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WonderSlim Weight Loss Success Story - Amanda


Amanda felt very ashamed that she had let herself get to a size 20. At her highest weight, her doctors had warned her about the dangers of her high cholesterol. Amanda first went to a medical weight loss clinic and started their program. "In search for the same products for a lesser price, I found WonderSlim. All the ingredients and nutritional facts were exactly the same". She set her goals of wanting to be healthier, look better and fit into new clothes...and she achieved them!

Using her own assortment of WonderSlim products, Amanda shed 77 pounds and trimmed down to a size 14. She started seeing results within a week of using WonderSlim products. Her favorites? "The shakes and bars are very tasty! They aren't a lot of other protein shakes I've tried". Amanda is proud of her accomplishments and says she feels much better about herself and is proud that she can do things she puts her mind to. "It is nice when people tell me how great I look. I love not having to shop in the plus sizes" she comments.

WonderSlim Weight Loss Success Story - Vandy


Often it's difficult to maintain your weight or lose those pesky few additional pounds. Vandy found this to be very true and wanted to adopt a strategy that helped her better maintain her weight. "Even being 20 pounds over my goal weight was uncomfortable", she notes. "When you go to your closet...and can't think of a single thing that is going to fit comfortably anymore...that's when you know you've got to do something about it."

After searching online for high protein foods, she began using WonderSlim products and has been buying them for several years. Vandy especially likes the drinks since they are high protein and low calorie. "They taste great, they are filling, and keep you satisfied". Now a size 4, Vandy is thrilled with her 18 pound weight loss and feels more comfortable about her body. "I have so much energy from eating healthy and my blood sugar levels are completely under control now." Vandy continues to use WonderSlim products as part of a maintenance plan.

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