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Crave-worthy Meals that will keep you satisfied.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean giving up your favorite foods. Diet Direct’s protein-packed entrees make dieting easy. With a selection of guilt-free versions of your favorite foods – from zesty chili to silky mashed potatoes to creamy alfredo pasta. No matter which savory selection you choose, Diet Direct’s portion-controlled entrees are hearty enough to keep you full, quick and easy to prepare, and taste amazing without unnecessary carbs, calories, or fat.


How can I add protein to meals?
There are many ways to get more protein into your diet. Meats, beans, dairy, nuts, and seeds contain protein. Diet Direct also offers a wide range of protein bars and beverages for a protein boost anytime, anywhere.

What is protein pasta?
Traditional pasta is made with white flour, which doesn't offer much protein. However, pasta can also be made with other types of flour -- like chickpea or blackbean flour -- that packs more of a protein punch.

How much protein does pasta have?
Pasta typically has about 3g of protein. Protein pasta from Diet Direct has up to 12g of protein.

What is protein pasta made out of?
Protein pasta swaps out the semolina pasta that is tradiontally used to make noodles for flour made from a healthier, higher protein alternative. Chickpea flour and black bean flour are common options that preserve the great flavor of pasta, but make it a guilt-free treat.