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Protein Krinkles Dill Pickle (7 ct) - BariWise

Item #: PKBW243
Protein Krinkles Dill Pickle (7 ct) - BariWise

Price: $14.95

Availability: In stock

Protein Krinkles Dill Pickle (7 ct) - BariWise

Price: $14.95

In stock

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  • High Protein – 12 grams Per Single Serving Bag
  • Lower Fat – 3 grams per single serving
  • Only 130 Calories Per Single Serving Bag
  • Non-Gluten Containing
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Aspartame Free
  • Generous Single Serving Size

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More of the fantastic crunch and tangy pickle taste you love is now available in a convenient 7 pack

Give your taste buds an unexpected, refreshing surprise when you bite into these tasty protein crunchies. You'll enjoy the savory flavor of mouth watering dill pickles with this special high protein treat.

Finding healthy high protein snacks that deliver the crunch you crave can be difficult when you're on the go. Available in portable single-serving bags, BariWise Krinkles are a great snack whether you're away from home or in the comfort of your kitchen. They deliver big taste in a fun form without sabotaging your weight loss plan. Each generous single-serving bag provides 12 grams of satisfying protein at the cost of only 130 calories.


Just open the bag and enjoy this high protein snack.


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20 Customer Reviews

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Good salt fix!
by Kelly on 11/20/2013
I am a sweet eater to the millionth degree but like a salty change here and there. These hit the spot! Crunchy with a good pickle taste! Buying again!
by Jasmine on 12/1/2013
These are really good, taste like dill pickle chips.
So good!
by ojosverdes on 1/26/2014
I have to say that I was suspicious at first of trying these being dill flavored and all. When I took my first bite I was hooked! I eat two bags of these a day sometimes. They are fantastic. The dill isn't overwhelming. If you are craving something salty this could be for you!!
BariWise Protein Krinkles 7 Pack - Dill Pickle
by Dee on 4/12/2014
I have ordered these many times because they taste GREAT and I love the fact that I am getting protein while snacking!!
Like Dill flavor Cheetos or close
by Geri on 5/1/2014
These are the next best thing to fried pickles. We all know we can't have those and still lose weight. I enjoy these very much, and they are lovely with a dill pickle beside them on a plate!

when you need crunch
by MELISSA on 8/19/2014
These totally satisfy when you need that crunch! Great aside a bunless burger or salad wrapped sandwich. The dill isn't overwhelming in fact I prefer it to sweet BBQ which took me by surprise
by Jane on 1/22/2015
Very crunchy! The dill makes it a unique snack from the ranch or bbq flavors. And my pregnant daughter loves them! And they are out of stock!!!
Great product!
by Soopermommy on 10/8/2015
Love these! They have a great salty dill flavor, loud crunch, and the serving size is awesome.
Great at the Movies!
by Laura on 1/2/2016
I have these as a quick and easy crunchy snack. I also take these to the movie theater so I have something crunchy to eat while everyone around me is munching on popcorn.
by Deborah on 4/30/2016
If you love dill flavor, you will love these chips. Awesome flavor
great for snack attack
by Diana on 10/29/2016
If you love pickle flavored snacks these krinkles are a must. It really satisfies the flavor and crunch need (like a chip would provide) but in a much healthier way. It's my "go to" snack.
Exactly as described
by Anne on 2/16/2017
If you like dill pickles you will like these. I love the fried pickles at restaurants but the fat and calories are astronomical. This is a great trade off.
Great snack!
by Stephanie on 4/21/2018
If you like dill pickle chips, you will love these! They are so good! Crunchy and filling, these make a perfect afternoon snack.
Krinkles dill pickle
by kay on 4/4/2016
If you like veggie straws you'll like these! I just wish they were larger pieces even though it means fewer pieces.
Suprisingly Good!
by Michael on 6/17/2016
I ordered these just to try them out. I really was not expecting too much, but I was pleasantly surprised. The flavor is different, but good and the texture was great for a snack type of food.

It has the right amount of pickle flavor, and the right amount of crunch.

I do see these and the Ranch Crunch protein chips as regular parts of my DietDirect orders.
Great Alternative to other pricey diet foods!
by Fit Mommy on 3/8/2017
I was very satisfied with this product. The taste was good and there was a generous portion. These are great for a salty chip craving and are reasonably priced compared to other expensive diet food. I will be ordering more! Super fast shipping too. I ordered late on a Sunday night and I had them Wednesday morning.
Bariwise protein krinkles-dill pickle
by Phyllis on 12/18/2013
sorry most krinkles were crushed in shipping...too salty for me!

Hi Phyllis, thank you so much for your feedback. We sincerely apologize your chips arrive damaged. We proud ourselves on every order arriving in perfect condition. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution, please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
Dill pickle snacks
by Debra on 1/23/2014
I like these. They are shaped like small krinckle fries and taste like dill.
Weird flavor
by Angelina on 4/8/2016
Large quantity, great crunch, weird taste. Not sure what I expected, and it's not that I dislike them - they're just weird. Word of advice: make sure you brush your teeth after eating, or have some sugar-free gum/mints! Definitely leave a strong odor behind...
krinkles dill pickle
by cheryl on 5/6/2017
was disappointed in the crinkles but would try the chips next.