WonderSlim Protein Granola Trail Mix, Variety Pack (7ct)

More Information
Diet Type High Protein, Aspartame Free, Bariatric, No Gluten Containing Ingredients, Low Sodium (≤150mg), Vegetarian
Calories Per Serving 151-200
Total Carbs (g) Per Serving 10g-20g
Total Fat (g) Per Serving 5g-10g
Bundle & Save up to 35%
  • 10 grams of Protein
  • Grass Fed Whey Protein
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non GMO
  • No Trans Fat
  • No Preservatives
  • No Cholesterol

WonderSlim Protein Granola Trail Mix comes in three great flavors. Each flavor of this gluten-free granola trail mix is made without preservatives and contains no GMOs. Of course, choosing between healthy flavors that taste this good can make life difficult for people who don’t like making decisions. Fortunately, the Variety Pack diminishes the difficulty while increasing the fun. Each box contains 2 packets of exotic Blueberry Mango, 2 packets of island inspired Pineapple Coconut and 3 packets of classic Apple Cinnamon. You can now choose your flavor as a match for the type of adventure you think you might have today. The only tough decision left is how many of these tasty and versatile Variety Packs to pick up today.

Contents may vary due to availability.


APPLE CINNAMON: Oats, Whey Protein Concentrate, Sugar, Almonds, Coconut, Apples, Canola Oil, Rice Flour, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Salt BLUEBERRY MANGO: Oats, Whey Protein Concentrate, Sugar, Almonds, Coconut, Blueberries, Mango, Canola Oil, Rice Flour, Vanilla, Salt, Cinnamon PINEAPPLE COCONUT: Oats, Coconut, Whey Protein Concentrate, Sugar, Almonds, Canola Oil, Rice Flour, Pineapples, Vanilla, Salt, Cinnamon ALL FLAVORS CONTAIN: Milk, Almonds, and Coconut


Enjoy straight out of the bag as a delicious protein snack, use as a topping or mix one packet of granola trail mix with ½ cup of skim milk as part of a healthy breakfast.