What is Calcium Caseinate in WonderSlim Shakes?

What is Calcium Caseinate in WonderSlim Shakes?

What is Calcium Caseinate in WonderSlim Shakes?

Differences From Whey Protein

Casein is the predominant form of protein found in milk. It makes up about 80% of the protein found in cow’s milk. When whey is strained from milk, the solid part left over is casein protein. After being strained and filtered, casein protein goes through a chemical process using either calcium hydrochloride or calcium oxide to further purify the casein. The end result is calcium caseinate.

Body builders and other athletes rely on calcium caseinate to help fuel their toughest workouts. Because this milk protein digests slower than many other protein sources, it delivers a steady supply of amino acids for a longer period of time which helps maintain muscle mass in strenuous conditions.

How This Protein That Helps You Stay Fuller, Longer

The slow digesting qualities of calcium caseinate also make it an excellent protein for weight loss. When you consume a calcium caseinate shake (such as the WonderSlim Meal Replacement Shakes), you feel fuller longer. This, of course, helps you reduce calories without increasing the times you feel hungry during a busy day. Fewer periods of hunger equals fewer cravings which means you are less likely to sabotage your diet plan by consuming unhealthy snacks.

Best of all, calcium caseinate has a high biological value. It contains all the essential amino acids required by humans and delivers good levels of calcium and phosphorous to help maintain bone strength. To further boost your overall health while assisting your weight loss efforts, this healthy protein is also high in L-Glutamine, an amino acid essential to muscle building

April 16, 2019