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ProtiDiet Protein Bar, Peanut Surprise (7ct)

ProtiDiet Protein Bar, Peanut Surprise (7ct)
Item #: PD301

Price: $15.95

Availability: In stock

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ProtiDiet Protein Bar, Peanut Surprise (7ct)

Price: $15.95

In stock


  • High Protein - 15 Grams of Protein per Bar
  • Low Carb - 6g Net Carbs*
  • Lower Calorie - 150 Calories
  • Lower Fat - 5 Grams per Bar
  • Contains Only 4 Grams of Sugar per Bar
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Low Cholesterol - 5mg per Bar
  • Great Peanut Flavor
  • Instantly Satisfies Your Sweet Tooth Cravings

*g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols

This one is for peanut lovers who are looking to achieve or maintain weight loss without giving up the pleasure of their favorite flavor sweet treat. ProtiDiet's chewy peanut bar is  layered in a peanut flavored coating which then receives a peanut butter drizzle. The result is truly a peanut surprise. Perhaps the biggest surprise, however, is that each of these low-carb, 150 calorie bars contains just 4 grams of sugar and delivers a potent 15 grams of quality protein


Unwrap the bar and enjoy as a high protein snack alternative.

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58 Customer Reviews

Set Ascending Direction
Absolutely delicious!
by Yvonne on 3/12/2013
I look forward to having my bar with a cup of coffee every morning. I have never been a big breakfast eater so these are a delicious high protein alternative.
Just plain good
by sheryldee on 8/30/2012
I ordered the Proti Diet bars & the best one was the smooth caramel & peanut. These did not taste bland or boring. It was like eating a candy bar.
by Sandy on 5/15/2012
I am going to buy this again. This is one of the very very few protein bars that I would buy again. They are pricey, but very enjoyable.
Smooth caramel and peanut
by Dee on 3/16/2012
An enjoyable bar. The combination of caramel and peanut work well together.
ProtiDiet Protein Bars
by on 12/5/2011
(Updated on 12/6/2011.)
ProtiDiet Protein Bars
by AAA on 6/27/2011
Tasty snacks at a good price.
ProtiDiet Protein Bars (Hazel Nut)
by Madame Corvette on 5/12/2011
Love the Hazel nut bars. Great taste, very satisfying. I buy them all of the time.
O.M.G....AMAZING Wildberry flavor!
by Mesamommy on 3/30/2011
This is one of the BEST diet products I have ever tasted! After trying to get back into Medifast (ick), I stumbled upon this website, and subsequently, this product. I wanted a break from chocolate protein bars, and this looked like a great option. I enjoyed EVERY bite of this bar! I don't even have the urge to cheat with this amazingly fruity and delectable bar. Diet food? wow. so good!
by astro on 3/22/2011
Wow, I love the Supreme Chocolate flavor. They are very chocolatey,and the little soy crisps scattered throughout provide a pleasant crunch which contrasts quite well with the overall chewiness. The texture of these bars is wonderfully unique; it is somewhat dry and cake-like, but just moist and dense enough at the same time. They are also low in sodium, which is very important to me. Awesome!
Strawberry and Peanuts
by Greay on 1/23/2011
I've tried the strawberry & peanuts, coconut and hazelnut. All were good but the strawberry and peanuts was exceptional. It tasted like a PB&J sandwich. The texture is chewy like you expect from protein bars but much tastier than I’ve found in the protein bars you find in the regular market (protein plus, detour).
Good and bad
by Menollye on 1/12/2011
I have been ordering these for some time now and they are very good. My favourite was always the Hazelnut and while the present Hazelnut flavour is fine I think the original was superior in taste and texture. I wish they would go back to that original flavour. On the other hand the new improved Wildberry flavour is absolutely lovely. A great burst of fruity taste. The Supreme Caramel and Chocolate bars are almost like regular bars. They are all very filling
Supreme Chocolate
by astro on 10/7/2010
I enjoy the Supreme Chocolate flavor very much. I appreciate the semi-porous, almost cake-like texture that I find to be a refreshing change from many dense, chewy protein bars. The scattering of soy crisps throughout the body of the bar also add a nice dimension, and the chocolate coating is quite lovely as well. (Updated on 10/8/2010.)
Smooth Carmel and Peanut...Great bar!
by Laura on 8/11/2010
I love this bar. I have found it is one of the most filling with lower carbs and sugar than most. Very satisfying.
5 Stars
by on 5/25/2010
ProtiDiet Protein Bars
Coconut Proti Diet Bar
by Kathy on 2/16/2010
The Coconut Proti Diet Bar was pretty darn good, not as much coconut as I was thinking there would be but still pretty good.
ProtiDiet Protein Bars
by nerak5 on 9/13/2009
I think these bars are really tasty and seem much more like a candy bar than a protein bar. Caramel nut is my favorite but I actually liked all of them. I did not find them quite as filling as some of the other bars made by this company but they are the most candylike and taste like a real treat.
Proti Bars in general
by Valerian on 9/12/2009
The Proti Bars are not my favorite. They definately have an aftertaste. Would not recommend them as a 1st choice. The calories are higher than other bars also. Would recommend very highly the Bari Wise bars. They are delicious.
Love the coconut bar
by Mary on 11/15/2008
The coconut bars are my favorite in this line. I'd love to eat one of these every day, but I save them for every other day. The supreme peanut is close to a Snicker's bar. After eating these for a while, in fact, Snicker's seem too sweet.

Love the peanut butter bar
by Patty on 7/6/2008
Love the peanut butter but other flavors like wildberry good too. Great to curb in between meal craving hunger.

My favorite is supreme peanut
by Mary on 5/6/2008
A lot of my coworkers like these bars. Everyone has a particular favorite, mine is supreme peanut. Among 3 users, we have lost a total of 180 lbs. I like the high proteincarb ratio (1:1) and I think they taste good, not too sweet, not too proteiny.

Excellent bars!
by Helena on 2/12/2008
Excellent bars! Very tasty...no aftertaste.

My favourite Protein bar
by BVK on 8/3/2013
I really enjoy this bar because it doesn't leave an aftertaste and is not a unnaturally sweet as many other sugar free bars. The peanut butter is not overwhelming but leaves you satisfied if you've been missing it.
Peanut Surprise bars
by Suzy on 10/7/2013
Bars are delicious and satisfying! I've had experience with protein bars through a doctor's office. These are the closest I could get at a much lesser price but still retain the great taste! I like these better as a matter of fact. They are bigger! I will order these again. I needed boot camp food after regaining some of the 100 lbs that I lost over a year ago.
A wonderful pea -nutty bar, one of the best bars I've ever sampled!
by Margaret on 10/12/2013
This bar is the equal of any " real" candy bar in its taste. Then of course it has the advantage of being low calorie. It's positively sinful.
by kelly on 5/2/2014
These bars are tasty and delicious! Your taste buds will love it!
by Doris on 9/7/2014
This one is definitely a favorite! Will buy these over and over!
Love them!
by Mary on 9/9/2014
My husband's favorite. He has one with his coffee in the afternoon.
by Doris on 9/22/2014
This one is our favorite along with the Raspberry dark chocolate! Love them!
Excellent taste
by patty on 1/17/2015
I really enjoy these bars. No strong aftertaste like some protein bars. They remind me of rice krispi bars. They are satisfying and a good size bar.
Love the taste and texture.
by John on 12/13/2016
Love the taste and texture .
sample bar...
by Maria on 3/18/2018
I received this sample bar in one of my orders... i tried just now....Filled me up almost instantly. I still have a little more than half of the bar for later :D --- very delicious. For sure, i will include it in my next order. Thank you DietDirect for introduce me to this delicious Peanuts Protein bar....
Tasty, delicious
by William on 8/30/2012
These bars are so good and satisfying I have to be really careful not to go back for seconds!
Tasty bars
by #NAME? on 8/30/2012
It took me a little while to get used to the texture of these bars, but now they are one of my favorites. Higher in sugar than I usually do, but tasty and convenient.

Supreme Caramel Proti Bars
by Patchjacket on 2/26/2011
In November I said:

I've ordered these before and they were good. The one box I've opened from the last order tasted rancid and uneatable. I won't order caramel again. If I find the same situation with the other boxes, I'm outta here.

I'm pleased to say that the quality has come up to where it was when I first started buying these bars. Very tasty and filling. Thank you for a good product. (Updated on 2/27/2011.)
protidiet coconut
by no nickname on 11/1/2010
It was like biting into a bar of soap the taste was horrid maybe I got a bad one. I am sure the other kinds aren't as bad tasting.
Great Bars!
by Trishie on 2/13/2010
Picked up the Smooth Peanut & Caramel, Hazelnut and Coconut. The coconut was very good, but I expected a little more coconut. The Hazelnut is tasty but could use more of a hazelnut taste. The Smooth Peanut & Caramel was the best of the three. It reminded me of those old fashioned mini Goldberg Peanut Chews I used to get on Halloween (I actually spent about 15 minutes looking for the candy because I couldn't remember the name.) All in all these are really good bars and would order them again and try the other flavors.
Good Protein Bars
by TMB on 12/1/2009
I would choose these over many of the protein bars on the market. They satisfy the craving for a candy bar, provide needed proteins and have a good ratio of proteins to calories. I do not remember which flavor I bought, but it was one of the peanut options. I will probably buy them again
Protidiet Bars
by Annie on 2/9/2009
I absolutely love the Smooth Caramel and Peanut Bar, all the others are very nice but that one is my all time favourite.
I really like the supreme caramel and peanut
by Briana on 10/17/2008
These bars are quite good, especially compared to other bars out there. I really like the supreme caramel and the supreme peanut. The peanut one is quite nice as is. With the caramel, I nuke it in the microwave for about 15 seconds and eat it with a fork tastes like a decadent dessert that way. Enjoy!

Peanut bar is really good
by Krystal on 1/15/2008
The chocolate peanut bar is really good. Satisifies my mid-afternoon cravings.

very good
by Peachy1 on 6/10/2013
I eat these for lunch as a low fat, high protein alternative. They are tasty and filling.
One of the Most Satisfying Bars
by Mark on 8/13/2015
Maybe it's the size, or the flavor but eating this bar actually will fill Me up. The flavor is a gentle peanut butter taste. It's a little dry if you're expecting creamy - so don't expect creamy. It's almost crispy rice texture and it's one of the longer bars Protidiet has making for a very satisfying meal replacement
very satisfying!
by anna on 5/11/2017
enjoyed them very much. nice flavor,and i love the peanut butter especially, the coating was a treat also.keeps you full until it's time too eat!
by Penny on 8/30/2012
They are okay though not as good as the Double Peanut Butter Bari-Wise.
Crunchy Cereal Bar
by debbiedo on 2/27/2011
Bland taste and not especially filling in my opinion.
I have had better
by Kimmy on 4/20/2010
Hazelnut, Chocolate and Peanut Butter - not the best bars that I have had. Another brand on this site is FAR SUPERIOR! I probably won't order these again.
It has DIET in the name
by on 8/30/2012
This bar has DIET in the name. I think you can taste the chalkiness of a diet bar. There are other bars sold on this website that are much tastier!
Not the best bar
by janie on 12/13/2011
The peanut surprise bars are not as good as they looked in the picture on the box. They are not as good as some of the other products of this type I have gotten from Diet Direct. They are dry and have a very unpleasant after taste, like vitamins. I think I expected too much in a diet product.
Proti Diet Coconut Bars
by on 11/2/2011
YUCK! Awful and have an aftertaste. The only good thing about them is that I do not wolf them down Like a candy bar, but I can chew a little on the bar all afternoon, so maybe that is one way to stop my cravings. Interesting note: The box says NATURALLY and artificially flavored. I wonder what is natural about it? Nowhere on the ingredient list is the word coconut! So the mad scientists must have just mixed up flavors that they thought were coconut. I am very disappointed.
Coconut Version
by bothenjs on 10/1/2011
yuch- the old ones were better. Yes, these have a much more candy like consistency- like a Mounds bar- chewy & can taste the coconut- BUT- the after taste is too gross- very chemical and tastes like blue cheese- last thing I want in a protein bar is horrible aftertaste. Will be going back to Pure Protein bars- only 30 calories more but 19-20 grams protein (5 grams more)- and no chemical after taste (Updated on 10/2/2011.)
Tasty & Filling
by Diane A. on 3/10/2011
I love the Proti Diet bars. I find them tasty and very filling. They are great as snacks or even a breakfast meal accompanied by a cup of coffee.
The Supreme Caramel Bars Are Great
by Rhon on 2/1/2011
The Supreme Caramel bars are great. They have a real good flavor, very smooth. I look forward to eating one of these bars with my breakfast! Thumbs up!! (Updated on 2/2/2011.)
ProtiDiet vs ProMedis
by Laura on 10/25/2009
I confused the ProtiDiet bars with the ProMedis and made a mistake an ordred them. I do not care for them at all. Seem to have more of an after taste, but I love the ProMedis brand -- especially the Almond Coconut.
by aak on 6/5/2011
The coconut was bad.
by [email protected] on 4/4/2011
Tried the caramel crunch. Consistency is hard and dry, taste not satisfying at all.
Supreme Peanut - Improved flavor ... yuck
by Ron on 10/19/2010
I have been ordering the Supreme Peanut bars for a while now. They have always been my favorite until they changed the flavor. I do not like them at all now . I still have the last ones I ordered. They need to change them back to the way they were before.
The Improved Flavor is TERRIBLE!
by Ceeley on 9/6/2010
I have been using the Hazelnut bars for over a year, the old ones were great. Tasted like Fudge but not artificial. Just ordered 12 boxes and imagine my horror when I tried one with the new 'Improved Flavour' written on the box. They SUCK!!! Taste like chemicals, dry, nothing like the previous ones. Go back to the old recipe ... don't like the new one!
Not very tasty
by Robin on 3/22/2008
Very disappointed in the ProtiDiet Supreme Caramel bar. Not very tasty. It was dry, and you canミt taste the caramel. Too bad...the one treat I look forward to all day wasn't very appetizing. The BariWise and WonderSlim Crisp and Crunch bars are FAR superior, not to mention satisfying and delicious.

(Updated on 12/6/2008.)