Is Our New Diet Treat a Snack or Dessert?

Is Our New Diet Treat a Snack or Dessert?
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Is Our New Diet Treat a Snack or Dessert?

High Protein Satisfaction to Power Through the Day

We're excited to announce a new, high-protein wafer bar lineup you're sure to love. Introducing our new WonderSlim Crispy Diet Wafer Bars! They offer a decadent creamy filling between crispy wafer layers for the ultimate way to keep you satisfied between meals and stick to your diet, any time of day.

WonderSlim's high protein Wafer Crisps come in three flavors tasty flavors. Whether you're a chocolate fan, vanilla fan or like a mocha flavored snack with a coffee, there's something for everyone...and this sweet (but not to0-sweet) sensation may just become you new favorite WonderSlim snack.

Each WonderSlim Wafer Bar offers

  • Get 2 filling wafers per serving
  • 15 grams of protein
  • Contains just 5 grams of sugar
  • Cholesterol Free

Try one of these new snacks today and see what you think! Does the light, crispy wafer layer satisfying you're snacking crunch, or is the creamy filling satisfying your sweet tooth?

Click here to see the selection at Dietdirect.com

May 31, 2016