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BariWise Salad Dressing, Dijon Honey Mustard (14ct)

BariWise Salad Dressing, Dijon Honey Mustard (14ct)
Item #: BW213

Price: $9.95

Availability: In stock

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BariWise Salad Dressing, Dijon Honey Mustard (14ct)

Price: $9.95

In stock


  • Low Calorie - 28 Calories Per Serving
  • Fat Free
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Aspartame Free
  • Low Carb - 7g Net Carbs*

*g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols

Many people ruin the diet and health benefits of a nutritious, low-calorie salad by drenching it with a fatty salad dressing loaded with a variety of sugars. This tangy, low-carb honey-mustard is designed to help keep your weight loss plan on track. Conveniently packaged in portion-controlled, 1 oz. packets, each packet provides lots of flavor yet contains only 28 calories in every fat-free serving. Don't let an over-dressed salad ruin your healthy diet, discover how BariWise Honey Mustard Far=Free Salad Dressing can make salads an essential and delicious part of your healthy eating plan.


  1. Pour contents of packet over salad.
  2. Toss salad and enjoy.

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43 Customer Reviews

Set Ascending Direction
by Carl on 4/3/2008
Dijon Honey Mustard is EXCELLENT! Great taste. Only problem is it's a little thin (guess that's because of littleno oil). Will buy again soon.
italian dressing
by Lori on 3/9/2009
I am not too crazy fan of italian but the taste was amazing. I cannot live without it on my salads now. It is so goooooood. Kind of thin also but for me that was not a issue.
Taste Great!!
by Sha on 3/14/2009
The Honey Mustard is great--not too sweet and adds a lot of flavor when I am bored with my salad. They are convenient to carry and have for unplanned meals out.
Agree with Grand Rapids
by Biggie on 4/27/2009
Honey Dijon is great. Ranch is gross. Grand Rapids reviewer said it all. My 5 Star Rating is for the Honey Dijon.
Honey Dijon is great - Ranch is horrible
by Mamush39 on 9/11/2009
I love the Honey Dijon, and would recommend it to anyone. However, as most people have said, the Ranch is beyond disgusting. The individual packets are convenient, as there is no measuring, and makes it easy to take in the purse if you are going out to dinner and don't want to break tour diet.
Honey Mustard
by Claire on 1/22/2010
What I like is that it is very good, and is very portable. I carry them in my purse, and put them on salads in restaurants, at work, etc. Very tasty!
Honey Mustard...ahhhh
by Claire on 2/5/2010
Love the individual packets, honey mustard is my fave. Keep them in my purse for restaurant eating. Love the flavor, nice portion, low calories.
can't believe its diet
by charlie on 2/7/2010
Love the honey mustard. This dressing is creamy, sweet (not too sweet), and no after taste. I carry it everywhere. Try this w/broiled chicken breast or as a veggie dip--SUPER!
by on 3/1/2010
I read all the rave reviews about the honey mustard salad dressing and decided to buy a box. It is sooo delicious! I couldn't believe it was a reduced calorie dressing. It's a great mustard taste with a little zip on the end. Fantastic.
honey mustard salad dressing
by on 5/17/2010
This is great even my 12 year old loves this stuff. She has even dropped a few pounds since I have been ordering from diet direct. Love the convenience pack. I know I will not over indulge. Actually I noticed it was out of stock alot, so I figured it must be good. I was right!
Honey Mustard Salad Dressing
by Justbeu on 9/21/2010
This is the best low cal/low fat salad dressing. I have tried many and they all seem to have an aftertaste or taste bitter. This dressing is delicious!
Honey mustard
by on 10/31/2010
BariWise Fat-Free Diet Salad Dressings
by Coach on 1/24/2011
Both the Honey Mustard and the Italian have great flavor and taste. They make it easy to eat salad and enjoy it without the extra calories. Enjoy!
Honey Mustard
by ska on 4/1/2011
Perfect any salad and sandwiches; not on the dinner tosses salads. After cooked turkey or ground chicken pour them on the meat with veggies top with light bread. mmm Also pour it in the boiled eggs for sandwiches, the same as tuna, chop celery with this honey mustard. Will always order more more more.
The best!
by Kim on 4/14/2011
This is a wonderfully tasty salad dressing. I toss one in my purse whenever I'm going out to eat. It's so convenient!
by Ling Ling on 7/5/2011
I have been looking for a non fat, great tasting honey mustard dressing for a long time and then I asked for a sample and I am addicted!!! Just ordered 4 boxes last week when it was on sale. It is the summer so everyday I have a grilled chicken salad for lunch with the best dressing on earth..thank you do much diet direct!!!
by LuLu42 on 7/17/2011
I love how portable this is... I can keep these individual servings in my purse so I am prepared to eat out with friends. Both flavors are absolutely delicious!
by chrissy10 on 1/11/2012
I was pleasantly surprised with this salad dressing. It tastes pretty good and the packaging is just enough for 1 salad. Will be getting more!!!!!!!!!
Love the Dressing!
by aza on 1/17/2012
The dressing is excellent - very tasty and sufficient to dress a salad. Just the right amount of sweetness/tartness.
Honey Mustard Salad Dressing
by moestape on 4/2/2012
There is nothing diet tasting about this dressing. Its thick and very rich. Love it
by Amy on 4/30/2012
I was so happy with this dressing. Excellent portion size and taste! Add poppyseeds and you've got the poppyseed honey mustard dressing from Red Robin! YUM!
Very Tasty
by on 8/30/2012
This product is very tasty and convenient to carry to restaurants and parties. It also mixes well with other low cal products without diluting the tang. I love it!
by Renee on 8/30/2012
These are very handy when you are going out to eat. And the taste is wonderful.
5 stars
by LuAnn on 2/21/2013
I am pretty particular about salad dressings and I can not tell the difference between this dressing and the regular honey mustard dressing. Love the individual packets as I can take them along with a salad without having to take an entire bottle.
Great tasting item
by Sherry on 11/9/2013
I love the taste of this dressing. I also love the fact that they are already measured out so I can keep track of my intake easier. Can not wait to try the other dressings. I will order this again soon.
love this dressing
by Vivian on 11/12/2013
this dressing tastes great. Can't believe it is so low calorie. Individual packets make it very convenient to put in my purse & have handy whenever I go out to eat.
Very Good
by Teri on 11/30/2013
These are very tasty and handy. Not vinegary tasting at all.
Love it!!!
by Maxine on 5/29/2014
I love this honey mustard dressing and have it every day. It is low calorie and delicious.
excellent product - tastes like popular restaurant salad dressing
by suzzanne on 5/12/2015
taste like a popular restaurants salad dressing.
Love the Dijon Mustard, hate the Ranch
by on 4/15/2009
I tried the honey mustard and ranch flavors. The honey mustard was great - I even used it as a sort of marinade on chicken and fish. The ranch was gross. It didn't taste a thing like real ranch and had a very strong aftertaste. I actually returned the box for a refund. I'll try the Italian based on the other reviews, but stay far far away from the Ranch!
best fat free dressing I have tasted
by ALG on 6/2/2010
I found this low fat diet salad dressing to be wonderful. I have one in my purse all the time so if I need it when eating out I am Ready.
Great alternative
by nimue on 6/8/2011
This dressing is a great alternative to the higher fat, calorie, and carbohydrate yogurt dressings I have been using. It actually has a pleasant flavor. It is not runny like so many fat free dressings. It thickens when you keep it in the refrigerator before using. Keep a few packets with you at all times, so when someone asks you out to eat at a place where the menu is unfamiliar to you, you know you can stay on your program by having a tasty salad with this delicious dressing.
Taste is good for a diet dressing
by Sully on 2/24/2012
As diet dressings go, these two flavors are pretty good. My daughter and I prefer the Honey Mustard over the Italian, but they're both very palatable.
Good flavor and texture
by lasp on 8/14/2012
Good flavor and texture in the Honey Mustard dressing. If you like a lot of dressing, you may need two packets on a large salad. Not quite as tangy as I would like, but still a very good dressing for the calorie/fat count. I will definitely buy again.
by Diane on 8/18/2013
tried the honey mustard and it has a really nice taste. easy to use individual packs are a good plus too. Would recommend to anyone who eats salads. I also use it on veggies
Very Good!!!
by Jackie on 12/28/2013
Like the honey mustard dressing. Have not found anything better. I do not care for the Italian.
flavorful and very low cal
by Doodalumma on 2/13/2014
This dressing is good and won't break the calorie bank at only 25 per package. Of course it's doesn't taste like the "regular" dressings in the store, but close enough! It's easy to carry with you too. I keep it at work and use on my salads every day.
They are only okay...
by moorenm on 2/11/2012
Not terribly impressed--not much flavor. (Updated on 2/12/2012.)
by Shawn on 3/7/2013
Good flavor
0 stars for the Ranch Salad Dressing
by Carol on 6/22/2009
My first time ordering from this website, I didn't think to read the reviews.I totally wasted $7.99 on the ranch dressing. It was so bad, I had one taste and through away the whole box of 14 servings.
by Stacia4959 on 7/5/2009
I recently brought the Ranch Dressing and it is GROSS! I was so shocked and disgusted by the taste. It does not even taste like Ranch! I have loved every product I have tried so far but I would not recommend this Ranch Dressing. I just sent back this product in exchange for the Honey Dijon Dressing and I hope it taste a lot better! Ill let ya know!
Honey Mustard Availability
by Mike on 4/21/2010
This has been out of stock about 3 times out of every 4 times I order. They never have adequate quantities.

They should provide a waiting list....and 48 hour period to purchase once you're informed your quantity is available.

It's just silly to have only 1 good tasting salad dressing and not stock it up.
Honey Mustard Dressing
by Bunky on 10/11/2011
This is the BEST tasting honey mustard dressing I have ever tasted and it's in one ounce packets that makes it easy to just throw in your purse and have it available for eating out! Have shared it with friends at a restaurant and they loved it. (Updated on 10/12/2011.)