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WonderSlim Snack Os Sour Cream & Onion (7 ct)

WonderSlim Snack Os Sour Cream & Onion (7 ct)
7 Bags
Item #: PKWS128

Price: $15.95

Availability: In stock

WonderSlim Snack Os Sour Cream & Onion (7 ct)

Price: $15.95

In stock

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These crunchy circles of joy have lots of the taste you crave yet each generous single serving bag contains only 130 calories.



WonderSlim Snack O's - Sour Cream & Onion
7 Bags

When you crave a salty, crunchy protein diet snack, WonderSlim Snack O's are just the thing to stifle those sudden hunger attacks. Snack O's  taste just like your favorite potato chips! These gluten-free protein power circles satisfy your crunch craving while entertaining your taste buds with lots of sour cream and onion flavor.

Each extra large, single serving bag contains 12 grams of protein, 10 of which are soy, only 130 calories, no trans fat, low in saturated fat and cholesterol free.

Key features of the WonderSlim Protein Diet Snack Bites:

  • High Protein - 12 grams Per Serving (10 from soy)
  • Only 130 Calories Per Serving
  • Gluten Free
  • Lower Carb - 12 grams Per Serving
  • Lower Fat - 4 grams Per Serving
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Low in Saturated Fat
  • Kosher
  • Buy a Box = Give 2 Meals. Every box of this WonderSlim product you purchase will provide 2 meals* to people in need.
*2 meals is the monetary equivalent of $0.20. $0.10 helps provide 1 meal secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks. WonderSlim pledges a minimum of 1,500,000 meals (monetary equivalent of $150,000) to Feeding America® and member food banks from 02/15/2019 to 02/14/2020.


Soy Protein Isolate, Potato Flakes, Soy Flour, Potato Starch, Sunfower Oil, Whey (From Milk), Salt, Cheddar Cheese (Pasteurized Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes), Corn Oil, Onion Powder, Corn Syrup Solids, Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Parsley Flakes, Citric Acid, Sodium Caseinate, Maltodextrin, Disodium Inosinate and Disodium Guanylate, Disodium Phosphate, Sodium Citrate, Lactic Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors.


WonderSlim Snack O's - Sour Cream & Onion


Simply open the bag and nibble your hunger away with this delicious, high protein snack food.


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214 Customer Reviews

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Very surprised
by Pamela on 9/20/2012
I bought one bag of these before it was sold as a multi-pack. They were very good & had a decent serving size.
Really good
by Shelby on 9/24/2012
I have lost 50 lbs on Nutrisystem, but am slowly winging off of their foods. So I heard about these snacks, and I have to say, I really loved them. NS doesn't have many salty snacks (that are any good), so I am so happy I found these! Will be ordering lots more. :)
by Bonita on 2/17/2008
The Barbecue Crunch O's are DELICIOUS! Very tasty and spiced just right. The quantity in the bag is plentifully satisfying, and you'll feel like you've had a real treat.

Amazingly good!
by Hannah on 2/19/2008
I just started a protein diet. The sour cream and onion diet is amazing. They are the so good.

I LOVE these!
by Sandra on 2/25/2008
I LOVE the sour cream & onion flavor. It tastes just like lays potato chips.

Great Crunch O's!
by Adriene on 3/4/2008
I love these snacks. The taste good, you get alot. Great substitue for chips. Packed with protein and low in calories! What more could you ask for?

Yummmy flavors
by Karen on 4/2/2008
This is a good tasting snack. Both flavors are very good.

Great flavor and crunch
by Kim on 4/3/2008
LOVE these, great flavor and crunch, and not skimpy on the quantity.

These can't be beat
by Julie on 5/3/2008
To the idiots out there saying that these taste bad! Go get your taste buds fixed. These are great and I don't think there is anything besides regular chips that can beat these snacks!

Wonderful, Wonderful!
by Mandy on 5/5/2008
These are wonderful! They completely satisfy cravings for salty cruncy flavorful food when you are dieting. They are delicious and not to mention good for you!

The Sour Cream is my favorite
by Kathy on 6/10/2008
I LOVE this snack! You really get a lot for the calories AND they are very tasty (my favorite is the sour cream flavor). I could eat them everyday.

Glad I found it
by Alyssa on 7/19/2008
I have used this product before. So glad to have found it through DietDirect.com! It really hits the spot when you want a salty snack. Very filling as well (Smile)!

Super satisfying
by May on 8/4/2008
Salty snacks are my weakness. These satisfy my cravings for potato chips. My favorite flavor is BBQ. The onion is a close second. Great snacks!

by LuAnne on 8/15/2008
These O's are wonderful. Both flavors are yummy and pacifies that salty, crunchy yearn. Try crushing the barbecue o's and roll a chicken breast in it. Bake and voila....you have barbecued chicken. YUM!

Awesome...even my son loves them!
by angela on 9/21/2008
These are awesome. Barbeque are the best as far as I am concerned. Didn't care to much for sour cream and onion. Large portion size and very satisfying. My picky teenage SON eats them! That in itself should tell you they must be good! I have to keep ordering the snacks and bars because my kids devour them....great snacks that are good for them, what more could I ask for???

Love em!
by Camilla on 10/12/2008
I love these, especially the barbeque. But the sour cream and onion is pretty good too. I sure satisfies the salty craving. I eat these almost every day. You know what you need though......is cheese flavored!! That would be heaven.

Very good snacks
by Patty on 10/23/2008
I thought the barbeque ones were very good. I can't wait to order the Sour Cream & Onion ones now too.

Awesome, they taste like Funyuns
by Art on 11/16/2008
Awesome! The sour cream and onion taste very much like Funyuns to me. Yes, they do have a bit of soy taste to them, but the flavoring masks it well.

by Diet Success on 3/22/2009
I order the BBQ flavor and savor the flavor and crunch of each individual Cruncho. It tastes like a sinful, flavorful snack you would get in the chip aisle in the grocery store. A definite winner!!!
Great snacky bits
by bgirlsquirrel on 4/13/2009
These were great. I had the BBQ and they have a bit of a kick which was nice, kinda took care of two things I feel like I miss out on, the spice and the crunch. I am going to echo someone else who said they last and last, it is a nice big serving so you don't feel deprived at all, eat em' one by one and you will be eating them all night. This gets a big thumbs up from me.
BBQ is great
by Kee on 4/14/2009
The BBQ is the better flavor of the two. It is even a little spicy. This is a great snack, hard to believe it's diet food.
The best snack
by DGAYLES1 on 5/26/2009
It's difficult not to want more than one bag at a time. I find if my husband isn't keeping an eye on me, I will have at least 2-3 bags a day.
Almost like real food!
by sigh I have to do this on 6/14/2009
These are pretty good. I am ordering more. Not quite snack puffs, but almost. Texture of cheese puffs and almost as flavorful. No weird aftertaste. They are a really nice diversion from regular diet food.
sour cream and onion, barbquee snacks
by chris on 6/25/2009
i must say i was very surprised by the taste of these snacks i wasn't expecting them to be so nice! i just love them! sometimes i feel like im cheating as there so good.
Pleasant Surprise
by MsK on 10/17/2009
Big serving that keeps you crunching well into the evening! The BBQ is very good. I'm not typically a fan of 'puffs' for a snack, but these were really good and satisfied the cravings!
BBQ is amazing!
by Ann on 10/31/2009
You feel like you're not on a diet. Great treat.
by Shasta on 11/3/2009
I love these for take-a-longs in the car, truck or when I do errands and need a quick snack to tide me over for my next meal; they are tasty and satisfying.
Great crunchy snack
by SC, RD, LDN on 11/8/2009
Loved these as a great crunchy snack. Both BBQ and sour crm and onion are true to usual potato chip flavors. I will order again.
Pretty Darn Good
by jwd on 1/10/2010
These are terrific! Although I have only tried the Sour Cream & Onion, I give these 5 stars for a diet snack full of protein.
Perfect crunchy snack
by big loser on 1/12/2010
Tasty protein snack alternative to potato or corn chips. Fills the void in that low carb diet. Will probably continue to eat these after my weight loss gain is met. Yes, so good,that I'd eat them without being on a diet.
BBQ -- buy them!
by DiDi on 1/17/2010
The BBQ flavor is my favorite and just right for those times you're wanting something crunchy, salty, and a bit spicy/tangy.
Sour Cream & Onion, Yummy
by Kathy on 1/26/2010
I love the Sour Cream & Onion flavor,they crunch and the way they can melt in your mouth!!! The BBQ is just so-so.
Love these!
by sgblue on 1/30/2010
These things are awesome! I look forward to eating them. You get a nice big serving size, and they taste absolutely fabulous. Both flavors are great. Definitely my favorite product so far!
satisifies snack cravings!
by Heather on 1/31/2010
Crunchy and flavorful! Definitely satisfies snack cravings, just like having chips. Both flavors are great! Not dry at all.
by Yooper on 2/4/2010
These are great! They satisfy the craving for a crunchy, salty chip like snack. I love the sour cream, but I haven't tried the BBQ. They sure fill a void while dieting.
Very Satisfying, huge portion
by Claire on 2/5/2010
Delicious flavor, huge portion, very satisfying. A meal in itself.
Sour Cream and Onion MMMMM
by highlandlass on 2/19/2010
I was craving some sour cream and onion chips, so opened my package of these tasty treats and loved them. I've even ordered more. (Updated on 2/20/2010.)
Snack Bites
by Iva on 2/23/2010
These little snacks are awesome. I always loved Funonions and these sour cream and onion are just like that! My co-worker gave me a taste and I loved them! I purchased these as well as the BBQ ones. Those are very tasty and spicy at the same time. Delish.... it gives you that crunch you long for as a snack and the calorie intake in these are unbelievable! try them!
by AngieBaby on 3/12/2010
Tried both flavors and they are great. Would definitely order again!
Excellent snack!
by SMBinford on 5/16/2010
These look a bit odd (sort of like cheerios) but have a great flavor and terrific crunch. I've tried both the sour cream & onion and the nacho cheese flavors, and they're both terrific!
Like potato chips
by Barbara on 9/15/2010
Very good, just like sour cream and onion chips. I make everyone taste them. Also love the BBQ.
Holy Cow are These GREAT!
by jenniferlynne76 on 10/23/2010
WOW! I think I've died and gone to heaven. When I popped open my first pack of Snack Bites, I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer volume of tasty "Os" to nibble. Then I took a sniff...yum. Sour Cream and Onion is one of my favorite flavors, after all! And then I took my first bite... Kid you not, these little guys taste *just* like a Sour Cream and Onion Lays Potato Chip! Lots of great flavor, not too salty, and plenty of little "Os" to keep you snacking for awhile.

Since my review on the Sour Cream and Onion flavor, I've had the opportunity to try the BBQ ones, and speak equally highly of them! They really do taste like a BBQ potato chip. Spicy, sweet and savory with great crunch, you can't go wrong with either flavor. (Updated on 10/24/2010.)
Perfect Snack
by Stacy F. on 11/9/2010
I gave these a try in search of a snack when I just feel like something salty. They are surprisingly good! They're the size of cheerios, so I started out disappointed expecting them to be bigger. But they have a good taste and I love the Sour Cream and Onion. I planned on giving them to my husband, who is more of a chip person, but I ended up keeping them for myself. I don't even need a full bag. It's a generous portion so sometimes half a bag is enough to satisfy my craving. Great for airplanes and travel.
WonderSlim Protein Diet Snack Bites
by Nett on 1/16/2011
Excellent snack; can replace chips in lunch.

For what it's worth.....
by LovesChips on 2/8/2011
I haven't tried the BBQ yet, but I am sure I'll like them. I just tried the Sour Cream and Onion last night as my snack, and my first thought was YUCK. However, I kept shaking the bag and putting them in my mouth, and they kept getting better and better. I think the trick is to shake the bag upside down real well before you start eating them so the flavor is everywhere. They were so good that when I finally finished the bag, I wished for more! There is a lot in a bag, too. I'm glad I continued on and didn't throw them out! :-) Give them a try if you crave a savory snack! Okay, I've tried the BBQ now, and I just place an order for 20 bags. That stuff is to die for. OMG! They were awesome! Thank goodness for such delicious snacks to help with dieting! (Updated on 2/9/2011.)
by Lexi on 5/22/2011
Although a wee bit on the salty side, I love this crunchy, hi-protein snack. For me, an added bonus is that a serving is a good size one! Also, is a great alternative to movie-theater popcorn.

Great chip substitute
by Git it Gurl on 6/16/2011
Any time you have a chip craving, eat these-- they're delish!
Really Good
by Webby on 6/27/2011
This snack was very filling and it hit the spot. I like the Sour Cream & Onion better. Even my son was eating them with me! (Updated on 6/28/2011.)
Love this snack
by Jo on 6/30/2011
Love these in place of chips. Have to hide them from my kids.
Mother likes them!
by on 7/19/2011
These are a great snack that can replace chips. My mother enjoys them and she can be very picky! I would highly recommend them to get protein in your diet.
Good Stuff!
by Mary on 7/23/2011
Great snack and very tasty.
Snack Bites - O's from heaven!
by NCarey on 8/22/2011
I have given up salt on my eating plan and find I miss it. The sour cream and onion snack bites seem to appease that craving. I am also surprised by the large amount in a bag. What a wonderful treat!
by DIXX on 9/11/2011
I have taste issues. I really like these. Wish they didn't have soy in them, but they taste good, so we will see.
Fills my salty chip craving
by Katrina on 9/28/2011
There are the best!! Love them!! Ample for one serving -- I usually split into two. You can't go wrong with these.
BBQ - My Fave!
by myjunoli on 10/6/2011
Yummy little BBQ Oh's. I like these a lot! Sweet but barbeque-y. They soy can be strange at first but tasty in the end. Not a fan of the sour cream and onion... I can taste the soy way more with that flavor.
Sour Cream & Onion Snack Bites
by Rella on 10/10/2011
The Sour Cream & Onion snack bites are really delicious. These taste exactly like a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips! I highly recommend!
Great when you want something crunchy on your diet
by Chanra Lei on 10/28/2011
I was not sure I would like these, but I have to admit they had a good taste, crunch, and were filling as well as full of protein. My boyfriend thinks they are funny looking as they are sort of Cheerio shaped....if you can get past the odd shape, and focus on the fact that they won't mess up your weight loss and that they taste pretty darn good, I think you will really like them.
Pretty good!
by Lollliiipopzzzz on 12/12/2011
I like the sour cream & onion. They're pretty tasty.
I loved these.
by Robin on 12/17/2011
I'm not sure why they have gotten bad reviews. I thought they were well worth the money and satisfied my salty snack craving.
Yowzer Yum!
by on 1/12/2012
First I thought it would be hard to disconnect myself from the onion and BBQ flavor in connection the Cheerio shape. That being said, these little rings are really good, and there is a lot in a package. I don't find myself wishing there was more as with some diet portions, because there is a generous, satisfying amount. I regret not ordering more my first time around and will definitely be ordering again.
by Vikki on 1/14/2012
I have just started a name brand program to lose weight. I searched for comparable items that were less expensive. I stumbled upon your website and found your products to be exactly the same and cheaper! I was reluctant on the flavor, so I didn't order a lot the first time. I started my program yesterday and went online last night and placed another order! They have the best flavor and are very filling! Thank you!
Great Snack!
by TLS on 1/26/2012
I have tried both flavors of these and the are both fantastic! The sour cream and onion taste like Funyons to me. The barbecue also have a great taste. They are the perfect snack! I even get satisfied just eating less than half a bag!
OMG these are great
by MJG on 2/12/2012
I love these for a snack with the soup or a sandwich yum.
I love these! Wish I had ordered more!
by Betrimsoon on 2/13/2012
I had tried the sour cream and onion snack bites and they were great. This time I decided to try the BBQ. Outstanding! There is plenty in the package and satisfying. Full of just the right BBQ flavor. Please WS do not change anything. These are great. It is so nice to have something to snack on when others are having chips, etc. With 12 grams of protein and a moderate amount of carbs it is the perfect crunchy snack.
Great Flavors
by Dee on 2/14/2012
I love the protein chips but theses are my ultimate favorite snack! Both the BBQ and Sour Cream and onion are awesome. I take a bag along to my son's sporting events and when others are eating nachos and popcorn I am feeling pretty satisfied too! They taste awesome not diet food!

(Updated on 2/15/2012.)
Great for lunch/snack
by Denise on 2/20/2012
I eat these for lunch at work, Sour Cream and Onion is my favorite.
Staple in our house
by katgal on 2/23/2012
These are a staple in our house. Hubby eats them every day for lunch in place of chips. I prefer the sour cream and onion, he prefers the bbq, but they're both delicious!
by finallyme on 3/20/2012
I don't know how anyone could think these are bland. Maybe I have simple taste buds but I think both flavors are bursting with flavor. I love, LOVE them both. I am a salt craver and these really hit the spot. And there are so many in a bag. Very satisfying.
by MELISSA on 3/24/2012
These are the best "cheerios" you will ever eat. No aftertaste or protein taste. They are just delicious and satisfy a need for crunchy and salty without overdoing it on carbs. My ONLY complaint is that you can not get 7 bags of these in place of a box in the week-plans. I hope diet direct will consider this recommendation seriously.
Great flavor, good crunch
by sprngz on 4/26/2012
The BBQ flavor wasn't overpowering nor was it too salty; plus you get ALOT so if you're in the mood to munch a little at a time it lasts a LONG time
Love these!! BBQ too!
by Matzmaw on 5/12/2012
These really satisfy a need for crunchy junk foods. Even though they have a good amount of protein in them, they are great!! They do remind me of Funyuns!! I love the BBQ, also!!
by Lori E. on 5/28/2012
These are great for a crunchy snack. Taste good and it always seems like there are more in the bag than I am expecting. The BBQ are good too, but Sour Cream and Onion are my favorite.
Great Snack
by Roberta on 8/3/2012
I like the BBQ ones I only eat half the bag at a time they are great evening snack.
by Michelle on 8/14/2012
These are good. Definitely helps with my salty food cravings.
Perfect Snack
by Sheila on 8/14/2012
These snack bites are simply delicious! The taste is awesome and each bag has a lot in them. Fits perfectly into my diet plan. These are a must have!
by LilPup on 8/14/2012
These are by far the best snack crackers I have tried so far. Yummy, delicious and crunchy. Not diety at all.
BBQ flavor is great!
by SIVB on 8/14/2012
I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor and crunch. I will be getting more of these!
Thank goodness for a high protein snack!
by Terri on 8/14/2012
I have really enjoyed this snack.. The 12gms of protein and 12gms of carbs are great for my salty cravings. I am going to order this again. For other snacks, I watch to make sure I don't order a snack with 30gms of carbs-way too much. I have maintained my weight loss with these protein products.
A definite win!
by Christine on 1/18/2013
I really enjoy having these when my husband is having chips or other snacks! They are light and airy, and oh, so tasty! Plus, I was really happy with the portion size- very generous.
by Louise on 3/2/2013
I brought a bag to work and everyone who tasted the Sour Cream and Onion said...YUM! These are great to satisfy my craving for chips.
by Markenia on 3/19/2013
These are so good. They don't have the weird protein aftertaste and there are so many in the bag. I am addicted to chips so this certainly helps.
10 Star product!
by Kimberly on 4/13/2013
These snacks are amazing! I try to not run out of them. They have become my go-to food for a light meal, a snack, or even dessert if sweets don't sound good. So easy to take along, and filling, too! They really have a good flavor and crunchy texture. Not to mention the protein content that is so important. (12 g) Even my kids like to eat these. Haven't tried the other flavor, but I'm satisfied enough with the Sour Cream & Onion that I may never order the other flavor anyway. Generous portion size!
Great snack
by nicole on 4/15/2013
I love these!! They are the best protein snack I have found!! I'm going to try the BBQ next
Amazingly good
by Deanne on 5/23/2013
Yes they look like cereal but have a great flavor. When I get my salt craving I reach for these along with their other salty snacks.
My favorite snack out of everything on this site!
by Katrina on 5/29/2013
You get a lot in the package so you feel satisfied. The calories are low, the protein is high, the flavor is perfect and the crunch is just right. I would recommend this to anyone craving a salty snack where you usually turn to chips or crackers, go with this.
by Nancy on 6/1/2013
I absolutely love these. They satisfy my craving for a salty snack while providing a good "dose" of protein!
Very strong flavor
by karen on 6/7/2013
Awesome. The first taste shocked my mouth with the strong taste of sour cream and onion, the way it should be. You get a lot of snack o's in the bag and you feel full and satisfied when finished.
Never get tired of these
by Chandra on 6/29/2013
Yes, they look like Cheerios, but they do not have that consistency. I think that throws people off. Think sour cream & onion potato chips, crushed then formed into puffy O shapes. I think they're dee-lish!
Best snack
by Estelle on 7/11/2013
My favorite of all the salty snacks. Much larger serving than most in the chip category - lasts a long time.
These are great!
by Nell on 8/8/2013
They get me through the cocktail hour without cocktails!
These are great!
by Shawn on 8/27/2013
I love these! I have only tried the sour cream and onion flavor but they are so good. They are very crunchy and flavorful. There are a lot of them in the bag too! This is one of my favorite things I have tried.
A definite win!
by Christine on 1/18/2013
I really enjoy having these when my husband is having chips or other snacks! They are light and airy, and oh, so tasty! Plus, I was really happy with the portion size- very generous.
Great snack
by nicole on 4/15/2013
I love these!! They are the best protein snack I have found!! I'm going to try the BBQ next
Amazingly good
by Deanne on 5/23/2013
Yes they look like cereal but have a great flavor. When I get my salt craving I reach for these along with their other salty snacks.
by Nancy on 6/1/2013
I absolutely love these. They satisfy my craving for a salty snack while providing a good "dose" of protein!
Very strong flavor
by karen on 6/7/2013
Awesome. The first taste shocked my mouth with the strong taste of sour cream and onion, the way it should be. You get a lot of snack o's in the bag and you feel full and satisfied when finished.
Love these!
by STELLA on 9/8/2013
I love these as a snack at night when I get the munchies! Very flavourful and very tasty. Prefer the sour cream & onion over the bbq. Definitely order again.
YUM and then SOME!
by Mary Lynn on 9/19/2013
Looks like a cheerio....tastes like a Funion! So good. It's my nightly snack while watching TV. I put them in my special little snack bowl and it fills the bowl and makes me feel like I'm cheating, but I KNOW I'M NOT!!! Love everything WonderSlim that I have tried, but this is my favorite, by far!!!!!
Great Taste!
by jackee on 10/14/2013
These snacks are addictive! I have to stop myself from eating the whole box! Good job!
by Gina MN on 10/27/2013
I was skeptical of trying these, after reading one review about the weirdest of eating "o" shaped savory treats but I decided, what the heck. These are AWESOME. There's a huge serving in the bag, plus I love the crunchy texture. I don't find the shape a problem at all. They are light and the sour cream and onion flavoring is not overpowering but as Goldilocks would say "this one was just right." I actually find myself licking my fingers. I actually like these better than sour cream and onion chips, which I find can get overwhelming after just a few chips. Not with Snack O's! I eat these every day now. I liked the first box so much, I ordered 2 more, and am ready for my next order. I'm thinking about trying the BBQ next.! HIGHLY recommended!
Very Good Snack
by george on 12/31/2013
Snack O's are a great crunchy snack. The sour cream and onion flavor is a little salty so it satisfies. Check out my review on YouTube http://youtu.be/hH8HeQ-iofQ
Good snack
by Jessica on 1/24/2014
These were very yummy. They have a very good flavor and a nice crunch. They are a great alternative to chips and packed full of protein!
Excellent snack
by Karen on 1/24/2014
This is one of our favorite snacks. It hits the spot when you want something crunchy and salty. Can't go wrong with this one.,
by Becki on 2/3/2014
I love these things. I would eat them all the time if I could. Awesome taste.
by ANGIE on 2/4/2014
I love these!! They are the perfect combination of flavor, crunch and chew. They aren't so crunchy that you have to chew really hard (like the cheddar crunchers). The texture reminds me of funyuns. The flavor is fabulous, I mean, they nailed the sour cream and onion!
Great for salty/crunchy craving
by J on 2/14/2014
These are wonderful, great flavor and surprising amount of them in the package. The flavor is so strong it takes me a good while to go through a pack of them, which is great.
Very Good
by Alicia on 2/21/2014
I enjoy these as a snack or as croutons on a salad.
FANTASTIC!!!! Highly recommend!!!
by rose on 4/2/2014
These are AMAZING!!! I was a long time customer of an "other" diet plan which I did lose a great deal of weight on, but literally had to choke down MOST of their foods. They had these cheese puffs that I really enjoyed and which really helped me get through MANY cravings. To my disappointment however, they changed the formula and now they are just NASTY!!. I am really impressed with the Diet Direct and wonderslim foods. I think I've found my new craving saver!! these delicious little o's taste just like funyuns to me. There is no aftertaste at all, AND you get a LOT of them in a little bag. I would recommend these to anyone and will buy them again and again. I really want to try the bbq flavor next.
LOVE them!
by Janet on 4/4/2014
LOVE THEM!!!!! They have a great taste and are crunchy. They are great to take to the movies as a snack anytime.
5 Stars!
by Golfer on 5/29/2014
This is one of my two or three favorite products from Diet Direct.
I love these!
by joy on 6/1/2014
I give these an A+, great flavor.. Tastes like you are cheating! :)
by sanjeshni on 9/1/2014
They are absolutely great! Will have to reorder again!
by Jacki on 10/12/2014
The perfect tasty high protein snack
Love Them
by Robin on 10/14/2014
These are very good. Love the flavor and helps be drink that "extra" glass of water.
Best snack ever
by Lillie on 10/30/2014
I have been purchasing protein products from another source for more than twice the price of Wonderslim and they do not taste as good as the products I have purchased from Wonderslim. I would have saved a lot of money if I had discovered your product sooner and enjoyed the food more.
by Carolyn on 12/18/2014
love these
by Sherrie on 1/19/2015
Very filling, taste great!
Very helpful to stay on track
by Brenda on 1/31/2015
These and the pretzels will see you through those cravings while the rest of your family enjoys nachos! Great to keep in your purse in case you need a meal on the run.
by debbie on 2/5/2015
looks like cheerios taste like chips
Just like Funions!
by Melissa on 2/24/2015
These are really good! I thought they tasted like Funions and not really sour cream and onion (which was even better, IMO). They really help me curb the carb cravings when I want to munch (and God, I love carbs). There is also A LOT in the bag. I can NEVER eat an entire bag in one serving ...usually 2 or 3. I usually eat these as a side with a wrap or sandwich. I'm curious about the BBQ and will be trying those next.
Nice surprise!
by Patricia on 5/18/2015
Was uncertain from reading the reviews, but I love these little o's and plan to order the other flavors! Lots to nibble on!
Good taste and texture
by Marla on 5/21/2015
I like these. The flavor is spot on, and I will buy them again.
One of My Favorites
by Larry on 6/8/2015
I really like this. Lots in the bag and a good taste. Much better than the more expensive competition. Toss one in the glove compartment or your backpack for snacks. No muss, no fuss. Just a good tasting snack.
by Bonnie on 6/14/2015
These are a great taste and texture.
Delicious and Filling
by Pamela on 6/23/2015
I love the sour cream and onion flavor on these and they are wonderful afternoon snacks. I could easily eat an entire bag of potato chips and feel like I still needed a snack. I ate the bag of these and felt like I might have been ok to only eat half of it.
Move over pringles!
by Patricia on 7/20/2015
This "chips" taste great! Very filling and taste just like eating sour cream and onion chips. I love them and plan to order them again.
by Debra on 8/21/2015
Very tasty little O's!
Was giving up hope on something good to eat and then these came today.
Already have them in my shopping cart for my next order.
Great crunchy snack
by Banditdarts on 2/25/2016
I call them baby Funions, there is a lot of them. I don't like most of the snacks, but love these!
BBQ is OK, it has some spicy kick if you like spicy
Super Yum
by Alicia on 3/4/2016
About the texture of Funyuns, but the shape of cheerios, the taste and texture are nice. Great if you are a snacker
by Vicki on 3/17/2016
I am a big time snacker & I simply love the Snack O's sour cream & onion.. They taste just like Funyuns.. I will definitely be buying these again!!
by Aidyl on 4/6/2016
These taste so much like Funyuns to me! There is alot in one bag so I feel full after eating them as well. I use them as an afternoon snack when sitting around or when i get the munchies. A great alternative to eating popcorn with my family on movie night too.
by Patricia on 5/9/2016
I love the crunch, the flavor and the amount included in each portion! I am a "snacker" and these really help, especially during my nighttime reading. The flavor is intense, which really helps those cravings. Knowing I am getting 12 g of protein at the same time is quite a plus.
guilty free pleasure
by JOYCE on 2/20/2017
The taste and crunchiness of this snack is wonderful. When trying to loose weight or maintain and have that craving for something it is so worth it.
Product review
by Karen on 3/31/2017
This was better than cheerios...Loved them..Flavor is very good and satisfies that need for crunch at same time..
by Karen on 4/7/2017
Now this kicked some taste buds to the curb. I really enjoyed these and will continue with them at later date. Am pre-op now. Surgery April 17th. Thanks for letting me try some of your products and write about them
Mmmm Great Taste
by Debbie on 4/16/2018
Love, love, love this product. I can really taste the sour cream and onion and that satisfy my desire for a salty, crunchy snack. Will definitely buy more!!!
good tasting
by AJ on 10/1/2018
taste just like sour cream and onion potato chips but in the shape of cheerios
Completely amazing!
by Andi on 11/8/2018
These have saved me! I ordered this as a sample to try, and they completely knocked my socks off. They are absolutely incredible. Crunchy, salty, lots of seasoning. An absolute slam dunk Wonderslim! Thank you!
Lightly Flavored
by Stephanie on 1/5/2019
These are great when you just want to pick on something crunchy. The flavor is mild and not at all salty.
by Kathleen on 3/23/2019
I love crunchy and salty everything, I thought the sour cream and onion was really really tasty! There are lots in the bag so the snack lasts a long, delicious time! I can’t wait to try the bbq flavor next!
by Elizabeth on 9/28/2019
I actually really liked these! They have a lot in the pack and I really like the seasoned flavor.
Nice snack!
by on 3/1/2009
Great crunch, yes they remind me of Funyans too! I will definately re-order.
Tasty snack
by cwel on 3/19/2009
At first I wasn't sure I liked these. But the second time I ate them, they were good. I like the BBQ but found the sour cream and onion nasty tasting. They left an awful aftertaste with each bite. The BBQ are just spicy enough to enjoy and the crunch is fabulous.
Take 'em to the movies!
by heysooz on 3/31/2009
These satisfy my cravings for crunch and spice.

I put them in a plastic bag and take them to the movies so when everyone else has popcorn, I have my own snack. (That way I don't disturb other people with opening and using that noisy bag they come in. They seem to last forever, it's quite a good size serving and very satisfying.

A winner!
Not wild about sour cream/onion - LOVE THE BBQ
by Jamie on 7/8/2009
My God Sister and I call them Cheerios. We both love the BBQ but are not fond of the sour cream & onion flavor. Gotta have the crunch!!!
Tasty though not the greatest
by DeanStar on 10/14/2009
These snacks do provide a needed crunch and salty taste for an afternoon snack. Their flavor is a little odd but if you don't assume they will taste like potato chips, they are pretty appealing. The texture is a little strange after the initial crunch though it helps to eat only small handfuls rather than large.
Good Bye Potato Chips! (for now anyway (^_^ ) )
by Trishie on 11/4/2009
My two diet downfalls are chocolate and potato chips, especially sour cream and onion. These sour cream and onion snack bites are the perfect deterrent from buying my favorite snack! They taste just like the real thing!! The BBQ ones are great too. I only gave it 4 stars because the sodium content is a bit high. Other than that, you guys are making it sooooo easy to stick to my diet. Thanks so much! (Updated on 11/5/2009.)
Very great snack
by DGibbs on 12/3/2009
I loved these snack bits. A great taste, nice crunch and very satisfying size.
by Linda W. on 2/25/2010
I liked the BBQ flavor in these. It's nice to have when you're craving something crunchy. It does have sort of a weird stick-to-your-teeth thing happening after you eat them. Not crazy about that part, but they are tasty.
by on 3/2/2010
The sour cream and onion taste like sour cream and onion so that is a huge plus. There is a little bit of a sharp, tangy taste which is why I marked it down a star, but they are good. Once you get over that tang they are really enjoyable and take care of urges for salty crunchy foods.
Good snack
by on 6/18/2010
Tasty and crunchy. Good Snack...afternoon or evening or with a meal.
Great Snack!
by Connie on 10/11/2010
Nice product to satisfy needing a snack item. BBQ is the only one I have tried and like the flavor but did wish it had more of a potato chip look.
Decent Product
by MA on 12/23/2010
I bought the sour cream and onion flavor and they were decent. You get a lot in the bag which is a pleasant surprise given most diet products give you baby size servings. The taste was just like Frito-Lay Funyuns which I love, but the only reason I was a bit unsettled with them is because they look just like cheerios (size and all). So it seems kinda weird to eat onion (funyun) tasting cheerios... If you can get over that, you'll enjoy them...
Good crunchy snack
by yakydee on 2/1/2011
I bought the BBQ flavor and really enjoyed them. I need the extra protein too, so it fits well with my post-surgery diet, especially when I am craving chips or something crunchy.
Crunchy snack; mild taste
by GrannyQ on 4/10/2011
Not my favorite, but OK for a snack. Taste was milder than I like.
These are really good
by Queen Crochet on 5/8/2011
These snack bites are very good. I wish they came in other flavors besides sour cream and onion. I would also like to see these offered in a multiple serving size bag.
Nice snack
by kidface on 7/7/2011
I enjoy this snack and it helps those salty cravings.
Not bad.
by DeeW on 11/17/2011
Ordered the sour cream and onion. Has a good taste and nice crunch; just a little dry by the time you get to the end of the bag.
Pretty Good!
by Sday on 12/20/2011
This snack not only tastes great, but with all the protein, I didn't feel like I was eating anything forbidden.
Good crunchy filling snack
by ie nurse on 1/16/2012
Flavorful, crunchy, filling & I cant eat the whole bag in one sitting. I even offered some to my non-dieting friend and she couldn't believe they were diet.
Great Flavor and crunch
by Lonestarl8d on 4/3/2012
The sour cream and onion snack bites are really good. The flavor is just like sour cream and onion potato chips and the crunchiness makes you almost think these aren't "diet food"!
Snack bites
by Pjmsplace on 5/11/2012
I really liked these, I liked the flavor and they were nice and crunchy

Not bad, but not great
by Rebecca on 2/21/2013
Lots of flavor, a slight aftertaste, but hits the spot when you need a crunchy snack.
Have good flavor
by Deneen on 3/2/2013
These taste very good. They are hard to eat because of their size. Good alternative so I don't get sick of the other treats, but not my favorite
by Old guy on 8/14/2013
Flavor is decent to good, and they are CRUNCHY. They satisfy the hole in my life left by giving up Fritos.
Not bad, but not great
by Rebecca on 2/21/2013
Lots of flavor, a slight aftertaste, but hits the spot when you need a crunchy snack.
Pretty Good
by Gina on 8/18/2014
I would purchase these again. There are plenty in the bag and they are pretty tasty.
Satisying Sour Cream Snack
by Melanie on 2/26/2015
I love this product's seasonings! Crunchy although wished it were a little softer like a corn puff. Over all 4 points.
Funky but fun!
by Pamela on 5/4/2015
When you first open these, there is a funky smell that I can only attribute to the yeast that is in them, maybe? However, once you pop them in your mouth, the flavor is just crazy amazing good. Similar in taste and texture to a Special K pop chip thing with sour cream and onion. These will definite be on my rotation.
Funion Rings
by debbie on 6/16/2016
Not as good as Cheddar Crunchers. They taste similar to Funion Rings with a diet taste.
Really strong taste
by Laura on 1/31/2008
We eat these because we haven't found anything to replace them. The BBQ is scary bad. The aftertaste will blow you out of the room. So I guess by default the Sour Cream wins. We use them instead of popcorn at the movies. Lots to the bag, a little too much taste, but they work. How can anything compete against movie butter popcorn?

BBQ was good
by Jan on 9/4/2009
These were good, but not great. I like to try different snack items, which I can add to my restricted diet. I'm also looking for good enough flavor to be excited about adding to my menu, but this was not the snack for that requirement.
Sour Cream and Onion...not so much
by mxochihua on 8/9/2010
I tried the sour cream and onion kind, and they have kind of a weird taste. After reading newer reviews I will probably give the BBQ a chance. The serving size is great, especially for the calorie count, but the powdery flavor was kind of nasty.
BBQ Snack Bites
by BooBoo on 3/6/2011
Wow!!! The BBQ snack bites are delish! I just re-ordered and was still impressed with the GREAT flavor! Huge portion size! Very satisfying if you crave crunchy snacks like me! I highly recommend these...It doesn't get better than this for a BBQ flavored snack! (Updated on 3/7/2011.)
by IBarrera on 8/18/2011
BBQ flavor is good. Seems like your eating chips because of the flavor. I haven't tried the sour cream & onion yet.
by Sandra on 5/13/2013
Even though the sodium isn't very high, these taste too salty to me. The flavor itself is good, just makes me wish there was less of it. I don't hate it, but probably won't order again.
Very nice taste
by Steve on 11/20/2013
A nice snack. Tasty and crunchy. Good source of protein. Low on vitamin fortified. Many high protein low calorie diets fortify their products. Not so much here
Pretty tasty
by Mary on 9/25/2014
These snacks were pretty good, but I thought they left a slight aftertaste when eaten alone. I added them to my salad last night and they added a nice crunch. Combined with the other flavors in my salad, I didn't notice any aftertaste. I think I just found a good way to use these!
very salty to me
by Lyric on 10/16/2014
I tried one bag of these and couldn't bring myself to try another. I love Funyuns and someone said it tasted like that so I got them to try. They are just soo salty to me. I mean VERY salty. Now I did give them to my roommate and she loved them. I love Funyuns and was disappointed but my loss was her gain. She couldn't believe they were diet. Because of this I gave them 3 stars..left up to just me, I would have rated a 1.
Not my favorite.
by Maria on 1/28/2015
While I enjoy that these are handy, crunchy, and flavorful, I felt like I was just eating glorified Cheerios. I was very pleased with the amount in each bag though. I probably won't buy these specific ones again, but might/might not try the BBQ ones.
by Mark on 8/13/2015
Maybe I'm being too hard on WonderSilm but I don't really get this idea. The little round O's definitely trigger my years of eating O shaped cereal in milk, so when I open the bag I want to put them with something - a dip milk (yuck). They have a decent sour cream and onion flavor but I have a serious psychosis about that darn shape. I won't fault them for that but the 3 stars is for the satisfying factor. I found myself desiring a crispier feel and wanting more than the small bag would accomidate.
Pretty good- sour cream and onion
by Telicia on 4/3/2016
I disagree with those that say they're just like Funyuns. I LOVE Funyuns but of course they're very bad for you. These have a good sour cream and onion flavor with a strange aftertaste. Not enough to make them gross just weird. I probably would not buy again, but only because I prefer a bar to these for my daily snack choice.
Tastes like 'diet'
by Sabrina on 7/7/2017
I'm much more of a savory person than a sweet, and feel limited on the options - so I've reordered these for a few years now.

I buy them for 2 reasons. Savory and Variety.

The BBQ version is much much tastier. This 'Sour Cream & Onion' option tastes so much like FAKE. I'm sorry I can't explain better than that but they simply taste off. You can immediately notice the protein powder they use and instantly know they are a diet product. When I snack on my WonderSlim products, I don't even offer a taste to my boyfriend. I wouldn't put anyone through these unless they 'had to'.
Like the pretzels better
by cathy on 10/27/2008
terrible after taste, stick with the pretzels which are far and away the best choice.

Would not reorder BBQ
by KPT on 12/7/2010
These are just kind of...weird. If dogfood and cheerios had a baby, this would be it. To spite saying that, they're not terrible or inedible, so I'll finish the ones I ordered but I'm not looking forward to it. The portion is very large, but that's not really a good thing. I would consider trying the sour cream and onion flavor based on the good reviews here and the texture of these is not too objectionable, but the BBQ is definitely not a favorite.
Little Taste
by SAziz on 6/11/2011
I wanted a snack that would not be too salty or too filling, something to replace chips. The Snack bites/ Sour Cream & onion was not it. It has a bland taste, with not enough salt and a after taste. Yuck!
sour cream and onion snack
by birdlady on 6/12/2011
The sour cream and onion was the most awful thing I have ever tried to eat. The taste was horrible.
Too salty
by KDeLeon on 7/7/2011
These are too salty for me.
Instant Potato Flakes
by slim2bsoon on 8/7/2011
I have received barbecue and sour cream and onion as samples, I did not like either. They definitely taste like instant potato flakes, ate a few and couldn't bare them. I tried on separate occasions to "adapt" to the flavor, but they are just not worth the calories in my opinion. On the plus side, there is a lot to each bag and if you like them the would be a great bargain.
Sour cream & onion snack bites
by chaus on 10/27/2011
Very crunchy, but have a strange aftertaste. If I must have something crunchy, I'll eat a few, but not anything I will buy again.
by Lori on 11/26/2011
I bought these in both sour cream and bbq flavors. While the bbq was excellent, these were very disappointing.
snack bites sour cream and onions
by mj t on 12/18/2011
Very salty and high sodium I would not order again. There are other products that I will be trying and in general I like the bars and some other items but I will be very careful of the sodium in them.
My high hopes were not met with this snack
by Tara P. on 3/1/2012
I tried the Sour Cream and Onion Variety and was not impressed. There was nothing WRONG with them, but there wasn't anything particularly right about them either. They were a bit bland and not as crunchy as I had expected.
Almost OK for me.
by Renee on 5/21/2016
Salt is one of the things I don't crave. Is this had a bit less salt they would be perfect to me. I don't plan to buy this again. The flavor is good, but for me - nowhere near as good as BBQ Snack Os.
Strange Aftertaste
by gail on 10/28/2016
I love the Crunchers and all the Protein Chips as salty snacks, but I can't finish a bag of these. Very odd aftertaste.
Very strong flavor
by Destiny on 7/9/2017
These were my my favorite. Definitely edible but a little too strong of flavor for someone that doesn't do much seasoning. I do think these will be good as a crouton on a salad with less dressing. I'm excited to try that as a lunch alternative.
Doesn't taste like you hope
by Erika on 1/4/2018
I can choke them down with water.. the flavor is okay for the seasoning but once you start crunching them they have this awful after taste that isn't covered by the seasoning.. I'm committed so I'm going to eat them all anyway- but I'm going to hate it when I have to.

Hello Erika,
Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear you did not care for the WonderSlim Snack O's, but you are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
Bad after taste.
by Sandra on 2/12/2018
Don’t like the after taste. I will stick to the yummy bars and not order these.

Hello Sandra,
Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear you did not care for the Sour Cream and Onion Snack O's, but you are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
I could eat these
by on 3/15/2009
I tried these and after a few tastes I couldn't eat another one. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone.
by pep on 1/23/2010
I'm sorry...these were just not tasty to me. One, they're the same as the protein cereal that's offered. (A cheerio-like circle). Two, they are just too heavily dusted with the sour cream flavoring. I ordered 10 bags to use as protein snack but I couldn't even finish one bag....maybe that was the idea? :-)
Ick- strange taste
by Cheryl on 2/5/2010
I found these had a very odd chemically taste. Didn't resemble sour cream and onion to me. I had one bite and fed the rest to my dog...I don't think he was too crazy about them either!
Not so good
by LSmith on 3/29/2010
Very odd tasting, flavors are very faint. Proti soy balls taste way more natural.
did not like
by sandy on 2/17/2011
I read the reviews before I ordered this product, it said at 1st did not really taste good, but the more you ate it the better it got so I ordered it-it was completely opposite for me, I tasted it said it was great tasting, but as I ate more it was terrible, sorry for this, but made me gag! I will not order this product again.
by adina on 7/10/2011
I found the taste of the sour cream flavor very unappealing. I am glad I only ordered one to try.

by mipalj on 8/14/2012
These are gross
by Michelle on 5/8/2014
....like a pancake. All items received were smashed. Very disappointed, however customer service rep was helpful in getting all items replaced.
to spicy
by Norellen on 10/29/2014
I have irritable stomach'
Not for me
by Linda on 11/7/2015
I'm sorry, but I didn't like these at all. Very strong , salty, odd taste.
Sour cream flavor is terrible
by Sarah on 11/26/2015
flavor is terrible
Not for me
by kathy on 6/14/2016
I ordered a box of these when they were on sale to give them a try. For me, they are way too small for a snack - think eating Cheerios with your hands like you do chips, ya know? They taste OK but I won't be buying them again.
by NANCY on 4/12/2017
I have tried many products from this company, but this one takes the cake as being the worst of them all. I tasted 2 of them out of the bag and I had to throw them out. I could not stomach them, now I am stuck with 13 more bags of them. They are going in the garbage. Just terrible!!

Hello Nancy,
Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear you did not care for the Sour Cream and Onion Snack O's, but you are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
beyond gross
by Robyn on 6/29/2017
I was so excited to try these because they seemed like the perfect snack (& good quantity); however these were the most disgusting things EVER!!! Tasted like chemicals. Rotten chemicals!

Hello Robyn,
Thank you for contacting us. We are so very sorry to hear that the Sour Cream and Onion Snack-Os were not to your liking! We assure you all of our products are vetted and sampled before we introduce them to our consumers. This particular one is an office favorite! You are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
by Emily on 8/3/2017
I like almost everything from WonderSlim. These are NOT good though. Buy the BBQ ones instead!

Hello Emily,
Thank you for contacting us. We are so very sorry to hear that this product was not to your liking! We assure you all of our products are vetted and sampled before we introduce them to our consumers. This particular one is an office favorite! You are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
Way too salty
by Mooshie on 1/17/2019
Wonderslim really needs to re-evaluate their sodium content in their foods. Again, we need salt to like the flavor, but 330 or so for a snack like this is really all that should be in them just for the fact high salt is not good for weight loss. I couldn't eat these. Waste of money. I ended up crushing them and using them in burgers or meat loaf when I made my main lean and green type meal, and even then, could only use part of the package or the whole burger was too salty.
Those who have developed a high tolerance for sodium may like these, but those of us who try to control our salt intake, can't use these.

Hello Mooshie,
Thank you for contacting us. We are so very sorry to hear that our WonderSlim Snack O's were not to your liking! We assure you all of our products are vetted and sampled before we introduce them to our consumers. This particular one is an office favorite! You are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.