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WonderSlim Nutrition Protein Bar, Fudge Graham (7ct)

WonderSlim Nutrition Protein Bar, Fudge Graham (7ct)
Item #: WS114

Price: $15.95

Availability: In stock

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WonderSlim Nutrition Protein Bar, Fudge Graham (7ct)

Price: $15.95

In stock


  • 15 grams Protein
  • 20 Vitamins & Minerals
  • Meal Replacement
  • Kosher
  • Aspartame Free
  • 4 Grams of Fiber
  • 160 Calories
  • Low Carb
  • Low Cholesterol
  • Made In U.S.A

WonderSlim Protein Bars are specifically designed to get you through the day without food cravings. Our individually wrapped meal replacement protein bars are enriched with 17 vitamins and minerals. Choose from several delicious flavors that will leave you satiated for hours. A great option to snack smart with 15g of protein in every serving, which gives your body the fuel it needs to build muscle, burn fat, and support metabolism. With 4g of fiber, this weight loss protein bar for women and men, promotes healthy digestion.

Made in the U.S.A., this on-the-go, keto friendly, low fat, low carb protein bar is perfect for busy parents, athletes, dieters and travelers. These delightful, crunchy, meal replacement protein bars will satisfy a sweet tooth, while helping weight loss and decreased body fat. Build a healthy body with WonderSlim.


Soy Protein Isolate, Roasted Soybeans, Polydextrose, High Maltose Corn Syrup, Sugar, Fractionated Palm Kernel Oil, Maltitol Syrup, Water, Milk Protein Isolate, Natural and Artificial Flavor (Includes Wheat), Nonfat Milk, Lactose, Cocoa (Processed With Alkali), Soy Fiber, Butter (Cream, Salt), Tapioca Starch, Salt, High Oleic Sunflower Oil (With Tocopherols Added To Protect Flavor), Dextrose, Calcium Carbonate, Soy Lecithin, Caramel Color, Sucralose, Ascorbic Acid, Ferric Orthophosphate, Maltodextrin, Alpha Tocopherol Acetate, Niacinamide, Zinc Oxide, Copper Gluconate, Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamin A Palmitate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Thiamin Mononitrate, Folic Acid, Biotin, Potassium Iodide, Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin).


Unwrap the bar and enjoy as a high protein snack or breakfast alternative.

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343 Customer Reviews

Set Ascending Direction
Love these!
by Lisa on 2/10/2008
I love these! My favorites are the peanut butter, cinnamon and berry flavors. I travel a great deal and these keep me on track. I always have a stash in my travel bag so that I have satisfying, tasty treat at hand when I am tempted by cinnamon pretzels and chili cheese fries. I also keep a box in my car, just in case.

BEST tasting protein bars
by Stephanie on 2/25/2008
Hands down the BEST tasting protein bars I've tried...you won't be disappointed! They are very low fat and high protein which is hard to find.

These are just the best!
by Dawn on 3/5/2008
These are just the best! I've tried some others that were good also but these have the highest protein and fiber per bar. I feel satisfied when replacing a meal with one of these bars.

Delicious..tastes like a dessert!
by Laila on 4/2/2008
These bars are delicious! This is the first time I've ever had a protein bar that tasted like a dessert! I am tempted to have more than one! When I'm done 'dieting', I'll continue to have these!

My favorite bar
by Susan on 4/7/2008
This is my favorite breakfast bar ever. My favorite out of all of the flavors is the Cinnamon... Excellent!!!

I love this
by Cathy on 4/8/2008
I love this product..I work for a nationwide Weightloss by Physcians .We charge 26.00 For these same exact bars,These are a requirement sold fornee for the program...I buy mine here...We charge 17.00 for the protein drinks 12 grams ,,,same as ours..Same product ,,,different box...Cant beat Diet directs prices..Excellent Service,, Quality Products...

Amazing bars
by Jan Hudson on 7/21/2008
The Crisp 'n Crunchy Fudge Graham Bars are my favorite. You truly can eat one in place of lunch and feel full. They are amazing.....30 pounds off so far!!!

I get excited
by afua on 7/28/2008
I get excited just thinking about getting my shipment order. I can't pick a favorite...they are all good and very filling. The prices cannot be beat anywhere. Thanks a million DietDirect!!!!

to die for!
by Michelle on 7/28/2008
DELICIOUS! The fudge graham and cinnamon are to die for..can't wait to try the others too! Definately recommend this product!

by Pam on 8/3/2008
Hands down, the best in every category taste, size, quality, effectiveness. I haven't tried them all yet, but the fudge graham and peanut butter crunch are scrumptious! I truly look forward to having one for "dessert" every day. Price can't be beat, and I have been so pleased with what I have tried that intend to try each flavor. Oh, and the Cocoa Cafe also is just excellent!

I'm reordering more!
by Bonnie on 10/1/2008
Yumo. Very filling. Delicious (well as far a one of these bars can be called that!) I am reordering more today.

Eat these very day
by Briana on 10/17/2008
I just *love* the cinnamon flavour. I can eat these every day and not get sick of them. A satisfying size, good mix of crunchy and chewy it does the trick!

BEST Bars!
by Cathy on 10/27/2008
THE BEST bars, great taste esp. the chocolate. Its like a chocolate rice crispie treat. Cinnamon bar is very good as well. Never leave home without 2 in my purse.

Love these!
by Dawn on 12/29/2008
The cinnamon are very, very good, as well as the peanut butter. They are quite filling and very tasty. I will definitely be stocking up on these!
Great Tasting Bars!
by Joan on 1/1/2009
All of these bars are great tasting! These are the same bars that are used by my local Medical Weight Loss Center in conjunction with their Optifast and New Directions liquid weight loss programs. I lost 46 pounds on their program and paid full price for these bars as well as the supplement powder. The Weight & Inches supplument is also comparable in nutritional value to the supplement powder given to me at the weight loss center but at a much more reasonable price! Thank you Diet Direct!
Best Bars
by shelly on 1/13/2009
These are the best crunchy bars...I tried the peanut, fudge and cinnamon, all are great and taste like a treat!
Grreat taste
by LAB on 1/16/2009
I LOVE these bars. The fudge graham are awesome!! I also like the cinnamon and coco cafe. These are crispy and crunchy and leave you satisfied, not looking for more.
Delicious - Chocolate Graham Bars
by LauraB on 2/9/2009
These taste too good to be true. Great flavor and its hard to believe these are protein bars! YUM YUM!
by CG on 2/20/2009
Hard to believe diet food is great. Love these products. If you haven't tried them, you should.
Crisp 'N Crunch Protein Bars
by Liz on 3/4/2009
I love the Cinnamon, Berry and Graham Fudge flavors, but at least there is such a great assortment of flavors and they are all really, really good. I'm so glad that I found your website to order these wonderful and tasty and nutrious breakfast bars. Your prices are so affortable than what I was being charged at the weight loss clinic. I'm a dedicated customer. Thank you kindly.
These are some of the best protein bars.
by Catness on 4/29/2009
I think these are some of the best protein bars. 15 grams of protein for 150 calories is a pretty good deal. They're filling and delicious - I've tried the peanut, cocoa cafe, and fudge graham flavors and like them all. The bars give you a dessert flavor, but the cereal gives a nice crunchy texture and something to sink your teeth into and chew on - a nice change from the more candy bar-like, gooey protein bars (not that I don't like those as well!).
These a YUMMY!!
by Peg on 5/11/2009
These are so Good! When I'm hungry for a sweet treat these fit the bill!!
Best protein bar I've ever tried
by PIsland on 6/15/2009
I have tried many protein bars and this one is by far the best! Satisfies your hunger AND your sweet tooth. Very, very good!!
by MAS on 6/16/2009
I have tried MANY protein bars on the market and I have found that the WonderSlim protein bars have no competition for taste, texture and overall satisfaction - not to mention the lowest in calories and carbs! My husband and I absolutely LOVE the Peanut but we also enjoy the Fudge Graham and the Coffee Chocolate as well! We eat them every day! I have lost 55 lbs. using WonderSlim products!
The cinnamon bars are my favs!
by Joanie on 7/15/2009
The cinnamon bars are filling and satisfying. When you want something crunchy, it fits the bill, the are very enjoyable!
So Yummy!
by JoAnna on 8/10/2009
I don't have a favorite bar, the Cinnamon, Fudge & Graham, Peanut, and Berry Yogurt are all great!! These bars satisfy my hunger and sweet tooth! Great for breakfast and as a midday snack! Have lost 13 pounds so far!
Fabulous Bars!!!!!!!
by Ann Marie on 9/3/2009
These bars are absolutely scrumptious! I can't find a THING wrong with the taste! The cinnamon bars are my favorites. I have repeated my order for this item several times! High in protein and delicious!
the Best
by affie on 9/7/2009
maybe Ive already reviewed this product ( I dont remember) but they are so good I'll do again. these bars are a staple in my diet. I order up to thirteen or more boxes at a time. Excellent for that post workout muscle repair. This site has them for the cheapest anywhere. THANKS!!!
Peanut and Fudge Grahm
by S.L.P on 9/13/2009
These bars are great and filling....for those of you who go to PWLC, these are the same bars they sell there, but Diet Direct offers them at a much lower price..save your money and buy from Diet Direct...I know I will be from now on!
Good and have fiber
by Yooper on 9/13/2009
This really are quite tasty and filling. I have been looking for bars that have more fiber and these fit the bill. I have only tried the fudge graham, but will order some of the other flavors. I like the crunch and it gives you something to chew!
Crispy Cinnamon is the best!
by luvlonghorns on 9/27/2009
I ordered these Crispy Cinnamon bars hoping that they might taste somewhat close to the much more expensive bars I used to purchase from the Diet Center.

Verdict: They taste exactly like them. They have the same number of calories, fat, carbs, sugars, sugar alcohols, sodium, potassium & protein as the ones from Diet Center do.

The WonderSlim bars do not contain the additional thermogenic ingredients of Garcinia Cambogia and L-Carnitine that the DC bars contain. However, WonderSlim's bars do not cost $25.15 for a box of 7 bars either. With the money saved, I can more than afford to supplement with my own thermogenic products!

I'm happy that I ordered 2 boxes of this Cinnamon flavor. I will definitely be re-ordering them in the future!
Satisfies sweet tooth!
by Jill on 10/7/2009
Had this bar on another diet and it costs about 20% less here! I keep one in my purse all of the time and just pull it out when I get hungry or substitute this for my meal even when I am out to lunch with a friend. It tastes just like any other candy bar and most importantly is very filling. My favorite is the peanut!
My Breakfast and On the Run Treat
by MsK on 10/28/2009
These are great. I almost always have one for my first meal of the day with my coffee. It's a great start to the day. I always have them in my purse for a meal when I'm out. They all taste great. The cinnamon is my favorite.
These bars are OUTSTANDING !!
by Chadder on 11/1/2009
By far the best protein bars I've ever had. These bars taste more like candy bars than protein bars. There are a staple in my diet plan. I would without a doubt --definetly -- recommend them to anyone !! A must have for ANY diet or exercise program !!
My favorite bar
by on 12/31/2009
This is really a great bar. Good combination of protein/carbs. This is one of my staples...love it! (Updated on 1/1/2010.)
A Favorite of Mine
by Cyn on 1/26/2010
I really like these Crispy bars allot. My favorites are Peanut, Fudge & Graham. I really love that they have fiber, which is low or not there in many items. These are very much like the Bariwise Crispy bars (except for the fiber) that I also love, especially the Peanut Butter & Jelly and the Chocolate Peanut Dream. I could eat these everyday.
Love Love Love!
by AngieBaby on 3/12/2010
These bars are fabu...I just love them. Breakfast, lunch, snack, whenever. Not too sweet, but sweet enough and really satisfying!
My fav bar!
by Chellebelle007 on 4/15/2010
These are my favorite bars on the Diet Direct site! I LOVE that they contain fiber. The Fudge Graham and Cinnamon bars are TOO DIE FOR!! They are also nice BIG bars and very filling!!
You will LOVE these!
by KKG on 4/24/2010
I have tried the Cinnamon, Peanut and Fudge/Graham bars and I have to admit these are the BEST protein bars I have ever tasted! The consistency is like a chewy granola bar and they are HUGE in size! So healthy and yummy!
Very flavorful!
by Rosie on 5/8/2010
Stay with you a long time and have great flavor. Have not tried coffee chocolate. All others are great. Great, quick meal.
Fudge & Graham Bars
by on 6/3/2010
Disappears quickly
by Jackie on 6/6/2010
Very tasty
Love the Cinnamon bars
by PJ on 6/23/2010
The cinnamon bars are so good it's hard to think of them as protein bars. I love them. Can't wait to try the other flavors.
by Bob on 7/3/2010
This is one of the tastiest products I've had yet from Diet Direct. I enjoy them and they are filling.
Best Crispy Diet/Protein Bar I've Tried!!!!
by Jeanelld on 7/4/2010
I have tried the Cinnamon and the Fudge Graham bar. They were both very filling and delicious and I also noticed that I drink more water when I eat these bars...which is a great thing.
These are delicious!
by trishie on 7/20/2010
I love the Fudge & Graham and Coffee Chocolate! With a large cup of green tea they are so satisfying. Also tried the Peanut Butter and has a nice peanut butter granola taste. Wonderful flavor and no aspartame so there's no aftertaste you get in other commercial protein bars. Wonderful! (Updated on 7/21/2010.)
Best diet bar ever 20 STARS
by tdeal on 7/20/2010
Its 7/21/10, I 've lost 53 lbs since 2/3/10 . I owe my success to the great taste of these bars. Yes, I have excercised and lowered my intake of calories, sodium and fats. But if it wasn't for these bars, I prob could not have stuck to my diet. They are delicious. My favorite is the peanut followed closely by the cinnamon and fudge & graham tied for 2nd place. Perfect blend of crisp, crunch and sweetness lets me feel as though I'm not missing out on a thing! Thank you diet direct.
Wonderslim Crispy Meal Replacement bars
by kaymck on 9/12/2010
These bars are great. I've tried every flavor and find no fault with any. It's amazing how a simple little bar can replace a whole meal and not leave you hungry for anything else. I heartily recommend these for anyone serious about losing weight.
Like eating candy
by Barbara on 9/15/2010
Very sweet tasting, like a candy bar. I actually look forward to eating them. (Updated on 9/16/2010.)
Crispy Perfection
by jenniferlynne76 on 10/15/2010
I've been eating these bars for a little over a year now, and recommend them highly. They're the perfect portable meal replacement and make a great pairing with a cup of coffee (with breakfast for example), or an on-the-go snack (much like a granola bar).

My favorite flavors are the Cinnamon, Berry Yogurt and Coffee Chocolate. The Fudge Graham is also good, though I tend to eat the other three more regularly. While the Peanut isn't bad, it's definitely my least favorite of the three and only makes an occasional showing in my pantry.

The higher protein and fiber content in these bars makes them a real win in terms of both nutrient value and taste.
Fudge & Graham Are the Best
by Texas Girl on 12/3/2010
I've tried all the flavors of these WS bars and all are okay, but the fudge & graham are consistently my favorite...hands down. I'm giving them 5 stars.
YUMMMMM--better then the other bars
by jaci140 on 1/4/2011
Now that I've been ordering for a while, I've gotten a chance to try a lot of the different bars. I always come back to this one because it's got the chocolate, graham taste that my sweet tooth craves around 2-3 p and it's more substantial of a bar then the other ones that may seem like more exotic flavors. ORDER IT if you are hesitant and you will not be sorry:)
Wonder Slim Crispy Protien Bars
by on 1/21/2011
You don't need me to tell you their great.

Look at all the other reviews.

I purchased the Fudge Graham, Peanut, Cinnamon,

and the Berry Yogurt.

I have no complaints. They are great.
I like these a lot
by csd on 1/23/2011
I have tried and reordered the Fudge and Graham bars. I have also tried the cinnamon and liked it too.

I wish we could order a variety pack so I could try the other flavors without having to order a whole box. Based upon the first two flavors, I will almost certainly order some of the others.

I recommend.
Crispy Fudge Graham delish
by jlinhart on 1/24/2011
Crispy Fudge Graham was the only flavor I bought and it was so good. Loved Loved loved them -need to order more!
by jacandzma on 1/28/2011
The cinnamon bar is fantastic. I eat them for dessert instead of the cake or pudding.
Must have protein bar
by Fpisano on 1/30/2011
This bar is fabulous. You have to be satisfied because it's a generous sized portion. I prefer the Fudge & Graham flavor.
Wonderslim Bars
by mtn annie on 1/30/2011
These are awesome, especially the cinnamon and the chocolate graham. I make sure to drink a whole glass of water after and I'm full for hours. LOVE IT!
by LovesChips on 2/8/2011
I have tried the cinnamon and the graham cracker. They are really good and filling. I love these very tasty bars.
protein bars
by PEP on 2/13/2011
Best protein bars I have tasted yet!!
Love these bars
by SC Mom on 2/13/2011
I love these bars, especially the peanut flavor. Very filling. I order several boxes every month. My 13 year old loves them, too.
by Fourez on 2/19/2011
One of the best bars I have ever eaten. Tastes way too good to be diet food.
Crispy Fudge & Graham
by Mari on 3/4/2011
I bought my first box of Crispy Fudge & Graham and it was DELICIOUS!!! I love these bars because they are packed with protein and taste great. They are not too chewy like some protein bars. I have these for breakfast on the go and they keep me full all morning. Sometimes I nuke them for 5-10 seconds in the microwave to make them softer for a more dessert like taste!
WonderSlim Nutrition Bars
by on 3/21/2011
Mint Cocoa is wonderful
by BBarnhart on 4/19/2011
Just tried the new Mint Coccoa and oh my goodness is it good. All of the WS Meal Replacement Bars are good, but this one is more like a decadent dessert, almost a cross between a brownie and a mint girl scout cookie. (Updated on 4/20/2011.)
Definitely the BEST crunchy bar
by Tootsie on 4/22/2011
The WonderSlim crunchy peanut bar is satisfying and delicious --without any chemical taste. Out of all the bars (and I've tried most of them), this is the best.
by Momontherun on 4/24/2011
As usual, I was running out the door and realized that I hadn't eaten breakfast. I grabbed a Dark Chocolate Marshmallow bar to eat while driving... and wow. Unbelievably good. I actually thought I was having a chewy candy bar! Now that I know how yummy, it will be a go-to snack when I'm craving a chocolate treat in the afternoon or before bed.
The Crispy Coffee Chocolate is delicious!
by Antonnic on 4/26/2011
This is one of the best tasting bars! You get the crunchyness you crave for plus the coffee and chocolate taste! It is a must have!
Taste like a Thin Mint!
by Tray on 4/26/2011
The mint ones taste like a thin mint girl scout cookie! YUM!
I love these bars
by Debbie on 4/26/2011
These bars are great!
WonderSlim Meal Replacement Nutrition Bars
by S. Krieg on 4/26/2011
The crispy fudge and graham were really good. I also liked the crispy peanut. Those I will buy again. Though I did order the mint cocoa and did not like it.
Crispy Bars Rock
by pm on 4/27/2011
I love these bars! Fudge graham is my favorite and I'll eat them after I reach my goal weight.
Nutrition Bars
by Janet on 5/7/2011
These meal replacement bars are SO good! I lost 50 pounds by having a shake or smoothie for breakfast, a shake and meal replacement bar for lunch and a regular dinner. WonderSlim is the best and easiest diet I've ever been on.
YUM! a lovely treat while dieting
by JW on 5/12/2011
The crispy cinnamon Wonderslim meal replacement bar is a lovely treat! High Protein, low fat, excellent taste. Like cheating, but they are so good for you!

You will love them. I know I do.

These bars are the best!
by on 5/16/2011
Wonderslim bars are my favorite! I've tried all the flavors and haven't found one that I don't like! I highly recommend them!
WonderSlim Meal Replacement Nutrition Bars
by on 5/24/2011
These bars are excellent. I am very picky and I like these very much they make a great on the go breakfast (Updated on 5/25/2011.)
Pleasantly Surprised
by alc1970 on 5/30/2011
I just ordered several boxes of these bars & they are great. The mint-cocoa is by far the best; tastes like a thin mint. the berry yogurt is also excellent. the crispy chocolate-coffee & the crispy peanut are also quite tasty. I am a very picky eater & am pleased that these bars are so yummy, with great flavor & are not overly sweet with an artificial flavor. I will definitely be buying more!
Love these bars for a great breakfast on the go!
by on 5/31/2011
I love these bars...especially the peanut butter variety! They are perfect for an on the go breakfast along with a piece of fruit!
Crispy Fudge and Graham
by Lilli on 6/21/2011
This is a great bar if you're having some constipation or just like graham. You need to remember that since you're not eating so many empty calories you will not produce a lot of stool like you use to in a high empty caloric diet. You must remember to drink lots of water to help the body to continue to rid the body of toxic chemicals.
Best of both worlds, Mint and Chocolate
by Becky on 6/22/2011
This is my new favorite of the Mint/Cocoa family. Very fudgey and brownie-like. Its a keeper.
Great tasting and hunger vanishes
by sara on 6/24/2011
Great tasting and hunger vanishes.
Happy Find
by Dskarosi on 6/25/2011
I've tried the Mint Cocoa and the Dark Chocolate Marshmallow and both are keepers!
by JSwanson on 6/26/2011
I bought the coffee chocolate and I really love the flavor and texture of the product. I am looking forward to trying some of the other flavors. I find it is very filling as a meal replacement and it seems to be larger than many of the other bars. If you like the taste of coffee and chocolate you will love this bar. (Updated on 6/27/2011.)
by ella on 6/28/2011
sooooooooo incredibly delicious. tried 3 flavors all are excellent, but my fav is the mint chocolate....wish it was much bigger!!
Variety Pack - Not a truly bad one in the bunch! :)
by Kate on 7/5/2011
I am new to wonderslim/dietdirect so I made sure to get samples and variety packs to test things out.

I got the variety pack on these meal replacement bars as well as a box of the coffee chocolate flavor and the Berry Yogurt because those 2 were not in the variety pack. I like this product in particular because it comes somewhat close to the medifast products I have been using to lose weight, although, in wonderslim you tend to get fewer vitamins and fiber, more fat and calories. That said, with the price difference and good taste, I'm not complaining.

I can honestly say all the varieties in the sample box were at least edible - not my entire opinion. In addition to that I would definitely like to try the variety pack again because I truly did like all of them.

The coffee chocolate one which I bought separately was a bit disappointing on the crispy meter. I almost wondered if it was outdated. Perhaps I'll ask them for a one bar sample next time just to make sure I know what they are supposed to be like. The Berry Yogurt also lacked a little crunch.

None of them were super crunchy but leaned toward the chewy side of the spectrum, but I have to say all were rather delicious in their own flavory ways. Hope that helped some of you. Do try the variety pack and test them yourself. :) You can't go wrong.
Awesome product!
by KarenS on 7/12/2011
This are fabulous, delicious protein bars!!! I have already recommended these to many people.
Tasty treat!
by Tiffany on 7/29/2011
I like the bars and thought they were more flavorful than the other bars I had tasted from other companies. I liked the fact that they stayed moist and were not too sticky or messy either. I will buy these again!!
Very good
by B J on 8/7/2011
Chocolate Nutty Almond, Crispy Peanut and Fudge & Graham are wonderful. These bars taste great and are great for on the go. However, it would be nice to have some Meal Replacement items that aren't sweet. As a sweet lover, I am already sick of all the sweet meal replacements, shakes/puddings/smoothies that are required for the diet program; and I've only been on the program for a week.
WonderSlim Meal Replacement Nutrition Bars
by Sonia on 8/13/2011
by Mary on 9/2/2011
These are very delicious. I like the graham fudge bar. You do have to be careful they are addicting but at least they have protein in them. A nice snack when you are very busy and don't have time to have a "real" meal and keep you from starving until you can get a healthy meal.
Great bars for losing weight
by Tooie50 on 9/4/2011
I started buying these bars because I was going to a doctor to lose weight and realized that he was selling me these bars for much more (at least back then they were much more at a doctor's office, but the price has increased significantly since then from this site,also). Anyway, I have lost 60 lbs. since a year ago and wish to express my gratitude. I've tried unsuccessfully to lose weight for over 30 years and have finally done it. If I could just lose another 30 lbs - sigh. But being so much thinner than a year ago, and keeping it off so far is the best gift. Thank you!
by susie q on 9/17/2011
I am so glad I changed diet programs. This food is better than a snicker bar. (Updated on 9/18/2011.)
Crispy Fudge & Graham
by on 9/20/2011
This bar was VERY tasty. I received the Crispy Fudge & Graham bar with the Try Me assortment. It has no weird aftertaste and is very rich. Great for a morning on the go! I've since ordered the variety pack and two more of my favorites are the Crispy Peanut (can we say Snickers!?) and also the Mint Cocoa. (Updated on 9/21/2011.)
My favorite protein bar
by Nancy Anne on 9/30/2011
These are my favorite protein bars, and the Crispy Peanut is my favorite flavor. I'm a personal trainer always looking for nutritionally sound foods that are convenient, and these fit the bill. They even have fiber in them! I've been eating them for years.
by on 10/8/2011
They are absolutely delicious and very filling. Carry one with me daily in case hunger hits and I am not prepared to eat a meal.
Best Bars Out There
by Katrina on 10/9/2011
Love these meal replacement bars. Back for my third order and ordered a dozen boxes this time for the best value. Crispy Cinnamon is my all time favorite and especially a go-to when on the run.
Great taste without all the extras
by Deme on 10/12/2011
This is my favorite of all the bars I have tried. I look forward to eating the Crispy Fudge and Graham. I feel like a kid eating a candy bar. <3 it!!
Love these
by TinaCleg on 10/16/2011
I love these protein bars, especially the taste but being low carb sure helps a lot too
Favorite Replacement Bar
by Sues on 10/20/2011
These are my fav replacement bars so far. They taste just like the

"non-diet" granola bars but knowing they have 15 grams. of protein makes them all the more enjoyable. I HIGHLY recommend these treats. :-)
WonderSlim Meal Replacement Nutrition Bars
by cillar on 10/22/2011
The Crispy cinnamon bar is tasty & filling! I liked it better than the costly Medifast bars.
WonderSlim Meal Replacement Nutrition Bars
by Dianne on 11/3/2011
Crispy peanut is my favorite! My husband likes these the best too.
by carl on 11/7/2011
Great taste and good size (Updated on 11/8/2011.)
Great Taste
by Jay on 11/7/2011
I purchased the variety pack, and I have to say they were great. I dropped 5 pounds this week so far it is 93Lbs loss in less than 5 months and I am happy to have such a tasty treat to eat on my weight loss journey. I would recommend these to anyone.
I'm really amazed
by Lynn on 11/13/2011
These WonderSlim bars are amazing! I have had nutrition bars before that tasted like cardboard, but I cannot say enough good things about the variety pack that had all kinds of "goodies." Another nice thing is that these are delivered right to my door. Both in our 80's and housebound, this is an added plus!
These bars are AWESOME!!!
by Double "L" on 11/18/2011
This was my first order from this company and I was kind of leary. I have been eating these bars for years and the Cinnamon are my favorite! They were really fresh, the order arrived on time and I am a happy customer!
Just like a candy bar
by Hopeless on Diets on 11/25/2011
One of the better bars out there. Tastes almost as good as a candy bar plus added protein.
Chocolate Nutty Almond..mmmmmmmm...
by Loteypotey on 11/25/2011
Chocolate Nutty Almond is SOOOO good!! You MUST try it!! Doesn't taste like a protein bar that's for sure! I also love the cinnamon...yum! :)
Excellent Flavor
by ldy322 on 12/4/2011
Loved the flavor. Definitely a keeper.
All the meal replacement bars are great!!
by Now Skinny Miller on 12/6/2011
I just placed a re-order and saw they discontinued the Berry Yogurt bar - it was great for breakfast, please bring it back!

However, all the meal replacement bars are yummy! They save me in the evening when I need to have something sweet.

A much better tasting and cheaper option than the Medifast bars.

by SIVB on 12/17/2011
Great protein bar, does not leave a weird taste in your mouth. I was very satisfied for hours. Definitely will keep on hand for the times I need that chocolate craving.
Fudge graham = WOW
by kacey on 12/21/2011
Fudge Graham bars are exquisite. They are my favorite food. I can tell from the way they feel in my mouth that they are a bit high in sodium but I limit myself to 1 a day...these are great!
Quick, Delicious & Filling
by on 1/2/2012
These bars are great for on the go. They taste like a candy bar, are delicious and filling, and contain generous amounts of fiber and protein for a low amount of calories. Definitely recommended.
Wonderslim Meal Replacement Nutrition Bars
by DjA on 1/5/2012
I have been ordering these Bars for a long time and they are very Tasty, so I have not tried another type of Nutrition Bar. But, due to the recent increase in price, I might have to look for a more inexpensive Meal Nutrition Bar. This is unfortunate due to the fact that I do love the taste of these bars. Other than that, if anyone is questioning the taste of the Wonderslim Meal Replacement Nutrition Bar, just go for them, as they are soooo good.
Crispy Cinnamon has BLOWN my mind
by MelB on 1/6/2012
I had forgot I ordered Crispy Cinnamon. I was kind of bummed when I got it as I figured, great another bar I wasted my money on. Wow was I wrong. I love it! It tastes just like a normal granola bar, would not have assumed it had anything to do with protein. I ordered 10 boxes after eating 2 of the bars, they are that good.
Mmm Good!
by on 1/12/2012
I've had the crunchy peanut and the fudge graham, and both are de-lish. Wish I was eating one right now!
Great product
by jan on 1/21/2012
These bars are great, I like these better than any of the store brands. Very filling & makes you fill like you are cheating. Love them with a cup of tea.
Really delicious and filling
by Nina on 1/22/2012
I had the Crispy Fudge and Graham protein bars for the first time tonight, because I still hadn't had enough protein for the day, and really loved them. Just enough balance between chocolate and graham. Not overpowering. No aftertaste. And they're really filling. So glad I ordered them. Will again in the future.
Rich Chocolate Caramel
by DMC on 1/23/2012
Just want to add another review for the Rich Chocolate Caramel bar - it is VERY good, to me. Very chewy and caramelly, reminds me of the 1000 Dollar bar without the crispys. Different than the snack bars, its supposed to be a meal replacement. Don't know yet if it will last me as a meal but its very filling and I will be stocking up.
Crispy Cinnamon is Great
by Ed on 1/25/2012
I am so in love with Crispy Cinnamon! Only flavor I order. Satisfying and tasty with no overly sugary sweetness. Best to avoid temptation to order too many at once as they do go a little stale with time.
Great Product
by Mari on 1/30/2012
Great product....good taste & fills you up. Just got back off an airplane when I ate it for lunch. (Updated on 1/31/2012.)
by Georgia Peach on 2/13/2012
Love these bars, especially the graham and chocolate. They are bigger than the snack bars, thus more filling. I recommend ordering the sample pack and then pick your favorite for future orders.
by Sandra on 2/16/2012
Crispy Fudge and Graham is my favorite of the wonderslim bars. I will soon try the crispy cinnamon and get back to you. (Updated on 2/17/2012.)
Taste like Girl Scout Thin Mints
by Wvmommy on 2/24/2012
Out of all the bars these are the best! If you like the Girl Scout cookies Thin Mints then you will love these!

The Absolute Best Bars!!!
by Luca on 2/25/2012
I thought I was a chocoholic for sure. But when I tried the Crispy Cinnamon - I thought I was in heaven.They are the best,most flavorful, crispy, chewy, delicious bars that I have ever bit into. In fact, I like them more than any chocolate bars I've ever eaten. I can't get enough of them. I have to have them on hand all the time.
Best diet treat!
by shasta on 3/4/2012
These are the best part of my diet program! I have a huge sweet tooth and having these bars to eat, is like having a candy bar everyday, and NOT cheating. They have the best flavor and you can't tell that they're a nutrient bar, it just tastes like good old bad for you candy. It's the highlight of my day!
Loved it!
by bobkitty4 on 3/6/2012
This was the first time I ordered this product, and I was very impressed at how tasty it was, along with the added fiber. Definitely would buy this again! (Updated on 3/7/2012.)
Love the Cinnamon!
by LindainCO on 3/10/2012
I love the Cinnamon, and have to try some of the others for variety. The flavor and texture are like a granola bar, but better.
by vicrn on 3/12/2012
Good tasting, filling bars. Would buy them again.
Meal Replacement Bars
by A7M on 3/17/2012
I like most of the meal replacement bars I received recently. I didn't care for the chocolate/marshmallow bar, but that's okay, I had the other variety pack bars to choose from. I especially like the graham cracker/chocolate meal replacement bar. I am pleasantly surprised with the meal replacement bars, the protein bars, and the shakes.
crispy fudge and graham
by achilcoat on 3/28/2012
These are by far the best tasting bars I have had. I have also purchased 2 other flavors that are both good but this is the best! I'll be getting more :)
by Anne on 3/29/2012
Delicious and convenient! I could not get by without them. Love the Crispy Peanut and Rich Chocolate Caramel best, and a Crispy Cinnamon is the perfect breakfast. They are all 18g carbs, so I limit to 2 or 3 per day. But I would eat them all day long if I could.
Cinnamon Crisp is the best
by CW on 4/1/2012
This is coming from a chocolate lover... The cinnamon crisp bars are the best. The others we tried - nutty chocolate, chocolate caramel - were okay. The cinnamon won over any protein bar I've ever had.
great product
by coopwol on 4/13/2012
Great product, tasty, satisfying, low calorie. I've had one a day; as mid-morning snack for over a year now, having lost 30 pounds and hoping to keep it off. I especially like the crispy fudge and graham (and also the crispy peanut). (Updated on 4/14/2012.)
Makes it easy to be good!
by babz on 4/14/2012
I've only tried a this flavor so far but have others on the way; I was soooo pleased with these Crispy Fudge Grahams, I had to try more. It's hard to find a good tasting bar with a fair amount of protein content but these are maaaarvelous.
by Jade875 on 4/18/2012
I've only tried the crispy PB and the Fudge and Graham-both are satisfying and delicious! I purchase these over and over again!!
Best Bars Ever!
by Betsy on 4/27/2012
These bars are truly amazing in every way. I love the texture, taste, quality and hugely satisfying. These bars are far superior to ANY protein bars out there today. I've tried them all.
WonderSlim Meal Replacement Nutrition Bars
by Diane on 5/11/2012
All flavors are great. They curb my appetite.
Helping me stick with it
by Jim on 5/13/2012
I have been a fan of the Graham bars for a while, but recently ordered the Sampler box to change things up a bit. Smart move! There are some great flavors here, a couple of which can pass for candy bars and meet that darned sweet tooth of mine!
postal worker daughter loves it....
by pisces8096 on 5/15/2012
She's on the go...and these bars make life easy for her....... and they taste pretty darn gud!!!
Very good
by Amanda on 5/24/2012
These are really good, actually. The chocolate doesn't have that funny diet taste.
by Nikki on 8/6/2012
I love these bars, they are addictive! Be careful, before you know it you will be eating your another one!
by Christie on 8/13/2012
I bought the variety pack and really like all of the flavors! Very, very good!
WonderSlim Meal Replacement Nutrition Bars
by Lisa C on 8/14/2012
Have tried many bars! These are the best and the best price!
This is great!
by Julie Su on 8/14/2012
Thank you WonderSlim! This bar tastes really good. Crunchy, tasty and filling, what else can a dieter on a high protein diet (with a sweet tooth that demands attention) ask for?!
Great price, great taste
by losing_wt_makes_sense on 8/14/2012
Great price, great taste. I especially love the Crispy Fudge and Graham flavor. I could eat these bars for every meal!

I started a very low calorie medically monitored diet with a certain clinic that sold ProtiDiet products at exorbitant prices. I did my research and found Dietdirect and the Wonderslim products are exactly the same, just cheaper.

Crispy fudge & graham
by CANDY BAR on 8/14/2012
This is the BEST protein bar I have ever had. I have been ordering them for over a year. When I am out, I truly miss them. Diet or no diet! Fudge graham is my personal favorite.
Perfect Meal Replacement Bar
by Sheila on 8/14/2012
Love these bars as meal replacements. They taste great and are very filling. They will always be in my diet plan.
My teens love this bar!
by swimndog on 8/14/2012
Two of my children really struggle with eating breakfast first thing in the morning. Since their lunch at school can be as late as 1:00PM, we have experimented with a huge variety of breakfast options. Both "breakfast boycotters" love this bar, so I am confident that they will eat it mid morning, and not let it ride along in their backpacks. Thank You!!
Great snack bar.
by JJones on 8/14/2012
Ordered the Crispy Fudge and Graham. Great taste and crunch. A lot of protein bars are very dense, but the crispy part helps to make this a much more pleasant tasting bar than most.
I hate cinnamon raisin BUT.....
by Jen on 8/14/2012
Okay, I really hate cinnamon raisin. I mean, I think the combination is gross. However, I just got done trying this bar and was simply shocked! I LOVED it! I mean, REALLY REALLY loved it! I had my husband and roommate taste it. They liked it even. Roommate made mention that it reminded him of when his granny used to make cinnamon raisin cookies and put icing on them. It was THAT good!

Only downside...it has a LOT of cinnamon flavoring. To the point that about 2-3 minutes after you finish it, a really strong aftertaste of cinnamon (unsweetened cinnamon) is present for about 30 seconds. After that, it is all good. We were all surprised by how sweet it was and we all determined the aftertaste is because of how much cinnamon used. All in all, I am going to be buying this again and again.
Tastes too good to be good for you!
by nana on 12/20/2008
I've tried many, many protein bars and the graham cracker chocolate taste of this one is fantastic! No funky aftertaste either.
I LOVE this bar!!!
by Tracee on 7/14/2008
I am a WLS patient and these are the best! I cannot keep these bars in my house! I have not found a bad tasting one out of this bunch! My entire family loves the cinnamon, PB and the Fudge bars. My 10 year old takes one every day for her snack. I can't keep them in stock at the house. LOVE this bar!!!

Awesome bars!
by Theresa on 2/11/2008
WOW! This is my first time ordering. The Fudge Graham bar is awesome.
by Jennifer Hankins on 6/1/2008
These bars are fantastic as a snack or as breakfast. I would definitely recommend trying these.

by Julie on 2/6/2008
The Cinnamon Crunch Bars are scrumptious! Have one with a hot cup of Dunkin' Donuts Cinnamon Spice coffee and you'll think you're in heaven!
Great taste and filling
by crickett on 8/30/2012
These are great. I ordered the cinnamon flavor and love them. I will definitely order them again and look forward to trying the other flavors!
great snack
by Vickie on 3/3/2009
I love all of these bars. They taste great and get me through the day.
great tasting
by wayne on 3/28/2009
told to get more protein in since surgery in january these bars did the trick !!!
by Suepon1 on 4/11/2009
I love the fudge and graham bars. They are delicious and they are lower in calories and fat than most protein bars.
Love them all
by Sea on 8/30/2009
Very good - Cinnamon Bar
Yumm Yumm
by Lindsay on 11/14/2009
I found this bar very yummy! Has just the right amount if sweetness to it. I love taking this on the go and eating half on my way to work and the rest at work for my breakfast! I highly recommend it!
by ANNE on 11/19/2009
The Wonderslim Cinnamon bar is so delicious. Addicting. They are hearty and completely satisfying. I love having one with my coffee in the morning for breakfast. I eat it as slow as I can to savor every bit of flavor. Excellent texture, flavor, crunch!!!!!! The Best!!!!
Crispy Fudge Graham
by Steph on 11/30/2009
These were great and were filling and no bad taste at all. I have a hard time finding a bar which didn't have the nasty protein after taste and these were great. I would recommend them to everyone to try. The fudge graham were my favorite but the cinnamon were a close second.
I love these Bar's
by Donna on 8/30/2012
What I like most about the bars outside of the taste is the size. Unlike some of the other products these bars are large and filling. I order these everytime I place an order. My very favorite is the Crispy Peanut and Crispy Fudge & Graham Bar's. But the others are good, I wouldn't turn them down.
by Morgan on 2/20/2010
Just tried this bar and it's really, really good. It's kind of like eating a s'more. I'm glad that I am able to not feel guilty about eating these yummy bars!
Delicious meal on the go!
by moore.kats on 6/10/2010
I got one of the peanut butter bars in the free sample pack and it was a great meal replacement. It was the perfect amount of chocolate and peanut butter and tasted amazing. I'm definitely ordering more of these to use as meal replacements for when I'm to busy to sit and have a meal.
Good Stuff
by Alex on 7/14/2010
I am a former skeptic of diet foods. These bars are great, tasty, just right for those 'in between times'. I take them in my purse for meetings when all they serve is doughnuts, and for long car trips when I just don't have time to stop for a (greasy) snack on the road. I am a 'food nut', but I make an exception when it comes to losing weight, I need all the help I can get. These are good. But caveat all the flavors: Peanut butter flavor tasted like dirt, cinnamon flavor was pretty good, but the chocolate fudge grahams were yummy.
I've died and gone to heaven!
by Jephiner on 8/2/2010
OK - I didn't think I would be that excited about the cinnamon as it isn't a favorite in general but mmmmmmmmmmmmm! The cinnamon is dipped in what tastes a lot like a cream cheese icing. I like all the ones I have tried - the fudge/graham and the berry - all are really good w/ no aftertaste but the cinnamon is to die for!

Just what I needed!
by kmr on 11/8/2010
This is my new favorite snack with a cup of tea. I like all the flavors, but the cinnamon is my favorite.
Love it!
by Lisamd on 2/1/2011
The fudge graham crispy bars are my favorite. I don't get tired of them. I have an order in to try some other flavors, but so far this is by far one of best tasting protein bars I have had.
by mimijbourg on 7/1/2012
THESE ARE THE BEST, THERE IS NO BETTER (Updated on 1/13/2012.) (Updated on 7/2/2012.)
Beyond Good
by SuzyQ on 8/30/2012
I have tried every brand of protein bar that is out on the market and WonderSlim is without question the best.
Great Taste!
by Jennyfur on 8/30/2012
I tried the Dark Chocolate Marshmallow, and they are amazing!! I've never had a protein bar that tasted nothing like protein!! YUMM-O!!
Meal Replacement Bars
by espaid on 5/17/2011
I recently ordered the Crispy Fudge & Graham, Mint Coca and Crispy Peanut. These are all great and I would recommend them. They are filling there is no after taste. You wont be disappointed.
Crispy Fudge Graham
by Kay on 5/25/2011
The crispy fudge graham bars are very good. These really help me supplement my protein needs. I usually eat these as bed time snack on the days that I do not get at least 60 grahams of protein.
Crispy Fudge & Graham BAr
by CKing on 8/30/2012
THE BEST EVER!! Great tasting, just the right crunch, very fulfilling--sustains me for hours.

Thanks for creating this wonderful bar to help us in our weight management.
by Memaw on 6/7/2011
Ordered 1 box, I thought they might be real cerealy and not much substance. Wish I had ordered more. They are solid bars (not like crispy treats)& great taste. I'm picky when it comes to diet bars.
Love the bars
by Sdavis on 6/28/2011
Always looking for products to help me with my Bariatric surgery. The product tastes good and I can tolerate the ingredients ( despite the sugar alcohol)

VERY Tasty and nutritional!
by band75 on 7/18/2011
The crispy cinnamon bars are terrific! I've wasted so much money on bars that taste like horse food...until now. The bars have a light cinnamon flavor and are the texture of a rice crispy treat. I eat a bar for breakfast and a piece of fruit. They take away my hunger and taste good. Also, the customer svc is great and fast shipping.
Love them!
by GeriM on 8/10/2011
Tastes great! I love them!
Can't Get Enough!
by jbj on 10/21/2011
My daughter gave me one of these bars and I just HAD to order them. They are super-d-duper delicious!!!
These are delicious!
by Hot Tamale on 11/18/2011
These are great! If you're unsure of which to get I strongly suggest the variety pack. They are good-sized bars and I don't dislike any of them. Some of the best protein bars I've tried!
These bars are GREAT!
by mbs on 11/26/2011
These bars are great tasting and they make it easier to say no to all the cakes and candies my coworkers are constantly offering to me! I liked the first box so much that I immediately stocked up on them!
Crispy fudge graham bars are great
by Doodalumma on 8/30/2012
I am a recent customer for BC products, and I have tried the WonderSlim crispy fudge graham bars and they were very good. I enjoy them in the morning with my coffee for breakfast or as a snack at other times. Also, they are a good size bar, so you really feel like you've eaten something! I haven't tried other flavors of the WonderSlim bars, but I definitely will in future.
crispy fudge graham...
by mike on 1/21/2012
These bars might just be gods gift to the bariatric folks. They are FANTASTIC! I will make sure to keep them in stock and they go well for a breakfast on the go.

The only thing to take note of, if you are early on in your surgery and just starting off on solids - these bars may give you a tummy ache, they are very sweet!
by HELEN on 8/30/2012
This is a product I’m very picky about. I have tried many different bars, and different flavors but have not liked any of them. These are the best with 15 grams of protein and great flavor. I also like the cinnamon flavor, it has a nice white yogurt coating. A nice variation from the fudge graham, my favorite. If you are new to these bars start here.
Tried the graham fudge and the cinnamon
by Balance on 3/8/2012
I enjoyed both of these flavors and can't wait to try other varieties.
Crispy Fudge & Graham are my favorite
by Tinman on 3/16/2012
Crispy Fudge & Graham are my favorite. Great taste. It is that simple.
Best I've Found
by ab1997 on 8/30/2012
I tried the variety pack and all tasted great. I have tried a lot of protein bars and they always have a terrible after taste. These don't. They taste good.
Surprised how great these were
by clblew on 9/13/2012
I bought the variety pack to be able to try the different flavors. I was AMAZED at how good these were. If you didn't see the box you never would know these were full of protein. Did not have that after taste that some items have. My favorite was the Crispy Cinnamon. All were great but I like the ones that were not completely covered in chocolate. Will be ordering a few more boxes!
Wow, these bars are great
by GollyPolly on 10/12/2012
OK so having lost 20 lbs on MF, I was looking to save some $$ by eating DIet direct products. I haven't liked everything I've tried so far, but these bars - WOW. Very tasty, actually BETTER than Medifast. They have more calories (like 150 - 160) where as Medifast's are about 110 - so you have to watch the calories, but they are worth it! I LOVED the crispy fudge and graham and mint cocoa, and the cinnamon and chocoate almond are great too.
by rosey on 10/16/2012
loved every single one of them...

there is nothing more to say except that these are spectacular
Crispy Fudge & graham
by Angela on 10/23/2012
Crispy fudge and graham are terrific!!! Crispy peanut not as good.
love them
by amby on 10/28/2012
i love the crispy fudge they are great now if i can keep the kids out of them lol :)
by Nicole H on 2/20/2013
My favorites are the Crispy Fudge and Graham and Crispy Cinnamon. They seem heartier than some of the other protein bars, and keep me satisfied..You can;t beat the amount of protein for the lower calories (15 g protein for 160 calories).
My favorites
by Tabitha on 3/6/2013
Perfect Meal Replacement
What a treat
by ja on 3/16/2013
Seriously I think these are amazing. I would rather hand these out at Halloween than chocolate bars. They are chewy, sweet, chocolaty and filling. I don't get the graham taste as much as a chewy granola bar taste. Diet or no diet I think these are fabulous.
Simply the Best
by Leona on 5/2/2013
These are my favorite meal replacement bars. Good flavor and texture with no aftertaste. Nice and filling for breakfast or afternoon snack.
by sheila on 5/3/2013
these satisfy my sweet tooth & provide protein at the same time
A Staple
by MJ on 5/31/2013
Always keep these on hand to grab and go. Keep them in the fridge for an added treat in the summer! Just enough sweetness and crunch to satisfy and loaded with protein, what's not to like?!
by Megan on 7/21/2013
I'd definitely buy these again! Super delicious and fills the craving and urge for a candy bar!
by Julie on 8/9/2013
This bar is fantastic, a little crunchy, nice and sweet, no aftertaste. Very good treat.
by DW on 8/30/2013
These are great!! I love these!! Just great for a sweet tooth!
by rosey on 10/16/2012
loved every single one of them...

there is nothing more to say except that these are spectacular
Crispy Fudge & graham
by Angela on 10/23/2012
Crispy fudge and graham are terrific!!! Crispy peanut not as good.
love them
by amby on 10/28/2012
i love the crispy fudge they are great now if i can keep the kids out of them lol :)
by Nicole H on 2/20/2013
My favorites are the Crispy Fudge and Graham and Crispy Cinnamon. They seem heartier than some of the other protein bars, and keep me satisfied..You can;t beat the amount of protein for the lower calories (15 g protein for 160 calories).
My favorites
by Tabitha on 3/6/2013
Perfect Meal Replacement
What a treat
by ja on 3/16/2013
Seriously I think these are amazing. I would rather hand these out at Halloween than chocolate bars. They are chewy, sweet, chocolaty and filling. I don't get the graham taste as much as a chewy granola bar taste. Diet or no diet I think these are fabulous.
Simply the Best
by Leona on 5/2/2013
These are my favorite meal replacement bars. Good flavor and texture with no aftertaste. Nice and filling for breakfast or afternoon snack.
by sheila on 5/3/2013
these satisfy my sweet tooth & provide protein at the same time
A Staple
by MJ on 5/31/2013
Always keep these on hand to grab and go. Keep them in the fridge for an added treat in the summer! Just enough sweetness and crunch to satisfy and loaded with protein, what's not to like?!
by Megan on 7/21/2013
I'd definitely buy these again! Super delicious and fills the craving and urge for a candy bar!
by Julie on 8/9/2013
This bar is fantastic, a little crunchy, nice and sweet, no aftertaste. Very good treat.
by DW on 8/30/2013
These are great!! I love these!! Just great for a sweet tooth!
by Lorita on 11/8/2013
These are very tasty! They have good crunch and chocolate.
by Lois on 12/8/2013
They are the best. M
Crispy Fudge and Graham bars
by Charlene on 1/9/2014
Fabulous! A wonderful mix of graham cracker and chocolate flavors! No after taste. Takes care of any sweet cravings.
Taste great!
by Chrissy on 1/10/2014
I love these, it's almost like eating a candy bar!
crispy fudge
by Elissa on 1/17/2014
Very tasty
by JC on 2/7/2014
Maybee I'm just hungry but these are really tasty
by Lawrence on 2/14/2014
I really like this Crispy fudge and Graham bar. I will definitely buy it again. Quick, easy , and delicious.
Delicious and delightful!
by Charlene on 2/20/2014
The Crispy Fudge and Graham bars are wonderful, not just for the satisfaction they provide nutritionally, but also giving the impression that one is eating something decadently unpermissable on a calorie restricted diet. Flavor is fabulous, texture is wonderful, satisfaction for something sweet/chocolate complete.
by JC on 3/7/2014
I like them because the "frosting" is not real sweet. Nice and chewy/crunchy. I have to have them on hand. Eat them every day!
by PHYLLIS on 3/22/2014
Good- maybe too good. I will have to make sure I ration these out to myself and not forget that the whole point of this exercise is to lose weight.
very good
by Laura on 4/24/2014
While the texture is a little rough on the roof of my mouth, they are great. They are a little chewy and chocolate, reminds me of granola bars only healthy and have the protein I need with not near as many calories as the ones you will find in the store, I do not care which one you look at, they have more! I tried the sampler pack and this one is my favorite. I am not a big chocolate fan but this have the perfect about, not overpowering at all.
by Leann on 7/5/2014
These bars are my favorite over all the other bars, although I like everything I have tried. They are not too sweet, crunchy and very satisfying.
Love these!!
by Annemarie on 7/6/2014
One of my favorite's!!
by Sepideh on 7/31/2014
The name of the bar says it all! They are amazing without the weird powder like protein taste. Thick, chewy, filling. I always order several boxes!
by Honi on 8/28/2014
Absolutely my favorite bar.
by Linda on 9/3/2014
If I would succumb to my crazy food obsessions I would eat these all day. However, because I am trying to be healthy, I have one only when I should. It isn't unusual for me to have two a day, however.
Love this
by Rosina on 9/12/2014
Great snack.
The best
by J. on 9/20/2014
This is my favorite meal replacement bar.
by sm62 on 12/5/2014
I just had my first Crispy Fudge & Graham yesterday and it was yummy and satisfying. Who needs a high-calorie, high fat bar???
Guiltless treat
by marsha on 1/22/2015
by Maria on 1/28/2015
Very much enjoyed this tasty and thick bar! Loved all the flavors and the chocolate coating. Will buy again!
great protein bar
by Judy on 8/23/2015
Just tried the Crispy Fudge and Graham bar and love it.. Will definitely buy it again..my favorite so far. I have been looking for a great protein bar like this!!
One of my fav!
by Dana on 8/28/2015
These are really satisfying! Not too sweet, nice crunch.
very good6y::
by Cathy on 9/16/2015
Everything was great.
crunchy graham flavor
by Angela on 9/28/2015
i could really taste the hint of graham in these. I think they are a great satisfying meal replacement.
Excellent product
by Daria on 12/8/2015
Love it. Crunchy and just right combination of flavors. Also, it's not too hard.
Perfect go to bar
by Monica on 4/3/2016
Just discovered these bars. excellent taste. No chemical aftertaste. Love them!,
Excellent Product
by b on 4/8/2016
I love these Bars. They taste great and are satisfying for that midday snack.
I love these bars
by Fatimah on 4/25/2016
I feel so happy when we eat this bar it's so delicious
really good.
by luke on 4/29/2016
don't really like the chocolate bars, but this one is really good. curbs my hunger too.
Taste great, less filling
by DonnyH on 6/2/2016
I love these bars. We have used other meal replacement systems and these bars taste great at a good price.
Great Taste
by Thomas on 7/11/2016
The taste of this bar is outstanding and the nutrition facts has an abundance of protein and low in sugar.
Love these
by Thomas on 8/15/2016
I always keep these on hand. They are a great snack at work or after a work out. One of my go to items.
My favorite
by Kate66 on 10/29/2016
Crispy, chocolate, high protein, no bad aftertaste and doesn't give me gas like others.
Love this bar!
by Lisa on 11/15/2016
What a great combination of flavors! It's both crispy and chewy and not overwhelmingly sweet. This is a new staple at my house!
Very tasty
by Fadia on 3/3/2017
Great bars, very filling and greatly satisfying
by Cindy on 6/20/2017
Good taste and texture. Already placed reorder!
My favorite
by Stephanie on 8/6/2018
Crispy Fudge & Graham is my favorite bar! I've been using bars as meal replacements for 2 years now, and this is one I don't get tired of and select often to go in my lunchbag.
Much better than anticipated
by R M on 11/5/2018
These bars tasted a lot better than I expected. I've tried other brands with this flavor and didn't care much for them. But these are really good!
Will satisfy that Chocolate crave
by Uzma on 1/28/2019
I love these bars. It feels like you're cheating. A nice, solid chocolate flavor without completely over powering the taste of the graham crackers. They're a little harder/crunchier than I expected with all the chocolate, but not significantly so. Close to a pretzel, as far as hardness goes.
Great tasting
by SANDRA on 2/5/2019
Love this first time I bought these. Must try
by cecilia on 4/18/2019
Completely a keeper..... would be buying this again.. make you full , I got a subscription on it... love it...
by Loretta on 5/6/2019
I absolutely love the crispy fudge graham bars. they are delicious!
Another fave
by Diana on 7/17/2019
This is another fave of mine. Perfect go to for gram and chocolate for me when I just don’t feel like eating but I need to have something.
Chocolate bar is awesome!
by angela on 8/17/2008
I have only tried the fudge graham and berry bar...Hands down the chocolate is awesome!

good bar
by cwel on 3/19/2009
I have only tried the fudge graham and it is awesome. It satisfies the sweet tooth and is filling. I would give it 5 stars but I haven't tried the other flavors.
Tasty on the go
by Diana B on 4/22/2009
The fudge graham bar is good. Easy to throw it my purse and go. I enjoyed it.
Berry Yogurt
by MV on 8/2/2009
Berry Yogurt is very good. Disappointed in the Fudge and Graham, but it's not terrible.
Great Snack
by Angela on 2/8/2010
I have tried the cinnamon and the fudge & graham and like both very much. I like the fact that there are more options than just peanut butter because I cannot eat peanut products.
Crispy Fudge And Graham Bars
by db on 2/12/2010
This is a very tasty bar. I like it with my morning coffee. It did not have the graham cracker taste that I was hoping for, but I did like the bars and I will purchase it again.
Wow, this is diet food?
by Spaghetti cat on 5/26/2010
Okay, i didn't even know these bars existed until I got a sample of the chocolate Graham one in my order. Wow!! I feel like I am cheating on my diet, but the scale says otherwise! I ordered a box plus a sampler so i can try the other flavors!

I highly recommend this flavor!
Simply the best!
by Sally on 3/1/2011
I can't get enough of the Cinnamon bars - they are simply delicious. I never get tired of them and they don't cause gas problems the way some other protein bars do. Marvelous!
Crunchy Good
by sstoecklein on 4/25/2011
If you crave something crunchy this is a wonderful choice.
Fudge Graham - They are pretty good
by Naelli on 5/13/2011
Packed with a lot of protein and low in fat and calories so a lot of bang for the snack. Only issue I have had is occasionally I get a strong taste of salt or soda that maybe wasn't mixed in all the way. Otherwise I would've given it a ten (Updated on 5/14/2011.)
Very delicious bars
by LV1DAY on 6/3/2011
A bit dry but very tasty bars. Make sure to have it with tea, coffee, etc. For the minimal calories they're a good meal replacement and depending on your caloric needs perhaps they can be a snack.
good meal replacement bars
by nonie on 6/10/2011
I really enjoy the dark choc marshmallow bars. They are good nutritionally and taste good. Satisfy that yearning for chocolate. Will get them again.
Very Good
by William on 10/8/2011
I will give this a four star, I have a very funny stomach , and I was nervous to try this product and other products here. The product taste very good with some after taste. But is still very good. I would recommend this to all my friends.
Good meal replacement bars
by Limi on 11/10/2011
I normally get the variety pack and these bars are good for meal replacement and also high protein.
Great Bar
by KCinnamon on 12/13/2011
Great bar, one of my favorites!
by lisa on 1/19/2012
These are pretty good. They are not overly sweet. I do not have a sweet tooth nor do I like chocolate.
Great deal!
by gabygal on 1/24/2012
I bought the Variety Pack, and so far, the bars I tried have been good. They are so handy to take on the run. I've liked all the flavors, esp. the Mint Cocoa.
Tasted pretty good
by jbenskin on 2/15/2012
I was really surprised how good the meal replacement bars tasted. I also love the fact that they are made with sucralose and not aspartame. Keep up the good work.
Good taste
by Beverly on 6/29/2008
I had the Fudge Graham bars and they were ok. They pretty much tasted like the South Beach Diet peanut protein bars you can get in WalMart, although these were slightly better.

Great Bars
by Shirl on 8/30/2012
The Cinnamon Bar is my favorite. I have ordered the others but still prefer the Cinnamon.
Great Breakfast Bar
by SpedDoc on 2/23/2009
Very good bar for breakfast. Quick, easy, and tasty way to eat a quick nutritious breakfast on the go.
Good Bar
by TMB on 12/1/2009
I enjoyed these bars. It has a favorably ratio of protein to calories and are an enjoyable treat. Just the thing for something quick when the morning gets too hectic to prepare breakfast.

I must say, however that I enjoyed the first box better than the second. The last one seemed stale and dried out. However, I plan to order again.

(Updated on 12/2/2009.)
Awesome product
by Ljb on 1/13/2011
These bars are awesome and they taste great. I got the Fudge & Graham and Peanut Butter bars and there is no after taste like other brands I have tried.
by arby on 3/2/2011
I would order this again. I got the coffee flavor. It fills you up and does the job. (Updated on 3/3/2011.)
Crispy Fudge & Graham
by Susan on 3/23/2011
The recipe seems to have changed recently but these bars are even better. LOVE them - they taste too good to be healthy.

Not so happy with the big price increase - I used to be able to buy from this site for less than $8 a box with bulk discounts - now they are $10 - 20% price increase is steep especially for long standing loyal customers.
A Must Try
by Sassy on 3/28/2011
These bars are fabulous if you are someone who likes the idea of eating a candy bar for a treat, AND someone who likes chocolate. I have tried all flavors, and my least favorite is the Crispy Coffee Chocolate. In my opinion, they do not have a coffee flavor, or at least not a strong coffee flavor, so I was disappointed. I was hoping I could use it as a meal replacement in the morning and feel like I was also having a cup of coffee, not the case. Otherwise, I highly recommend all the others.
by Praiser on 7/11/2011
These are a great way to get protein! They taste great!
by DM on 8/30/2012
Dark Chocolate Caramel is definitely my favorite. I ordered the sample pack at first and have narrowed my preferences down to one. It's filling and travels well.
by suefeds on 9/22/2011
Taste is good and so is the crunch! Very enjoyable. I use it as a meal replacement when I'm on the go.
Very Good
by Debbie on 3/2/2012
Great! This satisfied my need for chocolate and crunch both!
by Mel on 3/12/2012
I have tried so many protein bars. I like to have a protein bar and a cup of coffee for breakfast. When I discovered WoderSlim I was excited to be able to get a variety pack. The flavors are great and I feel full until lunch time. I would highly recommend this product to any interested in convenience and portability.
by Getting Smaller on 6/13/2012
I like the variety pack... I get a little bored eating the same things, so the pack helps. These bars are good. I was out with my daughter and she was hungry so rather than get some junk food, I gave her a bar. Even she loved it! She also was not hungry for at least a few hours. My personal favorite is the nutty almond, but they are all good.
by Sherry M on 12/21/2013
I am not a big graham fan, but this bar gives me something different when I am looking for variety.
was my fav until....
by cristine on 10/26/2014
this flavor was my fav until I tried the peanut pretzel one. this one is a bit sweeter and a little drier. but, overall a really good bar. tastes like a smore (without marshmallows).
Pretty good...
by Patricia on 5/18/2015
Not quite what I had expected, but they're flavorful enough to enjoy this box. Ordered them on a whim! Nice change for me.
One of my favorites
by Laura on 1/18/2016
I first became acquainted with these whilst going to MWLC. They are one of my favorite bars. Not too sweet and not overwhelming in the chocolate department. Great 3:00 pick me up at work with some strawberries.
Nice sweet treat
by Gwendolyn on 3/1/2016
I was apprehensive but it turned out to be pretty good. No regrets.
by Linda on 4/4/2016
pretty good
Delicious and filling
by Rebecca on 6/14/2017
These have a great chocolate and graham cracker taste. They are also very satisfying! Definitely recommend!
good - not great
by Julie on 10/18/2017
I like the crispys in these - but it lacks flavor. Would I eat them again ... yes. But there are so many other fantastic ones!!
pretty good
by rb on 4/8/2019
These are enjoyable, nice cricpy crunch and flavorful. Not amazing- but its good to have an assortment of bars..They do the trick and are filling.
Taste OK but not my favorite
by Brent on 5/3/2019
These are OK. They taste alright but they feel lighter and not as filling. I would eat them now and again to stop getting tired of my favorites.
Great taste
by Jennifer on 6/17/2019
These taste great and are a good size. They are great to keep you full.
Pretty Good!
by Mickie on 6/21/2019
I eat these a lot for breakfast. They're chocolatey and crunchy and filling.
WonderSlim Crispy Bars
by on 11/30/2009
I tried the Fudge & Graham. These are just okay-but much better than the protein bars. Maybe I'll give another flavor a chance.
I like the fudge, peanut and cinnamon
by bschroed on 6/14/2010
I like the fudge, peanut and cinnamon.
Totally disagree that these are great--middling ok at best
by PrincessDieter on 7/28/2010
Wow. I got these based on the great reviews and am sadly disappointed. I bought the CRISPY PEANUT variety, and I find the powdery, odd aftertaste is somewhat offputting. At most, I'd give these 3 stars (and I'm leaning toward 2.5 to 2). Still, for people who love peanuts or PB, these do have a peanutty taste and that crispy-chewy texture that can be satisfying when one is hungry. I think the Supreme Protein carb-conscious are far, far superior to these (more peanuts, better chocolate flavor, still Carb conscious) so I'll likely just go back to those. Cause, really, I don't want to eat these. I won't return them only cause I'd hate to have to pay shipping and handling (would probably be a wash, given price.) So, they'll keep in the pantry for those I'm desperate for peanutty-chocolateyness and can tolerate it days. I'm glad these taste great to others so they can incorporate into the plan, but I just can't honestly say these are great or recommend them (except to folks who are immune to the aftertaste). I'd rather not use up 11 net carbs on this.
Crispy Coffee Chocolate--not much on the coffee
by TennisLady on 3/13/2011
Reviewing the Crispy Coffee Chocolate flavor--it's much like other crispy protein bars I've had. I love mocha-flavored products, so I was excited to see this flavor. But the coffee flavor in it is pretty bland. It's an OK meal bar, much like others. There's nothing to speak *against* it, but it's not my favorite bar either. Good enough to eat the rest of the box, don't know if I'll order it again. Enjoy!
Crispy Cinnamon
by mogal65 on 4/27/2011
It is a very intense full cinnamon flavor...so in other words you better like cinnamon. I do and even still I don't choose this bar that often since it is a bit overly cinnamon even for me. I do like the crispy part of these bars! (Updated on 4/28/2011.)
Mint Cocoa, Fudge & Graham, Chocolate, Peanut, and Peanut Butter Crisp
by Roverah on 4/28/2011
Mint Cocoa and Fudge and Graham were so so good good. Did not taste diet like. Chocolate, peanut and the Chocolate Peanut butter took some getting used to but not horrible. Just the chocolate taste is noticeably fake and the peanut butter is too.
Fudge & Graham Yay, Berry Yogurt Nay
by Angela on 10/3/2011
Really like the fudge and graham. I recommend those to anyone who likes the lighter side of chocolate. Not crazy about the berry yogurt - too sweet, like the berry part is like that sweet licorice I had as a kid; tolerable, but won't get again. Really sorry the lemon was discontinued.
Average tasting
by Theresa on 12/26/2011
I gave this an average rating. I'd eat it again, but I wouldn't order it again. It's just OK to me. I was happy to try it in my Try Me box.
a bit off
by knh771 on 10/19/2008
For lack of a better word, these bars tasted a little "artificial". Just off somehow. I tried the graham cracker flavor.
Not a fan of 'protein bars'
by Kathie on 8/30/2012
It was not the worst protein bar I have ever had, the flavor was fairly pleasant, but I am not a huge fan of protein bars. I find them to taste too sweet, to be too high in carbs for my purposes, they don't tend to keep me full long and the indigestible sugars used to sweeten them (I am guessing) give me gas. I had to try one last time, but I am sure now.
Perfect for work!
by EJG on 1/12/2012
Chocolate Caramel the best ever!! I have these stocked up both at home and at work! Love them..and with 15 grams of protein
Too Sweet
by L W on 1/14/2013
These are alright. They are overly sweet to me. I probably won't pick these again.
by Merrill on 9/28/2013
These were good, but there are others I like more. Probably wouldnt buy these again.
Crispy Fudge & Graham
by Kathy on 11/12/2013
These are just fine - they're not my favorite, but I will definitely get them again. They do seem very filling which I like.
Pretty good.
by ANGIE on 2/7/2014
This is not quite as sweet as a couple of the other bars I have tried. It definitely has that graham flavor, which surprised me- I wasn't sure how they could pull it off (I think there is actual graham in there!!!)

I liked it, it wasn't my favorite but I might order again for some variety.
just not my favorite
by Cindy on 6/6/2014
It's just not sweet enough for my tastes
Taste great, but could be fewer calories
by Eric on 9/26/2014
I feel like these bars are better for weight maintenance rather than weight loss. They taste awesome, but they have 30% more claories than the Medifast bars
Crispy Fudge & Graham
by Sara on 1/19/2015
These are always the last meal replacement bars that I eat. Not one of my favorites. It feels like a very heavy bar, must have with water of coffee. Flavor could be better.
So So
by Angela on 4/4/2016
It was okay but not as flavorful as I thought it would be in light of all the great reviews.
OK taste
by Donna on 8/31/2016
Taste ok, but doesn't really have much flavor to me. More like a rice crispy crunch, not much of a gram cracker flavor like I was expecting.
Berry yogurt is tolerable.
by SC, RD, LDN on 11/8/2009
I prefer the Bariwise lemon meringue, choc peanut butter dream, or cinnamon raisin. I spread peanut butter on the berry yogurt to tolerate.
Crispy Fudge & Graham
by Amy4 on 7/4/2011
No Graham taste at all, which is what I was hoping for. Really lacking flavor. I will not purchase again.
Berry Yogurt
by KDeLeon on 7/7/2011
Very chewy. Flavor is okay.
If you are a fan of thin mint cookies
by Bobbi on 8/21/2011
If you are a fan of Girl Scout thin mint cookies you will love the Mint Cocoa flavor. I am very picky with mint items and have not cared for some in the past. In fact when I received this is a sample pack it was the last one I chose to eat. I will be ordering a whole box now!
Berry ...
by jerry on 11/20/2011
I really do not care for this product and I was quite disappointed. They had a great Pomagranate bar that was delicious, but it has been discontinued. I hoped that this was a suitable replacement, but it is very short of the flavor of the other. These will go out in the trash.. Why waste calories on poor taste..

(Updated on 11/21/2011.)
Great Taste but
by noartificialsweetener on 8/14/2012
These chewy bars taste really good but are 'over-the-top' sweet, and with artificial sweeteners to boot. Great tasting but, for me, I won't be buying more due to the malitol and sucralose. I cannot tolerate artificial sweeteners. The bars may be aspertame free, but they still contain artificial sweeteners.
I would prefer no artificial sweeteners and 'just enough' sugar to make them palatable. They do not need to be SOOOO sweet.
High Maltose Corn Syrup ?
by Lynda on 4/7/2011
I was excited to see that soy protein was the first ingredient. My first foray into protein bars was with Wonderslim. I loved the taste, but came to realize that corn syrup was the first ingredient. On these new bars, protein is the first ingredient, but I don't understand why they are still using High Maltose Corn Syrup. Bariwise bars have none of that, so it CAN be done.
some good some awful
by Sheila on 10/7/2012
I bought these because they were highly rated by other customers. The cocoa mint was very good but the nutty almond was chemical with a horrible aftertaste. I'm afraid to try the others.
by Morella on 5/4/2013
These were Dry tasting and soo crispy that they hurt my gums. I am surprised they are on the best sellers list. They taste like all graham and no fudge really.
not a fan
by Heather on 4/10/2017
Not gross, but not great either. I love fudge & graham crackers, but these don't have much flavor. However, it does taste like the typical diet bar.
Not great.
by SHERRY on 8/3/2018
Not my favorite. The Graham cracker taste dry and chalky. I even tried them cold no difference.
I have tried two of the ones in the variety pack. Oatmeal and peanut butter and jelly. Delicious. I think I will stay with these.

Hello Sherry,
Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear you did not care for our WonderSlim Crispy Fudge n' Graham Bars, but you are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
Weird taste, dry
by Amanda on 9/6/2019
I decided to try some of the other bars that had questionable reviews so I ordered the Variety Box. The Fudge Grahams were included. Coming from the MF program, I try to keep an open mind about taste. These had a funny taste - dry, not very graham-crackerish at all. The bars I like, I have to force myself to slow down when eating (Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate marshmallow, etc.). The Fudge Graham had to be choked down with lots of water, like 2 big tumblers worth. I won't be purchasing these on their own.

Hello Amanda,
Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear you did not care for our WonderSlim Fudge & Graham Bars , but you are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
Tastes like cardboard
by KellyD on 8/14/2012
These were so bad that I want to send the box back for an exchange. They are dry and bland. I would recommend the peanut butter bars instead.
Apparently my taste buds are broken
by Darnit78 on 1/18/2011
I received a Peanut Butter bar as a sample.

All the other reviewers (at the time of my writing) seem to love these. The only thing that I can agree with is that there is no after taste. In fact, there is no before taste.

I guess if you need something to chew on I guess this is an option. The only advantage I see in this over non-diet bars is much higher protein. A Nature Valley Oat'N Honey granola bar is only 30 calories and 1 gram of fat more. Not much to get actual taste, as opposed to eating styrofoam.

The chocolate doesn't taste like chocolate...
by Ann on 4/21/2011
I was surprised that the chocolate in these bars tastes nothing like chocolate. Don't recommend the chocolate marshmallow bars at all, and I like the regular chocomint bars better than cocoamint. (Updated on 4/22/2011.)
Crispy Fudge and Graham - No Go!!
by Debra on 5/2/2013
Was very excited for this flavor but was really let down.
Not So Much
by Carlasb02 on 7/1/2014
This bar was at the bottom of my list....I can't put my finger on it but I just didn't like it.
stale and hard
by Gail on 9/14/2014
the product I received was stale and hard, not chewy and tasty like the same bars I had before.
Hi Gail, thank you for your feedback. We completely understand your concern regarding your bars and apologize for the trouble. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours with a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
Dry and tasteless
by BETH on 10/26/2015
This product is dry and has no taste. Like eating cardboard.
Did not like
by Mari on 3/23/2016
This bar is tasteless and and has the consistency of being stale. I couldn't finish one bar.