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Pro-Stat Sugar Free Liquid Protein, Vanilla (30fl oz)

Pro-Stat Sugar Free Liquid Protein, Vanilla (30fl oz)

Price: $26.95

Availability: In stock

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Pro-Stat Sugar Free Liquid Protein, Vanilla (30fl oz)

Price: $26.95

In stock


  • Versatile vanilla flavor
  • Provides all Essential, Condition and Non-Essential Amino Acids
  • Naturally rich in arginine, glutamine and proline
  • 15 grams of rapidly absorbed hydrolyzed protein per serving
  • 100 Calories per serving
  • Easy to take, easy to give concentrated dose
  • Certified Kosher
  • Lactose Free, Soy Free and Gluten Free

Pro-Stat Sugar Free Vanilla Liquid Protein might be one of the most convenient ways for people dealing with protein nutrition deficiency to ingest the protein they need for better health. A one-ounce serving provides 15 grams of easily digestible protein and the vanilla flavor blends well when added to liquids or soft foods. This physician recommended liquid protein is also clinically proven to speed the healing of wounds after surgery and has been used to help increase the protein intake of individuals suffering from renal disease or coping with forms of diabetes. Since Pro-Stat Sugar Free Liquid Protein makes it easy to get the protein your body needs without the burden of unhealthy sugars, it also works well as a protein supplement for people who have experienced weight loss surgery.


Intake to be determined by a health care professional and is dependent on age, body weight, and medical condition. Administer orally or through feeding tube. Not suitable for use as a sole source of nutirion. Not for parenteral use.

Store at Room Temperature. DO NOT REFRIGERATE

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Fantastic supplement necessary for my diet restrictions
by IamRichard on 10/25/2013
I am on a severely restricted diet due to several problems I have in the digestive tract. My latest stay in the hospital proved the need for continuation of these restrictions. So the hospital dietary staff put me on your product to help me rebuild my lost strength and ability to function at least partially in society. I had lost a lot of weight and was not doing well. This supplementation of my reduced food intake with your Liquid Protein product did the trick. They recommended that I consider continuing with the Pro-Stat Sugar Free Liquid Protein in my intake of foods once I got home. My wife planned to use the same methods used by the hospital dietary staff, putting the Liquid Protein in a Jell-O product and consuming this twice daily. We have now continued doing this for more than a month since my discharge from the hospital. My digestive system is again working almost to normal; my dietary intake remains very restricted, and the Liquid Protein from you folks has kept me very healthy. Thank you for making this wonderful product available to me to be able to maintain good health.
Super Product
by Mary on 2/25/2014
I am a RETIRED nurse practiced 35 years. I have used prescription medical hi protein products in many patients. I use Pro Stat 64 EVERY time I plan to have surgery. I have had 5 surgeries since 2008 for Osteoarthritic Joint inflammation and pain. This is my miracle friend, perioperative! This product is mandatory for amazing performance in preparing and recovering after surgery. It has helped me recover with ultimate results. It helps prevent fatigue and hasten healing throughout rehab. Before using Pro Stat, I had problems with surgical recovery and physical therapy. My physicians tell me I heal better than their other patients!!! This product beats tablets! This products is by far the best. I give this product 10+ stars!
by Meridith on 5/5/2014
This flavor is easy to mix with anything you are trying to add protein to.