Item # SD002

SAVE.DOG Daily Multivitamin for Dogs (60ct)

Item # SD002

SAVE.DOG Daily Multivitamin for Dogs (60ct)

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DAILY MULTIVITAMIN for Dogs helps support normal energy levels, healthy metabolic function and provides added nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants often not found in commercial dog foods. To display the NASC Quality Seal on our products, we undergo regular and rigorous audits to ensure we’re manufacturing only the highest-quality nutritional supplements for your dog. We’re as passionate about your dog’s health as you are!

GREAT CAUSE. Your Purchase Helps Dogs in Need. 

100% of profits from the sale of this product go toward funding the SAVEDOG Project rescue relocation program for homeless dogs. This virtuous circle allows the dogs with homes to support the dogs without homes. 

Approximately 3.1 million abandoned dogs enter U.S. shelters annually. Fortunately, an estimated 2 million dogs are adopted and 710,000 are returned to their owners. Unfortunately, 390,000 dogs are still euthanized each year in U.S. shelters due to overcrowding and lack of adoption demand in the local area.*

SAVEDOG Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that's dedicated to the relocation of (transporting) adoptable at-risk dogs from overcrowded shelters to places where they'll be adopted. We charge no transport fee and are not reimbursed by any organization. We have relocated over 5,000 homeless dogs to date. For details, please visit:

* ASPCA Pet Statistics



Quality Seal NASC           Veterinarian Formulated          100% of Profits go to Dog Rescue          Made In USA 


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