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Iron+C 30 mg (30 ct) - Celebrate

Item #: CELEBRATE300000
Iron+C 30 mg (30 ct) - Celebrate

Price: $6.25

Availability: In stock

Iron+C 30 mg (30 ct) - Celebrate

Price: $6.25

In stock

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  • 30 Tablets Per Bottle (30 Day Supply)
  • Gastric Bypass / Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Tablet size - Taken once daily this tiny tablet makes taking your iron dosage easy. It packs 30 mg of Iron (Ferronyl) designed to be easy on the stomach.
  • Vitamin C - While vitamin C is a great antioxidant, it also aids in the absorption of iron. Each Iron tablet contains 60 mg of vitamin C.

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One of the most common side effects of weight loss surgery is an iron deficiency. To reduce that possibility and to ensure your health, Celebrate has formulated one of the most effective iron products available. Carefully selecting the most bioavailable forms of iron and then coupling them with additional benefits they have developed an iron that is easy on the stomach.


Take one tablet midday or as directed by your bariatric surgeon or dietitian, as a dietary supplement.


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3 Customer Reviews

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easy take iron
by Jessi Hurley on 6/9/2010
I get really burned out on chewable tablets - this is a great change. Plus in this vitamin I don't have to take additional vitamin c for better absorption.
by JOHN on 2/27/2013
by Connie on 9/1/2014
I hate that the Celebrate company does not label their items properly. I need chew able iron 18 mg with Vitamin C and love the Tangerine flavor.
This is a purple pill by the same company and it makes me burp nasty flavors, doesn't go through a lap band well and it sucks!! They need to distinguish between the chew able and non chew able forms better. It I didn't need the iron so badly this would have gone back. It is terrible and I don't recommend it.. Look for the chew able Tangerine flavor and skip this one. Maybe if people won't buy it Diet Direct will stop carrying it. Hint Hint.