lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WonderSlim Protein Diet Pudding-Shakes
by embracesme on 5/23/2012
It's good for my Chocolate craving and all I did was to add water and ice I love it (Updated on 5/24/2012.)
by keya on 5/28/2012
This is a great way to lose weight! Once it is mixed completely it is a smooth rich and creamy shake! I stuck with the flavors I heard were good and I agree this is a good chocolate fix!
This is my "go to" snack
by Ashli on 8/14/2012
I love the flavor and flexibility of this product. Make a shake if you want more quantity and a sippable snack or make a pudding if you want something thicker to linger on your tongue. Either way - the consistency and flavor are fabulous. Chocolate Cream is the only flavor I've tried and I LOVE it. Thanks for offering this and your other products! I had previously been able to get these kind of shakes only through retail diet programs (with their associated joining fees and dues). SO GLAD to be able to order them directly now. Thanks!
by Terri on 8/14/2012
I LOVE this product! So many protein products have strange texture but this does not. It has become my lifeline after recovering from surgery. Great product smooth texture. Try it - you won't be disappointed.
by Mary on 8/14/2012
This is delicious and smooth! Love the mocha cream.... This can't be diet!
WonderSlim Protein Diet Pudding-Shakes
by truddle on 8/14/2012
I love this product - I make it with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze instead of water.
by Autumn on 8/14/2012
These protein shakes are the best I have ever had. I have tried everything on the market and this one tops the charts by far. I love the flavors and they mix well. There is no weird after taste and the calories are low making a perfect snack after running. I love these and recommend the variety pack to start with so you can pick your favorite flavors. They are all delightful ... the mocha cream tastes like cake batter:)
Starbucks on a diet
by LadyGamble on 8/14/2012
I REALLY REALLY love this drink it makes this diet plan so much easier to tolerate. I emptied a pack into 8oz of water and used a regular shake bottle and it was awesome. I have had others such as SHAKEOLOGY and found that this was much better and of course much cheaper...I will be ordering more and hope that the BariWise flavor is similar in taste!
very tasty for amount of calories
by emma on 8/14/2012
This is a good tasting product. I prefer it over the aspartame free kind. Also liked the mocha cream.
Love the chocolate cream
by lindarut on 8/14/2012
Really yummy and filling. Sure gives you that chocolate craving fulfilled feeling! Yummy!
Would continue buying for sure!
by esp on 8/14/2012
I bought the assortment and love all the flavors. Two things distinguish this product from the competition; taste and easy to dissolve. A big plus is you can even make pudding!
WonderSlim Protein Diet Pudding-Shakes
by on 8/14/2012
YUMMY as frozen drinks
by KIM on 8/18/2012
I blend my shakes with ice water and one package of instant coffee (nescafe) to make super iced coffee drinks! It really has helped me get away from the iced caps etc at local coffee houses! And alot less calories
The best part of the program
by STACEY on 8/25/2012
These are so yummy - I like the option of either pudding or shake and adding ice - or not- for variety. I haven't had a flavor I didn't like...but some I like better than others. Overall these are a godsend. There are many great recipe suggestions and add-ins...so if you get bored - you can experiment.
Chocolate Wonderslim is delicious and filling
by Theresa on 9/9/2012
Not only is the Chocolate delicious and filling it's so much better tasting then Medifast and it's less expensive too.
I loved the mocha!
by Brittany S on 9/24/2012
I loved the mocha hard to believe its only 100 calories!! I just bought two boxes I'd buy this even if I wasn't on a diet ;-)
Best Ever !
by HJM on 9/29/2012
Ive tried practically every diet and/or diet shakes on the market ; my weight is my ongoing issue and struggle. Wonder Slim Chocolate shakes are by far the very best ever tasting; hard to believe their only 100 calories.
Tastes Great! Fills me up!
by Christine on 10/22/2012
The shakes taste great and certainly fill you up. Following the directions and using water make the shakes taste kind of thin but they really do keep you satisfied for the few hours until your next scheduled snack or meal. The Mocha is my favorite so far. You won't be disappointed.
by Cath on 11/28/2012
Taste very chocolaty and a little bit like mint! Loved it! (I did the pudding)
Great taste
by Lynne on 2/18/2013
These shakes are great to have. They are very flavorful, compared to any other diet shakes I have had. The only one I could drink without being disgusted.
Favorite flavor
by Kim on 3/8/2013
The flavor of this shake is excellent! I love blending the marshmallow chocolate cookie bar into the shake. Yummy!
Absolutely Amazing!
by Nae on 7/5/2013
I am new to the whole protein shake thing, and was shocked to find these with such a reasonable price. I was scared to order so many, but I am GLAD I did! These shakes are amazing and Cocomint and Chocolate are my absolute favorites. I drink one in the morning for breakfast and I am set for majority of the day. I definitely plan on buying more, especially since they attached a coupon along with my order. I'm one happy customer!!!!!!!!!!
Second Fave
by Shay on 7/20/2013
After Hazelnut Cocoa, this one is my fave runner-up. Super chocolately with a hint of mint. Perfect for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack!
by Lorita on 9/6/2013
I enjoy the Cocoa Mint shake quite a bit. I usually have one for a mid-afternoon snack. It is light and refreshing and holds me until dinner. I have ordered and re-ordered this flavor.
5 stars
by Conchita on 10/14/2013
This was delicious with no after taste
by Lorita on 10/21/2013
This is one of my favorite Wonderslim Shakes. I like this shake because the mint is not over powering, it is the perfect balance of chocolate and mint. I have not tried it as a pudding yet but as a shake it is very refreshing.
I 100% recommended the chocomint
by Dianne on 4/24/2014
I have been into protein drinks for years and I like the chocomint for two reasons. One the mint really has a great aftertaste both as a pudding and a shake. Two, the drink itself is very good. I like the wonderslim chocolate, chocolate mint more than other chocolate type protein shakes for taste, after taste, and mouth feel. Good product.
by Kathy on 10/9/2014
I love the taste and it is very satisfying!
Cocomint Cream Meal Replacement
by Edna on 10/18/2014
Very good. I took it to work and it made eating lunch very easy as I have to eat at my desk and sandwiches or salads get kinda messy!!!!
Great if you love Thin Mints
by Brandy on 6/2/2015
I am not big on mint, but this is pretty darn good anyway. Real chocolate and mint flavors.
Out of this world
by Kathryn on 9/12/2015
Put two together, chocomint and cheesecake and you have a desert fit for a king
by Maggie on 6/16/2016
This was just as good as they said. Yummy.
by christine on 9/24/2016
I ordered this flavor and vanilla cream. While I 'like' the vanilla, the Chocomint is FABULOUS!! I could definitely have this for an 'anytime' snack and it is very satisfying for breakfast. I use a blender and ice cubes so did not experience any graininess. If you like chocolate and mint, you will love this flavor!!!
A Must Have!
by Sarah on 3/25/2018
I absolutely love this shake. Easy to mix in a blender bottle, and the taste is fantastic. Very nice chocolate and mint flavor. Already reordered a few more boxes!
Very Good But Not Filling
by WillieRoth on 1/12/2009
Very good taste but my only issue is that it's not filling. I wish they would add maybe some fiber to it. I'm usually hungry an hour after I drink or eat this.
Great in smoothies
by mspoint1106 on 3/28/2009
Love the chocolatey taste! I use it to make a delicious chocolate strawberry smoothie - yum!
Good way to satisfy your sweet tooth
by Karen on 6/7/2009
These make a nice treat and I have trued them a couple of ways. The chocolate pudding can be shaken and microwaved and I actually like it better than the hot chocolate mix. I have tried the other flavors and like to put them in the blender with crushed ice and they are a filling refreshing treat. I have tried them as puddings but enjoy them more the other ways.
by MV on 8/2/2009
My least favorite is Mocha; doesn't seem to have much flavor. But others seem to enjoy it esp. by adding coffee or espresso.
Good and Affordable
by Kae Kae on 12/8/2009
Chocomint is pretty good with lots of ice. I really enjoyed it. And even if you do not have access to a blender (like me while at work). I shake it in a water bottle. The powder is fine and mix very well.

The vanilla I do not care for unless I add diet rootbeer and LOTS of ice.
good not great
by kimmy on 2/25/2010
This one was good and seems to be the most popular but the cream aspect of it seems to have a bit of an aftertaste. There is something not entirely pleasing about this shake. I prefer the regular chocolate or the protein rite chocolate shake. They taste more like chocolate milk to me.
Chocolate Cream Pudding/Shakes
by brwneyez154 on 4/29/2010
I would most definitely recommend chocolate cream pudding because it has a delicious taste. I put ice water and a banana in a blender and make a chocolate shake. I tried the Mocha and it didn't taste as good as the Chocolate cream. I did Medical Weight Loss and I had to purchase their nutrients which was much more expensive than diet direct. I most definitely like the price because the prices are the cheapest I've found thus far.
Let it sit for a while, add shredded coconut and a few sugarfree choco chips, and it's DESSERT
by PrincessDieter on 7/21/2010
I almost didnt' try this as a pudding cause the reviews tend to skew towards this as a shake. But I think the problem is that this is NOT puddingy. This is like a mousse consistency--airier and less creamy than pudding. I like it. I took one star off cause it does have a bit of an aftertaste but I expect this from high protein diet foods so no biggie really.

Here's what I did: I prepared it with refrigerator-chilled water (really cold) a bit less than 4 ounces and let it sit while i ate my soup. After 10 minutes or so this has set quite nicely. I added a tablespoon of Bob's Red Mill Shredded organic coconut (smells good low carb about 30 calories 3 grams of fat 1.3 carbs per tbsp) and about 6 ChocoPerfection dark chocolate baking chips (sugarfree lowcarb). Almost negligible calorie-wise really. Just for appearance and to give a shot of chocolate. I found it to be a really nice high-protein QUICK dessert after soup (or even salad or a veggie joe bowl with veggies). I definitely will reorder this. I got the chocolate cream which I will get again. And I want to try it with some fresh berries too.

Really don't be put off of it as a pudding. So quick no blender to clean slower to eat which is always good for dieters. And you can pump it up with low-carb or fruity goodness. Mixes easily with a spoon. Nice moussey texture (and I like mousse). A tad gritty but not horribly so. Just differently so. If they could find a way to rid it of the aftertaste this would be pretty perfect diet fare.
Love this product!
by Beth on 8/25/2010
I love this product! It is just so versatile. Sometimes I make pudding sometimes a smoothie by mixing it with ice sometimes a regular shake. I don't care much for the vanilla flavor as it seems to have a strange aftertaste to me but the chocolate mocha and mint are all very good.
Best tasting shake
by Gianna K. on 12/28/2010
Absolutely the best tasting shake I've tried.

Unfortunately I won't reorder this product because it contains aspartame. Please Wonder Slim consider making the shakes without it.
Love this flavor!!
by msrita on 1/28/2011
I purchased this product in November after seeing someone drastically lose pounds with it. These shakes taste so good and they are versatile! I make shakes puddings smoothies and sometimes just freeze the shakes and make them slushy. I also love the MOCHA CREAM as well. These shakes helped me lose over 45 pounds!! Thx Wonderslim and Diet Direct for this great shake!!
by on 2/6/2011
Tastes good
by Fourez on 2/19/2011
As a pudding or as a shake these are very good. I've tried the Chocolate Mocha and Vanilla. All are very good with very little after taste. Prefer them as a shake than a pudding.
shakes (pudding)
by stargate on 2/21/2011
This is one of the best shakes I have tried in a long time. That keep me full until the next time I am scheduled to drink (for my diet).
Great pudding
by KR on 2/22/2011
I lost 70 pounds using these shakes (and bars. I make 3 each day (as puddings) for breakfast lunch and snack. Then they are always ready to grab. I like the strawberry for breakfast I might add a few blueberries on top or toasted flax seed. Mocha for lunch and chocolate for afternoon snack.
WonderSlim Protein Diet Pudding-Shakes Chocolate
by CandiceP on 4/12/2011
Very good and tasty love to make shakes with fruit in it.
Best as a shake.
by pm on 4/27/2011
I prefer these as a shake rather than pudding. Blend with crushed ice.

If not using an electric blender invest in the shake bottles with the blending ball inside. Otherwise it's near impossible to blend out clumps of the powder.
by mogal65 on 4/28/2011
I really like this product the chocolate is my favorite with strawberry coming in a very close second. I am not that fond of the vanilla the flavor is just not there; however since I did order a box of the vanilla I have been using them and adding SF syrup to them. Much better that way!!! I will definitely be trying to mocha next time they are on sale. And this has certainly made my reorder again list. They do need to be made in the blender bottles and given quite the shake for the best taste and I always add more water then instructed since I do think they are on the sweet side. A real treat for sure when mixed as directed!
The chocolate cream is very good as a pudding
by Queen Crochet on 5/8/2011
The only flavor I have tried is chocolate cream. I only mix these as puddings. The package says to use 4oz of water to make the pudding. 4oz of water makes a very thin pudding. Start with 3oz of ice cold water and then add more if you want to thinner pudding.
Great Shakes
by LAG on 6/8/2011
I've tried most of the flavors of this mix that you can either make a shake or a pudding. I use it predominantly as a shake but it's equally good as pudding. The best easy to make it more palatable and exciting as a shake is to mix it in the blender. The taste is true to the flavor indicated and the whipped consistency truly makes it like a milkshake.
Mocha Cream Good Shake
by LadyFarmer on 7/19/2011
I like the flavor of the Mocha Cream Shake. Much more so as a shake than as a pudding.
by Sera on 8/13/2011
I'm not sure if this kept me as full and not craving other foods as other diet smoothies but this pudding/shake is so delicious--and a good source of protein! I love that it can be made into a pudding or a shake. When I don't have a blender or shaker I can just eat it as a pudding and its great.
Flavors are surprisingly good!
by NMc on 9/8/2011
I got the 2 week program to try last week. I love the ease and how full I really stay. So far everything I have ate is very good. My favorite is the CocoMint Shake (good sub for my Starbucks hot chocolate I would get every morning). I have to order more of this! I have lost 3 lbs already!
Yummy and smooth
by valerie on 9/16/2011
The chocolate flavor is right on. it actually tastes chocolate and its smooth and lightly sweet. it tastes like slightly watery chocolate milk. its one of my favorite flavors.
WonderSlim Protein Diet Pudding-Shakes
by Deme on 10/12/2011
The shake is great and comes in very handy when you need to eat and you are on the go... the Only problem I have is that you only mix it with 8 ozs of water. If it is a shake it could be a little more than 1 cup.
Wonder Slim Shakes
by mwhite on 10/12/2011
I mix the shakes with an immersion hand held blender(hand blender)and always get good results. Add 2-3 tbs of crushed iced plus the water and maybe a splash of soy or skim milk and you get a nice fluffy shake. I like most of them and I have to say that a took a while to get use to some of the after tastes that some flavors have. I found if you let them sit a minute the flavors round out. The vanilla is pretty good chocolate is ok but after a while it all starts to taste pretty good. Be creative but be sure to count what ever you are adding. (Updated on 10/13/2011.) forgot to add the stars gave it four flavors could be improved but it is a diet drink and it is not bad compared to what I have had with other protein drinks. (Updated on 10/13/2011.)
Very Good
by Lisa on 1/19/2012
This is probably one of the best Protein drink I have ever tried!
WonderSlim shakes
by sherri on 1/21/2012
The product is very good easy to use and surprisingly makes me full I have tried other products and this works best for me...I've been using it for 3 weeks now.
Love the choc and strawberry
by Jennifer on 1/23/2012
Cheaper and tastier than Medifast! I love the chocolate and strawberry. Not crazy about the vanilla by itself but I mix with SF davinci syrups to give it better flavor. Awesome with a little ice in a magic bullet or similar type blender!
These shakes help my kids.
by Nancy Anne on 2/13/2012
I buy these for my super-skinny 15-year old daughter who likes to skip breakfast. They keep her from starving! Mixed into milk it gives a nice balance of nutrients and the pre-packaging makes it easy for her. Add a piece of fruit and she is nourished for school!
Love it
by TJM on 2/16/2012
Love the shakes; previously used MediFast and prefer the WonderSlim in flavor and price. I did not like the flavor when I used less water and made the pudding but I'll be using the shakes indefinitely on my alternate day diet plan - 14 lbs in 6 weeks and eating anything I want 4 days a week!
Great tasting, easily mixed,
by t.hageman on 3/8/2012
Started out on mwlc diet plan until I found the WonderSlim products at dietdirect.com at a great savings over same nutrient values as mwlc the only difference I found is the consistency of WonderSlim pudding/shakes are somewhat thinner.
love the shakes
by truly blessed on 4/4/2012
I like this as a shake but the chocomint is my all time favorite. No after taste it is a lot like chocolate milk to me without all the guilt and calories. I will definitely order more of this
Perfect Pudding
by Betsy on 4/27/2012
I can't say enough about these puddings. They tasty quick and easy to make and are satisfying. I am stuck behind a desk most of the day and when it's time for breakfast lunch or a snack I stir up one of these little beauties. I've been using these puddings for well over a year now and have never tired of them. They are that good.
Good Protein Drink
by KellyRNMSN on 8/14/2012
I like all of the flavors WS Protein shakes. I have never made them as a pudding. I blend them with ice and coffee in my Magic Bullet blender and I add a little Splenda.
Ice cream and cobbler
by Moni on 8/14/2012
Although I don't like to eat them as pudding I use them in recipes as ice cream and cobbler. So good...for ice cream I freeze my leftover decaf coffee in ice trays add them to a blender or food processor with the chocolate pudding mix a little water or diet cream soda and some cinnamon and sweetener. Blend till creamy. Put in freezer for no longer than 10 minutes.
For the cobbler heat frozen berries or chopped apples till soft. You can add a sweetener If you choose. Mix the vanilla lemon or cheesecake flavor pudding a little thicker than normal and spread on top. Heat for one minute or so. Let cool before eating. It will be very hot!
Hope you enjoy these recipes
Like it!
by Debbie on 5/2/2013
I like this flavor very much.
by Tanya on 6/5/2013
Very tasty & filling
Coco mint review
by tc2bthin on 9/30/2013
I for one am not a big mint person. I received this shake as a free sample and thought it was really good. Very surprised. The only reason I gave it 4 out 5 was due to it not being Aspartame Free. I prefer to drink the aspartame free drinks. If I can order it free of aspartame I will definitely include it in my next order.
Good not a Favorite
by sm62 on 12/5/2014
This has a refreshing taste to it but not one of my favorite flavors. I'm not going to complain though because it is a great meal replacement that's satisfying!
Love the taste
by Rosemary on 4/8/2016
I love putting this in my coffee. First mix with 1/4 cup or so of cold water, then add your coffee and enjoy.
Okay product
by mary6204 on 1/20/2009
The Mocha has a strong artificial sweetened taste but otherwise not too bad. I plan on trying other flavors.
Not the best I've had-- but good
by Cheryl on 2/5/2010
I had high hopes for these shakes and while I'm not totally disappointed I wouldn't say they are the best protein shakes I've ever had. I had high expectations for the chocolate mint creme but I've got to say the mint flavor is very mild; I almost wish it were a little stronger. The chocolate creme is okay but VERY sweet almost too sweet....but I'll take it.
Vanilla Cream
by Cherry on 4/27/2010
The vanilla cream is my least favorite so far but it's not bad. The flavor is greatly improved by adding some vanilla extract and blending with ice.
Added sugars + poor appetite control
by cillar on 10/22/2011
I would recommend these conditionally in that they should be used for a limited time due to the added large amounts of corn syrup solids maltodextrin and fructose. They all taste great and mix up easily except the dark choco which tends to be lumpy. They are good as shakes or puddings and the tropical shake makes a nice flavored pudding too!
Not bad but not great
by plpkmk on 12/30/2011
I got the chocolate and the mocha cream in the try me box. I tried the mocha as a shake and I really didn't care for it but I tried the chocolate as pudding and it was much better. But I honestly don't know if I would actually purchase it again.
Twice a day, every day
by SiouxCitySue on 3/9/2012
Love it! Best tasting. Try it!
by EsBu on 4/29/2012
I was hesitant at first but I was desperate. But now I LIVE on the pudding/smoothie mixes bari wise hot chocolate and the meal replacement bars. Although The chocolate flavours are my favourite and I can eat them alone for variety I have blended them with ice for a milkshake like feel and added a sprinkle of granola for crunch to the pudding. I found the vanilla and strawberry VERY bland and hard to digest until today. I put a packet of strawberry and 2 vanilla in the blender with a banana and a handful of frozen fruit about six cubes of ice and a cup and a half of water....IT WAS AMAZING!!!! The only way I'm going to drink them from now on.....ENJOY!! (Updated on 4/30/2012.)
Chocolate Cream not a dream
by Mati on 8/14/2012
I wanted to try an affordable shake so I ordered the WS Chocolate Dream. I was very disappointed when I made the first packet as a shake. Next I tried it as a pudding and I musst admit that was better and convinced me to never add 8 oz. again I'm sticking to the pudding option.
Better eat it as pudding
by Jody on 3/3/2014
I had read the reviews so as my first shake, I tried this. It tasted just like milk of magnesia. I gagged it down. The next packet I mixed up like pudding was better.
by [email protected] on 5/8/2011
I really prefer Medifast. Wish I had spent the extra money on it.

Oh well..

But the bars are excellent.
Ok if you are on a budget
by Ella on 8/7/2011
If you are coming from Medifast trying to save some money you will be very disappointed. Theses shakes do not give you any where near the feeling of being full. The taste isn't that bad but there seems to be too much air in them and instead of making me feel that I just ate something I feel that I just drank some air.
Vanilla Cream
by T.A on 4/18/2010
Absolutely horrible.The taste is NOT vanilla..I'm very scared to try the strawberry now. (Updated on 4/19/2010.)
by kjh on 5/9/2010
I have tried chocolate cream strawberry cream and the vanilla cream. The chocolate cream is very good and the vanilla I can tolerate but the strawberry cream I could not even stomach. If you are going to buy I would choose the chocolate cream.
chocolate cream pudding shakes
by kim24may on 3/19/2011
I did not like these shakes at all the taste was not good!
WonderSlim Protein Diet Pudding-Shakes
by on 3/21/2011
The first couple of days I could handle the taste but after that it was overwhelming and I had to send the rest back.
Chocolate Shake
by Roverah on 4/28/2011
Was very disappointed! WonderSlim states better than Medifast and it was not and the WonderSlim lacks taste. Flavor was not good. (Updated on 4/29/2011.)
WonderSlim Protein Diet Pudding-Shakes
by on 5/25/2011
I did not care for this product.
Watery or Sludgy
by Emily on 7/20/2011
I was very excited about these shakes I bought 5 boxes because they were recommended by the online help. I had been on New Direction and was told this was the most similar item. I had my first shake and it tasted like chocolate water. My second shake I used less water and it was just like sludge. I now have no idea what I'll do with 5 boxes but I would not use this product. The New Direction shakes were great but you can only get them through a doctor. I guess I'll keep testing.
Very chalky
by TCook on 1/11/2012
I ordered an 8 week kit after reading reviews and I found the texture of all the pudding shakes to be disgusting. All of the shakes soups and deserts are just powder you mix with water which creates a weird lumpy texture that tastes horrible like straight protein. The smell and the taste are bad and I had to force them down. I did like the WonderSlim entrees and protein bars along with the cereals and hot cakes(pancakes). But everything else I had to exchange I don't know what people are talking about when they say they aren't chalky because they lied.
chalky taste
by Mary on 8/14/2012
I ordered this based on prior reviews. I mixed the powder with 4oz water as directed to make the pudding. I put the dish in the fridge for 30mins. to chill. It smelled very chocolaty and delicious but I'm sad to say it didn't taste delicious. I mixed it well but there were small powder clumps and it had a chalky taste.