Our Most Popular Posts of 2015

Our Most Popular Posts of 2015
Posted on December 29, 2015: Health & Nutrition

We're getting ready for the new year at Diet Direct and we hope you're wrapping up a healthy 2015! Our Live Ignited blog was launched this year to help you with that effort, by providing a resource for the latest tips, trends and recipes in all things nutrition and wellness.

Thousands stopped by to learn more about everything from the best fitness apps to specialty diets (like gluten-free) and tried one of our exclusive healthy recipes!

Check out our top 5 most-viewed articles of 2015

#1 Powering Up With Protein

For years, "high protein diets" have been a popular trend for both weight management and strength building. As a leading expert in everything high protein, we've made it simple to navigate through the hundreds of different options within this category. This brief "protein 101" guide and easy-to-follow shopping list make it easy.

#2 Diet Sabotages Exercise Benefits Worse Than Thought

Or you could say "why you can't eat that even though you exercised today." The tendency is to reward ourselves for a good workout by looking at the calories in those fries or ice cream compared with how many calories we just burned. Unfortunately, new research is emerging about a well-known calories/pounds equation that may be way off. Either way, this approach sets us up for undoing the gains worked so hard for. But there are ways to stop the cycle.

#3 How to Make Fresh Pumpkin Puree & Recipes

Professional bakers rave about the improvements from using fresh pumpkin over canned pumpkin in recipes such as pies and muffins for a richer flavor. Plus, fresh pumpkin is packed with more vitamins, fiber, iron, and antioxidants.

Making it is actually a breeze, and it's a fun activity to do with others. In this post, we show you step-by-step instructions and include several healthy (and a few more decadent) recipes to try with your pumpkin puree!

#4 9 Nutrition Myths That Persist

Can you lose weight by skipping meals? Do carbs cause you to gain weight? Are most fats bad for you? We explore some of these and other popular nutrition and health myths that just won't seem to die.

#5 6 Energy-Boosting Foods

The grocery store is filled with aisles and coolers full of quick-energy boosters. These expensive exhaustion busters are often packed with sugar and caffeine, each claiming there's "no crash." What many don't realize is there are fresher and healthier foods that contain natural energy as an alternative that give a true lift you can feel good about- and won't eventually empty your wallet or expand your waistline.

Be sure to follow our blog in 2016 for even more wellness and energy tips, expert analysis and healthy recipes from dietDirect, the trusted source for better nutrition.

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