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WonderSlim Crunchy Chocolate Minis (7 ct)

Item #: WS115
WonderSlim Crunchy Chocolate Minis (7 ct)

Price: $14.95

Availability: In stock

WonderSlim Crunchy Chocolate Minis (7 ct)

Price: $14.95

In stock

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  • High Protein - 12 grams Per Serving (11 grams are from soy)
  • 120 Calories Per Serving
  • Lower Fat - 3.5 grams Per Serving
  • Lower Carb - 12 grams Per Serving
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Trans Fat Free

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Good things come in small packages. When you need a little something to hold you over until mealtime, reach for a packet of these chocolate flavored crunchies. These tiny, chocolate-coated soy protein crunchies are a perfect protein diet snack for satisfying your hunger and chocolate cravings!

WonderSlim Protein Crunchy Chocolate Minis are a great protein diet snack in the car, at the movies, sprinkled on a shake or pudding, anytime you're on the go. It's truly like eating little cocoa puffs!

*2 meals is the monetary equivalent of $0.20. $0.10 helps provide 1 meal secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks. WonderSlim pledges a minimum of 1,500,000 meals (monetary equivalent of $150,000) to Feeding America® and member food banks from 02/15/2019 to 02/14/2020.


Soy Crisps (Soy Protein Isolate, Tapioca Flour), Sugar, Partially Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil (Contributes A Negligible Amount Of Trans Fat), Cocoa (Processed With Alkali), Whey (From Milk), Sorbitan Tristearate, Soy Lecithin, Artificial Flavor, Corn Syrup, Modified Corn Starch, Gum Arabic, Confectioner’s Glaze (Provides Gloss).


WonderSlim Milk Chocolate Crunchies


Open a packet and sprinkle mini crisps on your favorite shake, pudding or cereal, or eat them straight out of the bag.


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81 Customer Reviews

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Good stuff
by Maria on 2/20/2008
This taste just like chocolate, but it made me want more!

I LOVE these things
by Beth on 2/21/2008
I LOVE these things. I eat them right out of the bag or sprinkle them on top of my shake or pudding...yum!

I LOVE these
by Morgan on 3/29/2008
I LOVE these little chocolate puffs of heaven! I had Gastric Bypass about 1 year ago and this is a great option when I'm craving a little something Chocolaty and the best part is...NO GUILT!

Good taste
by Amy on 6/9/2008
They have a good taste. I eat them virtually every day. An easy way to get in more protein.

Like little cocoa crispies
by renee on 7/19/2008
Love it. I don't know if it is because I was really hungry when I had it, but I really like it. It remind me of cocoa crispies sort of. It does not taste dietetic in the least.

by Nancy Anne on 7/28/2008
Good flavor and versatile on those days when I need to get a supplement and a replacement together, I mix the shake up like pudding and stir a package of these in. Yummy! These are indeed very small, so I wouldn't recommend tryng to eat them "out of hand". I've found it easier, if I am going to eat these solo, to just tear a corner in the package and tip a little bit into my mouth.

Handy snacks
by Maryanne Raftevold on 10/5/2008
I have tried these, and just love them. They help fix the chocolate craving, easy to carry around and over all just one of the greatest things.

Excellent protein snack
by Lori Willimas on 10/18/2008
These are excellent, great to eat in the car for a high protein snack.

by tdalton on 3/5/2009
perfect for a light chocolate fix... they taste like rice crispy's dipped in chocolate.. Yummy
You must try these....
by Chadder on 11/3/2009
Great way to take care of your chocolate cravings.I will order them again and I would definetly recommend them. They're great on the go. I keep a couple of them in my car so that I have them available for a snack on the go. Very conveinent and they taste good too.
Small burst of chocolate!
by MsK on 11/5/2009
These are fantastic! Small serving it seems, but once I'm done eating them, I realize I truly did have enough. I would eat an entire big bowl of them if they weren't proportioned in these small bags (it's a good thing!). It's like a burst of chocolate in your mouth! My husband and I both really like these! How could anyone not??!
Curbs choco cravings
by Sheree on 11/22/2009
These are great. Yes they are small but you just pour them from the bag into your hand and then pour them in your mouth like m &M's. they are a great snack when in meetings and everyone else is eating candy or doughnuts.
The Chocolate Crunchies are awesome
by Vandy on 2/25/2010
These are good to save for when you are in a munchie mood. When I go to a movie theater and I know that everyone around me will be munching on popcorn, I just bring a pouch of these and it makes me feel like I'm not missing out. I try not to have them everyday since they are a little higher in calories than some of my other favorites.
Love this chocolate crunchy taste
by djfields on 5/16/2010
I absolutely love this for breakfast as a cereal. I add fruit and milk and it fills me up. I hope they never run out of this!!
Love them
by on 10/1/2010
Yummy little treat, crunchy and they feel good in your mouth.
Just Like a Nestle's Crunch
by jenniferlynne76 on 10/26/2010
These crunchy, chocolatey bites taste just like a Nestle's crunch bar...just broken up into a whole lot of pieces. Really great taste, and more candy-like than some of the other products. The one thing I haven't figured out is exactly how to best incorporate them into my plan, as they didn't seem to satisfy me quite as much as some of the other snack options. That being said, the taste is phenomenal and with the nutritional content being what it is, these are a much better choice than that Crunch bar!
Tasty plus protein! Body builders will love these.
by BobbyG on 11/11/2010
I have been buying these munchies for years. I love having them around to snack on right out of the packet. Just tear off one end and dump a bunch in your mouth. I decided to write a review because I just found another really good way to eat them. I usually have a single serving of low cal instant oatmeal in the morning. I found I can dump a packet of these in the mix and microwave as usual. It adds a punch of protein and some unusual flavor (just add a little extra water to the bowl). I work out with weights regularly to stay toned. Any snack that offers protein is perfect for me. This snack satisfies a craving for sweets and gives a little boost to my workout.
Yummy but not super filling
by janedoe on 2/13/2011
by Erin on 2/25/2011
I was so happy to find that these are similar in taste and consistency to Nestle's Buncha-Crunch! :) If I put them on a plate, I eat them slower.. One of my favorite sweet snacks on this site! :)
One of my Favorites
by Nick on 3/6/2011
These are so tasty. I eat them with nonfat milk as a cereal or throw them in my bag when I'm on the go. They are a must have!
I can't live without these now!
by JPG on 3/9/2011
I love these little chocolate treats! I have them every night so I can stick to my diet without feeling deprived of a daily chocolate fix. They are quite small, but the portion is decent. I have crushed them up and used them as a crust for the cheesecake...YUMMY!!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this product
by sbrown on 4/21/2011
LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. Just the correct amount of snack to take the edge off of that chocolate craving.
I love these things!
by Stephanie on 6/1/2011
I love these things. Instead of a bar that's just gone in a few bites, I can take my time eating these and feel fuller. Love that sweet crunchy taste.
Great Anytime Snack
by Ellie on 6/13/2011
Just tried these chocolate crunchies and I'm so glad I decided to order them. Whenever, I feel like I need a chololate fix, I take a few of these. They really are Wonderful!!

chocolate crunches
by Deb on 6/15/2011
When you want just a little taste of chocolate, the chocolate crunches are great.
These are yummy and fun to eat
by Angela on 6/16/2011
You have 2 options to eat these: eat them one at a time, slowly, or scarf 'em down quickly in big ol' bites. Either way, they taste great and you feel like you're cheating! My favorite way to eat them is to put them in a bowl with a bunch of fat-free RediWhip or fat-free Cool Whip, and eat them with a spoon. Tastes like a decadent dessert!
Chocolate Crispies
by Lilli on 6/21/2011
These were a pleasant surprise. They taste quite good. One thing that is helpful is their size. Small size controls the amount you should eat instead of gulping them down like most people eat treats. Slow down and take your time eating these tiny bites. Enjoy them with a fluid such as water or plain tea of your choice. As they expand with your favorite liquid drink you'll feel full and forget about feeling hungry...it does work!
Love them
by Dskarosi on 6/25/2011
by on 7/24/2011
Yummy, yummy!
Wish they were bigger
by on 8/28/2011
I like the flavor and crunchiness, but wish they were maybe 2-3 time larger. Hard to eat by themselves
So happy to find these
by RockyMtnFae on 10/18/2011
I was looking for these, and was excited to find them here! They are my high protein, chocolate and crunch satisfying treat! When I start craving chocolate and something to crunch, I have to have it, and if I don't have these, I will eat cookies or candy bars or even a bag of chocolate chips when I couldn't find anything else. I just ordered more today and plan to keep them on hand!
by Dana on 11/21/2011
This little treat is wonderful. It has just enough chocolate taste and a crunch. I would recommend this to anyone.
Great snack!
by Neila on 12/27/2011
I love this snack. This is the first time I've tried it and I will buy again and again. The chocolate on the outside is so good and helps my cravings for chocolate.
Milk Chocolate Crunchies
by missmary on 2/2/2012
Yummy. I carry a bag with me in case I get a little hungry and a handful takes care of it. I highly recommend this snack
Small but delicious
by JWalker on 3/5/2012
I was a little surprised at how small they are - thought it was going to be a finger snack. Discovered they go well with my morning yogurt. A couple of teaspoons adds just the right amount of crunch and additional protein to yogurt. (Updated on 3/6/2012.)
I love these things!
by kathilynne32 on 3/5/2012
These are my indulgence - I have a half pack with my morning protein shake so I have a little some to chew on for breakfast. I am a big chocolate lover & these do the trick. I highly recommend these!
Perfect chocolate hit!
by SIVB on 3/9/2012
Great snack, based on previous reviews I knew they would be small (the size of NERDS candy). Great to eat by the handful, perfect mix of chocolate and crunch! Definitely will be ordering again next week to help my snack fix.
by PJ on 3/18/2012
These things rock. If you can manage to restrain yourself from tipping the bag up so they all roll into your mouth, they will last you a long time. There's some modest but enjoyable chocolate taste here, and lots of crunch. It's a snack that encourages patience, but it's worth it.
WonderSlim Protein Diet Milk Chocolate Crunchies
by CO Mom on 8/14/2012
Yum! These are almost like Coco Pebbles cereal!
this is a WoW
by on 8/14/2012
I love the Milk Chocolate Crunchies. They were a real treat!!!
This is great as cereal
by KellyRNMSN on 8/14/2012
I thought this snack was just "so-so" by itself but then I decided to have it with a little non-fat milk for a late night cup of cereal. This made all of the difference and was like cocoa crispies. It really satisfies the late night sweet tooth and chocolate cravings.
Milk Chocolate Crunchies
by Maxx on 8/14/2012
Great with milk for breakfast!
by tiredofbeingfat on 9/20/2012
My favorite snack so far! Fulfills both that needed crunch and sweet chocolate taste without any guilt.
My favorite snack!
by Bama Girl on 11/4/2012
This is my absolute favorite snack! I feel as though I'm cheating when I eat these.
by webbie114 on 1/18/2013
These little chocolate crunchies are amazing! Delicious, and they give you quite a bit which makes them last a long time.
by Jess H on 2/2/2013
great treat!
by Christina on 5/16/2013
Very yummy! Great for chocolate cravings!
These make a great on-the-go snack!
by Noxie on 7/11/2013
I just love to tuck a bag in my purse and take them with me when I go to craft shows, festivals, concerts in the park. They take a long time to eat and have a great chocolate taste plus they CRUNCH! I love that they are lower carb too!
love them
by Diane on 9/1/2013
awesome tasting, will order them again
Tasty little treats!
by Kansas City on 9/8/2013
I love these little clusters & bits of crispy, crunchy, chocolate nuggets. Makes me feel like I am eating something I shouldn't. These are a nice texture and flavor departure from bars. I highly recommend. Chocolaty!
Nice Treat
by Lorita on 9/28/2013
These Chocolate Crunchies taste great! They are a nice treat I give myself once or twice a week. It feels like an indulgence every time.
WonderSlim Milk Chopcolate Crunchies
by Marian on 2/3/2014
This is my favorite. It takes like nestle crunch bars but little morsels in a bag. I love all the products but if I had to pick one, this would be it.
Great in yogurt!
by christine on 2/27/2014
Most mornings, I add half a packet of crispies into a half cup of non-fat plain Greek yogurt. The added sweetness and crunch takes plain yogurt to a whole new level.
Great movie snack
by Shannon on 3/8/2014
Great chocolate taste and snack crunch. They are a perfect substitute for theater popcorn while watching a movie. They are also a yummy topping for Diet Directs banana pudding.
best treat ever while dieting
by Dorothy on 4/16/2015
These are my perfect after dinner dessert treat. My husband, not dieting, likes them too- but I have been pretty stingy with him about eating them.
by Toni on 7/24/2015
Love these! Perfect to satisfy a need for sweet - love the crunch too.
protein boost with taste
by Big loser on 1/12/2010
A tasty boost of protein for any low carb diet. Satisfy that sugar craving with a protein snack. I had to hide them from my wife.
Great ice cream topping
by lora ann on 9/3/2011
They tasted like a nestles crunch bar but I kept thinking how good they would taste over ice cream. A little hard to eat. I had to pour them from the bag into my mouth (Updated on 9/4/2011.)
Best if larger
by Maleca on 1/25/2012
Great taste, crunchy and good with milk for breakfast, but pieces are so small you might get choked on them when slurped.
Chocolate crunchies
by cereal on 2/17/2012
Takes awhile to eat so full when done and tasty and full of fiber and protein.
WonderSlim Protein Diet Milk Chocolate Crunchies
by on 2/28/2012
Just what I need
by Michelle on 1/31/2014
These little chocolate crisps help me get through my chocolate cravings ;) They're pretty good!
best as a topping
by abby on 9/7/2010
These come as little tiny pebbels or pearls. Hard to eat on their own unless you use a spoon. Then they are very hard/crunchy. They would be best as a topping on a low fat ice cream treat or yogurt. Very tasty.
Mild Chocolate flavor, but so powdery when chewed I kept choking...
by Mir on 9/9/2010
I thought these would be like the Cinna Crunch snack, just no cinnamon flavor (I'm not a huge fan of the chocolate plus cinnamon combination.)

I was wrong. These have a pleasant, but mild, chocolate flavor, but, and I have no idea why other than the particular dryness of the insides, I kept having a cough/stuck in throat sort of effect. I could not finish the bag.

But clearly not everyone has that experience. If you are prone to having to clear your throat or feel a little chokey when you eat, say, ground dry almonds or something of that sort, you may want to reconsider these. OR>...pour Almond Breeze over them, or milk, to moisten.
Fun little treat
by yakydee on 2/1/2011
The serving size is rather small and these are rather odd looking, but make a good little treat when craving chocolate, while getting protein. They are so tiny that I put them in a bowl and eat them with a spoon. Not sure I will order again because it doesn't seem worth the money with so many other products on the market.
Choc. Crunchies
by Carole on 3/6/2011
These again, are not as good as before you changed your packaging. The chocolate has a bad taste, but if you're having a chocolate frenzy....they're ok.....what's going on with the taste of some Wonder Slim products???? They were my favorite, now I have doubts. When prices 'rise' and taste goes down...so does business. Please rectify and fix the ingredients...I don't think people are interested in the 'new' boxes...just the taste.
nice chocolate snack
by nonie on 6/10/2011
This makes a nice snack but I have enjoyed several of your other products more, The crunchies are so small I find them difficult to eat. Will probably not order them again but they do have a pleasant chocolate taste.
Not really impressive
by Vivian on 8/29/2011
This product made me want more. Not satisfying or filling at all. Was very hard to eat as it spills easily. Was okay for the protein as a mindless eating snack.
Make a good quick breakfast
by Colleen on 11/13/2011
I eat them with milk as a breakfast, or pop them into my bag if I'm going out for breakfast. I can enjoy a something sweet and avoid the temptations of syrupy pancakes. Also great sprinkled on the Wonderslim cheesecake mix.
by Janet on 3/6/2013
I don't dislike them, but I was hoping they would be more like a crispy chocolate cereal in milk. It didn't work for me. I like them better plain as a snack.
dont like
by brandi on 3/28/2013
Dont like at all
Not great, but not bad.
by Katrina on 5/29/2013
You do get a nice amount of them in each package. They don't taste amazing, but they are good. They are a little of a pain to eat, since they are tiny little rice crispy like things covered in chocolate.
Crunchy so so...
by Kae on 1/10/2014
Not bad, but not dynamically good. I would rather have my calories spent on something great.
Same question, what is this?
by gale on 9/11/2015
I have just tried, I think they are OK.
So so
by Linda on 11/12/2016
Not substantial enough.
They are a lot of OK
by Holliewd on 1/21/2010
Does not really satisfy the chocolate craving. has a weird kind of taste and way too small of amount.
Good taste
by rondo on 7/22/2011
Very tasty and crunchie. But quality can vary from batch to batch. Some of the crunchies over baked.
Too small
by Bonita on 2/18/2008
They really mean "mini". These snacks are so small that they're too frustrating to eat or enjoy. You practically have to eat them with a spoon to avoid ping them!

Don't care for them
by Shelley on 5/26/2008
I got a free sample of this even though I didn't order it. I wouldn't feed these too my cat. It's awful. Reminds me of those nerds candy growing up just with no flavor and gross. Save your money!

won't order these. again
by valerie on 3/25/2013
Didn't like they were to small
Buyer Beware
by Lisa on 3/9/2017
Based on the list of ingredients (2nd: Sugar, 3rd: Partially Hydrogenated Palm Oil aka trans fat) and nutritional information (10g of sugars) these are neither healthy nor low-carb.

Hello Lisa, thank you for contacting us. We offer a wide variety of products to suit different lifestyles. Our products are all formulated to coincide with our diet plans, so we always recommend following one of our diet plans for best results. Please let us know if we may be of any additional assistance. We are happy to help!