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Bariatric Advantage Calcium Chewy Bites - 12 Bag Value Bundle (Save 10%)

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Bariatric Advantage Calcium Chewy Bites are now cheaper by the dozen! Mix and match your favorite Calcium Chewy Bites into a 12 bag Value Bundle and receive Instant Savings! To get started, Customize your Value Bundle to meet your personal preferences.

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Caramel Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites
23 Review(s)
Chocolate Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites
21 Review(s)
Lemon Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites
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Raspberry Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites
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14 Customer Reviews

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Great Product
by Charles on 11/18/2013
We have tried the caramel, chocolate, and lemon. The chocolate is dark so be prepared and the lemon is full of flavor. It all taste like real candy so be careful not to over do. Enjoy!
The best calcium
by Cindy on 12/26/2013
I have tried lemon and they are good. Didn't like chocolate but I really don't like any chocolate. Caramel are my favorite. I have yet to try the raspberry but I just ordered the 12 pack bundle so I will be. I am not good at taking big pills so I really prefer the chews. I used to take another brand but they quit making them and I found these. I absolutely love them and I never forget to take them.
Great Alternative to powders You have to mix w/water
by Nancy on 2/26/2014
I have tried all 4 flavors. I take the chocolate at night, the caramel in the morning, and the raspberry in the afternoon. For several months I'd have the lemon in the afternoon, but the flavor was too much for me. I have to have 500 mg, 3 times a day, so the chews are like little candy snacks. But beware, I did lose a filling, so I "play" with each chew, like a kid with bubble gum, making the chew thin and flat, and take several bites which prolongs my enjoyment of the chew.
Excellent Flavor
by Lynn on 4/18/2014
Love the Calcium chews as they have an excellent flavor. It's a great way to take calcium and feel like I've had a little sweet treat. It's the first time I've met my supplement requirements and also satisfied my sweet tooth without exceeding my calorie budget.
Expiration date of the Calcium Chewy Bites
by Carolyn on 5/10/2014
I am retired and I have to purchase things that I need on a daily basis in bulk. I recently ordered a 12 bag value bundle of Calcium Chewy Bites. When the order came, I notice that all of the packages expire
in Dec. 2014. I will be contact the company about this. I was hoping that it would be good for a year. Other than that the product is great and I take two chewy bites a day ever since my surgery.

Hi Carolyn, thank you for your feedback. We completely understand your concern regarding the expiration date of the Bariatric Advantage Chewy Bites and apologize for the trouble. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours with a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
by Cherie on 7/12/2014
After gastric bypass surgery getting the amount of calcium needed was tough. Most calcium citrate (the most well absorbed form of calcium) comes in huge capsules or tablets and I would need to take 6 or more daily. The Bariatric Advantage Calcium Chewy Bites are like "treats" to me that I'm "allowed" to have 6 times a day. I've tried every flavor and they are ALL delicious! The caramel flavor tastes just like those wonderful caramels you buy in a bag at the store and the lemon and raspberry are like Starbursts. I look forward to my treats throughout the day! And by purchasing a 12 Bag Value Bundle I save a bundle!
The very best way to get your calcium
by Cindy on 9/20/2014
I had my surgery 8 years ago and absolutely love these chewable calcium bites. Carmel is my favorite but I like the lemon and raspberry also. I have suggested these to friends also and they all love them. If you don't like taking a lot of pills this is the way to go.
Lifetime Fan!
by Patricia on 11/30/2014
I have not found a chewable supplement yet that I can tolerate; too chalky. Thank goodness my doctor's office included these as a sample after my sleeve surgery! I tried them and felt so guilty for eating these and felt as if I were eating candy! Chocolate is my least favorite, however, I would still take the chocolate over ANY chewable tablet. Tastes like a dark chocolate and in my past life would even resort to "stealing" my husband's dark chocolate treats now and then when feeling desperate! The other 3 flavors are so delicious that I can honestly say I don't ever cheat on my new lifestyle diet because I feel like these supplements ARE my daily indulgence, even though they and I remain "legal"! Can't praise them highly enough. Now if they would only make a similar version of the multi-vitamin chewy bite. The one I currently take (mfg'd. by a different company) leaves a medicinal aftertaste, but it's still better than a chalky chewable!
Will Never Buy Any Other Brand!!
by Carol on 6/1/2015
Folks, this is the calcium citrate to buy! Absolutely one of the perks of Bariatric Surgery!! We all know how many supplements and vitamins we are required to take every day. It can be a pain and an expensive one at that!! Enter these wonderful calcium chews---that are at the top of my list forever!! After an annual visit several years ago, I was told to up my daily calcium. Best News Ever! Every evening I sit down with a crisp cold apple and my caramel chews. And then I enjoy my treat for the day---bite of apple + bite of caramel, equals YUM!! And you save a "bundle" on the 12 bag bundle!!
by Dorothy M on 10/23/2015
Great tart lemon flavor for the lemon ones. Easy way to take calcium.
Calcium Chews
by teresa on 4/5/2016
Love these chews! The lemon and Raspberry are very tart and satisfy my sweet tooth.
The best
by Cindy on 1/9/2017
I hate taking big pills or a lot of pills. These chews are wonderful. It is like having a candy treat instead of taking calcium. I had my surgery almost ten years ago. These are the only way I take my calcium. It is a little more expensive than taking the tablets but way worth it in my book. Order in a bundle and you save even more.
very tasty
by Denise on 4/29/2016
got the value bundle, and have only tried the chocolate, which taste like tootsie rolls... the only word of warning I have it to be aware the shelf life is short.... the bundle gives you 720 chews, and since I am currently only taking 2 a day, 3 of the bags will expire before I can take them... the company however was great about refunding me for those 3 bags... IF you go for the bundles, make sure you put your dosage in the shipping detail box so they know how many a day you take and can plan accordingly with expiration dates. I only gave 4 stars because of the short shelf life
disappointed to say the least.
by Denise on 4/16/2016
I ordered the bundle pack, so I could have a variety of flavors and not get bored..... I need to take 2 chews a day to supplement my multivitamin calcium content.... so, one bag will last me 30 days.....they arrived today (April16,2016).. I got 3 bags of each flavor. The Chocolate expire -9-26-16, caramel expires 10-7-2016, Raspberry expires 1-13-2017 and the Lemon expire 2-6-17.... do the math.. should be a years worth of calcium.... but as you see, the longest dated bags are Feb 6,2017, so I will end up with 2 full bags and one 3/4 full bag of expired vitamins... that are not inexpensive...... which is why I only gave product 2 stars....

Hello Denise, thank you for contacting us. We sincerely apologize for any trouble or confusion. We do have a disclaimer on the bundle page which reads as follows:

"Due to limited shelf life of Calcium Chewy Bites and to maintain best quality, we strongly recommend ordering only one Calcium Chewy Bite Bundle at a time."

These items do have a limited shelf life due to their formulation and the nature of the item. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.