Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites Orange 500 mg (90 ct) - Bariatric Advantage

These great tasting chewy bites give you 500mg of Calcium Citrate and 500 IU of vitamin D3 in each delicious serving.

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Bariatric Advantage 500mg Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites - Orange
90 Soft Chews per Bag

Calcium deficiency breaks down into two types: dietary calcium deficiency and hypocalcemia. As you might suspect, dietary calcium deficiency is caused by inadequate calcium intake. Hypocalcemia is generally not caused by an insufficient amount of calcium in your diet. It is usually the result of taking certain medications, like diuretics. It also sometimes occurs in individuals suffering from renal disease or hypoparathydroidism.

Calcium is so critical to so many vital body functions; your body will actually pull calcium from your bones and teeth to maintain normal blood calcium levels. This leads to serious health problems over time. Many physicians recommend calcium citrate supplements for individuals who are unable or unwilling to get the proper amount of calcium from dietary sources.

Bariatric Advantage 500mg Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites are one of the most pleasant ways to get the calcium your body needs. Each sugar-free orange-flavored soft chew provides 500mg of Calcium Citrate with 500 IU of Vitamin D3 to aid absorption. These potent chewy bites make it possible to get more calcium with fewer doses, which saves you time and money. If your medical professional has recommended you add 1500mg of calcium citrate to your diet a day, each bag contains an entire month’s supply.  Each orange chewy bute is individually wrapped which makes them particularly convenient for people who are often on the go. Get more calcium, more vitamin D3 and a burst of orange flavor with Bariatric Advantage 500mg Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites.

Key Features of Bariatric Advantage 500mg Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites:

  • 500 mg of Calcium Citrate per chew
  • 500 IU of Vitamin D3 per chew
  • Only 15 Calories per serving
  • Low Carb – Just 4 grams per serving
  • Fat Free
  • Sugar Free

OUR GUARANTEE: We're so certain you'll be pleased with the quality of these products, we gladly offer our Money Back Guarantee on all purchases.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


Directions: Take as directed by your doctor.

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Quick Calcium
by Donna on 2/23/2015

Great taste and super value. An easy way to get the supplemental Calcium required after bariatric surgery

Caramel, yum ~ Orange, ick!
by Pantaleimona on 1/8/2015

The raspberry flavor of the BA CalCitr Chewy Bites is by far my favorite. This taste preference is one of the few things that has been a constant for me since surgery. The drawback? The raspberry flavor is available only in the 250mg dosage, meaning that I must take 4 daily. When Diet Direct began selling the 500mg dosage chews, I knew I had to try them. Of the available flavors, I would rate caramel as the best tasting, as would my hubby. He says the peanut butter chocolate is "ok". I won't even try that one as the flavor combination normally in a candy didn't ever taste good to me. This time I decided to sample the orange flavor. Omgosh, it is horrid. Hubby doesn't care for itm but his taste buds don't rebel against it as vehemently as mine do.

Anyone who has had a Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass knows that there is a possibility your tastes in foods and flavors will change following surgery. What has been surprising to me are the continued changes I feel 1.5 years post surgery. I'm learning to roll with it. :) For now, I simply cannot bear the flavor of the orange ones and will go back to the lower dosage raspberry ones. The cost difference is unfortunate, but I must have vitamins I know I'll be willing to take and not avoid.

Customer Reviews

Review Rating

2 Reviews

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