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WonderSlim Snack Bar, Peanut Butter Crunch (7ct)

WonderSlim Snack Bar, Peanut Butter Crunch (7ct)
Item #: WS109

Price: $15.95

Availability: In stock

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WonderSlim Snack Bar, Peanut Butter Crunch (7ct)

Price: $15.95

In stock

Peanut-buttery flavor with a satisfying crunch and chocolate coating: they taste like candy bars, but they're low-calorie and contain soy protein! This is one of our most popular flavors, and with good reason. You'll savor the taste and texture while satisfying hunger with 10 grams of quality protein and 2 grams of fiber in every 150 calorie serving.

  • High Protein - 10 grams Per Bar
  • 150 Calories Per Bar
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Low Cholesterol - 0mg
  • Aspartame Free
  • Kosher


High Maltose Corn Syrup, Nonfat Milk, Ground Peanuts, Sugar, Glycerine, Calcium Caseinate, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Soy Protein Isolate, Rice Flour, Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (Palm Kernel, Palm) (Contributes a Negligible Amount of Trans Fat), Raisins, Soy Lecithin, Cellulose Gum, Natural and Artificial Flavors (Includes Sesame Oil), Partially Defatted Peanut Flour, Cocoa, Barley Malt Extract, Salt, Guar Gum.


Unwrap the bar and enjoy as a high protein snack alternative. This product is best when stored in a cool, dry place.

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388 Customer Reviews

Set Ascending Direction
Love the Peanut Butter Crunch
by Georgia on 1/13/2008
The peanut butter crunch butter pecan and the brownie bar are my favorite.
Great Snack!
by Laura on 1/31/2008
Great snack. Like many of the flavors. We fight over the butter pecan lemon and cookie dough. We try to give away the double chocolate and cookies and creme. Nice consistancy good flavor and texture.
seriously gooooooooood!!!
by Bonita on 2/10/2008
The Peanut Butter Crunch is seriously gooooooooood!!!
by Michele on 2/12/2008
Love the toffee brownie butter pecan!!!!. Yum!!! I bought the variety pack and have really liked the ones I have tasted. I look forward to some of the other flavors.
almost addictive...
by Liz Day on 4/6/2008
The peanut butter crunch is almost addictive and the lemon crunch is a welcome alternative to those of us who are NOT chocoholics. I'm hoping someday that you'll offer a strawberry or pineapple flavor bar.
Very Surprised in a good way
by Harry on 5/2/2008
I ordered a sample box of these bars hoping to find a replacement for the bars I'm use now. I tried the Peanut Butter Crunch and was very surprised. I can't wait to try the other flavors. It was not dry and the flavor was more like a candy bar then a food diet supplement.
soooooooooo good.
by Shelley on 5/26/2008
The Peanut Butter Crunch is soooooooooo good. I was shocked how good it is. Diet food too. I tried the Toffee and it was too sweet candy bar like for me the Lemon was too over powering. I think I'm sticking with the Peanut Butter Crunch!
Very good bars
by Kim H. on 6/21/2008
My favorites are Peanut Butter Crunch (which tastes like a Crunchy Reeses Peanut Butter Cup) & Brownie (for chocolate lovers). These are very filling bars with less calories than most protein bars.
by LuAnne on 8/15/2008
Butter pecan is the best. Kind of tastes like a milky way candy bar. FAB!
soooooo good!
by Debbie on 8/24/2008
The butter pecan bars are soooooo good! The caramel inside really makes it taste rich like a candy bar.
I'm all excited!!
by Kay Hickman on 9/5/2008
Wow I just got my first package from DietDirect and the butter pecan bar was too soft from the Texas heat so I put it in the icebox for awhile and then tried it and it was delicious. I just got my last Medifast shipment. No more too high prices for me. I have lost about 50 pounds in four months with Medifast but it's too expensive and I'm bored with their choices so now I have all these new choices and I'm all excited!! Thanks so much DietDirect!
a delight :)
by Barbara on 9/13/2008
I had a free sample of the Butter Pecan...what a delight : )
lemon crunch bar is my favorite
by Mandycakes on 9/14/2008
the lemon crunch bar is my favorite if you like lemon you'll love it. do not let the "pecan" in the butter pecan bar fool you. i hate pecans and tried this bar and it is wonderfui. the mint chocolate tastes just like a thin mint girl scout cookie and the peanut butter crunch tastes like the tagalong girl scout cookie. both the choc chip cookie dough and the cookies and cream are both good but my least favorite.
I Love the brownie bar!
by Rosemary on 10/14/2008
Love the brownie bar with caramel. When I really need to satisfy a chocolate craving this is what I grab!
Best bars on the market
by D Farma on 10/15/2008
These are great anytime or on the go. the lemon is the best flavor of all try them. i like these better than most of the other diet program diet bars on the market.
by Patty on 10/26/2008
The Oatmeal Cinnamon Raisin bars are OUT OF THIS WORLD great!!!
Zingy lemon bar
by KD Lady on 11/16/2008
I was surprised at the zing in the lemon bar. If you like key lime pie you will love this bar!
Butter pecan, Brownie Bar, Chocolate Bar and Chocolate Mint Bar
by JJT on 12/3/2008
All 4 of these are wonderful and rich and chocolaty. The coconut bar is rich and tastes like a mounds candy bar. The chocolate mint is like an after dinner mint and great in the summer.
Peanut Butter Crunch Bar
by Kazoo Gal on 12/4/2008
The Peanut Butter Crunch Bar is by far my most favorite protein bar. The others including Double Chocolate Cookie Dough and Cookies and Cream are good too. But if you lined them all up I'd take the Peanut Butter Crunch Bar every time! It is one of my daily staples at around 4 PM!
taste like the originals
by Rick on 12/10/2008
These things are good.. They taste just like the Andes chocolate mints you buy in a bag. They are very rich tasting.
WonderSlim Bars
by Pat on 1/8/2009
I have to say the Toffee Chocolate Mint and Brownie Bars are the best very satisfing for a quick high protein snack. Don't hesitate on this one!
very satifying!
by LWadley on 1/11/2009
The PB Crunch rocks! Chocolate Mint and Double Chocolate bars are a good change up... I don't particular care for the cinnamon oatmeal (too sweet). I haven't tried the cookies and cream or cookie dough varieties yet... there on my list.
The Best Protein Bars I've Ever Had!
by WillieRoth on 1/12/2009
This is hands-down the best protein bar I've ever tasted! Butter Pecan is my favorite! I almost ate an entire box at one time! Other flavors that tastes great are Brownie Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Oatmeal. I highly recommend this bar. I have a notorious sweet tooth for chocolate and this is the only diet product that I have been able to find that satisfies my cravings.
by Shelly on 1/13/2009
Let me tell you the reviewers are not exagerating when they say how good these are. They are perhaps the most addictive and mouth watering food ever to be labeled good for you! Try the variety pack first as tastes will differ. Personally I don't like the texture and flavor of the peanut butter ones but have loved all the others. The coconut is chewy and delicious and the butter pecan is truly a candy bar. However the choclate flavors are my favorite. The double chocolate and brownie (which has a caramel layer) quench my chocolate craving and I swear there is no way I can eat something this good on a diet. The only problem is that you might not be able to stop yourself from eating more than one :-)
Mmmmmmm... Yummy....
by margarita on 1/14/2009
I have only tasted the chocolate mint so far but it is wonderful! Tastes just like a peppermint patty. You sure this stuff is diet food??
Awesome Protein Bars
by Earlene on 1/19/2009
These little bars are wonderful; I've tried them all & there really aren't any that are bad. I have 1 daily in the afternoon & I choose whatever happens to strike the mood. They're also great to sneak into the movies while everyone else is munching on their fattening over-buttered popcorn. These are better than any other protein bar I've tried. I'll keep coming back for more!
Simply Delicious!
by carinosa2 on 1/24/2009
I have tried the Butter Pecan Chocolate Mint Lemon and Peanut Butter Crunch Bars...and they are all delicious! I enjoy them as a Mid Morning snack with my coffee or to curb my sweet tooth after lunch! You won't go wrong with these delicious protein bars!
As good as the "real" thing!
by K Pini on 1/27/2009
I love these bars and keep my cabinets stocked with a variety of them! My favorites are the Lemon Crunch Toffee and Brownie Bars. This is an excellent way to keep yourself on track without feeling denied of a daily treat.
Cookies and Cream
by S on 2/4/2009
Cookies and cream is the greatest bar EVER.
I love them
by JSwanson on 2/9/2009
I have tried many diet bars but these are the best. I started eating them over a year ago and once in a while would try another kind but keep coming back to the Wonder Slim bars because they are the least expensive and best tasting. I frequently eat one with my morning coffee and stay satisfied for several hours. Thanks for coming up with such a delicious bar that is also good for me.
by Chandra on 3/7/2009
There is not a single variety that I don't love. They are filling and really satisfy my sweet tooth.
They're Grrreaat...
by Renee on 3/15/2009
I am fond of all the wonderslim bars but naturally I have my preferences. At the top of my list are the Lemon Bars. The Peanut Butter Bar and the Peanut Butter Crunch Bar ties for second. Again I think all of the flavors are wonderful it is truly a matter of preference. I highly recommend the lemon bar if you like a sort of not too sweet tartness.
Great Product
by CWel on 3/19/2009
These are really tasty protein bars for the most part. I like the chocomint and butter pecan flavors. The chocmint reminds me of a York Patty. These bars don't have the nasty aftertaste that many protein bars have. The Cookies and Creme and the Toffee are good as well. Haven't tried the lemon but don't care for the peanut butter ones or the cinnamon. Too thick in the mouth and the cinnaom simply doesn't taste good.
Great tasting!
by Nick on 3/22/2009
I have tried all the flavours except Coconut and I like them all. I love having the lemon one in the morning for breakfast as it has a nice tang taste to it which I love. I find the bars just sweet enough and filling so that I'm not hunting the house for something else to eat.
Brownie bar
by Sandreano on 3/24/2009
All these bar are so much better if you heat them up for 15 sec. The Brownie one is like a fresh brownie out of the oven.
All the bars I have had were great!!!
by on 3/26/2009
I have tried the peanut butter bar which was great it tasted just like real creamy peanut butter and chocolate. The carmel nut bars are great they taste like snickers my husband tried the double chocolate bars and said they were good too. I just recently tried the mint chocolate and thought they were good too. Can't wait to try more flavors. (Updated on 3/27/2009.)
by on 4/12/2009
I love this bar! - Sonia
No wonder you're slim!
by NBradley on 4/15/2009
These are a wonderful tasting healthy protein alternative for snaking. I eat one of these a day for that afternoon hunger pang. These taste great are a great source of protein and buy them in bulk for the best deal ever.. I will definitely recommend these to my friends...Thanks DietDirect!
Not a bad bar in the bunch!
by Tootsiebabe on 4/20/2009
I love these bars and that says a lot because I am VERY picky about what I eat. IF it doesnt taste good Im not wasting my calorie allowance on it! I have tried all the flavors of this Wonder Slim brand and have loved them all. The Butter Pecan and Peanut Butter are my favorites! I swear you cannot go wrong with these!
Peanut butter Crisp bar
by Kay on 4/24/2009
excellent tasting bar. Cures the Sweet toothe and doesn't have an after taste.
Great Tasting Bars
by losing it on 5/1/2009
All the bars I have tried so far taste great. I can't complain i actually look forward to my one bar a day.
Satisfying and tasty
by Marion on 5/6/2009
All the bars are good but I prefer the butter pecan and lemon bars over the others. I eat them during the day when I am the hungriest. They are tasty filling and curb my hunger. I love to take small bites and savor the chocolate taste for a little while before actually eating the bars. Better than a candy bar!
This product is indescribable.
by Carol DeVault on 5/11/2009
The peanut butter crisp is my ultimate in chocolate test and peanut buttery taste. Is is delicious.
I love the Chocomint
by [email protected] on 5/17/2009
I eat nutrition bars all the time and received a free sample from this site in one of my orders. It was the Chocomint. I NEVER would have ordered it on my own but after tasting it I fell in love with them Just a lite hint of mint over a deep dark chocolate Hummmmmm wonderful. And best of all they are so filling. I just ordered more and will keep them in the house regularly.
great chocolate fix
by cindy on 5/18/2009
one of the reasons I love this diet is because it offers a snack that keeps you from cheating. The snack bars fill my craving for chocolate and keep me on track.
Grandsons love them
by Karrie on 6/17/2009
My grandsons ages 3 and 5 love these. We have always had a difficult time getting them to eat breakfast so when they started preschool and needed to eat early the 5 year old saw these in my cupboard and wanted one. They love them. They know they are good for them but they feel like they are getting candy for breakfast.
These are my favorite bars!!!!
by Karen on 6/22/2009
These are my favorite of all the bars I have purchased. I have tried all flavors and haven't found any I don't like. They really taste like candy bars and are a real treat. I am a chocolate lover but really like the Lemon Crisp.My favorite is the Peanut Butter Crisp followed by the Butter Toffee Chocomint and Caramel Butter Pecan.
The BEST Bars Ever
by Kim on 6/24/2009
I can not say enough good things about the bars. I have them with me at all times. The bars along with the smoothies have helped me lose a total of 32 pounds. Love love love this product! Butter toffee bars are to die for!
Can't help but to love them
by sag on 7/18/2009
I love these protein bars.
by Shewolf on 8/12/2009
I belong to a weight loss center that is only in SW FL. The bars drinks puddings soups etc at Diet Direct are identical to what they sell. I was paying $16 a box & saw that I could get the exact same thing here for $6 less a box! I am hooked & have already placed 2 orders & have been thrilled with the products. I even told someone at work who has a neighbor on the same weight loss program as me & they ordered from here also! Everything tastes wonderful & my favorite is the chocomint bars! I just happened to stumble on this site & I am glad I did.
Tastes like a Mounds bar to me!!!
by STodd on 9/2/2009
I really like the Chocolate Coconut bars. They remind me of a Mounds bar in some way. Very satisfying.
Almost Too Good
by SrJ on 9/9/2009
I have purchased the peanut butter bars with the chocolate coating and they are almost TOO good. I need to keep them locked away and have someone ration them to me.
Love These
by barbbjo on 9/24/2009
I can't believe how good these bars are. I bought the chocolate peanut butter and peanut butter crisp. I haven't tried the pb crisp yet but know they will be good as well. The great reviews are what talked me into buying them the taste is what sold me on the product. I will purchase more.
by on 10/15/2009
Wonder Slim Protein Bars are wonderful!!! Right now I'm on a cookie dough kick I have a protein for breakfast almost every morning.
These bars are OUTSTANDING!!!
by Chadder on 11/1/2009
These bars are truely OUTSTANDING !!! I've tried them ALL -- The only one that I like the least is the choco/coconut....My all time favorite is the Chocolate/Mint !!! Yummy !! My only concern is that they taste so good it's like eating a candy bar that it almost makes me want to have another one-- I have to stop and limit myself to one per day !! I would without a doubt -- definetly recommend these bars.
by littleLo on 1/27/2010
Ok this is my first review & I just need to warn u guys once u taste one it's hard 2 stop! =D I've tried most of the flavors & I LOVE them all but I think the best ones are cookie dough coconut chocolate & the peanut butter flavours...they are just MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmm................ (Updated on 1/28/2010.)
Chocomint all the way!
by Cheryl on 2/5/2010
The Chocomint bar is out of this WORLD. It satisfies my chocolate craving and is very decadent. The others? Ehh they all pretty much taste the same to me (have that signature 'protein bar' taste to them) and I wasn't a fan but I will order Chocomint by the caseload for sure!
by charlie on 2/7/2010
Coconut and cookies and cream are the best in my opinion--creamy little or no aftertaste. Much better than medifast bars and no sick feeling after consuming--easier to digest? The mint is very good too--peanut butter not so great but edible.
WonderSlim Protein Snack Bars
by on 2/8/2010
Totally LOVE the tangy lemon bars and really really like the oatmeal/cinnamon/raisin bars - so far the two that I have tried and immediately ordered more of the lemon bars. YUM!
Perfect for your chocolate fix
by Debbie S on 2/28/2010
Anyone who reads this and is a chocolateaholic must order the double chocolate and the chocolate mint bars. They are the best. No weird after-taste and the chocolate flavor isn't chemical-tasting.
No way! It tastes good AND is good for you?
by NPDPM on 3/1/2010
So my first bar from wonderslim was the caramel brownie nut. My first thought was HOLY H*** is that good. No kidding I thought i'd picked up a regular candy bar by mistake. These have 160 or 170 calories in them - my box has the two values type over one another so not sure which- which is a little bit more than the other popular liquid diet's bars- but trust me- THESE TASTE A MILLION TIMES BETTER! don't waste your money with the other company's bars- buy these instead. Can't wait to try the other flavors....
Variety Pack! Taste Them All
by Claire on 3/5/2010
Try all the flavors when you buy the variety pack. They are all good!
Just Like A Chocolate Covered Macaroon
by Missouri Fat Boy on 4/7/2010
I have a sweet tooth. Probably why I am ordering diet food off this site. I ordered the Chocolate Coconut snack bars. Just opened my first one about 10 minutes ago. These are awesome. They remind me of a healthier version of a Chocolate Macaroon. They don't contain that much Coconut so don't think it will have a Macaroon's texture but the flavors are def there. Better than getting something from the snack machine and just as satisfying. Diet Direct had good prices and the product shipped quickly will order here again.
Umm...You sure this isn't a candy bar?
by Trishie on 4/21/2010
I have tried the Caramel Brownie Caramel Toffee Chocomint and Butter Pecan. If you gave me these without the wrapper I would swear that they were high fat high carb candy bars. Very delicious treats much much better than the other protein bars you get in health stores. Don't feel guilty eating these you're doing your body good. (Updated on 4/22/2010.)
Taste like a candy bar--No Diet taste
by KD on 4/27/2010
These are the best protein/diet bars that I've eaten. There is no chemical or soy taste and they leave you satisfied with a full feeling.
Better than Medifast
by Rosie on 5/8/2010
Really like these bars. Very flavorful. Some are not my favorite not because of poor quality. It's a matter of personal taste. I think they stay with you longer than Medifast and are soooo.... much cheaper.
Tastes Better Than Popular Candy Bars
by BobbyG on 5/13/2010
So far I have tried the Caramel Butter Pecan flavor and I am ordering more. These snack bars are insane they are so-o-o good! You can see and taste the creamy caramel in the bar and the taste is like a gourmet truffle. The chocolate coating is like buttuh! I was really surprised when I took the first bite of one of these bars. It really tastes better than a typical candy bar and I was completely satisfied after eating. The best part is that is has nutritional value. I eat one before I work out and it gives me energy and also protein for building at the same time. I sound like a commercial. I am an average consumer. I just was blown away by how good these bars taste. I just ordered some more. I'm going to try the sampler pack.
Couldn't live without these on a diet!
by Mandy on 6/8/2010
Chocomint is OMG so good! My other favorites are peanut butter crunch and chocolate coconut! Absolutely delicious. I have also tried oatmeal cinnamon raisin lemon crisp and toffee. These are pretty good as well but not my favorites. I did not like the nut brownie ones... they tasted too much like fake chocolate.
The caramel ones rock!!!!!
by Jeanelld on 7/4/2010
The primary reason I gained weight is due to my unhealthy addiction to sugar. So I was nervous about being able to be successful on this diet as I have sabotaged so many diets with my sugar addiction. But then I discovered the Caramel Butter Pecan and the Caramel Brownie Nut (my fav of the two). They are so tasty and satisfying. It's nice to feel as though I am indulging and staying on plan.
We love these bars!
by Jeanne on 7/5/2010
We love these Chocolate Coconut bars. We carry them in our cars and briefcases for that needed snack when things get hectic. We like them all - but the coconut is our favorite.
love these
by abby on 9/7/2010
LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I have had them all. My favorite is carmel butter pecan and butter toffee. Not too crazy about the creamy cookie or oatmeal raisin. My only problem is limiting myself to 1 a day.
carmel butter pecan
by smitty_2648 on 9/11/2010
OMG!!! I got this as a sample and it was so good... I'd rather have this bar than a candy bar! Plus knowing the added protein and vitamins makes me know that its good for me too. I've also had the lemon crisp and it's like it melted in my mouth! I can't wait to try all the other flavors and I'm so thankful to WS that they have so many to chose from! It makes planning my meals FUN!
Taste REALLY good
by Peg on 9/27/2010
The Chocolate Peanutbutter Bars are my favorite. They taste so good it is like having a forbidden dessert!!
Awesome bars!
by gette on 10/10/2010
These bars are all good! I love the chocolate peanut butter...it's as good or even better than a fattening and bad for you candy bar!
Fantastic Treat
by jenniferlynne76 on 10/15/2010
The Wonderslim snack bars are a real treat. In fact they're so good you'll forget your even eating diet food. I've tried all of the flavors and each one is as good as the next. Great texture and taste. Favorites include the Peanut Butter Crisp (think Butterfinger) the ChocoMint (like a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie) the Cookie Dough (a must for lovers of cookie dough ice cream) the Chocolate Coconut (think Girl Scout Samoa cookies) and the Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin (just like a soft oatmeal raisin cookie). Honestly you can't go wrong with any of these fantastic flavors.
by esilva on 11/3/2010
So far I have tried the Chocomint Chocolate and Peanut Butter Crisp and all are very delicious! They curb that craving for chocolate I tend to get in my day. The chocolate are quite yummy!
Protein Diet Bars
by EAH on 1/14/2011
Peanut Butter Crisp is not my thing which is odd because I LOVE peanut butter. All the other flavors have been either good or GREAT.
by esj on 1/15/2011
Awesome flavor-texture and loads of fulfilling chocolate.
I could not live without these bars!
by DEH on 1/19/2011
I love the Tangy Lemon and Cookie Dough bars. I just tried the Creamy Cookie for the first time. They were very good but the two mentioned above blow me away!
Excellent texture
by Nanajan on 1/20/2011
These bars are an excellent way to avoid vending machines!!
Love these bars.
by SusieD on 1/24/2011
I especially like the Butter Toffee and Caramel Butter Pecan. Yummy and fills that craving. I really like the chewy texture too!
by MNic2 on 1/28/2011
Good bars: creamy rich. Wish there was a really CHEWY bar that takes a lot time to eat but these are good. My favorite so far - (always) ChocoMint
Delicious bar.
by Fpisano on 1/30/2011
This protein bar is absolutely delicious. My favorite flavor is the Chocomint.
The best protein bar I have ever tasted!
by dalin on 1/31/2011
I received my Protein Bars today and could not wait to try them. I ordered the Chocolate Peanut Butter. I have to say they are the best protein bars I have EVER TASTED.. Finally something that not only tastes wonderful but has a high protein content. All I can say is thank you...
Wonderslim snack bar
by bonron on 2/4/2011
The carmel butter pecan is my favorite. It is a great replacement for unhealthy sweets. Very good tasting protein snack bar.
Always Outstanding
by stevi1123 on 2/4/2011
I've been purchasing these bars for years now and they continue to be my favorites. I cut the bar into 8 small bite-sized squares and make them last a while as if I'm eating fine chocolates. They are so delicious! I highly recommend all flavors but the Choc/Peanut Butter is my favorite. The Caramel is thick and chewy and is very easy to make last longer because of the rich chewy texture. ALL of the flavors are outstanding.
Best product ever
by LovesChips on 2/8/2011
Okay now that I have tried each flavor (except the chocolate coconut) all I can say is WOW! They are all delicious and make this diet easier to stay on. I will be ordering up the only flavor I don't have real soon. My first try was a lemon crisp and I thought I died and went to heaven. If you eat these very slowly with small bites and drink water after it's very filling. Great job on these bars!!!! I would like to add that I have now tried the coconut bars and like the others they are delicious! All I can say is I could live off these bars!!!! :-) (Updated on 2/9/2011.)
A Critically Yummy Part of My Eating Plan
by jchick on 2/14/2011
Cookie Dough is my favorite but so are Caramel Butter Pecan Creamy Cookie Caramel Brownie Nut and Chocolate Coconut. One of these and a hot drink keeps me perking along all afternoon - or morning. Great for travel; always have one in my purse for emergencies.
by Tillie on 2/14/2011
I love these bars. I would rather have one of these rather than a candy bar. Gotta try them!
WonderSlim Protein Snack Bars
by on 3/6/2011
Freakin AWESOME! (Updated on 3/7/2011.)
Really Yummy!
by Wahlymom on 3/6/2011
These are the best protein bars I have tried. They taste more like a treat than a diet bar. So far the Cinnamon Raisin is my favorite!
Very good
by mkejake on 3/9/2011
I really like these. Good flavor not too much of a protein bar taste. I specifically like the Tangy Lemon Crisp and Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin. I find myself looking forward to these at lunch time.
Yummy bar
by Jess on 3/11/2011
I highly recommend the caramel nut brownie caramel one. It's yummy. I didn't care for cookie dough - it tasted like fake vanilla-ish. I haven't tried them all but I find it hard to imagine there are any that are better than the caramel brownie one. Get that one! You won't be disappointed.
WonderSlim Protein Snack Bars (7 Servings/Box)
by Kim on 3/14/2011
Delicious like a real chocolate bar!
Wonderslim snack bars
by DGibson on 3/20/2011
These are my favorite treat! They make a great reward . . bonus can have one every day. Without these I couldn't remain on track with my diet! Chocolate and Mint Chocolate . . . yum yum yum!
Hard to believe it's a diet bar !
by Jane on 3/24/2011
The peanut butter crisp is SO good it's hard to believe it's a diet bar ! Nothing in the stores tastes as good as this one.
These bars are the best
by Kevin on 3/25/2011
All the Wonderslim bars are good and very handy when traveling. So much better than anything I can find in any variety store. I love the new Tangy Lemon.
by Donna on 3/26/2011
Great bar! I have to say it is nice to have found a website that you can get low calorie bars with plenty of protein that actually taste delicious!
by KABlack on 4/12/2011
These bars are the greatest. They taste a lot like a candy bar.
ChocoMint Snack Bar
by Neila on 4/12/2011
ChocMint is so awesome!
by Roverah on 4/24/2011
Tastes like a Thin Mint cookie or a Andies Mint candy. Soooo good it is so hard to stop at one! You feel like you are cheating but you aren't!
I love these bars
by Debbie on 4/26/2011
These bars are great! I will always have them around when I have a sweet tooth.
Great Bars
by dDilworth on 4/27/2011
I have been ordering from Diet Direct for the last three years. I love the bars they have great taste without all the calories.
The Best By Far!
by Steve on 5/13/2011
Fantastic Treat Bar! with/out all the calories.
I love Wonderslim bars!
by on 5/16/2011
I have tried all the flavors and like them all (some more than others). I like to eat them after working out at the gym. Also good to satisfy my sweet tooth. I highly recommend them!
by Stephanie on 6/1/2011
Yum! I got the chocolate chip cookie dough and the cocomint flavors. Both are very good and help me achieve my weight loss goals while satisfying my sweet tooth! Will buy again (and again and again!)
I love these bars!
by Jcdp on 6/6/2011
These bars taste great and are convenient for my schedule. I travel a lot and make sure I always have these bars with me instead of eating unhealthy airport/airline food. I use them as meal substitutes and they are very filling. You almost feel like you're cheating because they taste so good.
Wonderslim Protein Diet Bars
by Christy on 6/9/2011
I buy them for myself and two other people. We love them and use them all the time. We recommend them to our friends. Love the variety of flavors.
Just like a fudge brownie
by Deb on 6/15/2011
The chocolate caramel nut bar tastes just like a fudge brownie. GREAT!
very good
by kclay on 6/16/2011
Chocomint and Creamy cookie are my very favorites. Very good desert/snack instead of the junk I used to eat. Very much helping me keep on track.
by Tammy on 6/19/2011
These are divine! So delicious... it IS hard to eat just one.
ChocoMint Bars
by Phyllis B on 6/19/2011
Chocomint bars are my favorite! They make each day a success by curbing your chocolate craving while filling you up! I eat them daily and highly recommend them!
WonderSlim is a Wonder Bar
by RTB on 6/20/2011
Great tasting snack bar that's low cal and high protein. Great compliment to my daily diet!
Chocolate Peanut Butter
by Amy4 on 7/4/2011
This is one of my favorite bars. Hits the spot when craving a candy bar.
Great tasting bar...great snack for on the go people...
by SJB on 7/4/2011
Great tasting Bar....great for on-the-go people...
really tasty
by on 7/8/2011
These bars are very filling and tasty. I'm so happy I found Diet direct. So much better then the other company "MediF...".
Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin:
by hercaleez21 on 7/14/2011
Delicious! The best "diet" dessert/snack I have had in a long time!
These bars are great
by BJ on 8/7/2011
I love these bars. My fav's are: Choco Mint Caramel Butter Pecan and Caramel Brownie Nut. No aftertaste just good taste.
chocolate snack bar
by kittykat3 on 8/7/2011
I love the chocolate snack bar! It is rich and chocolatey! With no bad after taste. I eat this as a snack with a piece of fruit and I feel full until lunch! I also like the oatmeal raisin! It is like eating a cookie so I would say try the variety pack so you can find your favorite. I know mine's is chocolate!
My Absolute Favorite Bar!!
by Tricia on 8/11/2011
No doubt about it this bar is my absolute favorite bar from all the diet protein bars out there! I LOVE IT!! Not too sweet not too bland and a soft delicious texture that's to die for! The only thing that could make it a bit better for me would be if you could make it closer to 100 calories rather than the 150 calories per bar so I could have it more often on my 1100 calorie-per-day regimen. It's smaller than some bars but the taste is so delicious that I truly look forward to every bite. Awesome!!
Tasty and Very Satisfying
by ladym on 8/12/2011
These bars are big and filling. Add a glass of water and cravings will be gone!
Chocolate Coconut Bar
by aCan2 on 8/16/2011
Absolutely Love the Chocolate Coconut Bar! If you like Mound candy bars I totally recommend! Almost feels like I'm cheating while eating this bar :)
Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin
by Bobbi on 8/21/2011
I LOVE these bars especially with coffee in the morning. I have always been a fan of oatmeal bars and these remind me of some I used to eat when I was younger. They have a great cinnamon taste and the yogurt coating is a nice finishing touch. Of all of the flavors this is my favorite. If you are a fan of cinnamon and oatmeal; try these. (Updated on 8/22/2011.)
Love the bars!
by Patty on 8/23/2011
I hate to call them nutritional. More like candy. I hide them from my husband to keep him from eating them all!
Tasty bars
by Mary on 9/2/2011
These are very nice after exercising. Nice snack to help sugar cravings and for a boost in the afternoon. I wish it didn't have aspartame in them sometimes because aspartame bothers me. I like the peanut butter and chocolate the best (Updated on 9/3/2011.)
Coco Mint is like Girl Scout Cookies.
by Annmarie0128 on 9/3/2011
They are all good but the cocoa mint are outstanding and make a wonderful treat! I even share them with friends! Even non dieters like these! Wow!
Chocolate bar - Cures a Chocoholic Craving...
by shoshe on 9/20/2011
OMG.. just had my first one. It's a chocolate overload if you're not that in to chocolate but for me it's exactly what my choco-monster self was craving at the moment. Yum-o.
Tastes like I'm cheating
by Vicki on 10/1/2011
I haven't yet tried all of these but there are several that are delicious -- chocomint caramel butter pecan chocolate oatmeal and raisin chocolate peanut butter. I'm looking forward to trying the caramel brownie nut. These definitely satisfy my desire for a chocolate treat.
Makes me feel like I'm cheating...
by DMiller on 10/8/2011
Love these bars! My husband and I are on Medifast and use some WS products as a change of pace especially the WS bars and shakes. I LOVE these bars! They really are a treat so I have one a day in the evening as dessert and I feel like I've had a candy bar so it really satisfies that sweet craving. All of the flavors are good (except for cookie dough) with Caramel Butter Pecan being my favorite. Definitely try these!
Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin
by meesch on 10/19/2011
I was looking for something easy in the morning (a protein bar) and tried this UH! SOO GLAD i did! Its soft and sweet like a cinnamon roll I have to eat it slow or ill want another. Highly recommend.
Best protein bars on the market
by Dina on 11/6/2011
When I am hungry and want something sweet these bars hit the spot. They take my hunger away for hours and satisfy my sweet tooth.
by ksp on 11/14/2011
I love the chocolate. This is really the best thing I have bought. I like the mint chocolate but note near as much. I have recommended to friends and family. I buy enough to share. I am stress eater so I use these at work when I am under deadline provides reward for me. (Updated on 11/15/2011.)
Caramel Butter Pecan bar is to die for.
by DeeW on 11/17/2011
I absolutely cannot order any more of these. They are too good! I want to eat the whole box.
by cRae on 11/27/2011
The Caramel Butter Pecan is better than any candy bar I could eat. I've been using these bars for some time now and being almost 4 years out from having had Bariatric Surgery these bars are plenty sweet enough for my taste. I also like the Butter Toffee. Thanks for a good product.
Like a Guiltless Candy Bar!
by CAvant on 12/1/2011
These snack bars are delicious satisfying and I just love them!!
Wonderslim Protein Bars are GREAT!
by ST on 12/19/2011
The WonderSlim and BariWise bars are so good. Hard not to overeat but they work well as a snack or meal replacement. I highly recommend!
by Theresa on 12/27/2011
So good I plan to order a box. Yummy. I loved this bar.
by plpkmk on 12/30/2011
I got the peanut butter one in the try me box and it was also the free sample so I was happy that they tasted so good. Tasted like a candy bar to me! I would definitely buy these!
These are just TOO good!
by DMC on 1/20/2012
My review is for the Caramel Butter Pecan mostly - these bars are so incredibly GOOD that I seriously look forward to eating one everyday! Which isn't a problem as long as I stay within my plan I'm able to have one. It's like looking forward to a Milky Way bar (well not quite but you get the point). The Peanut Butter Crisp is pretty tasty too. I'm ordering both again but getting lots of the CBP. Haven't tried any others yet. But I plan to try Chocolate Coconut too. Where is the Butter Toffee that I keep reading about elsewhere? Was it discontinued?
Delicious and filling!
by Jennifer on 1/23/2012
Love these bars especially caramel brownie nut and Chocomint. They are very filling too! The Bariwise bars are a little yummier but not nearly as filling as the WS bars so I eat both kinds depending on my mood!
Brilliant Convenience
by Karma on 1/28/2012
With busy schedules everyday the Wonderslim bars are not only tasty but more so convenient to pack in the briefcase daily. Having the confidence of staying to my daily protein yet the taste of a chocolate bar is simply great!
Great taste and very filling
by Tls on 2/1/2012
I haven't had one bar yet that didn't taste great! They are very filling and great when I'm in a hurry and don't have time for anything else.
Peanut Butter Crisp
by missmary on 2/2/2012
Very tasty and satisfies the chocolate craving (Updated on 2/3/2012.)
Great products
by owatt on 2/20/2012
These bars are superior in quality and taste to any other nutrition bars that I have tried. Low calories and great taste!!
Caramel Butter Pecan
by Titi on 2/21/2012
I really like these bars especially the caramel butter pecan! Still have to try the coconut and the gourmet bars but I have not been disappointed so far. These snack bars come in handy for a quick yummy snack!
Feels like you're cheating, but you're not!
by Sully on 2/24/2012
Dense texture and really satisfying. I'm a huge peanut butter fan and this is really a treat. Next best thing to a Reese cup.
O these are great
by MJG on 2/24/2012
I look so forward to these and eat one every day My favorite!
by Ajblaker on 2/26/2012
These taste great! I have to stop myself from eating more than 1 at a time :)
better than a peanut butter cup
by debsee on 3/2/2012
This is my new need for sweet craver breaker. When I feel hungry or the need for chocolate I go to my peanutbutter crisp bar for great taste and satisfying crunch with a chocolate fix.
Very nice snack
by J.Walker on 3/5/2012
I have tried 3 of the different varieties & really like these as an afternoon snack. Helps get past those workday cravings. I have to admit my favorite is Chocolate. Also like Chocolate Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter Crisp.
What a treat!
by kathilynne32 on 3/5/2012
These are high quality tasty snacks. I love the Chocolate Mint - tastes like a chewy Girl Scout Thin Mint. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is another fave. Highly recommend!
Carmel Brownie Nut Bar
by Deb on 3/13/2012
These are the greatest. They taste just like a chocolate covered brownie and they are very filling. A GREAT way to spend some calories.
Love, love, love!!!
by Amy on 3/13/2012
These Caramel Butter Pecan bars are delish!!! Definitely satisfy my sweet tooth and the added bonus is the protein and fiber. All for just 150 calories! Can't wait to try the other flavors.
Wonderslim Protein bars
by A7M on 3/17/2012
These protein bars are excellent. I haven't had much experience with protein bars so I'm glad these are very good. I love the chocolate coconut protein bars. Makes me think I'm eating an Almond Joy candy bar. I am very happy with the tastes and texture of these protein bars.
Love Thin Mint Cookies??
by Treynolds on 3/28/2012
The chocomint flavor bars taste like a thin mint cookie!! They hit the spot and satisfy the sweet tooth!!
WonderSlim Protein Snack Bars
by kat on 3/31/2012
very good best bar i've ever tried. satisfying too. bought more.
WonderSlim Protein Snack Bars
by Frank on 4/3/2012
Bars are convenient and I think as good as the MF bars which are the only other diet/high protein bars I have tried.
Creamy Cookie
by on 4/6/2012
OMG I love the creamy cookie. It tastes just like an oreo. I've been missing oreos since I started this low carb diet and these hit the spot every time!
Better than a peanut butter cup
by Tracey on 4/7/2012
I did not expect the Peanut Butter Crisp to taste this good. This not only takes care of my afternoon chocolate fix it also gives me the boost I need to get me through the day until I arrive home.
by betrimsoon on 4/10/2012
These remind me of a Clark Bar. Very good.
Great protein bars
by Rod on 4/11/2012
These are all great tasting bars. Ordered the sample pack. Didn't find one I didn't like.
by Patty on 4/12/2012
Delicious peanut butter bars. I will surely order these again. (Updated on 4/13/2012.)
Great tasty bars
by Kristy on 4/16/2012
The bars are really good and take care of the sweet cravings.
WonderSlim Protein Snack Bars
by on 4/20/2012
Wonderful Bars!
by Airen08 on 4/24/2012
These bars are a life saver in the evenings after dinner when you need that something sweet for dessert. My favorite is the Caramel Butter Pecan followed by Creamy Cookie which tastes like oreos to me. Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter Crisp are two others that I tend to order. Have tried all the others but only come back to these four.
pb crisp tastes like a butterfinger!!!
by MrsKey on 4/26/2012
by robowife on 5/6/2012
These are as good as a candy bar to me. They definitely help with that in-between snack time. The hardest thing is limiting myself to just one a day :) (Updated on 4/9/2012.) (Updated on 5/7/2012.)
Keeping me on the plan
by jim on 5/13/2012
These little guys are helping me keep it all together. The caramel butter pecan peanut butter and caramel brownie a my personal favorites but I suggest trying a sampler pack to see what you like.
These are Grrrreat!!!
by mlv on 5/27/2012
Love the Cookie Cream. Tastes like I'm cheating. Oh and the Caramel Brownie Nut! It's all I need to get me through the day...Just one! Also love the Caramel Butter Pecan. Well there isn't one I don't like really!
I love these bars
by Roberta on 8/2/2012
My favorite are the peanut butter and coconut and chocolate ones. They are my dessert... I love them and order them all the time.
Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!
by Arlene on 8/4/2012
This has got to be the best protein bar I've ever had. If you have a craving for Mounds candy bar the Chocolate Coconut will do the trick.
So good I almost feel like I'm cheating!
by Ashli on 8/13/2012
If you gave one of these bars to a stranger on the street they'd swear it was a regular candy bar with tons of calories and no healthy ingredients. I LOVE having these bars around to satisfy my NEED for chocolate but at the same time keep on my diet plan. The protein keeps me satisfied long after the sugar rush and crash would have happened with a regular candy bar. Thanks for offering such great products! Chocolate and Chocomint are my favorites.
Mint and Chocolate
by CSharp on 8/13/2012
The mint and chocolate are my very faves. The other flavors disappoint me.
by vollengineer on 8/13/2012
The less-than-five star ratings must be for OTHER bars. Because the chocomint bars are 5-star all the way. Delicious. Filling. Delicious. and Delicious.
by minnesotasue on 8/13/2012
These bars are creamy and delicious! We like them frozen on a warm summer day too!
wow. . .
by heydoll on 8/13/2012
These little bars pack a BIG punch. I've tried peanut butter crisp creamy cookie and caramel butter pecan. My favorite is the caramel butter pecan by far. So glad I found these bars to add to my diet; delicious and filling. :)
Peanut Butter Crisp Bars--Yummy!
by tendercactus on 8/13/2012
These bars are very good for just 150 cals. Kind of like a candy bar which are about 220 cals so it's a good deal as far as calories go. I have a pretty big appetite so I don't think I would use them as a meal replacement but I like one as a snack.
Best Bar I've Tried Yet?
by Ms. Lynn on 8/13/2012
Very filling and delicious Bar that I enjoy for a between meals. (Updated on 7/3/2012.)
Satisfying treat
by on 8/13/2012
These are really delicious! They are very satisfying too. Its like eating a candy bar without the fat calories and carbs of a real candy bar. I let my mom try one and she was amazed at how long it left her feeling full. By eating a healthy diet and eating protein bars I have steadily been losing weight. (Updated on 7/10/2012.)
great tasting
by shelleyjoe on 8/15/2012
Probably the best taste
by Chris on 8/15/2012
Protein bars
by DPotts on 12/25/2008
These are so delicious you'll feel guilty when enjoying them.
by Susan on 3/10/2008
The brownie is wonderful. It tastes decadent! Really for a "chocolate lover".
Delicious Bars
by Sheila on 8/29/2012
These bars are almost too delicious! My favourites are mint brownie and toffee.
by Sheryn on 6/27/2008
YUMMY tasting! Easy to carry in your purse or brief case. Light crispy filling. I can't wait to try all the flavors. Love the chocolate mint. WOW!
Brownie Bar is AWESOME!
by Gloria on 3/2/2008
The Brownie Bar is awesome! It really does taste like a real brownie with a layer of caramel.
Hits the spot
by Julie on 8/29/2012
With these espcially the chocolate (like the Brownie Bar) you definitely feel like you're indulging! Really hits the spot!
Like a Milky Way
by LaChar on 8/29/2012
I tried the Butter Pecan Bar as part of my Sample Pak & loved the caramel layer. Reminded me of a more dense Milky Way. Great bargain at 150 calories and 10 grams of protein! Would definitely buy!
I LOVE these bars!
by Shari on 8/29/2012
Love these bars. I have tried many different ones and have found these to be the best. Very tasty and very filling. Great for an easy snack.
by sheila c.forestscott on 5/15/2008
i got 3 as a sample mint and double chocolate and i'm ordering them today "they are greattt!!!!" as tony the tiger would say...i'm in love and now i don't have to cheat anymore...
by Brenda Haberin on 4/6/2008
After my surgery I found it difficult to keep any food down. When I discovered these protein bars I was relieved to see that not only was I getting the proper nutrition it actually stayed down. Thanks a Bunch!
I love these bars
by crickett on 1/14/2009
I love these bars. I have ordered them several times. They taste wonderful and are a great substitute when you get an urge for a candy bar or something sweet. I usually get the variety pack.
A Real Treat!
by c2roses on 1/18/2009
I am a big fan of these bars! I took the time to read all the reviews and concur that they are wonderful. My favorites are the mint ones but the toffee and the coconut are wonderful treats. They are flavors I do not typically get in my diet post RNY.
Great as a snack
by Shirl on 2/15/2009
These are a great for afternoon or evening snack. My favorites are the Lemon Crunch and Chocolate Mint.
by BlahYaddaBlah on 5/11/2009
Love these bars! I like all of the flavours. Great for tricking yourself into thinking you are having a "treat".
by BobUrquhart on 6/15/2009
I have tried several varities of these bars and found all of them to be great. I am post surgery RNY and have had no problems with "dumping" from these bars. I eat one most afternoons about 3 p.m. My favorites are the Lemon Cruch and the Butter Pecan. You would not know you are eating a healthy snack!!!
This product is great
by LWoolard on 8/29/2012
I love this product. it can be a little sweet but when you have a chocolate craving it works
This stuff was great
by D Chavez on 2/8/2010
OMG I loved these bars. I had the mint chocolate ones & they were very good. I couldn't taste a whole lot of vitamins like most bars. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends & family!!
Wonderful product
by 4321gorham on 4/30/2010
I rate these bars a 10. They are so good!!! My favorites are: Caramel Brownie Nut and Butter Toffee I only eat 1 bar a day with my lunch. Great product for Gastric bypass patients. (Updated on 5/1/2010.)
Really great to satisfy craving for candy bar (really nutritious & a lot less calories).
by Linda S on 8/29/2012
The best protein bar so far
by Satyavati on 9/29/2010
As a post surgery patient I'm always worrying about getting enough protein in and I have tried numerous protein bars. Generally they're all the same with a terrible texture and a weird aftertaste. This was completely different; it was actually really good. It didn't have that mouth feel that tells you you're eating a protein bar and the taste was excellent. I was very pleasantly surprised because I was expecting something relatively horrible like the other protein bars (from retail stores) that I've had. I'm planning on ordering these again.
Loved These
by Soxy on 11/5/2010
I bought the Chocolate Mint and the Caramel Brownie Nut. I found the caramel brownie nut to taste something like a milky way bar. I love chocolate and mint and these tasted great. Definitely recommend that you try what you think you might like. You won't be disappointed. You have 12 flavors to choose from!
by Stacie on 2/28/2011
I love the Caramel Butter Pecan. I eat these for breakfast and think they are great. (Updated on 3/1/2011.)
The is my most favorite product by far!!!
by mreed on 2/6/2011
Words simply cannot describe how wonderful the CaramelButter Pecan diet bar is! It is very satisfying to my pesky sweet tooth.
by Steph on 2/22/2011
I bought a box of the Brownie Nut bars and they are wonderful!! They don't have an awful protein taste or texture and they are just the right size to replace a meal or have a snack on the run. One of my favorite protein bars! I definitely need more of these!!
My tastebuds don't know the difference!
by LaurieS on 8/29/2012
The next best thing to having a Reese's peanut buttercup without the guilt! My 6 yr old loves the bars too!
WonderSlim Diet Bars
by DWalker on 4/10/2011
I bought the variety box recently so I could try several flavors out. They are awesome. I even had my co-workers try them. They couldn't believe they tasted so good. Usually diet means they have a funny taste but not these bars they are fabulous!
great tasting
by shelleyjoe on 8/29/2012
Yummy tangy!!
by Ives on 5/3/2011
I really like the tangy lemon crisp protein bars. Nice change from chocolate vanilla and peanut butter. Truly tangy and nice to not have sugar alcohols or sucralose. Well done!!
A wonderful product
by monkeypickles on 5/10/2011
This product is great! If I feel like something sweet this will replenish the sweet tooth as well give me what I need. I have to eat this bar as 1 or 2 meals a day. The bars taste wonderful!
Probably the best taste
by Chris on 8/29/2012
Creamy Peanut Butter
by Carolyn on 6/7/2011
Although peanut butter is not MY favorite I have to admit this is a very good tasting bar. My husband and son LOVE it. I'm glad I found something they like so well.
by on 8/29/2012
Very Good!
Great as snack or small meal.
by Penny on 6/24/2011
I have tried several flavors of these are they are great. They are wonderful as a snack or for a very small meal.
Cookie Dough is best
by sfsue on 10/14/2011
The Cookie Dough are my definite favorites. Lemon is also good but doesn't have as much fiber so I tend to stick with Cookie Dough. The artificial sweetener gives me smelly gas if I eat too many so I just have one a day of my favorite and don't get the gas. (Updated on 10/15/2011.)
Very Yummy!
by Jeannie on 8/6/2011
I ordered the Cookie Dough and the Caramel Pecan; both are delicious and satisfying. Plan to order again and try all of the flavors!
by PBrought on 8/13/2011
Love Them! Chocolate is my kryptonite and this definitely takes care of the craving without feeling too guilty! Love them!
A great craving buster!
by DRitt on 8/26/2011
I was on a diet program that used the WonderSlim diet bars (and other products)but it wasn't until my sister had lap-band surgery that I found these online and so much cheaper than through the program. With the help of the WonderSlim products (and these bars especially) I was able to lose 85 pounds. I now get the diet bars to bust a candy craving or when I need a protein lift to get me through until something more substantial. There are so many flavors to choose from that it fits all my cravings! My Mom is very picky and she adores the coconut flavored bar. I'm happy to buy them for her "just because" and I know that she's getting extra protein and vitamins. I have two favs the Oatmeal Raisin and the Butter Toffee but I mix them up with other flavors and buy in quantity to get the best discount. Thanks WonderSlim!
Wonderslim chocolate coconut bars
by on 8/29/2012
This is the best protein bar I have ever eaten. It is still satisfying one year after my weight loss surgery. I have found I can actually eat half a bar and it will hold me for a while so I can stretch out the taste treat. I have tried numerous other flavors and really like them too. WonderSlim seems to have the secret to making high quality protein tasty!
Wonder Slim Peanut Butter Crisp
by Works on 9/17/2011
Of all the snack/protein bars in the line up this one is my favorite. It satisfies my craving for chocolate nuts and crunch without any sticky caramel.
by Cheryl on 9/18/2011
These are the best! Better than candy. My favorite are the coconut and the peanut butter!
Chocomint Wonderslim bar
by mjhuey on 10/25/2011
These are by far the best protein bars on the planet! I've tried all the others and keep coming back to these. They taste just like a mint Girl Scout cookie except you can have these and not feel guilty. Highly recommend!
by LennAdams on 12/6/2011
ChocoMint protein bars. Amazing. My first thought was a York Peppermint Patty. So good. If you like Peppermint Patties you have to try. (Updated on 12/7/2011.)
Great taste
by Melba on 12/26/2011
I love these products. Great taste and you feel full.
by Mom on 12/28/2011
Tastes great. I would definitely recommend
Very Good!!
by Ryan on 2/2/2012
I first tried the Chocomint bars and they taste just like a York Peppermint patty they are so good and don't have an awful chalky taste like some diet bars! I tried the Coconut ones after and they are the best taste so good!!
Yummy Bars
by Sharona on 2/5/2012
These bars are so good! I know that they are a bit higher in sugar but I am 4 months post-surgery (gastric sleeve) and even for me sugar can be problematic but not with these. I do split them in half because they are so satisfying. Thank you!
PB Crunch=Yummy!
by Lisa on 3/10/2012
Good n Peanuty!
Yummy snack bar!
by Doodalumma on 8/29/2012
If you love peanut butter like I do then get these bars for a really good PB hit without all the fat and calories. These are just delicious and will "carry you through" in that mid afternoon slump.
My favorite
by Amy on 8/29/2012
These are my favorite of these bars by far. The chocolate is also good.
Candy Bar
by Anna on 4/5/2012
The Caramel Butter Pecan is so good it has replaced the need for a candy bar in diet.
Shakes Rock !!
by Petey on 4/30/2012
These shakes rock !! They are a great way to snack without all the calories and stick to your plan!! They taste great!!
snack bars
by on 8/29/2012
I have had at least 6 or 7 of the snack bars. The biggest problem I have is only eating one at a time. The chocomint peanut butter and peanut butter crisp are the best. The chocolate brownie bar is very good also. The ones with the white coating are not as good.
Sweet and Filling!
by Southern Gal on 6/5/2012
Love all the flavors...great variety. Eat for breakfast or snacktime with hot coffee or cold water. Keeps me satisfied until lunchtime.
All of the Wonderslim Bars are Yummy
by Devona on 7/9/2012
I Love all the flavors in the Wonderslim Bars they taste so yummy and great for a snack when dieting. Will always keep my pantry full of these bars.
by Trish on 8/29/2012
I have had some disgusting protein bars but these were absolutely delicious. Will definitely be ordering them again.
by LAWilson on 7/22/2012
I have to say that the Caramel Butter Pecan taste's like a Turtle and the Chocolate Coconut takes like a Mounds Bar. The Peanut Butter Crisp taste's like a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. I have not tried the rest and maybe it's just that I have not had a candy bar since 2009 but OMG I LOVE these things. The one a day is a treat and it adds protein as well to my diet. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
by Alex on 10/18/2012
I can seriously LIVE off the chocomint flavor bars!! I haven't tried all of them yet but these are by far my favorite <3
WonderSlim Peanut Butter Crisp Snack Bars
by Craig on 10/25/2012
My wife is the main consumer in our family. She underwent Gastric Bypass surgery several years ago and after losing about 150 lbs, she has not gained any weight back. She is a registered nurse working 10 hour shifts at a hospital in the town where we live. She carries 2 or 3 WonderSlim Peanut Butter Crisp Snack Bars with her to munch on during her long days and loves them. We're up to ordering 6 to 8 boxes per month because she eats them so fast. I'm also using them to curb my appetite as I also try to lose weight. Great product. Craig
PB Crisp Bars
by Mrs. Bee on 2/22/2013
I love peanut butter, but when you diet, peanut better is a no-no.
Well not any more!!! These are very good and tasted like peanut butter should!
YAY!!! I'm really impressed!
A Real Treat!
by LuEllen on 3/19/2013
I loved it! Again, not one I would have probably ordered. It came in the sample box.
Next best thing to a candy bar.
by Christine on 4/1/2013
The Peanut Butter Crisp is a very satisfying snack. It's the next best thing to a candy bar without the additional calories. I always have them on hand to add to my purse on the way out of the house. Great as an afternoon snack.
Love these
by Karen on 4/6/2013
Sure helps with my cravings for a chocolate bar
Sooooo good
by Harley & Susan on 4/15/2013
Another bar with great taste, and no guilt.
by V on 5/2/2013
Love these
by Adele on 6/7/2013
Peanut Butter Crisp
by Sharon on 6/27/2013
Peanut Butter crisp tastes so good! Love that peanut taste!
My favorite snack bar of all
by nancy on 7/20/2013
LOVE THIS ONE - so much so that I think about it TOO OFTEN .
Great protein bar
by JW on 8/8/2013
I have continued to use these protein bars because they are filling and have high protein count. they don't boost blood sugar levels so they are great if sugar tolerance is a problem.
Can't resist!
by Mary on 8/29/2013
Only problem with the peanut butter crisps is that I can't stop thinking about them... I can't resist!! :-)
WonderSlim Peanut Butter Crisp Snack Bars
by Craig on 10/25/2012
My wife is the main consumer in our family. She underwent Gastric Bypass surgery several years ago and after losing about 150 lbs, she has not gained any weight back. She is a registered nurse working 10 hour shifts at a hospital in the town where we live. She carries 2 or 3 WonderSlim Peanut Butter Crisp Snack Bars with her to munch on during her long days and loves them. We're up to ordering 6 to 8 boxes per month because she eats them so fast. I'm also using them to curb my appetite as I also try to lose weight. Great product. Craig
PB Crisp Bars
by Mrs. Bee on 2/22/2013
I love peanut butter, but when you diet, peanut better is a no-no.
Well not any more!!! These are very good and tasted like peanut butter should!
YAY!!! I'm really impressed!
A Real Treat!
by LuEllen on 3/19/2013
I loved it! Again, not one I would have probably ordered. It came in the sample box.
Next best thing to a candy bar.
by Christine on 4/1/2013
The Peanut Butter Crisp is a very satisfying snack. It's the next best thing to a candy bar without the additional calories. I always have them on hand to add to my purse on the way out of the house. Great as an afternoon snack.
Love these
by Karen on 4/6/2013
Sure helps with my cravings for a chocolate bar
Sooooo good
by Harley & Susan on 4/15/2013
Another bar with great taste, and no guilt.
by V on 5/2/2013
Love these
by Adele on 6/7/2013
Peanut Butter Crisp
by Sharon on 6/27/2013
Peanut Butter crisp tastes so good! Love that peanut taste!
My favorite snack bar of all
by nancy on 7/20/2013
LOVE THIS ONE - so much so that I think about it TOO OFTEN .
Great protein bar
by JW on 8/8/2013
I have continued to use these protein bars because they are filling and have high protein count. they don't boost blood sugar levels so they are great if sugar tolerance is a problem.
Can't resist!
by Mary on 8/29/2013
Only problem with the peanut butter crisps is that I can't stop thinking about them... I can't resist!! :-)
My favorite
by Roy on 9/27/2013
Love these bars. Wish the price had not increased some much over the years. Lost 80 lbs. first time I used these bars.*

* Results not typical. Weight loss will vary for each person based on their individual weight, metabolism, age, activity level and commitment to their plan.
Not Bad At All
by Carlasb02 on 7/1/2014
I avoid bars that say "crunch" on them because I am a denture wearer so I was leary when I opened the pack. It is not crunchy at all but so very good!! I am a peanut butter junkie and this hit the spot!!!
by Salpie on 9/24/2014
I love every single bar of wonderslim
by ANGELA on 12/27/2014
This bar, in my opinion, is the best bar that Wonderslim offers. Perfect little snack!!
Better then a candy bar!!!
by Amy on 4/26/2015
Love these!!!
Great flavor
by Marla on 5/9/2015
I like this protein snack bar great flavor and texture. I will purchase these again.
Very Good Taste
by Marla on 9/5/2015
they are great and will buy them again.
by lisa on 9/19/2015
This is a GREAT snack or meal replacement bar. If you like peanut butter and chocolate, this is the one for you. No chalky taste, its actually like a treat bar :) I have ordered this 3 times now and will get more- YUMMY!
So so good
by kathy on 12/18/2015
Hard to stop at one!
by Linda on 4/4/2016
I have to stop ordering because they are so good....but so expensive
very good
by Barbara on 4/15/2016
as good as a snickers. satisfies the chocolate craving
goog tasting.
by luke on 4/15/2016
taste good, like any bar you buy today.
by Beth on 5/3/2016
I love anything peanut butter or chocolate and this has both! These are filling and satisfying. I look forward eating this in the afternoon when I can relax. It gives me energy to finish the rest of the day and keeps me full until dinner. I think most of Wonder Slim bars are good!
by Cruzin19 on 5/27/2016
This snack bar helps satisfy my candy cravings. Even with surgery, you still crave the old bad habit foods. This bar always saves the day.
love them
by Susan on 11/6/2016
These are like eating a candy bar, to me. I've eaten hundreds of them in my "change of lifestyle" program. They rock!
If you crave peanut butter this is for you
by tina on 8/10/2017
Absolutely love these they hit my sweet tooth.
Great Ink!
by Lisa on 6/21/2019
pretty good
by mary6204 on 1/20/2009
Doesn't have much coconut taste but pretty good.
BUY Diet Direct instead
by AJL on 2/8/2009
I previously purchased my products from Medical Weight Loss which was SO expensive until I ran across Diet Direct. Diet Direct carries the same products at a signficant savings/value. Wonderslim Protein Bars are absolutelyy delicious not to mention healthy. Go ahead and try. You definitely will not be disappointed.
Wonderslim Bars - Chocolate Mint
by Princess1013 on 2/13/2009
I'm really not a fan of the Chocolate Mint bars at all. I certainly would not purchase this item. It came as a part of the freebie to my order. However please know that the Coconut Bar is definitely a smash and an absolute delight to consume. It's kind of like a subtle version of Almond Joy. (Updated on 2/14/2009.)
Excellent flavor, a little aftertaste
by DeanStar on 6/21/2009
Quite good overall good variety of flavors some aftertaste but not too noticeable.
Cookie dough
by Didalee1 on 6/26/2009
These are good for when you are in a hurry and do not have time to mix or cook. Not exactly the texture of a real bar...but for a diet bar...they are good.
ChocoMint, Caramel Butter Pecan, Tangy Lemon Crisp
by MV on 8/2/2009
When I bit into the Caramel Butter Pecan I was amazed--it tastes like a candy bar. I also like the Tangy Lemon Crisp. ChocoMint is also a treat--I was afraid all the ChocoMint flavors may be overminty but they're not--just enough mint to make it interesting.
Really Good
by otkari on 8/10/2009
I really enjoyed these bars they tasted like a chocolate bar. I was a little skeptical because i am not a huge fan of protein bars but the texture and flavor was good. I will order these again.
Peanut Butter Crisp
by Suesee on 12/7/2009
I would recommend to anyone. I am on the physician diet and this is very similar to there bar. I totally enjoyed it and would get it again.. thumbs up....
ok so far
by mxochihua on 12/9/2009
first off let me state that i completely despise energy bars. the taste and textures just don't do it for me. but so far most of these are GREAT. the cocomint is awesome especially for someone with a sweet tooth. so is the cookie dough. the peanut butter crisp is okay...not very crispy (although it did sit in my car in 20 degree weather overnight so it might be my fault) so i guess i will give it another go. and although i like the lemon i just cant do the yogurt covering. it tastes horrible. so far my least favorite is the cinnamon oatmeal raisin (also with yogurt flavored coating) so i guess as long as i stay away from fake yogurt i will be okay.
Variety Pack
by AngieBaby on 3/12/2010
I ordered the variety pack. Most of the flavors were outstanding some were just ok. My favorite so far is the Caramel Butter Pecan...awesome! A great value I integrate these products with my Medifast program.
Tangy Lemon Crisp
by Cherry on 4/27/2010
The tangy lemon crisp is pretty good. They are sweet and have a strong real lemon flavor. I would eat them even if not on WonderSlim diet.
Very Good, One Problem Though...
by Chas on 6/9/2010
I've tried the Creamy Cookie bar and the Butter Toffee bar and they're both VERY good. They have this wonderful texture and taste not like you're typical protein bars. The only problem I have with these is the amount of sugar in them. I can only eat 1 per day which sucks because they're so good and I would like to eat more. These would have gotten 5 stars if it wasn't for the sugar.
tasty bars
by granny on 6/13/2010
Like these bars allot. The only one I do not care for is the raisin one. It would be so much better without the coating which leaves a very bad aftertaste.
Really great tasting!
by JakeandDana on 10/10/2010
These are great I just ordered the peanut butter with chocolate coating and they are better than any other snack bar I've tried. Just enough sweetness and the peanut butter flavor is great. I'd give them a 5 if the 'chocolate' tasted a little better but what do you expect? It's an awesome product and I can't wait to taste the other flavors.
Great substitute for a Reese Candy Bar!!
by EBloom on 1/11/2011
WonderSlim Protein Snack Bars
by Patchjacket on 1/23/2011
This is very good. Good texture and flavor. However there's a lot of sugar and a bit less protein than in some bars. Check the label to see if it meets your needs.
I liked them
by jlinhart on 1/24/2011
I bought the sampler and while there were flavors I preferred over others I would say overall they were good. My fav was the choc mint I would probably order just those next time. Could eat them everyday. I do wish they were lower in carbs though.
Great Tasting Bars
by JCraig on 2/5/2011
These bars are great. Tangy Lemon is my favorite.
Great product!
by on 2/16/2011
I love these bars have been purchasing them for a few years. I would have given them a 5 star rating except for the fact that I do have one complaint they have REALLY shrunk in size over the past 2 years........Gotten much smaller but yet the calories are still the same??????? The price has gone up too I used to purchase them on sale for $7.99/box and that was not too long ago.
Very Good
by kay on 2/23/2011
I ordered the sample pack. All were very good. They were just sweet enough creamy and chewy. I just wish they were a little bigger. I will order them again.
Good product
by Boots on 3/6/2011
Though it is good not as good as BariWise brand. (Updated on 3/7/2011.)
Almost like a real brownie
by CandiceP on 4/12/2011
I love the consistency of this bar. Really tasty almost as good as a real brownie. I would definitely recommend buying bar. Very satisfying
Curbs the chocolate craving
by pm on 4/27/2011
These bars really help get over the chocolate craving hump.
WonderSlim Protein Snack Bars
by null on 5/19/2011
Excellent protein snack bar.
Great taste
by KittyW on 10/1/2011
I tried the chocolate coconut and butter toffee. Both tasted very good especially the coconut but they didn't keep me from getting hungry like I'd hoped. I would be hungry and I mean stomach growlingly hungry in a couple hours when I'd hoped they would hold me for closer to 4. But they really do taste good!
I like most of the bars
by DLow on 12/17/2011
I like the bars they are very much like candy bars but in a diet form! The only one I didn't like was the Chocolate w/Chocolate coating. It was chalky and dry. The Cookie Dough was good the Peanut Butter is the BEST one can we say snickers anyone? They are small just take tiny little bites and make it last b/c they are worth making them last.
Very Good!
by kay on 1/4/2012
These are very good. I think the peanut butter crisp is my favorite. The caramel butter pecan is like a candy bar. The only thing I could suggest is come up with some that are more savory. Everything here is so sweet and I'm trying to get away from all the sugar. It's nice to have a sweet taste but I'm kind of tired of the sweet - never thought I'd say that!
A really sweet snack
by Agnes E on 1/23/2012
The Carmel Butter Pecan flavor is wonderful. Very very sweet. More like candy or dessert that a meal. I also like the Chocolate Coconut. Again more like candy.
Very Good.
by KKjar on 4/11/2012
Item was very tasty and I would order it again. Only Issue was chocolate was semi melted in shipping.
Some varieties are great
by Margo on 8/1/2012
I actually really really liked the caramel butter pecan was my favorite. It had what caramel that was nice and gooey. I also really enjoyed the coco-mint. The chocolate was good. Great if you have a chocolate craving. The only one I didn't like was the peanut butter crisp tastes like the candy version of peanut butter. It really does taste just like that and has about the right constancy. I can understand why many people like it. Sadly I really don't like the candy version of peanut butter.
by KellyRNMSN on 8/13/2012
Most of the bars taste better to me chilled so I keep them in the fridge
Better than dessert
by STACEY on 8/24/2012
These are yummy. I love the Chocomint...which I really didn't expect but it has that after dinner mint quality at lunch that keeps me from craving something sweet. Haven't tried all but am glad of the variety to continue to try something new and keep boredom at bay. I gave 4 stars just because of the PB. I know PB Crisp is a favorite - but I thought it was very dry. I will put them in the fridge to see if that improves them - as one reviewer suggested. Otherwise very yummy.
Wonder Slim Diet Bars
by Joan on 8/29/2012
The chocolate Wonderslim Diet Bar is my favorite of all the options for my diet. It is delicious and convenient. I can take them in my purse for emergencies and they are most convenient when I am traveling. I usually have two or three a day. Love them.
I really like the peanut butter crisp
by Beth on 4/13/2011
These protein bars are great for a snack or for breakfast. They are tasty and filling.
Caramel butter pecan
by sis on 12/26/2011
My husband is the one who had the surgery and wanted to try these. We both really in enjoy eating them. We make sure we have then each time we order. we have tried others also and all of them are very good. (Updated on 12/27/2011.)
by Judy on 2/27/2012
I am on MediFast and supplement with some of Bariatric Choice products. So for my purposes the bars are a little high on carbs and calories. These bars are great though.
sample protein bars
by chris on 8/29/2012
I tried the sampler package and found that all of the bars are very tasty. I like to keep a bar or two in my purse or car sometimes I need the extra protein boost on a busy day. These bars satisfy the hunger a sweet tooth and are a nice snack size. The choc/mint is super as is the caramel Pecan (like Turtles) all of the flavors are tasty the consistency is nice to chew and munch. Thanks for a tasty substitute to those super sweet calorie packed energy/diet bars that really are nothing more than a candy bar! good job.
Cocomints mmmm...
by angel in the desert on 7/10/2012
The cocomints were sooo good. If you like chocolate and mint together you will love these. I'm a by pass patient and when I can't get all my protein in I reach for this. It's a tasty treat at the end of the day.
Good Flavor
by Merrill on 10/14/2013
The Peanut Butter Crisp has a good flavor. It reminds me of a ButterFinger candy bar. I prefer a chewier bar, so probably wouldn't buy again.
Peanut Butter Crisp
by tamara on 7/17/2014
These have been a favorite of mine. I've been ordering about 1-2 boxes a month of these peanut butter crisp bars for almost 2 years now. The flavor is similar to a chocolate peanut butter cup just chewier.

They have seemed a little more chalky & dry the past couple times I've ordered them. I don't know if I've grown tired of them, if the recipe has changed or maybe I got a bad batch? Otherwise I would've given them 5 stars.
My favorite of the bars
by Jennifer on 1/28/2015
Out of all the bars, I like this one the best because I love chocolate and peanut butter together. However, I find all the bars super sweet so I don't eat one of these every day.
Yummy but more of a chewy than crispy bar!
by Ashley on 8/13/2016
This is yummy for a healthier protein bar, and satisfies my chocolate/peanut butter cravings. However, the description is deceptive, as it is not crispy at all. It has more of a chewy texture.
by Christine on 9/24/2016
I was disappointed that this bar is not what I would call "crisp" but it tastes about the same as similar protein bars (not like a candy bar).
I like the crunch snacks better, but I might order this again sometime.
nice snack
by Stephanie on 8/6/2017
I find these to be a great snack in between meals. It has a good taste and is very filling.
Some kinds were NOT SO GOOD.
by Liz on 3/12/2009
First I would like to say that the mint chocolate is the only reason I gave three stars... It is awesome! Trust me! I have tried the coconut cookies and cream and double chocolate and they all tasted like a candybar that was 20+ years old and had gone bad. The coconut made me throw up... If you are gong to get any get the mint chocolate. They are fantabulous. They deserve 5 stars!
Just Okay
by Joe on 11/13/2009
I'd first like to vent the frustration I have with a lot of wonder Slim products; they don't label the individual products! I like to take a few various flavours of bars and keep them at work but there's no way of knowing what flavour you're going to get until you've opened it. Also I love the fact that Diet Direct sends free samples but since they don't label packages there's no way of knowing nutritional information or what to buy if you like the product. Now on to my review I have tried the Chocolate Peanut butter so far and it's alright but nothing special. To me it tasted remarkably similar to the old formula Atkins bar. I also find the bars a little small they're not quite satisfying enough to keep my hunger at bay for very long.
Good, but not my Favorite
by Cyn on 1/26/2010
I have tried three of the flavors Chocolate Peanut Butter Butter Toffee and Cookie Dough. All three of these flavors seem similar. I like them but they are not my favorite I would suggest you try these & a box of the BariWise Protein bars to see want you like better. The BariWise Protein bars are more like candy bars with more texture because they add things like nuts crispys and carmel where as these bars are just soft inside.
Not bad
by Bob on 1/27/2010
Not Bad not through the roof great but quite acceptable.
by DLB on 1/29/2010
It has a good taste but it was not what I expected. It did not have as much peanut butter taste as I had expected. Although it was good. I would not buy a whole box of this one.
Too Candy Like ..
by Chellebelle007 on 4/15/2010
First let me start by saying I LOVE WONDERSLIM & Diet Direct! Don't get me wrong..these bars are AMAZING tasting...really fabulous. But for me they were a little too sweet/too small and left me craving more more more!! I prefer the crispy meal replacement WS bars as they are much larger not as sweet and contain fiber and more protein. I would use these in maintenance as an alternative to a candy bar.
Love These!
by Steph on 3/29/2011
These are my favorite - I actually crave these instead of a candy bar.
WonderSlim Bars
by Mrs Blue on 4/11/2011
I think texture is a personal thought process for me they are good some are a little dry and have a bit of an after taste but they are certainly tolerable to me. I do not have a favorite.
Okay Substitute for Meal Replacement Bars
by texasgrl53 on 6/10/2011
For a meal substitute these bars are good with a glass of skim milk but for a snack I would use something less sweet with fewer calories. The flavors are not very strong. The peanut butter doesn't taste very peanutty etc. But they taste good and don't have an aftertaste as some protein bars do. I think the meal replacement bars are more flavorful and satisfying than these snack bars.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar
by Marmar on 8/28/2011
The dryness of this particular bar overshadows any taste of peanuts. However the Chocomint bars are absolutely delicious.
Just ok
by helga on 12/20/2011
Not crazy about these bars. They weren't horrible but for the high calories I just didn't think it was a good choice for me.
I like them
by Vickie on 3/3/2009
they are good tasting but not so filling (Updated on 3/4/2009.)
Too High in Sugar!!!!!!!!
by Cindie on 7/26/2009
These bars are great... for one very BAD REASON! They are high in sugar! We are supposed to have low sugar low fat and low carb items. I am really frustrated because I thought I found what I needed here. Sadly I can't have these items which were really working for me because they make me GAIN WEIGHT! They are great tasting because they are not good for us! We should be putting pressure on the company to make the bars so we can actually eat them and lose weight! You will love the taste but they will make you gain weight. Read the labels!
Average to good
by bbrie on 8/29/2012
These are ok. You can taste the protein in them and sometimes it makes me a little sick to my stomach for about an 1hr after I eat them. Very chewy and sometimes to "thick". But for a diet bar not the worst.
tasty, but ..
by Lynda on 11/29/2010
I used to love these. They ARE very tasty. Here's my problem.. the first ingredient is high fructose corn syrup. I wish they would change that. I eat the Bariwise bars now because their first ingredient is soy protein. They don't have any high fructose corn syrup and seem low in sugar overall. I would go back to them if they would eliminate this unnecessary sugar substitute in their bars.
Tasty but very sweet for my taste
by macaroni on 6/6/2011
These bars were just way too sweet for my taste. I prefer a crunchy bar and less sweetness.
by canesfan2002 on 8/29/2012
Got to try the flavors assortment. Glad I did. Will order those I liked and not a few others. Nice to be able to sample. I liked them better cold than room temp.
No crisp to the PB Crisp
by Mowse on 6/16/2012
I got the PB Crisp as a sample. It was not crispy; it was chewy but not in a good way. The chocolate was good but the rest didn't taste as good. (Updated on 6/17/2012.)
nice mint flavor but dry
by calliemay on 3/13/2012
I was a little disappointed with these bars since everyone was giving them a great review. I thought the bars were way too small for the price and they were very dry like sawdust and I bought the chocolate mint flavor. I might try another flavor.However they had no aftertaste which was a huge plus
taste good, but c'mon it's a candy bar
by angela on 9/23/2012
I have to agree with others on this one. High fructose corn syrup? Did you know that high fructose isn't digested but stored in the liver? I'm trying to stay away from those ingredients.
just ok
by Yvette on 2/2/2014
I did not like this bar like I thought I would. I guess I was hoping for it to be crisper but to me it was on the soft texture side. It really did not have much of a peanut butter taste.
Not my favorite
by J on 4/17/2014
I found these bars to be a bit blah....the only thing I have found blah!!!! Everything else is fantastic!
Just Ok
by Carrie on 5/10/2014
I got this in the Try Me box. It is not crisp at all. I was hoping for a butterfinger texture. It is a soft bar, but not chewy.. Taste was ok.
No crunch
by Marne on 1/18/2015
Not sure why they call these a crunch bar, but haven't found any crunch in mine...but they do taste ok. Much like a good protein bar, but not as good as many other bars in this program. Not sure I'll buy them again.
Good flavor, very dense bar.
by Maria on 1/28/2015
Definitely a dense bar, but not crisp. I, too, got this bar in the Try Me box. Flavor was good, but just not a favorite of mine.
Decent bar with great nutrition!
by Andipanda on 5/23/2015
I rank this 3 out of 5. It's decent. I'm not really a "bar" person. I have to say I liked this bar compared to other meal replacement bars with the same flavor profiles. It's very filling I find I eat 1/2 at one of my meals and 1/2 at the other meal (due to the filling part and to spread out the carbs. Its so convenient to keep one in my purse and if I'm in a situation where I can't eat normally every 2 hours I can pull this out and nibble on it. I prefer the caramel bar but would be okay eating this one again. Great way to get your nutrition in!
not as good as the actual bar but meh its ok I guess
by Victoria on 6/23/2016
I accidently ordered this, I been meaning to order the other Peanut butter bar. A bit chewy and has a strange after taste. Will do for now but won't be ordering this again.
Peanut Butter Crisp Bars
by Sherrie on 6/24/2016
I used to love these but I have not had them for several years. They taste good, not great, and I think, though I may be remembering wrong, that they used to be more crispy. All that being said, I used to eat them when I was on a medically supervised high protein diet and I am not currently dieting and that might make all the difference in my reaction.
Just OK
by LowCarbInBethesda on 10/1/2017
Taste was ok. I thought it would be crunchier, since crisp is in the name.
Peanut Butter Crunch has odd taste
by Mette Adams on 8/9/2008
I wanted to like the peanut butter crunch bar but I think it tasted awful! An odd taste that didn't taste like peanuts or even chocolate...sorry but I'm glad this was just a free sample...yuck!
Doesn't taste like a candy bar.
by Holly on 12/28/2010
This doesn't taste like a candy bar... It does taste like a protein bar and has the gritty texture of one too. FiberOne bars taste like candy bars in my opinion but clearly they don't have the same nutritional content. I wouldn't mind trying other flavors though. The one I had was the butter toffee because I heard it was the best.
Not as good as they used to be...
by Michele on 6/14/2011
These don't taste the same as they were -- we've been buying them for about 3 years now; it seems they've cheapened them at the same time they've gotten much more expensive; still a better health choice than a Hershey bar probably but we are disappointed.
Probably won't purchase again
by SDay on 12/20/2011
I was not too impressed with these bars. The taste was okay but for the price it's just not worth it. I probably won't purchase them again unless they were very steeply discounted.
Ok but I wont order them again
by valerie on 1/16/2012
Tastes like a protein bar but its better than average but i didn't care for it much. Palatable but best for those who actually like the taste of protein bars. Chewy light sweetness. (Updated on 1/17/2012.)
Too High in Calories & Carbs
by aza on 1/17/2012
My preference of the bars in this pack were the Caramel Butter Pecan and Peanut Butter Crisp. Overall I feel the bars are too high in calories and carbs for a 1 000 to 1 200 calorie diet. It's hard to stay within those calories when "spending" 160 calories on a bar.
After taste
by on 3/3/2012
Very bad after taste would not recommend...
This is only re: Lemon
by Jephiner on 8/29/2012
This is just re: the Tangy Lemon Crisp. I find it hard to eat the lemon rind is very prominent in this bar - I find it similar to a marmalade (which I don't like) Don't expect lemon pie expect lemon marmalade.
It's okay but didn't make me jump for joy
by VHawkins on 3/27/2011
This is my first time ordering the Chocolate Peanut Butter. In making my choice I had in mind the wonderful combination of the two flavors in a Reese's Cup but totally understanding that this is a PROTEIN bar and not candy. I will not say its not edible because it is however it lacks a little something as far as flavor goes and has that "protein bar" flavor that isn't appealing to me. This isn't at all a bad reflection on their products. I have ordered other items and have been extremely satisfied. This one sadly will not make a repeat appearance in my pantry.
by Angie on 8/29/2012
Nah not good. Won't buy these again.
Peanut Butter Crisp
by Kathy on 9/18/2013
Not a favorite - based on reviews I expected better flavor and more "crisps".
Not my favorite
by Betty on 2/16/2014
These are ok but ingredient issues as stated in other reviews and not crunchy at all!
no crunch
by Joanne on 5/23/2014
I was very disappointed with this bar. Seeing the name peanut butter crunch, I thought it would be like a butterfinger bar. The taste was fine, but the texture was not. I did not find it crunchy at all.
Did Not Care For
by Michelle on 5/10/2016
I did not care for this flavor at all. I love anything peanut butter and was very disappointed. These are not crispy at all, rather bland and chalky tasting.
by Julia on 7/19/2016
There is definitely no crisp to this chocolate log. There is barely any peanut butter flavor either. As you can tell, this is not one of my favorites. I feel like am eating it cause I have to, and not enjoying it. Its hard, dry and lacking real flavor. Will never order again.
Just OK
by Kathy on 2/18/2018
Chocolate 'flavored' coating has a waxy feel in my mouth. Flavor was good but not crazy about the 'feel' in my mouth.

Hello Kathy,
Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear you did not care for the WonderSlim Peanut Butter Crisp Bars, but you are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
Peanut Butter Bars
by Sue on 4/8/2010
I ordered the peanut butter bars instead of the peanut butter crunch bars and unfortunately I was very disappointed. The texture is very mealy and I do not like the flavor. The Peanut Butter Crunch are my absolute favorite and I will make sure I do not order the wrong ones in the future. Customer Service was great and allows a return so it's all good!
I am really sad about these bars
by HealthierME on 2/22/2011
These BARS HAVE TRANS FAT IN THEM **Currently the law requires that fat content lower than 0.5 grams be labeled as zero grams. Researchers said that a product with 0.49 grams of trans would be labeled as zero which could be deceiving to those who are attempting to lose weight or maintain their overall well-being. (Updated on 2/23/2011.)
How do you ruin coconut
by starsnyc21 on 5/2/2012
Well I tried the chocolate coconut bar and I was very disappointed. I love coconut and I love chocolate but the combination here doesn't work.
Read the Labels
by AAndrews on 8/29/2012
READ your labels! I received the Butter Pecan bar in my Sample Pack took a few bites and noticed a jittering effect throughout my body. Suspicious I did not finish eating the bar and looked online for the nutritional information. 12grams of sugar! I am a post op Gastric Bypass person and have NO desire to put sugar in my body! READ your labels!
Not good for Post Ops
by Jephiner on 2/19/2009
I got a sample and it was absolutely delicious - but then I started getting sick. These bars are far above the 8 (or so) grams of sugar that I can have without experiencing dumping syndrome. I would absolutely recommend these to people who are trying to get more protein but not for post op bariatric patients. Hope this helps!
Didn't like it at all
by anne on 6/5/2011
The "tangy lemon crisp" bars were dry crumbly and had a really strange aftertaste. I didn't care for them at all. The chocolate mint tasted better but still not all that great. Very disappointed in this product and will never order it again.
by Lilah on 7/13/2011
I just really didn't like any of the flavors of the Wonderslim bars (WS109). Sorry but I could not even force them down. Would not recommend if you're a bar lover. Try the Bariwise brand Caramel Crunch.
by LOVER on 8/8/2011
I did not like these at all. Ate about two bites of one and threw the whole box away.
Hydrogenated oil !
by Cecelia Eileen on 8/29/2012
Here again I would not buy from the WonderSlim Line. The last thing any of us need is a product with a hydrogenated oil in it.
Caramel butter Pecan YUMMMY!!!!
by Kim A. on 3/1/2012
These are the best things ever!!!! doesn't even taste like diet food. I am not a Caramel fan at all never have been but I am here to order 3 boxes to have on hand. I am not fond to much of the other ones but the Caramel Butter Pecan is AWESOME!!!!! And I am very picky. I was skeptical but have been proven wrong by these well worth the money and now they have a 20% off this month so I am stocking up :)
HFCS ingredient??
by vicki on 9/13/2012
High Maltose Corn Syrup and High Fructose Corn Syrup seriously?? i won't be eating this crap.
by Tena on 12/6/2013
Sorry, this is the only bar I disliked...too dry.
by Jill on 6/7/2014
I love so many products but this is not one of them. Not crispy, not tasty, very pasty. Tastes almost like its stale? Won't order this one again...

Hi Jill, thank you for your feedback. We completely understand your concern regarding the WonderSlim Snack Bars and apologize for the trouble. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours with a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
The worst
by Susan on 7/25/2015
No where near crisp. Pasty and tasteless. Was very disappointed.
Do not order these
by kati on 9/21/2015
I am a big fan of chocolate and peanut butter but these bars taste awful. I will end up throwing the rest of the box away.
Not Good
by Nancy on 1/18/2016
I hope I don't order this bar again, if I do it will be by mistake! Not crisp, I can't taste the peanut butter either
Not great
by Becky on 5/8/2016
Not great tasting and too much sugar.
Just cant
by Denise on 6/2/2016
Tasted plastic and so fake. Will not order again!
No "Crisp" at all.
by Just me on 11/7/2016
There is nothing crisp about this bar, so if you're craving a crisp, texture satisfying bar, this is not it. For that matter, I don't know what craving it would satisfy, as it is neither sweet, nor salty. Just pretty bland and more like moistly held together sawdust. Really needs little soy crisps and more peanutty flavor. I would like a little buttery saltiness, myself, but just something more flavorful.
Very dissapointed in the quality
by Karen on 8/4/2017
Normally I love these bars. Have purchased through Amazon several times in the past. This order was made direct and the quality of the Peanut Butter crunch bars was off. They tasted quite stale. I contacted customer support and the exchange process was so cumbersome I just threw the bars away. Not what I expected.

Hi Karen, thank you for your feedback. We completely understand your concern regarding the WonderSlim Peanut Butter Crisp Bars and apologize for the trouble. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you, and we appreciate your business.