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Program Details

How do I begin using Subscribe & Save?

The first step is making sure you have a Diet Direct account. You will need to sign in to your account to have your choices shipped to you on a recurring basis. If you don't already have an account, you can set one up in a few short moments by clicking HERE.

Products eligible for Subscribe & Save display reorder options on the product page and in the shopping cart. You can choose to have any of those products shipped to you at selected intervals of 4, 6, 8, or 12 weeks.

Once you have selected all the products you want to have shipped to you on a recurring basis, you can complete your Subscribe & Save order at Check Out. During this time, you will also have the opportunity to change the time intervals in which you wish to have these products delivered to you.

The Manage Subscriptions link under the Subscribe & Save tab will display all the items you have added to the program with detailed information about your Subscribe & Save schedule.

We'll send you an email reminder before sending each of your shipments. You'll be able to review the details of your order and we'll include the deadline to make changes in time for your next shipment.

Does Subscribe & Save help me save money?

Yes it does. You'll get up to 20% OFF the regular price of the products you select. If any of the items you chose for Subscribe & Save is on sale at the time of shipment, you'll automatically receive the greater discount. Your Subscribe & Save products are shipped FREE when the order is $79+.

Can I receive different products at different intervals?

Certainly. All of the products you select for Subscribe & Save can be shipped at intervals you select. For instance, you might want your meal replacement shakes to be shipped every 4, 6, 8, or 12 weeks, yet only need your nutritional supplements to arrive every 8 weeks. You can adjust these time intervals individually for each product.

When am I charged for my order?

Your first Subscribe & Save order will be charged during checkout. After that, your payment method will be authorized and charged on the Subscribe & Save ship date.

Can I use coupon codes with Subscribe & Save?

Coupons cannot be combined with automatic Subscribe & Save discounts.

What happens if one or more of my Subscribe & Save products is on sale?

You'll be receiving up to 20% OFF the regular price of all products you selected for Subscribe & Save. If any of these products is on sale at the time your order ships, you will receive whichever discount is largest.

In case I want to make changes, will you send me a reminder before my next order processes?

Yes, we will. We will send you a reminder email 5 days before your order is processed. You can, if you wish, change the number of items, the time intervals items ship, delivery date, payment method and shipping address. At this time you can also skip or cancel items.

The Manage Subscriptions tab allows you to make changes on each of your Subscribe & Save products.

Is there a minimum purchase level to qualify for free shipping?

All Subscribe & Save orders are subject to our standard shipping policy. Orders $79+ qualify for Free Shipping.

Managing Your Subscription

Where can I manage my Subscribe & Save orders?

Sign in to your account and then click on the My Subscriptions tab from the left side Subscribe & Save menu.

What updates can I make within the My Subscriptions area?

You can add new products, change to another flavor (when available), update the quantity of products, frequency of delivery, payment method, shipping address, delivery date, skip a delivery, or cancel products. Any changes you make will occur on future orders and will not affect orders already in progress.

Can I skip the shipment of an Subscribe & Save product?

Yes. Just go to the My Subscriptions tab, locate the product you wish to skip and click on the “Skip Next Delivery” link. This next delivery of this product will be skipped and will resume with the following shipment date.

How do I cancel an item from my Subscribe & Save schedule?

Simply go in to the My Subscriptions tab and click on the Cancel Subscription link. Please remember that this will permanently cancel the product from Subscribe & Save orders. If a product is not cancelled from your order before it processes for that shipment, the item will be included for that shipment.

Shipping & Returns

How will my Subscribe & Save orders be shipped?

Your Subscribe & Save order is subject to our standard shipping policies and will be sent by the method you select during checkout. Orders that equal or exceeds $79, qualify for Free standard shipping (Contiguous US only).

What products qualify for Free Shipping?

If the total value of the products in any of your Subscribe & Save shipments equals or exceeds $79, that shipment qualifies for Free standard shipping (Contiguous US only).

How do I return products that are damaged, defective or otherwise undesirable?

All Subscribe & Save products are covered by our No Hassles Return/Exchange policy. Click here for further details.

Payment Methods

What payment options are accepted for Subscribe & Save?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover debit/credit cards are accepted for Subscribe & Save orders.


How will I know if there is a problem with my order?

If we notice any problem with your order, we will contact you by email.

What happens if one of my Subscribe & Save products is out of stock?

If a product on your order is out of stock when your order is processed you will receive an email notification and a message will be displayed on your My Subscriptions tab, located under My Account.

What happens to my Subscribe & Save if one of my products is discontinued?

We will send you an email notification informing you the product has been discontinued and there will be a notification on your My Subscriptions tab.

Will you be sending me a notification when my Subscribe & Save order has shipped?

We will send you an email notification when any of your products ship. These emails will include any available tracking information from the carrier.

What email notifications will I receive in regards to my Subscribe & Save order?

In most cases, you will receive the following emails concerning your Subscribe & Save order:

  • Shipping Soon
  • Order Confirmation
  • Shipment Confirmation

Let us take a moment to examine the contents of these emails.

Shipping Soon

We will send you an email notification 5 (five) days before your estimated shipping date. You will have 4 (four) days after you receive the order notification email to make changes to your order. You can log into your My Account > My Subscriptions tab, to see available changes listed with each item scheduled for Subscribe & Save shipments.

Order Confirmation

We will send you an email notification when your Subscribe & Save shipment begins to process. If there is an issue with your order that causes a shipment to be missed, you will be immediately notified by email.

Shipping Confirmation

We will send you an email notification when any of your Subscribe & Save order ships. For your convenience, this email will include any available tracking information from the carrier.