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Jane Lost 100 lbs
Jennifer Lost 115 lbs
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WonderSlim Review

Delicious and easy to follow!

The food is delicious and I love how easy the program is to follow! MUCH cheaper than other options out there.
- Anita from Maryland

WonderSlim Review

Definitely a Great Investment!

As the summary suggests this is a great investment in your health. Takes the guess work of portioning your meals plus you get to have delicious shakes, bars and snacks. Definitely worth it!! :)
- Catherine from Massachusetts

WonderSlim Review

Fast shipping

Processed Monday arrived Wednesday. Comes with tons of food and great information. I utilize the food chart to track my eating. I chose bars to use as sweet snacks. The mocha cream shake is great with coffee in the morning. I am enjoying this so far. It's been a week and I've lost 6 lbs.*
- Mom2Seven from Nebraska

* Results not typical. Weight loss will vary for each person based on their individual weight, metabolism, age, activity level and commitment to their plan.
WonderSlim Review

Great Plan

I ordered the premium 4 week plan. I am very impressed the wide variety of products and flavors. The plan is easy to follow, and everything tastes very good. I am looking forward to ordering even more items. There is a huge variety to choose from. I am on day 3 of this plan and down 4 lbs already!*
- Julie from California

* Results not typical. Weight loss will vary for each person based on their individual weight, metabolism, age, activity level and commitment to their plan.

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WonderSlim Weight Loss Success Story - Danielle

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. When Danielle saw a photo of herself, she realized something needed to be done. Having always thought her coworker was larger than she, a simple photo that revealed two women of exactly the same size was her motivation. "That's when I knew it was time to get serious," Danielle told us.

While Danielle was not suffering from any medical conditions due to her weight, it certainly was impacting her life. "I was uncomfortable in my clothes, felt bloated and found myself getting grumpy and moody more and more often because I was not happy with myself". Danielle had previously tried other programs- including attending meetings and counting points. "But," she admitted "I always put the weight back on."

So Danielle went to see a nutritionist to further understand what to do. After analyzing her diet, Danielle says that the nutritionist discovered that she needed to scale way back on carbs and simple sugars and increase her intake of protein and veggies. "The nutritionist introduced me to WonderSlim products which helped me to get the protein that I needed (and low carbs!) but not sacrifice taste and indulge in my chocolate cravings!"

Within a month, Danielle began to see results. After dropping 50 pounds, she is excited to report that people have actually described her as "tiny". "I have more energy than I ever have! When I was overweight, I struggled on a daily 2-mile hike. Now, I jog/hike 8 miles a day with more than 50% of it up a mountain trail. I feel alert, well-rested, happy and more confident than ever". Danielle has kept the weight off for more than 2 years and still uses WonderSlim Pudding/Shakes as part of her daily maintenance routine. "I love the variety and the focus on healthy eating. With WonderSlim products, you can indulge your sweet tooth guilt-free. A Chocomint pudding/shake beats out a 100-calorie snack pack any day!"


WonderSlim Weight Loss Success Story - Fateemah

Fateemah admits that she went through a time where she was hiding herself after "ballooning" up to 210 lbs. She often stayed home, missing social functions and time with family and friends because she had no clothes that fit her. She suffered from lower back pain and was generally unhappy. Like many of us, she needed that eye opening moment to realize her excess weight had gotten out of control. For Fateemah, this was having to purchase size 18 pants for her daughter's first birthday party. This prompted her to go online searching for a solution that fit her lifestyle. She discovered WonderSlim products.

After 2 days consuming 7 shakes and two small meals a day, she had lost a pound. She continued this success, and is proud to report that her total weight loss has been an amazing 65lbs. When asked what she likes best about WonderSlim, she didn't hesitate in telling us it is the taste. "It curbs my sweet tooth and hunger. Mocha Cream Shakes are my absolute favorite". After shedding 12 dress sizes, her husband is extremely proud of her, and her friends now come to her for weight loss advice. The simplistic approach of the WonderSlim Diet Plan fit easily into this busy mom's daily routine.


WonderSlim Weight Loss Success Story - Amanda

Amanda felt very ashamed that she had let herself get to a size 20. At her highest weight, her doctors had warned her about the dangers of her high cholesterol. Amanda first went to a medical weight loss clinic and started their program. "In search for the same products for a lesser price, I found WonderSlim. All the ingredients and nutritional facts were exactly the same". She set her goals of wanting to be healthier, look better and fit into new clothes...and she achieved them!

Using her own assortment of WonderSlim products, Amanda shed 77 pounds and trimmed down to a size 14. She started seeing results within a week of using WonderSlim products. Her favorites? "The shakes and bars are very tasty! They aren't chalky...like a lot of other protein shakes I've tried". Amanda is proud of her accomplishments and says she feels much better about herself and is proud that she can do things she puts her mind to. "It is nice when people tell me how great I look. I love not having to shop in the plus sizes" she comments.


WonderSlim Weight Loss Success Story - Vandy

Often it's difficult to maintain your weight or lose those pesky few additional pounds. Vandy found this to be very true and wanted to adopt a strategy that helped her better maintain her weight. "Even being 20 pounds over my goal weight was uncomfortable", she notes. "When you go to your closet...and can't think of a single thing that is going to fit comfortably anymore...that's when you know you've got to do something about it."

After searching online for high protein foods, she began using WonderSlim products and has been buying them for several years. Vandy especially likes the drinks since they are high protein and low calorie. "They taste great, they are filling, and keep you satisfied". Now a size 4, Vandy is thrilled with her 18 pound weight loss and feels more comfortable about her body. "I have so much energy from eating healthy and my blood sugar levels are completely under control now." Vandy continues to use WonderSlim products as part of a maintenance plan.