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WonderSlim Fiber & Protein Bar, Fluffy Salted Toffee Pretzel (7ct)

WonderSlim Fiber & Protein Bar, Fluffy Salted Toffee Pretzel (7ct)
Item #: WS152

Price: $15.95

Availability: In stock

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WonderSlim Fiber & Protein Bar, Fluffy Salted Toffee Pretzel (7ct)

Price: $15.95

In stock


  • 15 Grams Protein
  • 12 Grams of Fiber
  • 160 Calories
  • Low Carb
  • Low Cholesterol
  • Gluten Free
  • Low Sugar
  • Trans fat Free
  • Made In U.S.A.

WonderSlim Fiber and Protein Bars are specifically designed to get you through the day without food cravings. Choose several delicious flavors that will leave you satiated for hours. A great gluten free option to snack smart with 15g of protein in every serving gives your body the fuel it needs to build muscle, burn fat, and metabolism support. With 7-12g of fiber, this weight loss protein bar for women and men, promotes healthy digestion.

Made in the U.S.A. this on the go low fat and low carb protein bar is perfect for moms on-the-go, athletes, dieters and travelers. These sweet, crunchy protein bars will satisfy a sweet tooth while helping weight loss and decreased body fat. Build a healthy body with WonderSlim.


Protein blend (soy protein isolate, milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, dried egg white), isomalto-olisaccharide, vegetable oil (palm kernel oil, palm oil, shea oil), polydextrose, sugar, organic invert syrup. tapioca starch, butter, water, corn starch, soy flour, natural and artificial flavors, sesame seeds, yogurt powder (cultured non-fat milk solids), inulin, salt, almonds (coated in cocoa butter and/or sunflower oil), milk ingredients (nonfat dry milk, nonfat milk, milk fat, milk), pea fiber, agar, vanilla extract (water, alcohol, sugar, vanilla bean extract), rice syrup, calcium carbonate, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, sucralose (non-nutritive sweetener), sunflower oil, xanthan gum, baking powder (monocalcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch), tocopherols, yeast, unsweetened chocolate, lactose, sodium hydroxode.



Unwrap and enjoy the crispy texture and great taste.

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69 Customer Reviews

Set Ascending Direction
by nancy on 12/1/2016
These are great. Good taste with a bit of a crunch. THe extra protein is VERY filling and worth the $1 extra per box. I will be trying all the flavors in this line on my next order.
Delicious doesn't even describe it!!!
by Julie on 12/5/2016
This is absolutely delicious! Light and fluffy with the favorite sweet and salty taste!!! Love it!
Excellent Choice
by Rina on 12/10/2016
These are light and remind me of Rice Krispy Treats. Yummy!!!
by Maria on 12/11/2016
These are absolutely delicious! There is actually small pieces of pretzel inside these bars. So far, these are my favorite and I am excited to try the other flavors similar to this kind. Would highly recommend!
Great higher protein bar!!
by nancy on 12/18/2016
I like all the flavors I have tried of the new line of WonderSlim Protein & Fiber Bars. They are all very filling, but some flavors are better than others. The Fluffy Salted Toffee Pretzel is the BEST, followed by Fluffy Nutter. The Zesty Lemon Crisp and Strawberry Shortcake are OK, but I do not care for the outer coating on these two. I have yet to try the Fluffy Vanilla Crisp or the Chocolate Crisp, but will on my next order.
Toffee flavor spectacular
by RaeEllen on 2/1/2017
The toffee flavor of this bar is spot on. I love the crunch it makes in my mouth. The extra protein is the icing on top. It feels like I am cheating when I eat one. Yum!
by Jane on 2/17/2017
I am beyond excited about these!! They taste like a gourmet rice crispy treat! Great taste and the combo of protein and fiber is extra filling!
A new favorite
by Sheila on 2/17/2017
These are a new favorite to add to my list of favorites. They are quite good. A little sweet but the fluffy texture makes them very good and crunchy but soft, not hard.
Wow treat
by Robin on 2/20/2017
These are really good. If you like Rice Krispie treats with pretzels you'll love these too!!
So darn good!!
by Jodi on 2/23/2017
So yummy! Fluffy like a rice crispy treat but a little salty too! Oh I will have more of these!
My New Favorite!
by Peggy51 on 2/23/2017
I ordered these for the first time and they are my new Wonderslim favorite. The are quite light, crispy and have a great toffee flavor. The texture is like a Rice Krispie Treat. Highly recommended!
by M. on 2/24/2017
this is by far the most amazing treat you will have ever tasted in terms of all the snacks that are available!! I LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is now my absolute favorite and will be ordering again today just to keep a supply going.
Gourmet Goodness!
by Carol on 3/3/2017
Great flavor! Tastes like something you would order at a gourmet coffee bar.
Very good
by Donna on 3/9/2017
I love them the best so far, I will be buying them again in my next order. I have shared them with my friends and they feel the same way. Yummy good for being on a protein diet.
guilt free and delicious
by pamela on 3/14/2017
These are so good it's hard to limit myself...purely addictive.
Loved the product
by Debra on 3/21/2017
Tasted great and very satisfying! 5 stars will Oder again
Perfect sweet & salty
by Beth on 4/8/2017
Delicious! I was buying them from my diet center for much more money! I was so glad to find them at dietdirect!
Too Good To Be True
by MELISSA on 4/14/2017
These bars have a wonderful light toffee and pretzel taste that is just right! Not overpowering and certainly not flavorless. This is definitely a reorder for me.
The Best tasting
by jennifer on 4/17/2017
The best tasting bar I have bought from here.
Taste like caramel popcorn!
by Juana on 4/23/2017
I've tried a lot of the protein bars and have to say this one is awesome! My husband tried them and loves them as well. He had me order 5 more boxes right away.
Can you eat just one?
by Jeanne on 5/10/2017
This snack is so unbelievably delicious, I wanted to eat the whole box! (I didn't tho) Yummy!
fluffy goodness
by Susan on 5/11/2017
Tastes like a Rice Krispy treat, you really think you are getting a treat and not 15 grams of protein and no sugar. Well done!
by CJ on 5/19/2017
I love this protein bar! By far my fav. I take my plain Greek yogurt and then crumble this on top of it. I eat that almost everyday for breakfast or lunch!! Love!
WOW! I love these
by Anne on 6/11/2017
These are almost too good. They are light and crispy, and have no funny aftertaste. I am having a hard time eating the other protein bar varieties I ordered. I will be ordering more and sharing them with others.
by Carol on 6/21/2017
This may be my new favorite. Such a great taste - I'm truly impressed - I could live without the icing - it is a little sweet for me - but they are really good!
Sooooo good!
by Sandra on 7/3/2017
This bar is delicious! It is now one of my favorites, along with the Carmel crunch and peanut butter.
by Susan on 7/6/2017
Unbelievable taste and texture, the highlight of my diet day!
My Favorite!!!
by Logan on 7/28/2017
I love all of these new Fluffy bars, but this Salted Toffee Pretzel is by far my favorite! This one is so delicious and almost satisfies my maple bar cravings. Vanilla Fluffy is great too!
as good as the description
by Renee on 8/13/2017
The texture really is light and fluffy, and I really like the sweet salty taste. I added this one to my subscription.
My hubby's favorite
by Brenda on 8/17/2017
Husband has tried most all bars and this one gets his vote for very best!!
Very good
by Karen on 10/1/2017
Won't mince words, they were good!!!!
Best Ever!
by Diane on 11/3/2017
The Fluffy Salted Toffee Pretzel Bars are not only delicious, but the protein is filling, carbs and calories are low, and there's no odd after taste! These are my favorite, any time of the day!
My fave Wonderslim product
by Susie on 12/20/2017
This is my favorite product by Wonderslim. I could eat this everyday (and do often). Love these bars. Perfect balance between sweet, salty, and crunchy.
One of my favorites. Delicious.
by Sandra on 2/11/2018
Delicious! Love these.
Love them
by Cheryl on 2/17/2018
Love them...wish I would have ordered more. They are great with a cup of coffee in the morning. Have a wonderful toffee taste.
Delicious! One of the tastiest protein/fiber bars I have ever had!!
by Christy on 2/23/2018
Delicious and filling. Light and crispy texture. My favorite WS bar that I have tried yet. One I definitely need to keep on hand!
by Eileen on 2/27/2018
It’s like a rice crispy treat so good and good source of protein.
by busyb on 3/1/2018
OMG! hit this one out of the park! who would know that fiber would taste that good. My go to when I need that sweet crunch and it delivers! LOVE THEM!!
by Lynn on 3/10/2018
These are so unbelievably delicious. I will order these again and again.
by Sarah on 3/20/2018
The majority of wonder slim products have been amazing. These bars are another win!!
These are too good
by Karin on 3/31/2018
Only having one is a problem. So delicious!
Re: taste
by Kaye on 4/8/2018
There are many protein bars out there but, in my opinion is that these are the best. Would eat this instead of a candy bar!
by Summer's Mom on 4/16/2018
These are a staple in my diet. I've lost 65lbs with the help of diet direct and I use this particuliar flavor of protein bar every day. I think they are pricey but worth it.
Great taste!
by Onnit on 4/24/2018
I tried these for the first time and they are great! They taste like a Rice Krispie Treat with a much lighter texture. I haven't even finished the first box and have already ordered four more. This bar's sweet and salty flavor is definitely my new favorite!
by SANDYJ on 5/4/2018
This bar is delicious. I was so surprised on how good it was. No after or funny taste.
Top 2
by Stephanie on 8/6/2018
One of our favorites along with Fudge Graham - hard to choose others from our assortment when these are available!
My favorite bar. Bar none!
by Joy on 8/7/2018
Absolutely delicious! The salty crunch of pretzel added with a rice Krispy type bar with a creamy coating. I really love it! I'd like to order this right now, but it's a hot August with 90°+ every day. I'm afraid it would melt in shipping. I can't wait till it cools down so I can order some more!
by Andi on 8/23/2018
This and the Zesty Lemon bar (the one with the drizzle) are my two favorite bars. This one with the pretzels is so good! It does not taste like diet food at all. Tastes like a very decadent rice crispy bar with toffee, caramel, and salted pretzels!
chewy and tasty
by em on 10/22/2018
Delicious with a cup of coffee
by SANDRA on 2/5/2019
I was unsure when I bought but I tried it and wow better then I thought. Will buy again outstanding!!!
by Jamie on 2/11/2019
Love these bars! Little sweet, little salty. One of my favorites.
Tastes great!
by Stacey on 2/25/2019
This is one of the best protein bars I have ever eaten. It is crunchy, filling and tastes great. Buying more for sure!
by Cari on 2/28/2019
Almost too good to be true! I had a weak moment last night and turned to one of these. At first I felt a little bad because I went over the 30 carb per day I've been doing for past 10 days in order to jumpstart my diet, but as I looked at the nutrition facts, I see that there are 8g of fiber (which you're allowed to subtract from carbs - and 3g from sugar alcohol which I'm wondering if that can be subtracted as well to give a "net" carb amount) so, I didn't feel too guilty, and it was definitely worth it... I was satisfied. I think I'll cut them into 4 pcs and use just 1/4th when I need something sweet while I'm being so restrictive with my carbs. But, hands-down - these are wonderful!
Best protein bar ever!
by Stacey on 3/8/2019
These are big and good! They do taste like rice crispy treats with a hint of toffee. They are the best!
So good!
by Jessica on 5/3/2019
They taste so good that I look forward to them everyday...they satisfy my sweet cravings!
My Favorite Bar!
by Mickie on 6/21/2019
This bar is delicious! Great texture and taste. Perfect snack of sweet, salty, and crunchy!
WS Salted Toffee Pretzel
by Amanda D on 8/3/2019
These are great! My husband and I are testing the WS inventory, crossing from MF. We did our own plan, customized to what we know we'll eat (no shakes, no soups, etc.) This Salted Toffee Pretzel bar is amazing. I told my husband that they were awful and he wouldn't like them. Needless to say, that was the next bar he tried. I guess I don't get the rest of the box to myself now. He did say it was a bit sweeter than he cared for, but it forced him to slow down and drink a bit more water as he ate.
B.A. has great Tasting food
by Rosemary on 10/13/2019
I always use B.A. Had gastric Bypass, lost 150 pds. There foods help me keep it off.
This bar is incredibly good!
by Rebecca on 10/15/2019
I've tried most of the bars and this one is by far my favorite! So very good!
the best bar
by Barbara on 10/28/2019
Not a chocolate lover...Sweet and salty..Very filling and satisfying
Taste is good, price has risen
by Cindy on 12/29/2019
I like many of the Wonderslim products; however, their price has increased once again and is no longer affordable.
Amazing Texture & Flavor
by VeggieGal on 2/13/2020
Fluffy Salted Toffee Pretzel has an amazing texture and flavor. I’d say save it for when you’re secure in your ability to stop at just one though! Yes, they’re that tasty.
Favorite Bar
by Katalew on 2/27/2020
I love this bar it is so delicious.
Light airy sweet and crunchy it’s ALL good!
by Terri on 3/7/2020
Really good
by Rina on 12/30/2016
I love the salty and sweet of these bars. I also like that they are like rice krispy bars!
My all time favorite !
by ML on 6/13/2019
I will eat them forever!
by MerryGumbo on 6/17/2019
Nice treat! Tasty and crunchy. Great with coffee. Certainly does not taste like diet food.
by Missy on 6/30/2019
What happened to the great taste?
by Donna on 3/11/2018
These salted caramel pretzel bars were my favorite. They were delicious. I noticed the new shipment looked different. I was so disappointed that the taste suffered immensely. I probably will return the 6 boxes. Hope you didn’t mess with the peanut butter bars, too.

Thank you for your feedback. We completely understand your concern regarding the WonderSlim Fluffy Salted Toffee Pretzel Bars and apologize for the trouble. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.