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Iron+C 30 mg Chewable Grape (30 ct) - Celebrate

Item #: CELEBRATE300050
Iron+C 30 mg Chewable Grape (30 ct) - Celebrate

Price: $9.95

Availability: In stock

Iron+C 30 mg Chewable Grape (30 ct) - Celebrate

Price: $9.95

In stock

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  • 30 Chewable Tablets Per Bottle (30 Day Supply)
  • Gastric Bypass / Sleeve Gastrectomy / Duodenal Switch
  • Taste - One of the best tasting iron supplements.
  • Form - Celebrate's chewable iron's are formulated with ferrous fumarate which is the most readily absorbed form of iron available.
  • Vitamin C - Added vitamin C to create a more acidic environment and increase absorption.
  • Staining - A possible side effect of chewing iron is that it could darken teeth. But not Celebrate Iron! Celebrate has used a coated ferrous fumarate that will protect the teeth while not interfering with absorption.



This Iron+C 30mg grape chewable from Celebrate Vitamins is one of the best tasting and superbly formulated iron supplements on the market. Iron deficiencies are common after bariatric surgery and one of the best ways to prevent them is with an iron supplement. Celebrate makes taking a daily iron supplement easy with this great tasting grape chewable tablet. You must try it yourself. It just doesn't get any easier or better tasting then this, plus it's easy on the stomach.


Take one tablet midday or as directed by your bariatric surgeon or dietitian, as a dietary supplement.


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2 Customer Reviews

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Celebrate Iron + C
by Linda2much on 12/20/2011
Very easy to take and tastes like a grape sweet tart. This is one of the best tasting chewable vitamins I have found.
Chewable Iron + C
by Sue on 7/1/2013
I reorder this every month. I've had gastric by-pass surgery and found these to be easy to take and taste great and also a great price.