WonderSlim 101: A Few Tips and Tricks

WonderSlim 101: A Few Tips and Tricks
Posted on December 4, 2015: WonderSlim 101

The WonderSlim Diet Kit is an exciting place to start the journey towards an even better you.

Whether you are using your weight loss kit to help lose a few unwanted pounds or planning to begin an extended weight loss program, we’d like to take a moment to congratulate you on this important step in reaching your goals.

If you're new to the program or continuing, here are a few of our favorite tips to make your experience as fulfilling as possible.

  • Your WonderSlim Shakes absolutely love cold water, the colder the better.
  • Your Blender Bottle/Shaker Bottle is a great tool for day to day use. However, for a truly luxurious experience, try blending your shake mix with 6 oz. of water (or non-fat milk) and an ice cube or two in an electric blender.
  • Hot summer day? Store a few of your bars in the freezer for a cool pick-me-up. Or, warm up a winter night with a Creamy Hot Chocolate protein drink.
  • Your Pudding Shakes make a creamy pudding when you mix the packet contents with 4 oz. of water. For extra creaminess, place mixed contents in the fridge for 15 minutes or so.

Unlock the Potential

Mix things up a little bit with these two tasty ideas to personalize your meals.

  • Adding a few teaspoons of black coffee to your WonderSlim Chocolate Cream or Mocha CreamMeal Replacement Shakes might make you think you’ve just ordered an expensive drink from a fancy coffee shop.
  • If your Kit includes WonderSlim Entrees, try letting the mixed contents sit for 5 minutes or so before microwaving. This not only helps the flavors get to know each other but it also reduces boil overs in small containers.

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