Get Pea Protein's Unique Benefits in a Snack Chip

Get Pea Protein's Unique Benefits in a Snack Chip
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Get Pea Protein's Unique Benefits in a Snack Chip

You might already be aware of the benefits from a high-protein diet for weight loss, but you may not know there are significant differences between the types of protein, such as whey, casein, soy, pea and others. Pea protein has unique benefits, in particular, and we've developed an exciting new way to get those benefits in a convenient snack, our WonderSlim Pea Protein Chips.

The Dietary Benefits of Pea Protein

Recently, the pea protein market has exploded in popularity. Experts see a drastic, continued increase in the popularity of pea protein over the next few years as people are looking for an even greater depth of health qualities in the form of vegan or plant-rich/reduced meat diets. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

It's hypoallergenic

Pea protein contains no gluten or dairy, so it's naturally one of the least likely proteins to cause stomach discomfort of bloating, plus it's easy to digest. In addition, extended use of proteins like egg, whey or even soy can sometimes lead to a new intolerance or allergy in the body. Pea protein is an excellent choice if you avoid animal-based protein powders, and is also less likely to cause aggravation when consumed on reguarly.

It contains less BCAAs, but more of an essential amino acid

Compared to whey protein, pea protein may appear to be less effective for building muscle due lower amounts of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids). Pea protein does have one key advantage, however. It contains about three times more of the amino acid arginine. This amino acid is essential to building muscle, and studies have shown similar gains to whey protein.

Also, since whey and soy protein do not contain all the amino acids needed by the body, they need to be combined with other foods like bread or rice, which makes pea protein an even more attractive supplement.

High Lysine content

Lysine is responsible for converting fatty acids into energy and helps lower cholesterol. Unfortunately, the body cannot make it and it must be consumed in your diet. While rare, lysine deficiency is a risk for more plant-focused vegan and vegetarian diets. Among other benefits, studies have shown that lysine appears to help absorb calcium and play a role in healthier bones, cartilage, and skin. It also helps support and maintain a healthy immune system. Learn more here.

Better for the environment

If you keep track of where your food comes from and how its production affects the environment, pea protein delivers more good news. Compared to milk or egg proteins, pea uses fewer natural resources such as water, other crops, or fertilizer because it returns nitrogen to the soil.

The Health Benefits of Pea Protein in a Delicious Snack Chip

In addition to all the great benefits of pea protein just listed, you can enjoy an tasty, healthy snack without the carbs, salt, calories and fats of your typical potato chip in our new WonderSlim Pea Protein Chips.

Each bag is packed with 15 grams of pea protein to crush hunger in between meals, all in a crunchy tortilla chip flavored in one of three great options: Cool Ranch, Sale &: Vinegar, or Sweet Hickory. This is the perfect snack for health-conscious or vegan diets, with a long list of important nutritional benefits like:

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Contains No Soy
  • Only 4g of Net Carbs
  • Only 4g Fat per Serving
  • High in Iron
  • Cholesterol Free

Packaged in convenient single-serve bags, our new protein chips are a great way to conveniently get the protein needed to help maximize results in any weight loss or health-focused diet without more powders or less attractive bars.

Not sure which crunchy flavor you'll enjoy the most? Try the 10 bag Pea Protein Snack Chip variety pack on WonderSlim.com.

February 6, 2017