Building the Culture of Team at Diet Direct

Building the Culture of Team at Diet Direct
Posted on October 29, 2015: Our Team
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At Diet Direct, our motto is "Small Teams Can Do Big Things."

As we've outgrown our offices, expanded our team and added to our family of brands over the years, we strive to keep that unique personalized, small business experience and an environment of big time innovation that comes from our tightly-knit atmosphere. Our entire operation - from customer service, to warehousing, shipping, to web development - is under one roof in Wilmington, NC. We believe that respect and dedication towards our customers starts right here, with each other.

It isn't always easy, and there's a lot of work and dedication needed to accomplish these big things with a small team. Trust and collaboration are the key ingredients to working at Diet Direct. That's why we regularly step away each month for a socializing or team building afternoon that our employees love.

Whether it's sand volleyball, lawn bowling, team challenges, or a simple cookout, we're proud of the family we've built. We know we sell more than just products, and that our customers keep coming back because they see this personal touch in everything we do - from the careful packaging to conversations with customer service that are truly helpful.

It's the type of experience that is hard to manufacture. It comes from close teams built on trust, where each person knows that as an individual, they play their own important role in something bigger.

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