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High Protein Bars

High Protein Bars & Low Carb High Protein Bars

When you need a powerful protein punch to give you the necessary energy to power through your day as you stay true to your low-calorie weight loss plan, our high-protein bars are the perfect solution. These are the best low calorie, high-protein bars you’ll find anywhere. We have a big and varied selection from popular protein diet food brands like WonderSlim®, BariWise™ and ProtiDiet. You’ll see from the many rave reviews how much our customers love these delicious, supercharged, high-protein, low calorie bars!

Nutritious Meal Replacements for Busy Lifestyles

WonderSlim meal replacement nutrition bars are not just rejuvenating snacks. They can also be used to replace meals, if you happen to be on the road where you can’t stay on your regular diet. It’s the ultimate in convenience for the busy lifestyle. Choose from mouthwatering flavors like crispy shortbread, mint cocoa, crispy cinnamon, dark chocolate marshmallow, chocolate nutty almond and crispy peanut. Can’t decide? Select the variety pack.

Low Calorie High Protein Bars

Are you looking for the best low carb, high-protein bars? Proti Diet protein bars pack 15 grams of protein into every delectable bar. They’re low carb in addition to being lower calorie and lower fat, for those people who are on a low-calorie diet. This is important, since because some of the high-protein bars can have a higher calorie count than others. Proti Diet bars also provide dietary fiber to help you feel full, plus plenty of goodness to satisfy your taste buds. Flavors include raspberry dark chocolate, banana bread and honey almond.

BariWise’s high-protein bars also come in tantalizing flavors, plus they have a light, satisfying crunch. They have a lower fat content, no cholesterol and are free of gluten, aspartame and trans fat.

Our Promise

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