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Protein Fruit Drink Concentrate Cool Raspberry (7 ct) - ProtiDiet

Item #: PD312
Protein Fruit Drink Concentrate Cool Raspberry (7 ct) - ProtiDiet

Price: $14.95

Availability: In stock

Protein Fruit Drink Concentrate Cool Raspberry (7 ct) - ProtiDiet

Price: $14.95

In stock

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  • 15 grams of protein
  • 70 Calories
  • Low Carb - 2g Net Carbs*
  • Contains only 2 grams of sugar per serving
  • Aspartame Free
  • Fat Free
  • Cholesterol Free

*g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols

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Refreshing raspberry flavor makes this low-carb liquid concentrate an excellent choice for quenching your thirst. An impressive 15 grams of protein makes this liquid concentrate an excellent choice for keeping your weight loss plan on track. With only 2 grams of sugar in every 70 calorie serving, this aspartame-free, easy to prepare mix fits well into virtually any diet plan.


Add contents of one packet to 5 oz of cold water. Stir and serve cold.


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79 Customer Reviews

Set Ascending Direction
proti grape concentrate
by Eileen on 2/24/2013
Love Love the taste and love the protein to start out my day I would purchase more but at 13.00 a box and even $11 on sale, I have to just order as a specialty once in awhile. I do love this product though. I will say that Diet Direct is one of the best companies I have dealt with in a while. Your customer service is top of the line!!
I love these things!
by Mackenzie on 10/31/2012
These drinks are awesome! I like the cool raspberry and grape best. I drink one everyday at work.
Really yummy!!
by KLewis on 8/14/2012
At first I did not like it. I had put it in a blender...the next time I tried it with real cold water, no blender, and it was wonderful!!!
by Lindsay J on 4/2/2012
I had the kiwi one. Its really good! mixed well with my water, and portable! Pour in and stir! easy as that!
Really Good
by Juls on 3/27/2012
I have tried grape, cranberry tea, kiwi melon and lemon so far, and have raspberry and wildberry to try from my last shipment. I wasn't keen on the cranberry tea until I used my Keurig for hot water and make it a hot drink. I now make them all hot as it mixes better. The Kiwi Melon tastes like an apple jolly rancher to me so I get a shot of candy flavor while dieting.
Great way to get protein
by [email protected] on 3/12/2012
Concentrates are so much easier to deal with than powders Dissolves immediately and stays that way, PLUS it tastes great. Definitely would recommend. (Updated on 3/13/2012.)
I love this drink ... all flavors
by mose on 2/19/2012
I have been drinking these for several years and just love them. They remind me of drinking koolaide as a kid but now I get protein instead of sugar.
I don't miss juice anymore!!!!
by jbenskin on 2/15/2012
This is the best high protein drink I have ever had and for when I get tired of the milk/soy based creamy drinks this so refreshing and taste like I am drinking juice. I don't feel deprived since I was missing juice after I had my bariatric surgery, and for using sucralose instead of aspartame. Thank you so much!
Green Tea & Cranberry
by Sophia on 1/22/2012
I love the Green Tea & Cranberry. I think it taste better than the other flavor It is the only drink I will every buy from this brand. Please don't ever discontinue this product.
ProtiDiet Protein Drink
by KathyR on 11/3/2011
I love these liquid drink mixes but my favorite flavor is Peach Mango. They are easy to put in my water bottle & take on the go.
Easy and tasty
by Toni on 10/14/2011
This Orange drink is super to drink with breakfast as an OJ substitute, rich and tangy; and mixes quickly and easily. Try putting a small amount of the concentrate over French Toast made with 40 calorie slice of bread...YUM!
by L01S on 9/4/2011
This is so good! It's really hard to believe that this is a protein drink. From the taste, you will never know! I use the higher water recommendation--10 ounces--and it is perfect. (Updated on 9/5/2011.)
Love it
by Jana on 8/31/2011
I absolutely love this liquid protein product - the taste is great, easy to carry, get the protein I need, and no messy powder!!
Oh so Raspberry!
by gpat on 8/7/2011
What a surprise! I was so put off by the color of this that I had to shut my eyes to drink it. BUT!!! It is so delicious, it tastes like crushed ripe raspberries without the seeds. It ranks right up there with the Tropical Fruit drink which has been my favorite for years. Yuuummmmm
Proti Diet Concentrate Fruit Drink
by Glo on 7/25/2011
These drinks are GREAT. I am very picky and these have no after taste and the flavor are true to their names. The Orange and Grape are our favorites but they are all good. The liquid concentrated ones are so simple. But the Wonderslim Powdered ones mix very easy as well. The protein is so high and even one drink will keep you full for hours. These are great on the diet. We mostly do the Wonder slim shakes and fruit drinks and and follow the the meat and veggie list pretty close for dinner and my husband and I have each lost 60 pounds, so far in about 4 months. P.S. The customer service thru Diet Direct is Excellent.
Just like a regular drink
by on 7/19/2011
I order these concentrated drinks for my mother who is very picky. However, she really enjoys these drinks! I have completely switched over to these drinks for her, which also gives her the added protein she needs in her diet. The kiwi-melon is her favorite. They are not thick or cloudy looking. Actually, they look like Kool-aid or a regular drink.
Tiny Tum Says, "Yum"!
by Maddie's Mom on 7/5/2011
Following gastric sleeve surgery, I was only allowed to drink clear liquids, for 2 weeks. ProtiDiet Protein Fruit Drink Concentrate saved my life. It provided the energy I needed for recovery and tasted so yummy, too. I drink it every morning, instead of sugary juice and still enjoy the cool, refreshing flavor. Diet Direct, thanks for providing me with this healthful beverage!
Concentrates are the Way to go!
by mtnbluezgirl on 6/19/2011
So much better than any powdered high protein drink. Very refreshing ice cold or the Green Tea Cranberry is good hot. Great way to get 15 grams of protein!
by on 5/31/2011
I LOVE these protein drink mixes!!! The flavor is go pure, no real odd taste like with some of the powder protein drink mixes....very easy to use, and taste great! I usually have one of these drinks and a protein bar for breakfast for a great start to my day full of protein!
Juice drink and smoothies.
by getting there on 5/25/2011
You don't even know that this is diet, with ice and a mixer. Everybody wants some of my coolers and smoothies. Keep it up.
by cantrays7 on 5/16/2011
Ordered the grape, orange, and kiwi-melon. Easy to mix. Great flavor! Good plain or mixed with single serving drink mixes. (Updated on 5/17/2011.)
Taste Great and Kid Friendly
by Blondie on 5/1/2011
I love these drinks! I especially love the Grape and Wildberry. They are easier to mix with water than the powder and give me that extra protein I need for the day! My kids are very picky eaters and I worry sometimes that they are not eating properly so I had them try one - they loved it! If they drink one a day or even two I am very happy because I know that it is good for them. I would recommend these to anyone.
Taste Great
by Debbie on 4/26/2011
This drink taste great and feels like I'm cheating as it breaks up the monotony of always drinking water. I will not go without this product, as it taste great in all flavors.
Love Love love this drink!
by Sandy "5" on 4/24/2011
This is my favorite protein drink for the warm weather! After lap band procedure I find this to be the most helpful in enabling me to get my daily amount of protein in. I love the grape flavor BUT try to be sure to have cold water _ that makes the flavor more enticing _ I love it with crushed ice. I keep boxes at work so I can grab and go. The mixing is so easy but if you spill it is messy! I also struggle when I do business travel _ due to the liquid restrictions and carry on bags. I should warn you the grape bag by itself - everyone said it looks like _bloodヤ in a bag BUT I swear it tastes great! Buy and enjoy.
We love this
by grammy4him on 4/24/2011
We have ordered this a couple of times now and our favorite flavor is grape.
Best Protein Ever
by A Shep on 4/21/2011
I have been searching for proteins to supplement my diet forever because I don't like the taste or smell of traditional powdered proteins but ProtiDiet is wonderful, it tastes great. Would highly recommend.
by ZeKY on 3/25/2011
Refreshing and pleasant taste. Love the Kiwi flavor. I like this with more water, and it makes it last all afternoon. I use a beautiful glass, with crushed ice. It looks and tastes like a wonderful beverage from a favorite restaurant. I feel totally spoiled.
ProtiDiet Protein Fruit Drink Concentrate
by Katie on 3/17/2011
Getting in your daily amount of water can be difficult sometimes, using these drinks really help and they work to reduce your hunger pangs and to get your protein in. All round excellent supplement and tasty.
ProtiDiet Protein Fruit Drink
by gleppert on 3/2/2011
I love the GRAPE...I have tried the Tropical Fruit, Green Tea & Cranberry and the Peach Mango. The Grape is by far my favorite my least favorite is the Peach Mango I am not sure what it taste like but it definitely wasn't pleasant. Recommend the Grape yummy.
by Becca on 2/22/2011
I drink around 3 of these per day and they are so good and give me 15g of protein a piece. It's a great way to get my extra protein throughout the day - my favorites are orange, grape, green tea & cranberry, and tropical fruit. Put them in your water, tea, and/or diet lime-aid from Sonic, etc.
by Jean on 2/17/2011
This is one of the easiest product I've tried. It mixes super smooth and tastes wonderful!!

After you have bariatric surgery getting your protein is very important. This has got to be the tastiest way to do that.
protein drink
by Rupert on 2/8/2011
Great drinks, easy to mix, no grit. The kiwi is my favorite. This is a zero carb drink, rather it might have 1 gram of carbs in it.
Love it!
by csd on 1/23/2011
I really like grape soda and tried the grape flavor first mixed into diet lemon lime soda. It is fantastic. I then tried the tropical fruits and the peach mango and, if I had tried those first, I would have thought they were great. Unfortunately,I tended to compare them to the grape which I loved.

Regardless, I like them all well enough that I have ordered the green tea and cranberry and the kiwi melon flavors but have not yet tried them.

One packet flavors about 12 oz. of liquid. Do not, however, pour the packet into a soft drink bottle unless you have removed about a third or more of the drink. It will fizz and pour out and you will have a big mess.

Highly recommended.
by Sheila on 1/21/2011
This is by far the best protein drink I have ever tasted! I simply love the Grape! Orange and tropical punch are also very good. You won't be disappointed in trying these for your source of protein!
by BrendaW on 1/16/2011
I can't say enough about this product. I recommend it to everyone I know. It is tasty, portable and packed with protein! No messy powders that are gritty, just tasty goodness. You don't even know that you are drinking something that is good for you. So glad that I took a chance on ordering it! You should too...you won't be disappointed!
Thank the lord for this!
by wife_of_a_soldier on 12/28/2010
Protidiet is a life saver. I recently had bariatric surgery and have been striking out on every protein out there. I tried this off of a suggestion from a forum and it was wonderful. I got the grape flavor and tropic blend. This has saved my life and I can get both my water and protein in. You must try it!
Great Flavor
by iblong on 12/5/2010
I agree....the Grape is really nice and also the Fruit punch. These are the best products I have tasted by far!!!!!
by Beck on 11/2/2010
Have tried the grape and Peach Mango. Grape was wonderful. The concentrate is the only protein drink I have been able to tolerate the taste of.

The Peach Mango flavor was not so good. Taste like the peach and mango were not ripe. I added some splenda and still not good. consistency was still good, I just did not like the flavor.
by sdr on 10/7/2010
Tasty way to get that protein. The plastic pouches make them easy to transport. Peach Mango, Green Tea & Cranberry, Kiwi-Melon are my favorites.

Perfect for mixing with soda
by Beth on 8/25/2010
Not only is the flavor of these really, really nice, the liquid form is perfect for those of you who like to mix the fruity drinks in with a cup of Diet Sprite or 7-Up. Stirring a powder into a bubbly drink is really a mess. I love these and the calorie count is really nice for the amount of protein.
Very convenient
by Daniel on 8/15/2010
I tried a box of the Green Tea and Cranberry and am about to order many more of the various flavors.

I spend most days in my truck, and the ease of this product is great. I can buy a bottle of water at the gas station and pour this into it... no mess, no spilled powders or clumpy mixtures. This is by far my favorite way to get my protein. The WS fruit drinks have a weird smell to me, and the milky appearance fo some of the flavors is a little off-putting, but this Proti drink is fantastic. Highly recommended!
These are delicious!
by Trishie on 7/14/2010
I had to switch from the Bariwise ones (which are delicious also) because they contained aspartame and it gave me headaches. These contain sucralose. With that said, I have to say these taste just as delicious as the Bariwise ones so you have a choice. My favorite is the Kiwi Melon. Try them as ice pops.
Great taste!
by carold on 4/12/2010
I got the Grape because I love grape soda. This is really good and cut my cravings for the soda.
Was so surprised!
by Dippydots on 4/7/2010
Great taste! I really wasn't sure what to expect, I can not stand any protein shakes. So chalky & smelly, but ProtiDiet Protein Fruit Drink was so good, even my kids wanted to drink it! I ordered the Tropical Fruit & I want to try a couple more flavors. Wish they had cherry, too. Great product!
by MK on 2/3/2010
I've tried Green Tea/Cranberry, Orange, Grape and Kiwi Melon -- all are delicious. The concentrate dissolves in water quickly, the fruit taste is vibrant, and the protein makes a glass a meal.
Who needs soda?
by CirqueDallas on 1/20/2010
I LOVE grape soda, but I know it's absolutely terrible for me! So I read the reviews about how great these were and how easily they mixed opposed to the powdered packets, and that the grape was fantastic! I gave it a shot, and WOW! It really tastes like grape juice...so, what if I mixed it with soda water instead? BINGO! I no longer miss my soda! It's just delicious, refreshing, absolutely NO unusual aftertaste, AND good for me! This will now be a staple in my pantry ~ Thanks Diet Direct!
not a good taste
by claudia on 12/13/2009
I bought the drinks The cranberry tea and fruit punch is great but the peach-mango and wildberry have a odd taste.It doesn't taste like metabolic research products. Go with the punch or tea (Updated on 12/14/2009.)
Fabulous Drinks!
by MsK on 11/1/2009
Wow! These are great! Not too sweet, not fake tasting, no after-taste. They surprisingly fill you up and take that afternoon 'munchie' edge off. I love the green tea cranberry warm like real tea. Especially good on a cold day and something different! Highly recommended!
Best Protein Drink
by Bev on 10/17/2009
These drinks all have an awesome flavor. So far, grape and orange are my favorite. There are so many other liquids you can mix these with and still get that protein in. This also helps get those water servings in each day. They mix so easy compared to the powdered mixes you'll never want to go back.
Tropical Fruit flavor is sensational!
by Leanne on 10/11/2009
I truly love this product. It has the right amount of protein content therefore it holds me over quite well in between meals. There is no weird aftertaste and it mixes quite well in water. Thank you Diet Direct!
Wonderful pick me up
by Pat on 8/15/2009
Proti-Diet grape and wild berry are wonderful, the grape tastes like Welch's grape juice and I look forward to drinking it. I like the orange, too. I love these drinks, as they have become the mainstay of a low-carb diet for me. I've lost 20 pounds since I became a Diet Direct customer in April 2009, and I really think I will adapt low-carb as a life style for me. If you lead a busy life as I do, carry some of these drink pouches with you -- it will help you avoid cheating on your diet and keep up your energy! (Updated on 8/16/2009.)
The Best!
by SS on 8/11/2009
Without question one of the best protein drinks available! Try mixing & matching. I make 24 oz. at a time and take them with me every morning. Try mixing any of the flavors together. There great. These really help curb your cravings when used regularly.
Green Tea & Cranberry!
by Gail on 8/11/2009
I'm not fond of anything that tastes like a kid's drink, but I was surprised and thrilled with the Green Tea & Cranberry. It's not too sweet and quite refreshing mixed with 6 oz of water in a tall glass filled with ice. With the variety of flavors, there's truly something for everyone. The ease of mixing these liquid packets is incomparable. I'll never use the powders again!
by Kim on 5/13/2009
The orange reminds me of Orange Crush. The grape is like Kool-aide. They are so convenient. You can carry them anywhere you go.
On the Go! This is a convient source of protien. Add, Shake, Go!
by DJS on 4/24/2009
I like the convience of this product. Add to water and your ready! Taste Great To!
by Webby on 1/11/2009
I really like the concentrates over the powders. These drinks are good w/ cold water or heated up. They tastes sweet and help to cut cravings. I do recommend 100%.
Great product!
by mcclungwv on 1/1/2009
This is a great tasting product...I get the orange and it is similar to the taste of Tang...I have tried MANY protein drinks and most of them made me sick or I could not stand the taste of them but this product is good tasting - can't go wrong with this one! The orange does not taste like a protein drink, I have had the berry and peach mango, they are OK but you can tell they are protein drinks...the orange I can not tell it is protein it tastes like Tang.
Tropical Fruit Concentrate
by Mags on 12/17/2008
I have used this product since my gastric bypass surgery in 2004 and find they are the best and easiest way to get in daily required protein - it is portable and mix much better than the traditional powders. I mix with red sugar free cool aid - awesome!

This product saved me
by gskinner on 12/7/2008
The powder fruit drinks are drinkable but do not mix well. If I take one of these concentrates and mix it with a powder drink, it is great. I freeze this over night and drink the slussy all day. Great product.
Wildberry is my favorite
by Elizabeth Hutchinson on 8/2/2008
These are great. I had a LAPBAND about weeks ago, and this is a perfect way to get my protein in. I teach kindergarten so it is easy for me to always have a bottle of water handy. Wildberry is my favorite, and you can NOT taste the protein at all.

Love the flavors
by Melody on 3/14/2008
I love the flavors of these drinks. Grape and Orange are great. I had gastric bypass and they are the exact type of protein drink I need. I buy in bulk (48+) and get them $1.50 cheaper than anywhere else.

Exactly what I was looking for!
by Michelle on 7/8/2013
I have been buying protein drinks through a national diet center but no longer want to pay the membership fee just to have access to product. I searched for replacement drinks and these have been perfect. I love that they come in the concentrate.
by AMY on 1/2/2014
I bought this for my son and he really likes flavor. not sure if I really like it being a gel and not powder
much better than expected
by Vandy on 8/29/2014
I finally tried the liquid fruit drink concentrate for the first time. I only ordered the blue raspberry. This is great! The flavor reminds me of a blue raspberry popsicle. I will definitely be trying other flavors.
love the taste
by John on 12/13/2016
Love the taste
Love the flavor
by Jan on 10/23/2017
This a great product. I love the flavor. This and Peach-Mango are my go to products. I prefer to take these as a shot rather than mixing with the suggested 8-10 ounces of water.
Love the product. Wish for Vanilla & Chocolate flavors.
by M A on 3/5/2013
I love this product! It is so easy to add to almost any fluid and mix quickly. I like to add it to diet soda and iced teas. I wish they would make the liquid concentrate in vanilla and chocolate flavors as well. Mixed with a diet cola it would make for a yummy low calorie treat!
Awkward packaging
by ESP on 5/9/2012
The product is fine. My favorite flavor is Kiwi Melon. The tear off access to the product has changed from the corner of the package to the middle.
Green tea and Cranberry
by Tracey on 4/7/2012
You have to have this drink icy cold. I like to mix the tea with my Garden Greens, Essential Greens Drink Mix. It goes well in a 32 ounce cup.
Staying on Track
by Eliza on 11/6/2011
Since losing my weight I am diligent about getting protein in at every meal to stave off hunger. I used to drink 5 of these a day as snacks but now that I am maintaining I just have the Green Tea and Cranberry in my morning cup of tea and find combining it with an egg and half a ww English muffin I can do an hour long jazzercise workout and have stamina to burn more calories. I love the kiwi and grape too- good to put into a bottle of water to drink if on the golf course or out in the car doing errands between meals. It gives you an instant boost of energy without the calories or fat.
Tastes like Kool-Aid
by tsard on 3/11/2011
These concentrates are great for taking to work. They mix well and taste pretty good. They are low in calories and high in protein. I ordered 3 flavors and the Tropical Fruit was my favorite.
Pleasantly surprised
by Cathe on 3/8/2011
I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this product. I initially tried the Grape flavor and it was excellent. I like the Kiwi-Melon, but it does have a diety aftertaste to it. The orange is okay, but I am not that big a fan of orange...I only got it to boost my recovery drink protein which is orange flavored as well...it works good in that. I also tried the Tropical one and it is good as well. Grape is still my favorite. The best part of these is that the only mixing I have to do is shaking to blend the concentrate into my water. No spoons, whisks, blenders required (which is needed for the BariWise packets)!!! Wonderful when I am in a hurry or don't have access to any of that other stuff. Would HIGHLY recommend this to everyone! Can't beat the 15g of protein.
cool blue
by AMY on 1/31/2014
again my son uses this and really enjoys the flavor
I haven't decided yet if I like the concentrate or not
would really like to see these in tubs
Pluses and Minuses
by Skinny To Be on 1/24/2012
Pros: Tastes great. Good nutrition.

Cons: Messy, artificial food color (lots) and waste (some seems to cling to inside of packet)
did not like
by brandi on 3/28/2013
Had the tropical fruit punch flavor. Did not like, and it had after taste too.
Wild berry Review
by cmonte on 11/3/2011
I had high hopes for this drink. It smelled good but after drinking my first sip I noticed a funny aftertaste (kind of like plastic). It didn't go away and I had to quickly drink it to get it down. I am hoping the other flavors don't have it.
After taste
by Corrine on 4/6/2013
The orange flavor is not for me. I did not like the flavor or the smell. It also had a bad after taste to me. I tried it in cold water and ice water and held my breath to drink it, and I just couldn't do it. I also got the grape. I had no problem with the grape. These are the only two I have tried.
by on 5/28/2012
I bought this product 2 years ago and loved the grape drink. Had WLS and need my protein and it was something different then drinking all the shakes. Last month I got my order in the mail and drank one first thing in the morning and it tasted [horrible]. I thought maybe my cup needed to be replaced, tried again that day same thing. Opened a packet up and the smell was just GROSS! Shipped them back and they sent me a some with a different code on the bottom. Same thing...smelly. I called again and got my money back. Apparently they said the company changed how they make it now. I am so disappointed. I loved this drink and it gave me the protein I needed. The last 2 weeks without these drink I haven't been getting all my protein in and now I don't know what to do about it. PLEASE CHANGE BACK.
No no no
by Diana on 7/17/2019
I tried the first pack thinking it was going to be as amazing as the grape and, O, No. to me it was like drinking day quill.

Hello Diane
Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear you did not care for our Cool Raspberry Fruit Drink, but you are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.