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WonderSlim Double Chocolate Cake (7 ct)

Item #: WS137
WonderSlim Double Chocolate Cake (7 ct)

Price: $14.95

Availability: In stock

WonderSlim Double Chocolate Cake (7 ct)

Price: $14.95

In stock

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  • Only 120 Calories Per Serving
  • High Protein - 12 grams Per Serving
  • Low Carb - 6g Net Carbs*
  • Lower Fat - 4.5 grams Per Serving
  • Lactose Free
  • Aspartame Free
  • Only 3 Grams of Sugar per Serving
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Good Source of Fiber - 3 grams Per Serving
  • Good Source of Potassium - 12% of the Daily Value
  • Contains Only 5mg of Cholesterol Per Serving
  • Easy Microwavable Preparation

* g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols

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If you are looking for a rich sweet dessert you will love WonderSlim's rich, chocolatey Double Chocolate Cake mix. Finally, a low carb chocolate cake dessert that fits into most diet meal plans. This decadent 120-calorie chocolate cake dessert provides 12 grams of protein with only 4.5 grams of fat and 9 grams of carbs per serving. Bring it along to the next holiday, party, or other event, so you'll have a healthy dessert choice.

Just add water, mix and pop it into the microwave. Sixty seconds later, out comes a warm, springy, delicious serving of chocolate cake that is sure to satisfy.

*2 meals is the monetary equivalent of $0.20. $0.10 helps provide 1 meal secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks. WonderSlim pledges a minimum of 1,500,000 meals (monetary equivalent of $150,000) to Feeding America® and member food banks from 02/15/2019 to 02/14/2020.


Soy Protein Concentrate, Vital Wheat Gluten, Chocolate Liquor, Sugar, Butter Powder (From Milk), Pasteurized Egg Whites, Cocoa, Wheat Flour, Natural and Artificial Flavors (Includes Tree Nuts [Walnuts]), Nonfat Milk, Maltodextrin, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Bicarbonate, Soy Lecithin, Cocoa Butter, Citric Acid, Gum Arabic, Red #40, Modified Cornstarch, Yellow #5, Monoglycerides, Propylene Glycol Esters of Fatty Acids, Lactic Acid, Corn Syrup Solids, Sucralose, Vanilla, Sodium Caseinate, Blue #1, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Stearate, Acesulfame-K, Diacetylated Tartaric Acid Esters of Monoglycerides, Sulfites (Contains Meta-Bisulfite [To Preserve Freshness]), Tocopherols and Ascorbyl Palmitate (To Preserve Freshness).


WonderSlim Double Chocolate Cake


  1. Combine 2 ounces of tap water with contents of one packet; stir thoroughly.
  2. Pour the batter into a microwave-safe container such as a ramekin or small plastic ware.
  3. Microwave on HIGH (100%) for 1 minute; carefully remove from microwave and allow to cool for 5 minutes. (Microwave ovens vary; adjust time as needed.)


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169 Customer Reviews

Set Ascending Direction
by cybersally on 10/26/2009
This is wonderful!!! I made it with sugar-free syrup instead of water, and topped with a little no-sugar-added cherry pie filling and a dollop of fat free Cool Whip - it was delicious! For those Nutrisystem customers who have mourned the discontinued microwave chocolate cake from that plan, this will put a smile on your face.
Great Taste and Consistency
by Tyler on 10/29/2009
Made this and it is yummy. Only problem is the protein sticks to the bowls you cook it in. Very similar to a brownie.
great dessert!
by Dom on 10/30/2009
I was a little skeptical... Microwave cake? It was great! The little chocolate chips were a nice surprise. It wasn't as sweet as a regular cake, so next time I may add a packet of splenda before baking. It also needed more than the 60 second cook time listed in the directions, mine took about 1.5 min before it was done. But over all I was very pleased with this dessert and will definitely order again.
by BettySueLA on 10/31/2009
Okay, when I saw this I was instantly reminded of the nasty Nutrisystem Chocolate Cake. I had to do about 15 things to the NS Microwave Chocolate Cake to get it to taste decent. I was hoping this was different and it is. I think it's smaller than the NS cake, but I haven't had the NS one in a while. That said, it's much better tasting and the consistency is better. I agree that it needs to be cooked perhaps 1.5 minutes, as opposed to just 1 minute. But microwaves vary. I just had mine, topped with Strawberries. Yummie. So glad Diet Direct keeps coming up with these great products. I'm a happy dieter, between the new Hot Cakes and Chocolate Cake LOL.
by americanchild on 11/1/2009
I have made this little cake several times since my shipment came and I am more in love with it each time. First time it was good but not sweet enough, so like CyberSally I made it with sugar free chocolate syrup (Walden Farms)the next time and oh my gosh I was in heaven. I have a 6 cup silicone mini muffin sheet that I use and it makes 6 bite size muffins in 1 minute. I also made it in my silicone mini loaf pan and that worked well also.

Diet Direct and Robards have done it again! Hopefully there will be more flavors in the future.
Yay for chocolate cake!!
by Lana on 11/15/2009
A chocolate cake disguised as protein? Yes, that's what this is! I think it tastes best putting it in the fridge and getting it cold before eating. You can change the flavor of the cake by adding sugar free syrups to the mix before microwaving and then a dollop of fat free Cool Whip on top sweetens the deal!!
Chocolate Treat
by Laura on 11/19/2009
This tasted like a treat. Moist and chocolatey. Delicious with sliced strawberries.
A Chocolate Favorite!
by MsK on 11/21/2009
I actually like to 'underbake' it and it's like one of those chocolate lava cakes. I follow the directions and the middle is just a bit runny. I think it's great! I sometimes add a few berries or ff cool whip. Feels like I'm cheating and 12 grams of protein! Wow! (Updated on 11/17/2009.) (Updated on 11/22/2009.)
by Sheree on 11/22/2009
I carry this with me for parties or weddings. If I am not going to have access to a microwave then I make it in advance. It tastes best right out of the microwave. I add splenda for extra sweetness. It definitely helps you say no to the regular calorie ridden cakes out there.
Best Cake, Diet Direct Your Great!
by Jan Anglin on 1/17/2010
I love this, it's easy to fix and a delicious chocolatey taste. Great treat & great with cream cheese like & great with Laughing Cow.

Thanks Diet Direct (Updated on 1/18/2010.)
by Dieter on 1/29/2010
OMG this is so amazing, being on a diet and having chocolate cake is awesome!
Wow! LOVE it! SO good.....
by BooBoo on 2/2/2010
Fantastic dessert! A little FF RediWhip and you're ready to go! Highly recommend this to all!
love it !!!!
by Margie on 3/12/2010
I love it. I found it is best if undercooked a little. Makes kind of like a lava cake. Really good.
by nicmz1772 on 3/20/2010
If you don't taste the spoon after you mix you will be fine. The raw batter tastes like diet chocolate which is gross. I am not a fan of Wonderslim Chocolate Puddings for this reason. BUT when cooked this is really good. I put a little Whipped Cream on it while warm. YUM!!!
Try this - makes it REALLY good...
by on 3/20/2010
Make it with cherry Coke Zero - no kidding - AWESOME! Also, undercooking a bit, is the key, I think. Top with Low-cal whipped topping & it is darn good!
Moist & delicious!
by littleLo on 3/22/2010
This is so good!! The first time I made it I didn't add anything & it was good, but felt like in needed something..so next time I added a small dollop of walden farms calorie free caramel dip & a pinch of stevia to sweeten it. I also cooked for 10 secs more than stated & it was DELICIANNO!!! Very moist & so YUMMY!!! Will def order these again!!! =P
Way Better Than I Expected!
by Sherral on 4/4/2010
I am on WW and I cool the cake and put a 60 cal pudding on top with a little ff Cool Whip and sometimes a few lite cherries (comstock). It makes a great dessert for only 4 points. I love this cake as it helps me to control my blood sugar with the protein but tastes soooooo goooooood! (Updated on 4/5/2010.)
Nice Surprise
by Moni64 on 4/11/2010
This was a nice surprise. Good flavor and decent texture and a nice way to finish off a low cal/low carb meal! Will definitely keep this one in stock.
Double chocolate diet cake
by spudsmom on 4/13/2010
A nice sweet treat. I like this dessert. My husband who is not dieting likes it too!
Wow! Surprisingly delicious!
by KKG on 4/18/2010
This cake came as a sample in my last purchase! I made it in a small ramekin and squirted just a bit of sugar free choc. syrup on top....WOW! It was moist, chocolaty and delicious! I will definitely be ordering a few of these in my next order!!! Also, I might even try adding a packet of splenda on the next one to make it even sweeter!
by bgirlsquirrel on 5/12/2010
I had purchased a couple boxes of this and was worried to try it...we I finally tried it last night and I am so happy to say it is great! The texture was wonderful. I loved the melty chocolately bits. I did not find it overly sweet, it was perfect for me. There was not an overwhelming chocolate flavor, but it didn't taste bad. The whole if the cake was fine...there was something about the outsides that tasted a little off, but nothing to prevent me from eating this tasty morsel.

For me the real test is my 3-year-old daughter...she loved this. She exclaimed her love of cake after tasting this. She was also quite upset with me for finishing it off before she got a second bite.

I think this is another WonderSlim winner...so many of their products are.
Felt Human!
by forlife on 5/14/2010
Wow, I really didn't expect it to be much but it was a sample so what the heck.

I felt like a real person sometimes eating to loose weight leave me feeling left out.

I would caution that if you have a problem with over eating chocolate or sweets maybe this isn't a good choice - I've been there too! But when I feel like hey I can't stand this anymore, well now I have a plan reach for my Chocolate Cake.

As a work in progress I'm always looking for what I think I can do long term and this is it!
What a Surprise
by Bill Pennock on 5/20/2010
I got a sample of this in my last order. I was so skeptical I nearly tossed it so as not to bother dirtying a dish. Was I glad I didn't do that. This really works!!! I was stunned. It worked wonderfully, came out looking like a brownie really to me but tasted great and looked great. Good job, I'm buying more.
Sinlessly sinful!
by Chrissy on 9/10/2010
Super yummy!! Not too sweet but oh such chocolate goodness. I could eat this every day.
by price on 10/18/2010
This is the best cake ever! I cook it in a coffee cup so its very moist. Love it!
Yummy and easy
by Stacy F. on 11/9/2010
I just ordered more after getting a free sample. It sat so long in my cabinet because it somehow seemed like too much of an effort to make. I was wrong - you just mix it up with water and microwave for a minute. It's faster than the other puddings here that need to chill. I used a regular bowl from my dish set and it's amazing, it comes out like a little cake. It's very hot and needs to cool a bit, but it was very good. Not overly sweet, but I didn't find any after taste like other reviewers described. I put a little fat free cool whip on top and I was very happy!
Chocolate Brownie
by Patt on 11/10/2010
The Double Chocolate cake cooks into a Brownie size portion. The taste is excellent. It is a small portion, but it is so rich that little bites make it last a long time. It is a MUST to stop those cravings and make you feel special. I often have it with my evening Hot Chocolate.
by HGF on 1/5/2011
What a pleasant surprise.

Hard to believe this scrumptious dessert is prepared in the microwave AND diet friendly.

Moist, tasty, filling, and satisfying.

by CHRISTINE on 1/25/2011
I got this in the mail a couple of days ago after searching high and low for something with low sugar, carbs and calories. I honestly wasn't expecting a whole lot, but with the diet I'm on, I needed something sweet that wouldn't do damage to my waistline. What a surprise! Very tasty and I didn't feel guilty afterward. I'll be ordering a few more boxes to pass out to my friends. Love it!
Surprise, surprise
by LovesChips on 1/25/2011
I ended up laughing at myself the first time I tried this cake. I took a bite off the top and made a face. I mean, this tasted like a wet sponge, or so I thought. When I got to the bottom, I was in heaven. I don't know why, but the sweetness and chocolate flavor is all at the bottom. It now reminds me of a molten lava cake. It is so good, and someone said it best when they wrote that it is better to be a little undercooked. The best way to eat this is to turn it upside down after is cooks and let the new top run down to the bottom :-) I want to eat this every night!!!!!
Double Chocolate Cake
by Chrisp on 2/14/2011
This is a chocolate lovers dream come true!!!!

Wow the flavor is almost sinful:) I feel like I'm cheating but I'm not and I'm getting 12 grams of protein in every luscious packet. Woohoo its a Total Winner to me!! Its great with non fat cool whip on it! I wish I had some right now!!!
Awesome Dessert!
by Maureen H. on 3/6/2011
I highly recommend this great tasting chocolate cake! So easy to prepare and tastes fabulous! It's my all time favorite and go-to dessert!
Delicious recipe!
by Annie on 8/5/2011
Have cake when you diet? I under-cook this in my microwave by 5 to 10 seconds. While its baking I mix up a chocolate or mocha pudding. I pull the cake out, cut it into the pudding and cover the container. Put it in the fridge for an hour and you wont believe you are eating diet food. I look forward to this dessert all day.
WonderSlim Double Chocolate Diet Cake
by sandar on 8/17/2011
i love this as well nice and warm-- add a small topping of sugar free whip cream, yummy.
Surprisingly Good
by Eve on 8/18/2011
I almost threw these out because my daughter tried them in her dorm room and informed me they were horrible. WELL, she was wrong. I figured what the heck and made one. Yummy ! These are very good. The texture is nice, the smell, and the taste is very satisfying. I put some cool whip on top and it was just enough sweet that it stopped the sweets craving I was having. I am ordering more because I really like them. Not sure why some reviewers didn't like them, but I guess we all have different tastes. But I am picky about diet food, and believe me, a lot of it grosses me out, haha, but I look forward to eating this. I am going to try it under cooked like other reviewers suggested to get a "lava cake" :) And that pudding recipe someone wrote in here (cut up the cake into pieces and put into the pudding and refrigerate) sounds really weird, but I am going to try it. Very excited to find something I can look forward to.
Wonderslim double chocolate cake
by Sandy Irey on 9/7/2011
Oh I do love it!!! I add a few walnuts and 2 Tbls of fat free cool whip and its heaven!!!! I never feel slighted with this around!!!!
Second time purchase
by Mare on 10/29/2011
Great way to get your protein in. With a little fat free whip cream it's delicious.
WS Double Chocolate Cake
by Carole on 2/19/2012
I tried 1 package of this cake in the Micro-wave and was going to send it back, UNTIL I took the remaining 6 pkgs, added recommended water, whisked it up, put in a greased no stick cake pan and baked @ 325 for about 25 minutes.....WOW!!! Cut into 6 pieces and now when I want a piece of cake it's in the fridge, ready to eat....great with Topping, fruit, yogurt icecream, and it's a nice portion...did I mention, it tastes great!! I will order more. Glad I didn't send it back.

Fun Little Cake
by Tara P. on 3/1/2012
It's definitely not big or especially filling, but its really tasty. I like it slightly under baked (so that the middle doesn't quite look 'dry' but the edges do). Then I add a tsp of FF Cool Whip to the top and enjoy! Because its warm and oozey, it feels a bit decadent. Its also good with a sprinkle of espresso powder added to water before mixing with the cake mix.
Great for Chocolate lovers!
by Sthomas on 3/31/2012
This is the best product ever! I was not even going to try it but I wanted something chocolate so bad! If you love chocolate you will love this. No weird aftertaste or anything. Really does come out just like your own little piece of moist soft cake. I will buy more more more of this!
by SH on 4/9/2012
Chocolate cake on a diet?! Yes! As was suggested by another review, I did not microwave the cake as long as suggested on the package resulting in a lava cake-like dessert. I topped the cake with a spoon of non-fat Greek yogurt - what a wonderful tasty treat.

The cake is so delicious, I am considering making my husband (who is very thin) a cake, but I am worried that he will begin raiding my diet food!
Double Chocolate Cake
by Harriet on 8/8/2012
I love this cake, one of my favorite desserts from WonderSlim. I add a little fat-free cool whip and some cut up strawberries and I am in heaven. I haven't bought a product yet that I didn't enjoy!
Chocolate delight
by inkdink on 8/14/2012
This is how we make this cake so it isn't dry and is very chocolatey. We use sugar free Torani chocolate syrup instead of water. We split a package of milk chocolate crunchies and sprinkle them on the top. (also available from Diet Direct). Then we cook them for less than 1 minute. I use 45 seconds and my husband uses 50 seconds. Mine is usually a teeny bit gooey in the center which I love. Yum !
great tasting!
by granny on 8/14/2012
Really like this product. Easy to make and tastes great. When everyone else is having a dessert I can too! Put a dollop of Cool Whip on top to make it even better!!
delish if you add spice to it
by rose on 10/9/2012
When I first tried this cake I didn't like it , there was a funny aftertaste, but I had a box and thought I could fix it. 2 packets of splenda and a hearty shake of cinnamon made this a great desert. I put it in custard cups and 1 min in microwave. No aftertaste. I started putting cinnamon in the dark chocolate pudding mix too gives it more chocolate flavor
Good Chocolate Cake
by Donna on 12/28/2012
I really enjoy this cake. I didn't at first, but now love it. Be sure to add a full 1/4 cup of water and microwave for 50-60 seconds. I didn't use enough water the first time, and that made it dry. Let cake set a minute before eating. The flavor improves after it sets for those few seconds. Fruit is good on it, but I now love this cake without any additions. It will not taste like a regular chocolate cake, but we are trying to lose weight and this is a great substitute for high calorie cake.
very chocolatey
by sueo on 4/7/2013
I cannot stress enough how important it is to let this cake sit for at least the 5 minutes specified in the instructions. As it cools, the flavor changes a bit, becomes less "proteiny" and more chocolatey. The texture is a bit rubbery, but not too bad. I will definitely be eating these every day.
delish ...all time fav
by Sylesta on 5/4/2013
I usually make it in the microwave....It is my favorite dessert...I add a packet of splenda...it usually satisfies my chocolate cravings
Delicious cake...
by Corlyn on 5/16/2013
My husband who cannot have the usual high carb sweets gave them up cold turkey. He is so pleased to have an acceptable low carb dessert--this chocolate cake. It takes about 2 minutes to prepare and I then cover it with one of your aspartame free puddings. We split the cake and pudding and have a satisfying dessert. I will stock my pantry with these products!
by CDinfl on 6/3/2013
This was really good. It fills the craving I get for cake, and tastes great! I liked this better than the cheesecake.
Awesome With Walden Farms Chocolate Peanut Butter
by Julie on 8/13/2013
ok The cake alone... eh.... Walden Farms Choc Peanutbutter 0 cal 0 fat 0 0 carb alone.... eh.... but together..... awesomeness. Makes great icing!
by Carol on 8/24/2013
I really liked the chocoloate cake. Easy and quick to prepare and very good taste.
by nicole on 9/16/2013
I was not sure at first. I got creative and added cinnamon to it before cooking. Wow that kicked it up to the next level. This is a great dessert to look forward to at the end of my day. I have lost 9 lbs* this month doing the program. Very pleased with results and continuing with the program.

* Results not typical. Weight loss will vary for each person based on their individual weight, metabolism, age, activity level and commitment to their plan.
by Linda on 9/20/2013
Top with fat free cool whip. Its the best!!!
Quick, Easy and Satifying
by didivee on 11/18/2013
This chocolate cake is delicious. Follow the easy instructions and enjoy. What I like the best is that the cake is fresh and really satisfies my craving. It's not too sweet, just right and I always keep them in the pantry..
WonderSlim Double Chocolate Cake
by Marian on 2/3/2014
Another favorite of mine and this one item I don't have to share with my dog. If you like chocolate, get this. Trust me, you will love iot.
great taste
by vicky on 2/7/2014
This has a great taste. I am a diabetic and it is nice to find a sweet treat that is low in carbs . Easy to prepare
by Mary on 3/14/2014
I have received this item as a free sample twice. I bought the Stone Wave microwave cooker, "as seen on TV". I used it to prepare this cake & IT WAS delicious!! I am ordering more of the Double Choc Cake. It is like a moist brownie! I had never cooked this cake before but now, I will order it often and use the Stone Wave to make it perfect! Thank you Diet Direct for making all these great healthy diet products available to us.
Quick, satisfying chocolate taste!!!
by Laura J on 5/2/2014
I love this chocolate cake dessert. It's so quick and easy to make! Just 1/4 cup of water, stir it up and microwave for 1 minute...what could be easier? There are tiny chips of chocolate to make it especially moist. It's not too sweet and the high protein in each serving make it an ideal snack....Highly recommend!!!!
by Cynthia on 5/4/2014
I prefer no sugar at all, but it's very good if sugar doesn't bother you.
so easy
by Roberta on 9/30/2014
This is so easy to make and taste good.
yummy cake
by Sara on 1/19/2015
Cake on a diet?!?! This is a wonderful treat. Best made in a small paper coffee cup (from work) or small bowl. As my family is enjoying their evening snacks, I can make a serving of cake and top it with some whip cream. Curbs my appetite and I can also enjoy evening snack!
by Sofia on 1/20/2015
Not a bakery cake but satisfied my desire for cake!!! And Chocolate to boot . Just wish the serving was bigger!!!
good dessert
by virginia on 2/21/2015
good taste.nice dessert.
Awesome Cake On A Diet!
by Vanessa on 6/1/2015
This is an Awesome Cake when on a diet! It's no store bought sugary cake but it is just sweet enough to enjoy in the evenings when my sweet tooth comes knocking!
Last Resort
by HD on 7/26/2015
This should be five asterisks. I am waiting for my order, it is almost the only thing sugar free and chocolate in the house. I must have liked it at one time, because I have a lot of it. It has been in the cupboard for ages. I have tried many things to make it palatable, while keeping it sugar free. The other I consider inedible and that I have on hand is sugar free chocolate pudding cup from the grocery store.
Combine thoroughly: One package ws cake mix, with one serving size sugar free pudding cup, one tbsp egg white ( from carton) and 1 tsp water. Microwave. Mine was done in about 2 minutes. Allow cake to cool . Very edible, and filling. :)
Really good
by kathy on 11/24/2015
I really enjoyed this and it is so easy to make! I actually used 2oz of cashew milk instead of water and that adds negligible calories. I also topped it with a tsp of FF cool whip. This will be a staple for me. I took a chance and added it to my order of products I know I love (Veg. Joe, cheesecake) and I am glad I did.

Funny how our tastes are so different as I see a few one star reviews. it is five stars for me, that's for sure!
Love it
by Kathleen on 2/10/2016
Love this product, delicious chocolate cake warm from the microwave! Yummy
by ohreally on 2/12/2016
This is my go-to dessert or even mid-afternoon snack, particularly eaten hot with a small dollop of whipped topping. Satisfies the chocolate craving; love it.
by kathy on 5/7/2016
I tried this in the past and loved it and took advantage of the offer for a free box on my anniversary with dietdirect. I will be sure to get more when they go on sale.
wouldn't make it without this
by sarah on 5/10/2016
I love the chocolate cake. This with a glass of skim milk is the perfect diet dessert. Obviously, not as good as the real thing, and I wish it was bigger, but still, I wouldn't have made it 60 lbs without being able to substitute with this at bday parties and other celebrations.
Love it
by paula on 6/17/2016
Love it
good, but...
by Prunie1313 on 4/2/2017
I have to add xylitol sugar to it and then I mix it with the chocolate cake, then it tastes good.
Yamazing Product!
by Anya on 6/12/2017
Wonderful product! Totally kills my cravings for desert! Direction for cooking is wrong! 2oz of water is not enough! Tried with 1/2cup of Toasted Almond milk. Turned out yamazing! Now I know, I will make it!
Not what you might expect but delicious
by Sabrina on 7/7/2017
As you might imagine, this 'cake' is not really much like a cake you're used to. BUT when you're trying to lose weight and need a high protein snack, this item is wonderful! The consistency reminds me of like a cooked pudding. A little strange. I might add a pinch of salt or maybe even sugar substitute next time. Adjust your expectations, learn to love the healthier side of foods and you'll appreciate this 'cake'!
Absolutely Fabulous!
by Glenda on 9/3/2017
Absolutely Fabulous! I have one of these a day I like them so much. They are so easy to fix. Put some whip topping on the top and it is even better.
So Good!
by Kalise on 11/20/2017
I was nervous to try this, but it came out fantastic! Almost spongy, but super moist, the little bits of chocolate chips throughout make you think you are eating a real slice of chocolate cake!
Truly delish!!!
by Anya on 1/20/2018
Normally I am good with keeping up with my diet, but every now and then I want something that tastes like a real desert. This product is great if you want to satisfy your cravings for sweets! Try also cheesecake?
Love it
by Linda on 8/15/2019
Sooo good. Great chocolate flavor. easy to make
hard to believe this is diet food
by Gayle on 10/14/2019
good taste, like cake cake but hard to believe it is diet food
Good substitute for the cake craving
by charlie on 2/7/2010
This one is pretty good. Does have a tiny bit of an aftertaste and a tiny bit rubbery, but not bad! Love the choc. chips, they add richness. Definitely better to eat this one warm--the texture is better that way.
Let them Eat Cake
by Lugsma on 3/29/2010
I read a lot of the reviews where the good folk have been on other diet plans where the cake apparently SUCKED, so keeping that in mind I'm giving this Wonderslim Chocolate Cake 4 stars...the texture is good, very cake like, cooked it in a small ramekin, just to give you an idea of size. Would I buy it again, personally, no. It's more of a devil food flavor, but could use a little more devil flavor for me. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't great..as so many suggested there are ways to dress it up and I'm sure that helps, I'm just too lazy, I'm a grab n go type, but if you like to doctor a bit, I think you will be pleased..at least give it a try..it's NOT gaggy by any means.
Fairly Good
by Chellebelle007 on 4/15/2010
I received this as a sample in my last order. It was ok, I probably wouldn't order for a couple of reasons, mainly I find it wasn't as filling as say a shake or a bar. Also something was slightly off about the flavor when it was really warm, I found it tasted best when it was almost completely cooled (but who can wait for that, right?!). But for a diet food it isn't gross and if you just have to have something cakey this is a good alternative.
Not Too Shabby
by jenniferlynne76 on 10/16/2010
This microwavable treat reminds me a bit of the No Pudge brownie mixes available in your local super market. Spongy and light, the cake is not particularly sweet. In fact, I found myself wishing there was a little frosting for the top of it, or even just a few more chocolate chips (there are a few--literally!) in there. That being said, the dessert is enjoyable. Like others mentioned, I actually think it would be a little better just slightly undercooked, which is how I plan to make it going forward.
Pretty good for those chocolate cravings
by Msepp on 12/26/2010
I loved the first couple bites, but it was a bit too chocolatey for me. I discovered that if I add a few strawberries or a small dollup of vanilla yogurt and some strawberries, it is a heavenly dessert.
We can have chocolate cake!
by justme on 2/17/2011
This was really a nice treat. I mixed one package, divided into two dessert cup/bowls and cooked in micro. I took Wonderslim chocolate pudding shake. I made it as pudding and frosted both of the cakes. One for now, one for later. Nice treat. Thank you Wonderslim and Diet Direct!
Not too bad
by mkejake on 3/9/2011
This isn't bad at all. It's a nice way to end a hard day of dieting. With a sweet treat. Now is it as delicious as a real piece of chocolate cake? Of course not. But it is close and it does the trick.
by Amy4 on 7/4/2011
Don't expect double chocolate. It's just mild chocolate, but good.
by kjrogers on 10/21/2011
Actual cake-like texture! It's a bit oddly sweet-ish, but definitely a nice treat which I will buy again.
Not bad
by kim on 11/4/2011
I tried these twice. The 2nd time, I added less water and it was more spongy.

These were okay. Not the greatest. however, I am going to try adding some diet cocoa and see if that enhances the taste.

If that works, these will be great for a little dessert to take the edge off. (Updated on 11/5/2011.)
Great with pudding.
by DeeW on 11/17/2011
I tried under cooking this as per several others' suggestions, and never could get that gooey lava cake taste. Just wasn't too crazy about the cake. But since my husband and I are both on the plan, I tried the suggestion of another reviewer and split the cake between us, then mix a pudding and split that, and have them together. This is actually really good, and better than just having the cake by itself. So each of us has half a cake, and half a serving of pudding on top of it. It's so good that way, I just ordered a couple more boxes of the cake mix.
Who doesn't like cake
by Hopeless on Diets on 11/25/2011
Not as good as a real cake but it does the job. I would under cook the cake based on the directions. To me it is to hard when fully cooked. Also beware what type of dish you use to heat the cake in, it can leave stains.
Nice taste
by Nicole B. on 3/12/2012
First thing to consider, when making this item, you MUST use the exact amount of water it states on the packaging. If you use only the 2 oz of water, the result is a light chocolate flavored fluffy cake textured dessert about the size of a small cupcake. If you go over the 2 oz of water, the result will be something that looks like a lava cake with fluffy cake outside and a chocolate pudding center exploding out of the middle. I've had it both ways and it tasted just fine. Overall, even though this gets you through a ;cake fix, it won't necessarily hit the spot as far as the chocolate fix& is concerned. Since I was never a daily chocolate eater, this is a nice taste and texture after dinner, without being too sweet.
Make it better~
by Deb on 4/2/2012
First of all you need to use more water than is called for!

I make these little cakes, cut them in half, and make a berry sundae out of it with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and cool whip. Delicious! and my kids love it too!
I recommend this for a treat
by Doctor Rachel on 8/14/2012
This is a reasonably low carb item. Despite containing sugar and flour it has only 6 net carbs. You can top it with cream whipped with splenda for a great 7 carb dessert, or with no- sugar greek yogurt (add vanilla and splenda)for a meal replacement.
A favorite
by audra on 8/14/2012
I like this when I need a treat (I am 2+ years out from weightless surgery so I like it when I can have my cake and eat my protein too! I have tried making protein cake from scratch and its ok, but this with a little heated raspberry all fruit is a great fancy dessert!
Great With Berries On Top
by tendercactus on 8/14/2012
The first time I made the cake I had it by itself and wasn't overly enthusiastic. I guess it satisfied the chocolate urge but I didn't find it very tasty. Since then I've been having it with a half-cup of berries (any type) on top, and I'm enjoying it much more. The same is true for the cheesecake, too. I'm sure a half a banana sliced up also would work well for not-too-many calories.
Its Good Enough
by Judy on 10/17/2012
After reading the reviews about it being too dry, I cut the time in the microwave to 45 seconds and found the cake to be OK, actually better than I expected. This is a diet and I don't expect wedding cake quality -- but this product satisfied my sweet tooth and craving for a snack while watching TV. It is definitely helping me stay on track with my weight loss plan. I just placed a repeat order.
Not bad!
by TxMom on 11/12/2012
I have made this several times and was not too impressed. I decided to tweak it a bit and it really helped the texture for me. I added 3 tablespoons of Sugar Free Torani syrup instead of water. I microwaved it for 1 minute and after it set I added a dollop of sf cool whip. MUCH better than the previous times I've made it. May even order it again!!
Needs improvement
by Cath on 12/4/2012
The first time I made it, I had to choke it down... So I read the reviews and as other suggested: I used Chocolate Syrup (walden farms, so no calories) instead of the amount of water. I put some Stevia (an individual pack) and cinnamon, and it was yummy! I even look forward to eat it again! And the time stays the same (1 minute)... Try these improvements and enjoy :)
It's Good for a diet Chocolate Cake
by corky on 1/9/2013
It needs to be undercooked in my microwave so a person would have to play around with it. I also used almond milk to mix instead of all water & I found the consistency to be better. I used FF sour cream on top & I found it helped to satisfy.
love it
by Kathryn on 2/23/2013
This is great! Very chocolatey and chewy.
surprisingly good
by Edith on 4/8/2013
This was surprisingly good. The WonderSlim Double Chocolate Cake is light and has a nice chocolate taste to it. It would be great with some vanilla ice cream. :)
by Leslie on 7/25/2013
Get a chocolate fix, always add some stevia for more sweetness but very good!
Good with Fixes!
by GinaBean MN on 8/20/2013
I hesitated to try this due to negative reviews, but I thought I'd try it cuz I LOVE chocolate and miss my dark chocolate squares. I added extra liquid - 2 T SF syrup (,chocolate) and 2 T water, which is 1/4 cup, as someone else had recommended. (How the hell can 2 oz - 2 T be enough water as the directions say?) And I still found the mix really thick, so I added about 1/2 T of SF French Vanilla syrup, too (YUM!) I added a dash of cinnamon and 2 packets of stevia, then micro blasted for only 45 seconds. As per another suggestion, I then let it sit in the micro for a full 6 minutes - I set the timer and went and played solitaire - and THEN partook. Okay, it wasn't Better than you-know-what cake. But it was pretty good - no worse than the MF brownie, no weird chemical taste, no aftertaste, no smell. It was NOT dry. Next time I will go about five seconds less because my microwave is really high wattage and only use one stevia package. I may even add more SF French Vanilla to make the batter a little thinner. Pretty tasty for low carb, high protein treat! I am ordering it again!
When you want something Sweet and Chocolate This is it.
by Randi on 1/21/2014
I find that I crave chocolate alot of the time when I am dieting and eating a piece of fruit doesn't cut it. I would have probably never tried this, but I got a sample, wanted something sweet and popped this into the microwave. I have to say I was surprised I liked this very much, the consistancy of a brownie and just enough sweetness to combat my crave. I just ordered 3 boxes.
Maybe add a dollop of Light Whipped Cream and Wow.
Pretty good
by Kitty on 5/5/2015
Easy to prepare, springy/spongy texture, nice chocolate flavor. A bit of an aftertaste but it disappears quickly. Even better with a few fresh berries or small dollop of cool whip. Will buy again.
Pretty Good for Diet Cake
by Onnit on 2/20/2016
I really don't mind this. It's not going to taste like a non-diet cake! I have this in the early evening when my husband is having his ice cream. Like so many others, I also add a dollop of fat free cool whip. I'm glad to have some sort of dessert! It helps to keep me on my diet and lessens the chance of me cheating!
Pretty okay with some extra sweetener -- need bake cups
by Chris on 8/29/2016
The Other Guy's is not as good as these but provides cardboard bake cups. That would be great if these guys did the same.
Good and gooey
by Karin on 4/29/2017
So easy to make - I ordered the first time and liked them so much I had to reorder more. I do spray the inside of a large mug with cooking spray and have no problems with sticking and makes clean up a breeze. They are nice and moist.
by Lyn on 7/18/2017
I love the smell of this when it is cooking. It smells like brownies baking! I do adjust by adding slightly more water and cooking for 40 seconds so it is moist and slightly underdone in the middle. I really do enjoy this.
Just OK
by ACandy13 on 10/28/2009
The cake is OK....definitely 'springy.'

I found I needed more than 1 minute in the microwave. I only made one cake so far and have to figure out which container is best to put this in. Also, it will DEFINITELY need some kind of Coolwhip or topping as the taste is pretty bland (I'd prefer the Wonderslim Chocolate Pudding if you want more of a 'sweet taste').

But if you really crave chocolate cake this will probably satisfy the sweet tooth.
Just Ok to me...
by AngieBaby on 3/12/2010
I had really high hopes for this cake. It was good, but not really great. Seemed like it had a weird taste to me. Not bad, just different. I think I will try it next time with a bit of instant coffee added in...might add more depth. Not a bad choice, but the bars are so much better when you crave something sweet!
Sorry not good.
by mumu on 4/25/2010
A bite of this cake equals eating a full mouth of sweetener... Really, really not good. Good thing I got it for free with my order. I would not recommend it. (Updated on 4/26/2010.) (Updated on 4/26/2010.)
Diet Double Chocolate Cake
by EAH on 1/14/2011
The Diet Double Chocolate Cake is ok. It has a mildly off taste but what can you expect from a protein cake??
Strange, but tasty
by GrannyQ on 3/28/2011
Spongy, but not really cake-like, with a strange sweetness. I wasn't sure what I felt about it. But it is chocolate flavored and it wasn't bad. I definitely will eat more of them.
Good Substitute
by Patty on 6/28/2011
I like it. It's a great 'chocolate' fix. My co-workers love the spell and think I'm cheating. I also like it because there's no aspartame in it.
It's just okay
by Betrimsoon on 11/7/2011
It's not a rave review but it is okay. The texture is nice. I use a ramekin and I think the size of your dish makes a difference. I also under cook it slightly. I smear a bit of no sugar added fruit spread on it and have also used a teaspoon of peanut butter on it while still warm. That is actually delicious.
Gotta tweak it to make it taste better
by Jennifer on 1/23/2012
Only WS product I'm not crazy about. Tastes a little bland. I've been adding WF choc syrup and a little dollop of PB2 to make it taste better. Probably won't reorder this one.
Not what I was expecting
by Lonestarl8d on 4/3/2012
I ordered extra of the double chocolate cake thinking I would love it, but I don't. Oh, sure, I eat all of it, but it's just not as good as Medifast brownies were. I wouldn't order again.
Love 'em . . . but . . .
by Anon Imus on 8/14/2012
These are really tasty and really satisfy the chocolate craving, BUT
410mg Potassium!! That's nearly half the allowed daily amount on some of the low potassium diets!
So enjoy responsibly and your kidneys will thank you!
Let's be honest
by BrittM on 8/14/2012
NOTHING beats real chocolate cake, which is probably why some of us are using these products. I can never ever get the consistency right with this cake. However, when I'm craving chocolate, this usually does the trick.
This is just ok
by Jane on 8/17/2012
These are easy to make and smell good but it top layer has a really weird aftertaste. The chocolate chips help a bit but it's not very good. I won't order these again.
by catherine on 9/30/2012
Needs to be under cooked, not really sweet enough for me. Not very chocolatey
corn syrup
by Donna on 7/25/2013
would not reorder because of the corn syrup added
by Catness on 1/20/2010
I bought this cake after having read everyone else's glowing reviews. Now that I have tried the product, I have to wonder if we're eating the same thing! I was not at all impressed. The cake cooks up with a lovely, deep chocolate color, but the chocolate flavor just isn't there. What is there is that weird protein taste (and smell) with nothing to cover it up. It's a spongy cake - be sure not to over cook the batter for best results (30 seconds in my microwave is just right, not the 60 seconds the instructions indicate). You might try mixing in some pure cocoa powder and adding fruit or fruit-flavored sauces on top to improve the taste. It's not terrible, but I wouldn't recommend it. There are protein bars available through this site that will give you a wonderful chocolate fix for about the same calories. If you like the protein pancakes (I didn't), you'll probably like this cake since they seem to share some similarities.
One of the only things I DIDN'T like!
by on 4/12/2010
Not good. The chocolate flavor is barely there, and is a WEIRD flavor at that....I was sad bc the puddings/shakes are so fantastically chocolate! Would not order again.
Chocolate Cake is not so good
by Vandy on 9/4/2010
Sorry guys, this one was not worth the calories. It has a strange flavor and does not leave you feeling satisfied. I am a huge fan of the Wonderslim products...and I have found much success losing weight by using the hot drinks and puddings. But this cake is not worth the calories. (Updated on 9/5/2010.)
Not my fav
by jlinhart on 1/24/2011
I tried undercooking it and the really undercooked part was ok but the cooked was not good at all.
This Was Disappointing
by Gail on 3/8/2011
I was really looking forward to this chocolate cake. It had a weird taste and really wasn't very satisfying.
Tried it but won't buy it!
by EENESPN on 5/8/2011
If you are craving chocolate brownies- this MIGHT hold you over. If you are wanting something sweet- this MIGHT hold you over. But for me all it did was make me really sad. It didn't curve my cravings it just made me crinkle my nose up in dislike.
Not my favorite....but
by on 9/11/2011
I didn't care for the taste of the choc cake - of course it's diet so its not going to be the same as regular cake. I think maybe adding a little Splenda, calorie free Walden Farms choc syrup and some fat free whipped cream would make this dish more desirable.
Not so good...
by ABS on 1/10/2012
I got this as a sample and I am so glad I did not spend the money on this. It was awful! The taste and texture was really bad. I even put blueberries and light whip cream on it and I could not finish it.
by JoAnna on 2/14/2012
Maybe my hopes were too high, but this is a flavorless spongy yuck. It smells kind of like burning playdough when it first comes out of the microwave, and even after adding plenty of whipped cream it still was not palatable. I chucked it. Thank goodness it was just a sample. Definitely try this before you buy it!
Not impressed
by Jenn on 3/1/2012
I was very surprised when I was not crazy about this dessert because I usually love all of the wonderslim products. It just has a weird taste. I will finish what I have but will not order them again. I am thinking about putting some natural peanut butter on top to see if that helps. Definitely not a winner.
by stacey on 5/9/2013
No where did I notice that these had to be 'cooked'
by elizabeth on 11/4/2013
not tasty, very bland..will try again will some 0 calorie sweetner
Not so Great
by Jake on 2/17/2017
I will have to try and add to this to see if I can make it edible.
Not Good
by Southern Belle on 4/4/2010
This has a nice springy texture, but there's no chocolate in this double-chocolate cake. Tastes bitter and is not satisfying.

I would like to see stevia used as a sweetener in desserts and get rid of the dangerous artificial sweeteners that are neuro-toxins.
If chocolate cake tasted like this I wouldn't need to be on a diet in the first place.
by beaucoup on 6/20/2010
It looks like chocolate cake but tastes like a mouthful of bland and has a really unfortunate aftertaste. No chocolate flavor at all. Even smells artificial. I'm wondering how I might doctor up my remaining 5 packets just to maybe get something passable out of this order.
funny taste
by abby on 9/7/2010
I love wonderslim products and was very surprised that this one tasted so bad. It has a terrible twang to it. I will not be getting this one again.
Worst cake I ever ate
by Barbara on 9/15/2010
It has some awful after taste and doesn't even come close to tasting like chocolate. I'd rather eat soy nuts. Bought a whole box and trying to figure out what to do with the rest of them.
I so wanted to like the chocolate cake
by CSD on 10/8/2010
I really wanted to like the chocolate cake... nothing is better than warm chocolate cake... Unfortunately, these have a strong aftertaste and I don't think the pretaste is too good either.
What a surprise!
by jeannie on 11/14/2010
After reading the reviews, I so wanted to like this cake BUT the taste is horrendous! Can I return the rest of them? It no more tastes like chocolate than flying in the air and the aftertaste, well I won't go there. Growing up I was taught that throwing food away is a crime, but that is exactly what I did after the first taste. Don't waste your money. Extremely disappointed in this product.
Unbelievably bad...
by Mupson on 12/14/2010
I do not know where to begin. Yes, it cooks in the microwave and it's warm. That is all I can agree with. I has an oddly unpleasant taste without a hint of chocolate. I had half of one and pushed the rest of the box to the back of the cupboard where I can't see it. The cake looks MUCH better than it tastes. I like a lot of Wonderslim products, but this one is on my no fly list!
by Jana on 3/5/2011
This is the only item I have ever returned. And the postage cost me almost as much as the product! I undercooked the cake as recommended, but it didn't matter. When I tasted the spoon after I had mixed the batter, I had to spit it out. I hoped the finished product would somehow magically taste better...but it didn't! There isn't a hint of any chocolate, or a hint of anything sweet for that matter!
Not good at all
by on 4/8/2011
This is the only WonderSlim food that I do not like. Everything else is really good but this is terrible! I do not get all the good reviews! There is no hint of a chocolate flavor and absolutely no sweetness. It has a very strange flavor and smell. I feel like I am eating straight protein powder. Yuck, I tried it with splenda, vanilla syrup, and once with diet cherry pepsi like another review said. I can not swallow it!
by on 5/22/2011
I have tried other Wonderslim foods and they have been fine, but this was NOT. I tasted the batter before it cooked and it was disgusting. I then was brave and tried it cooked and it was not much better. It was not worth the calories at all. I am someone who will not throw away food because I hate to waste, but I dumped the whole box in the trash.
by kclay242003 on 5/22/2011
Oh my, got this in the sample pack so I tried it one night expecting it to be decent like everything else so far. Totally smelled and tasted like playdoh. I cooked it just like the package said, so maybe I got a bad batch. Definitely will not be ordering this one.
Are you joking?
by ncgirl on 6/12/2011
This is HORRIBLE! I don't understand how people can say other wise. I couldn't finish the first bite. When mixing it the batter tasted terrible but I thought well with all the good reviews I'm still going to give it a try. It cooked up cake-like but tasted like nothing you would ever eat ever.
by on 6/29/2011
Yuck! Discussing!
Did I do something wrong?
by CBrown on 8/2/2011
So far I have liked all the Wonderslim products that I have tried, but this was horrible. It looked like cake, but when I ate it it had a weird texture. It was not good at all. I'm shocked over all the good reviews, is there a secret to making this?
Not good
by Vicki on 10/1/2011
I thought this was terrible. Tasted chalky, not chocolatey. Instead, I use the mocha cream as a pudding for dessert. Much, much better.
Chocolate cake bleah
by gab on 10/27/2011
I love all the other products but this is like a hard sponge and not good! I didn't want to throw out since i paid for it so undercooked it, used coffee instead of water and added peanut butter to the top of it! Blueberries strawberries or raspberries and lite cool whip is good too. The protein bars are excellent so will stick to those for the same calories :-) I also put sugar free choc syrup on it. Stupid me bought 3 boxes of it!!!
Did not like
by DMC on 1/23/2012
Since chocolate got me to where I am today (needing a diet), I guess it's best that this cake was not enjoyable. Not sweet enough and the texture just wasn't cake-like, don't know if its something I messed up in the cooking, but I'll just pass, or find some diet chocolate bars to substitute. Oh, I think I can return these! Awesome! That's why I love Diet Direct, no need to feel stuck with something you don't want! I will exchange for more chili!
WonderSlim Double Chocolate Diet Cake
by on 1/29/2012
Going back
Very, Very Disappointing
by TRobbins on 1/30/2012
I'm such a fan of the WonderSlim product line, but this one is a real bust. The cake is not filling, lacks almost any chocolate flavor at all, and is the texture of cotton. There's just nothing to it, and honestly, it doesn't even smell good once cooked. I would recommend this diet plan to anyone, but don't get the cake!!!
WonderSlim Double Chocolate Diet Cake
by bwb on 3/4/2012
I enjoy a lot of the WS products but this is one that I will not reorder. It's taste and spongy texture reminded me of the MF pancake. I could not finish it and tossed it out. I hope they change the recipe some how as I was really looking forward to having chocolate cake.
not ready for prime time
by PJ on 3/18/2012
I wanted to like this, I really did. Read the reviews carefully, knew the risk. Mixed it the first time... odd aroma, but microwaved it anyway... less time than instructions, per other reviews. The result was heinous: An overpowering aroma, chemical, bitter, burnt. Not unlike if you have baker's chocolate in a double burner and over-cook it, but 100 times stronger. Made another cake a few days later, thinking I should give it a second chance; maybe there was a bad packet. This time I reduced both cook time and power significantly. It was not even cooked through in the center, so I knew it wasn't over-done, but the terrible burnt/chemical aroma was still there. Even so I worked up the nerve to taste it; the burnt, bitter flavor was overwhelming. I had someone else taste it, to be sure I wasn't imagining this. She took one bite and pitched the rest into the sink. I don't know whether it's the protein powder or what, but this product doesn't work. The box went in the garbage. Sorry.
No chocolate taste and hideous consistency
by MiMi on 4/13/2012
I really wanted to like this product, but it had no chocolate taste at all and a hideous consistency - my kitchen sponge would have been more pleasing. I could have rolled with it if it had at least tasted like chocolate, but it just didn't. Also, don't think you'll be getting a nice piece of something - they must have used the world's smallest ramekin to make the "cake" used in the photo. You'll just get a horrible rubbery tasteless thing in the bottom of your bowl. If you are determined to try it, be sure to under-cook it.
No taste at all
by melissa on 5/14/2012
I received this in the "Try Me" assortment. It was tasteless and rubbery. The recipe needs improving. If WS changes their recipe I will give it another try, otherwise, don't waste your money.
Not enjoyable...
by T on 5/17/2012
I am going to preface all of my reviews with: This IS a diet product, so I was not expecting gourmet food. 'Edible' is basically what I'm looking for in these products.

That being said...

The chocolate cake has this very odd aftertaste, that is not at all pleasing, and just kind of sits in your mouth. It's not sweet, it's just, 'odd'. I tried it plain first... yuck. Put some strawberries on it, and ended up just eating those.
I wish I could give it a ZERO
by krisMiss on 8/14/2012
I made this for the first time and gave it to my mom and son to try along with me for the first time. We all put it in our mouths at the same time and we all spat it out at the same time. Horrible. The smell was indescribably nasty, and the texture was sooo wrong for chocolate cake. I do like other WS item but they need to reconsider this one. I sent mine back very fast.
Not sure why this is so awful...
by STACEY on 8/25/2012
This cake tastes like a big wheel tricycle tire - and maybe not even that good. I had it once and that was enough. I am working up the courage to doctor it up to see if anything can be done...

Most everything else is really tasty and satisfying...I would avoid this one.
Needs Help :(
by Nathan on 4/25/2013
We were hopeful but disappointed. We were trying to replace a much more expensive Medifast brownie or soft bake cookie and this cake looked similar but no. No taste, if this was double chocolate I would hate to try the single chocolate!
by Cory on 2/3/2014
This was just horrible. Horrible smell, horrible taste and horrible texture. Yuck.
by Yuroba on 2/23/2014
Sorry, this was just nasty. Every product I've tried so far has been delicious but this cake was so bad I couldn't finish it :(
by Dava on 6/30/2015
I've tried this twice, and it is just awful. It's like chewing on a grainy sponge with a watered down chocolate flavor. I am not convinced that any amount of doctoring would make this edible and would rather forego a dessert than subject myself to this again.
After taste
by Reginia on 3/29/2018
I was not a fan of the after taste when I tried this. I had to choke it down. I will not be buying again. *Note I tried this in a 3 day kit so thankfully I didn't pay for 7 of them!

Hello Reginia,
Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear you did not care for the WonderSlim Double Chocolate Cake, but you are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.