Our Most Popular Healthy Living Posts Will Power Your 2017

Our Most Popular Healthy Living Posts Will Power Your 2017
Posted on December 28, 2016: Health & Nutrition

Since the inception of our "Live Ignited" blog in 2015, we've been dedicated to helping Diet Direct customers to find personal improvement of any kind through better nutrition. From losing weight, to exercising, or sticking to specialty diets like gluten-free, all-natural or high protein, we've published an assortment of useful recipes, tips and research to help with the journey.

As we enter 2017, we've put together a list of the articles our thousands of readers have loved the most in the past year. Use these to help continue any progress you've had towards personal wellness, or as a powerful foundation for your New Year's Resolutions in the upcoming year.

#6) Powering Up With Protein: A Guide

While many are aware of protein's role in building lean muscle, it can also be hugely beneficial in controlling appetites as part of a healthy weight loss program.

One of the most appealing things about a high-protein diet over other types is that there are many more flavorful options to choose from. In our guide, we outline protein's benefits and provide an easy-to-use shopping list with everything from roast beef to eggs to green peas.

Learn more and see the list here.

#5) Light in Sodium, All-Natural Beef Jerky Launches in Response to New FDA Guidelines

In the summer of 2016, the US Food and Drug Administration issued new guidelines for the food industry. Their goal was to stave off the coming epidemic of high blood pressure (and related health issues) due to Americans consuming 5o percent more sodium than most experts recommend.

While otherwise a solid, protein-rich snack, beef jerky is often not heart-healthy due to its high sodium content. In response, we developed a new lineup of Snackergy® All-Natural Beef Jerky that contain 50-66% less sodium than the leading brands. We're proud of the result with several premium, tender flavors to choose from.

Learn more about the FDA guidelines and new jerky options here.

#4) Recipe: Low-Cal Watermelon Agua Fresca with Strawberries

This wildly popular recipe was developed to ring in the warm weather, where sugary drinks currently rule. Our healthier concoction offers a low-calorie alternative with the additional benefits of being rich in Vitamin-C plus additional vitamins and minerals such as B-6 and Vitamin A.

It's simple to make with just a few ingredients, a few minutes and a blender.

Check out the refreshing recipe here.

#3) 25+ Vegan Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Over the past few years, breakfast has turned into more of a sport than simply a meal. With the race to come up with the most insane foods that include bacon and eggs, what is a vegan to do? We tackled just that question and found a surprisingly amazing set of recipes that can rival some of the heart-stopping (literally) items you've seen wandering around your Pinterest feed.

Even if you're on a meat-free diet, your breakfast menu can include delicious quiches, biscuits, breakfast tacos, pancakes and more if you use this list of amazing ideas.

See the vegan breakfast recipe lineup here.

#2) Raw vs. Cooked Vegetables: Which is Healthier?

While eating vegetables of any kind is superior to not eating them at all, many people incorrectly assume that eating them raw is always the healthiest way to go. The truth is, the nutritional benefits of most are actually increased when cooked. Unfortunately, cooking some vegetables does actually destroy their nutritional value.

To help figure out which veggies to eat raw, which to cook and how to cook them, we put together a list of some of the most popular veggies and our recommendations for optimal nutrition and taste. This information was one of our most popular articles of all time.

Read the Raw Truth About Cooked Vegetables here.

#1) Boost Energy Without Energy Drinks with These Foods

In the US, there's a near-epidemic of fatigue and tiredness that has helped drive sugary energy drinks and supplements to record revenues of the past decade. Unfortunately, the solution to boosting energy that's found in a bottle is usually packed with sugar and caffeine, and only temporary.

There is a solution, however, and it was our most popular article of 2016. Outside of the beverage aisle and into the fresh foods/deli section of the grocery store, there is a host of natural alternatives that offer a true energy boost that is good for the immune system, energy levels, and mind like oatmeal and quinoa.

See all the natural energy boosting foods here.

With 2016 wrapping up, we look forward to 2017 being happier and healthier than ever with just a few simple lifestyle changes. To get more tips and recipes like this, follow our Diet Direct Facebook page here.

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