WonderSlim Learning Center

Learn how to fit new eating habits, exercise and lifestyle behaviors into your busy lifestyle to facilitate proper nutrition and weight loss.

Please be aware that this is general information and it is no substitute for consulting with your physician and/or surgical team. They are the best source for medical information relating to your unique situation.

WonderSlim®: How it Works

On the WonderSlim Diet Plan, you eat every 2-3 hours, so you'll never feel hungry or craving for more! WonderSlim meals are perfectly portioned for weight loss while providing ideal calorie and protein levels.

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WonderSlim®: FAQs

The overwhelming reasons our customers love the WonderSlim Diet Plan are that it's easy to follow and it works! To help you get started, we offer you answers to a few of the common questions people have before they begin their voyage.

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Clinical Studies: Meal Replacements For Weight Loss

The main finding of this study was that use of one or more meal replacements daily promoted significantly improved weight loss and maintenance compared with a traditional diet plan yielding clinically significant weight loss for 93% of obese participants.

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How to: Use Portion-Controlled Meal Replacements

The use of portion controlled meal replacements that contain a specific amount of calories and nutrients in addition to a structured healthy eating plan can create a useful strategy for those that are trying to attain a calorie deficit in order to lose weight.

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How to: Breaking Through a Weight Loss Plateau

A weight loss plateau is the common slowdown or even halt towards your goals and is one of the most frustrating things associated with continuing to lose or keep off pounds. Here we discuss the types of plateaus, plus some great ways to get over them, as you get back on the road to success.

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Compare: The Best 2-Week Weight Loss Diet Plans

Looking to lose weight in two weeks? You’re not alone! Which is probably why there are so many 2-week diets out there. But with all the hype, it’s hard to tell which 2-week diet is right for you. We’ve done the work for you and have reviewed some of the most popular 2-week diets to help you make the right choice when trying to lose weight fast.

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Compare: Best Protein Shakes

Protein shakes used to be the domain of gym addicts and those so called fitness freaks. Times have certainly changed, as protein shakes seem to be everywhere. It can be difficult to determine what protein shake is best for you. The first thing to point out is that if you have not tried a protein shake before you are in for a pleasant surprise. Introducing protein shakes to your diet, can help you lose those unwanted pounds and sustain your weight loss long term.

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Compare: The best 4-Week diets

Looking to lose weight fast? A 4-week diet could be the right choice, especially for those who want to keep the weight off. A 4-week plan can give you the guidance you need to meet your weight loss goals and make significant changes in your eating habits. The right diet will curb your cravings, help you lose weight without feeling deprived, and give you tools for your new lighter life.

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