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WonderSlim Meal Replacement Smoothie Berry Yogurt (7 ct)

Item #: WS103
WonderSlim Meal Replacement Smoothie Berry Yogurt (7 ct)

Price: $14.95

Availability: In stock

WonderSlim Meal Replacement Smoothie Berry Yogurt (7 ct)

Price: $14.95

In stock

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  • High Protein - 15 grams Per Serving
  • Low Carb - 7g Net Carbs*
  • Low Calorie - 100 Calories Per Serving
  • Enriched with 24 Vitamins and Minerals
  • Low Carb - 7 Grams per Smoothie
  • Low Fat - 1 Gram per Smoothie
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Saturated Fat Free
  • Aspartame Free
  • Use as a Meal Replacement Shake for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner
  • Can Fit Into any VLCD, Modified VLCD, or LCD Weight Loss Plan
  • Quick and Easy to Make
  • Easily Mixes with Water
  • No Gluten Containing Ingredients

*g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols

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Creamy with a light blueberry flavor. Just add ice cold water, shake and enjoy!

Experience the taste of summer throughout the year with this low-carb meal replacement smoothie. Just add water and stir for a convenient, go anywhere meal or healthy snack. Perfect for today's dieter who wants to manage or lose weight.

*2 meals is the monetary equivalent of $0.20. $0.10 helps provide 1 meal secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks. WonderSlim pledges a minimum of 1,500,000 meals (monetary equivalent of $150,000) to Feeding America® and member food banks from 02/15/2019 to 02/14/2020.


Contains 2% Juice. Calcium Caseinate (From Milk), Fructose, Nonfat Milk, Whey Protein Isolate, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Nonfat Yogurt Powder, Corn Syrup Solids, Blackberry Powder, Sunflower Oil, Sugar, Malic Acid, Salt, Maltodextrin, Modified Food Starch, Magnesium Phosphate, Dipotassium Phosphate, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Citrate, Disodium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Carrageenan, Sodium Caseinate, Soy Lecithin, Sucralose, Lactic Acid, Dextrose, Vitamin C, Oligofructose, Ferric Orthophosphate, Tocopherols (To Protect Flavor), Acesulfame-K, Zinc Sulfate, Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol Acetate), Cellulose Gum, Guar Gum, Sprouted Mung Bean Extract, Niacinamide, Copper Gluconate, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Polysorbate 60, Manganese Sulfate, Soy Protein Isolate, Citric Acid, Vitamin A Palmitate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Red #40, Riboflavin, Thiamin Mononitrate, Chromium Nicotinate Glycinate Chelate, Folic Acid, Molybdenum Glycinate Chelate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Selenium Glycinate Complex, Biotin, Potassium Iodide, Vitamin K Phytonadione), Magnesium Carbonate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin).


WonderSlim Meal Replacement Smoothies - Berry Yogurt


  1. Place contents of one packet into a (10 oz.) glass, shaker cup or blender.
  2. Add 8 ounces of cold water and stir or shake vigorously until dissolved.


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154 Customer Reviews

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I Love the Berry Creme!
by Beth on 2/6/2008
I LOVE the berry creme flavor! I use these smoothies along with the WonderSlim pudding shakes.

Really GOOD Smoothies
by michelle james on 2/10/2008
This is really really GOOD!

Both flavors are delicious
by Bonita on 2/19/2008
Both the Berry Creme and Strawberry Creme are delicious. Although Berry Creme wins the top vote. These are best when prepared in a blender with 4 cubes of ice.

by Robin on 3/13/2008
The Berry Creme is sooo good! Absolutely delicious and filling. YUM!

These make great pudding pops!
by Liz Day on 5/1/2008
I use both the Berry and Strawberry Smoothies to make my frozen pudding pops. I combine fresh or frozen fruit and add plain yogurt and blend away and I get about 7 complete pudding pops that are both delicious and nutritious and a great frozen snack to grab on hot summer days.

Wow...these are delicious!
by Tracey on 6/4/2008
Oh My Goodness!!!!! Today is my first day using the this product in Strawberries & Creme. This shake is delicious and thick just like a strawberry milk shake but all you need is cold water and a few ice cubes. This products far exceeds the tasteless and super expensive Medifast shakes.

I really like the berry creme
by Kim Adkins on 7/2/2008
I just tried the Berry Creme Smoothie. I really liked it.

by Con on 9/30/2008
Strawberry Creme is fabulous!!! Berry Creme is good too but taste more like yogurt.

Very satisfying
by Cathie M. on 10/14/2008
The strawberry creme is great. I shop Sam's Club for their frozen sliced strawberries and place 13rd cup in the bottom of my mixing cup, put strawberry creme powder on top, add water and use an electric drink mixer to blend. Sometimes after mixing I will add "no salt" sunflower seeds for a little crunch and eat with a spoon. Very satisfying.

by Rene on 10/29/2008
The Berry Creme is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Nothing like it on the market, and I've tried many diet shakes. What really makes it stand out is the thickness. I have this in the afternoon with a few Crunchios, and feel like I'm having a fattening smoothy and potato chips!

I add Sprite to spritz up the smoothies
by Jennifer on 11/23/2008
I found that adding Sprite Zero really adds a different taste to both strawberry and berry creme. They are good in the afternoon when you are craving something sweet and spritzy.

WonderSlim Berry Creme Shake
by Kazoo Gal on 12/4/2008
This is my favorite shake! It mixes well and the flavor is great...try it!
by GEESE on 12/20/2008
Berry Creme is Berry Delicious!
by carinosa2 on 1/24/2009
Love love love it! I blend in frozen unsweetend blueberries with the shake to get a fruit serving in to my daily diet! So good!
I love this shake
by val on 2/7/2009
I just ordered another box of Strawberry & I'm going to try the berry cream this time too! This is perfect for me for that mid-day snack when I seem to crave something sweat! I take it to work, mix it w/water ,throw some ice it & shake it up. It disolves easy with a little stir w/a spoon then finish shaking it. I haven't been to the snack machines in 2weeks-
OMG -- These are extremely delicious!
by ALE on 2/9/2009
I LOVE these smoothies. I look forward to drinking my two smoothies everyday. My kids love the taste, too. They are always wanting sips of mine. These smoothies make dieting very easy and enjoyable!
One of my favorites
by Sbiker on 2/26/2009
I like this due to the great flavor and the whey protein which seems to digest well. Best when blended with a few frozen berries. It's my favorite breakfast meal substitute.
Strawberry Smoothie
by Kim on 4/1/2009
This is absolutely fabulous. Dissolves easily, so great for on the go product. This one is a keeper!
These are GREAT
by Flo on 6/3/2009
I just tried these as I have been looking for a nice smoothie to have as we enter these summer months. OH MY these are GREAT and only 100 calories.. I am going to have these regularly I can't believe I never tried them before.

I put a handful of frozen berries in before whipping them up with a handblender and it was WONDERFUL..... best of all NO HUNGER for hours and hours.

This will definately be a repeat order for me.
by kathy on 6/15/2009
I mix this with blueberries and its great! It does keep me full until its time for the next meal, I don't find myself eating between meals. I'm not sure what people want from a diet product, but use peoples suggestions and spice it up a little.
this product tasted great
by on 6/22/2009
this product tasted great...I find it filling and even helps satisfy my sweet tooth. Favor blueberry but strawberry is good,too.
Berry Yogurt Smoothie
by kim on 6/24/2009
I have loss 32 pounds with Wonderslim Berry Yogurt smoothies. I love the creamy berry taste, low calorie count with a great source of protein. I have been buying this product for 1 year and LOVE it!
Very Refreshing!
by null on 7/19/2009
I love this stuff!!! To thicken a little I add just 1/2 of non fat blueberry yogurt serving = just an additional 30 calories. I also add pineapple flav yogurt to the stawberry. So you get a nice tasty treat/reward for 130 calories. It really fills me up. Put it in the freezer for 30 mins for an ice cream treat!

by MV on 8/2/2009
Both flavors are tasty, and a nice change from the pudding/shakes.
Weekend meal replacement
by KDLady on 8/20/2009
I use these for a quick meal replacement. Put in the blender with frozen strawberries and it is a yummy, filling shake. Nice break from grilled chicken salad for lunch! Tastes like a real treat!
Good Stuff!
by Lugnut on 8/22/2009
The smoothie's are great. They are just a bit thicker (nice and creamy) than the shakes. Berry and Strawberry are both tasty, Strawberry would be my first choice. I'm usually on the run so I just mix with water/shake and GO, but I'll bet if were to take a minute and blend these bad boys up with some frozen strawberries...Get Back Loretta!!!
by otkari on 8/27/2009
I love, love the strawberry smoothie!! I usually have it for breakfast with a small banana added to the blender with some ice and it tastes great, and filling too. This smoothie is the closest thing i have tasted to a real smoothie but with way less calories and less guilt. I am not a big fan of the strawberry flavored shake, but the smoothie is great!
These are great
by Celia on 8/29/2009
These are great and you don't get bored of drinking them. The best thing about them is they don't taste all chalky like some shakes. I'd recommend these to my friends and family.
Fresh Fruity Smoothie!
by Trishie on 10/25/2009
I tried the strawberry yogurt smoothie and enjoyed it. I added a frozen berry mix of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and marionberries. Leaves you very full and satisfied.
Surprisingly delicious
by Angela on 12/6/2009
This product was the first I tried. I was extremely skeptical, but happily surprised once I tried it. I tried blending different ways and the best way I found was to put it in a lidded container, put a couple of ice cubes in and shake it vigorously. The ice cubes seem to help break up the powder better than a blender and less residue in the small shaker than a large blender. I want all the product I can get in me as opposed to leaving any in the blender.
by PATTI on 12/17/2009
berry yogurt smoothie
by on 1/21/2010
Very good creamy lots of flavor, add ice chips last longer
Great smoothie
by Dmontgom on 2/21/2010
Only tried strawberry and loved it. Am going to try the berry flavor next order. Great product.
Pleasantly Surprised
by on 3/31/2010
I am very happy to find a high protein, low carb, low fat, delicious shake to use. I have tried Medifast (key word is tried) and could not stomach the products without soaking them over night and doctoring them up some way. I am very happy to have found this product :).

Who knew a strawberry product could taste so good.
Very yummy
by on 4/5/2010
They are easy to make and taste great! I especially like them with some ice, makes a luscious smoothie! Will buy again, but upset that price went up again to $9.99.
by on 4/13/2010
I have only tried the strawberry yogurt flavor, but I love it! It doesn't taste diet-y at all. It's the perfect morning drink. I had my friends (who ARE NOT on a diet) try it and they agreed that it's yummy! I am very happy with this product and will continue to purchase these smoothies.
by Chikivick on 4/18/2010
The berry & the strawberry flavored smoothies are so AWESOME!!!!!! I love them both. First time I have purchased these, but definitely won't be the last. Will definitely buy again.
by Amy on 5/6/2010
I am totally new to diet food of any kind, and have especially always shied away from any kind of diet shakes after tasting an Atkin's shake and Slimfast shake...both were awful.

I took a leap of faith after reading the reviews on here and I am SO GLAD I DID!

Wonderslim's smoothies and shakes are amazing! Everytime I drink one, I can't believe that it's a diet shake. My two favorites are the chocolate cream pudding/shake and the strawberry yogurt smoothie. FABULOUS.

I even added a packet of splenda to one once, but honestly couldn't taste the difference with or without it - they're that tasty by themselves!
strawberry yogurt smoothie
by sue on 7/18/2010
OMG, this is my favorite of all I think. I like to freeze it a little and the taste if amazing.. Love it...
This shake ROCKS!
by MonStar on 7/29/2010
I purchased the Strawberry Yogurt and absolutely loved it! I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a great tasting shake!
great way to start the day
by abby on 9/7/2010
I mix these up in the morning using the Fit & Fresh shaker and then pour over ice. Very yummy nice and smooth.
by smitty2648 on 9/11/2010
WOW, I was blown away by how good this tasted! I've been on other diets and tried countless different protein shakes but this one is the best I've had! I tried the MediFast diet last year and I just couldn't stomach ANY of their shakes so I was very hesitant in trying this one, but it is absolutely wonderful! Definitely going to buy lots more in the future! Thanks WonderSlim for making such a tasty product (fools me into thinking I'm not on a diet!)!
Great Tasting Drinks. Go Down "Smooth"
by jenniferlynne76 on 10/15/2010
A welcome addition to my Wonderslim rotation, these smoothies are absolutely fabulous. Great taste, and much creamier than I'd anticipated given that I mixed the powder with the simple 8 oz. of cold water recommended. The smoothies blend surprisingly well with the use of my trusty Blender Bottle (if you don't have one of these yet, do yourself a favor and get one now). No need for anything more complicated. A really tasty and satisfying product overall.
Best Packet of Smoothies on the Market
by Cjay on 10/24/2010
This is the most convenient best tasting Protein Smoothie I have ever had. I used them whether I am on program or not. Add a few frozen Blueberries, ice, water and you are out the door with breakfast around 100 calories. I keep them at work too for afternoon snacks or post workout protein. I come back for these order after order.....thanks Diet Direct.
Awesome Taste!!!!
by RLH on 11/17/2010
I absolutely love the strawberry yogurt smoothie, it tastes as good as McDonald Strawberry/Banana smoothie. The Wonder Slim shakes are awesome too! I am now a converted (from Medifast) Wonder Slim user! Diet Direct has awesome customer service! I ordered the shake and had them the next day, with out any type of expedited shipping. I will continue my weight loss with Wonder Slim.
Soooooooooooo Good
by Corkygal on 11/30/2010
These smoothies are SO GOOD! Better than anything you could get at a smoothie stand. I love them and will be drinking them everyday! (Updated on 12/1/2010.) (Updated on 12/1/2010.)
by Nichole on 1/27/2011
I usually prepare this with water and two frozen bananas or other frozen fruit. It forms a thick consistency like soft-serve ice cream (and is only 2 weight watchers points!) (Updated on 1/28/2011.)
by mhe on 1/28/2011
I mix this with a handful of frozen blueberries some ice and water in a blender for my morning breakfast! Works for me...
Just Like A Smoothie
by JCraig on 2/5/2011
Love these. I prefer the strawberry to the berry but both are great!
Absolutely great
by PKSides on 2/13/2011
The smoothies are wonderful. Taste nothing like something diet. I can drink every day and still enjoy them.
by null on 2/24/2011
Very good
by Kathy on 3/3/2011
These are very good shakes, I prefer the strawberry one but drink both. Flavor is good, consistency is good, not foamy like some others. I use it with milk, haven't tried it with water. Will continue to use it and recommend it.
Love the Flavor
by EWood on 3/7/2011
Love this product, I add 2 ice cubes, 2-4 strawberries, in a blender and it's my daily breakfast. Definite re-order item.
by mkejake on 3/9/2011
I really enjoy this smoothie. The flavor is delicious and though I'm early into my plan, by mixing up the berry and the rest of the shakes, I can't imagine getting sick of them.
Sooo delicious
by Didi O on 3/10/2011
This smoothie is delicious. Today was my first day trying the diet. I have to say I finished every last drop of the smoothie. Soo delicious. I mixed it with milk using my dairy allowance for the day. I have not tried it with water. i am not sure if I would like it with water. But with milk, The consistency is great. How can anyone say this is BLAND??? They must be accustomed to REALLY sugary drinks. THIS IS what a good smoothie should taste like. I hope the other flavors are just as good.
Berry Yogurt
by Lynnie on 4/3/2011
I loved this product. Instead of the old chocolate and vanilla favors it was great to get something that had a fruity flavor to it. It tasted great!
This Product is the best
by Lashunda on 4/8/2011
I had Gastric Bypass Surgery a year ago and I get all my proteins from this Smoothie. I will be buying all kinds now. I love the fact you just add water.
Smooth and creamy
by KABlack on 4/12/2011
I really like the smoothies better than the shakes. Richer flavor. Quite good.
by kk on 4/13/2011
These are great smoothie shakes - I have been ordering them for years and have one every morning for breakfast! Great source of protein to get me through the morning, unlike a bowl of cereal!
by bERRY LOVER on 4/15/2011
Really will order. It will be my 3 time order it. Ohh wow (Updated on 4/16/2011.)
By far the best
by Naelli on 5/13/2011
This shake mix is the best I have ever tried and I have tried a lot of them. I drink it plain or add vanilla yogurt or fresh fruit - any combination is great. Lots of protein and not so many calories. I love this product!
creamy and delicious
by woman on a mission on 5/14/2011
Love the berry yogurt smoothies. I drink it for breakfast with 2 ice cubes and a few frozen berries...delicious!
by ZenD on 6/8/2011
Its thick and creamy just like a homemade smoothie. The taste is really good, it even has strawberry bits, weird but I don't mind.

Didn't like the Berry yogurt flavor, it had a weird after taste.

I plan to keep Strawberry Yogurt smoothie, Chocolate Cream and Mocha Cream in my daily rotation.
Strawberry Smoothie Rocks
by A Bishop on 6/10/2011
This is the best diet drink ever!! Rich, creamy flavor. I blend it with water and crushed ice for an outstanding treat.
Love this at Breakfast!
by PhilR on 6/12/2011
Mixes super easy, taste very very good.
Excellent Smoothie, Great texture
by DAGibson on 7/8/2011
I love this product. Most times I add a lot of ice, minimal water and blend up for a smooth icy refreshment after a workout or after being outside in the heat to cool down & replenish my protein & vitamin intake.
Strawberry yogurt is the BEST flavor
by Kristin on 7/14/2011
Strawberry yogurt is my absolute favorite. I love the strawberry seeds and the fresh fruity flavor. I serve it over ice so it is nice and frosty and I love it. I carry packets with me in my purse with a blender bottle for on the road meals. I love avoiding fast food when I'm on the run. YUM!
So flavorful!
by LadyFarmer on 7/19/2011
This is wonderful. What a treat! I drink it, but think it could be eaten with a spoon!!
by irosentreter on 8/6/2011
Love the taste! Great for breakfast on the run.
Berry and Strawberry Smoothies are AWESOME!!
by TINAR on 8/8/2011
I just received my smoothie order and I love them!! They taste great like a really smoothie. No after taste and it keeps you feeling full.

Although I do recommend buying a shaker, I personally bought one that is a mini-blender. It take less than 2 minutes to make and I'm ready to drink. I have lost 3 lbs in one day..thanks WonderSlim for the great smoothies.

I'm looking forward to buying the other flavors to taste. (Updated on 8/9/2011.)
Very good product!
by on 8/11/2011
This product is like no other available through meal replacement programs (MediFast). I love this product! I add 1 oz fat free cream cheese (which is 1/2 protein, 1/2 carb and 30 calories) and blend it with ice. It is amazing and so filling. LOVE BOTH OF THE FLAVORS. Thank you Wonderalim! OTHER REVIEWERS MENTION THEY ARE TOO SWEET. ...MY SOLUTION...ADD MORE WATER OR ICE. (Updated on 8/12/2011.)
This product is just like a dessert
by DebJ on 8/11/2011
I've been drinking these shakes on and off for years now. It makes a weight loss program much more enjoyable. In the morning, I can't wait to have my first one. I love the Strawberry and Mocha Cream the best but all of them are great tasting.
by ladym on 8/12/2011
I add one serving of fruit and blend for a great meal! It keeps me satisfied till my next meal without any cravings in between. I love the Berry Yogurt over the strawberry flavor big time!
Our favorites
by Lois on 9/4/2011
My husband and I have a smoothie every morning. These are our favorites. We blend them in the blender with milk and ice. I often add a banana or blueberries. We will be stocking up while they are on sale!
I'm loving it
by Kat on 9/14/2011
Oh my goodness I love this product I pray that they come out with other flavors because they really did it with this. If you like yogurt , you will love this.
Great Smoothie
by CW on 9/19/2011
This is my favorite shake product. I add ice, then often add a few blueberries to the mix. I find it refreshing and filling.
Berry Yogurt
by chris on 9/28/2011
I love This drink. Not too sweet, as I do not care for really sweet things.
Smooth and creamy!
by Janmaret on 10/31/2011
Very berry and creamy. Nice and thick just like a yogurt smoothie should be!
by Mary on 11/25/2011
Great flavor. Mixes up nice and thick. You think you are drinking a milkshake. My favorite of the cold shakes.
Great product!
by Mahogany on 1/6/2012
I found this product from a youtuber, impatient dieter, who recommended the product. I was of course nervous when I ordered it, but as soon as I tried it I was surprised! It doesn't have that "cardboard" taste that a lot of other protein shakes have and it is thick and not too sweet! I would recommend this product to anyone. Note: I add a few ice cubes to make it super cold...goes down easier lol.
Strawberry Smoothie
by missmary on 2/2/2012
Haven't tried it as a pudding but love it as a shake. Very rich strawberry taste and very filling. Highly recommend this.
Berry YUMMY Yogurt Smoothie
by CNC Sid on 2/29/2012
Very Berry Yummy! I will order this again & again & also try the other flavors.
Love these Smoothies
by Lonestarl8d on 4/3/2012
I love berries but artificial flavoring not so much. But, these Berry Yogurt Smoothies are great! I add softened ice and blend them in my magic bullet. If you like berries and smoothies, order these. I would order again.
WonderSlim Protein Diet Smoothies
by Jojo on 4/8/2012
I think this is a very good product And not everything has to "taste Good" or would you even be buying this. It says diet meal replacement shake...DIET. Use it for fuel not "Oh it has to be just perfect" especially if you are trying to lose weight I think the shakes are so good though. and they are meant to help you lose weight How I hears about wonder slim is I went on youtube and saw impatient dieter and she used this product. You can clearly see her results.
Strawberry--only shake I look forward too
by HollySC on 4/30/2012
I bought this and a few other shakes, this is the only one I LOVE. I use the other every once in a while because they are there. But this is the only one I reorder. I put cold water into my mini blender I got from walmart (I saw one at target last night that was purple) anyway.. Just cold water.. and blend. Awesome. I have to drink it fast because my kids always try and steal sips. I will be drinking these after maintence.
by Melissa on 5/14/2012
I have only tried the Strawberry but it is really good to me. Though it is not as thick as a real smoothie, you can get it to a thicker consistency without having to dirty a blender and crush ice. Just set it in the freezer for about 20 min. and it thickens nicely. I mix mine in the shaker cup with the ball and I have no problems with lumps or undissolved clumps.
tastes good to me
by keya on 5/28/2012
I have tried the strawberry smoothie and I like it. It has strawberry seeds that I can do without but that is apart of the fruit so there's nothing negative about that. I like the strawberry flavor much better that the strawberry and cream shake which is watered down and so not yummy. I'm glad I only have 2 boxes of that flavor left, but I have a lot of the strawberry smoothie left and I will be getting more
pretty tasty for a meal replacement
by mayasmoma on 8/6/2012
absolutely love this...not overly sweet..will definitely order more soon
quick and healthy breakfast smoothie
by Donna on 10/11/2012
I do not use water - I use diet cherry 7up and I also add a serving of fruit by putting fresh or frozen strawberries or raspberries in the blender. It tastes great to me. I do like to drink it quickly as it tends to foam as it sits though.
Great stuff
by goddesscharm on 11/1/2012
I blended 1 cup of ice, 8oz skim milk, two tablespoons of frozen Greek yogurt, 2 tablespoons of egg white powder, and WS BerryYogurt. This will replace one fruit and one meal. Great stuff. Like the other reviews there is an after taste, but that come with the fact its called Mixed berries. Try the same smoothie recipe with the WS Strawberry pudding/shake mix with real Strawberries. Works wonders for the skin and your diet, without the after taste.
Delicious Berry Smoothie
by webbie114 on 1/18/2013
I love this smoothie. I use half of a small banana and throw in a few frozen strawberries with this and mix it in a blender. Love it. Not too sweet and no after taste. Yummy!
Berry yogurt smoothies
by Roseanne on 2/23/2013
Love this for fast breakfast. Taste is delicious. So far my favorite
My favorite.
by Heidi on 3/28/2013
Love this! Yummy! Mix it with water or a diet soda. Great taste.
by Kristine on 5/15/2013
Nice berry flavor, and makes a great breakfast. If you drink it plain, be sure to use very cold water -- a little ice helps too! For something extra delicious, add a little plain greek yogurt and/or your daily fruit serving, a few ice cubes, and throw it all in the blender.
Love this smoothie
by Maga on 5/23/2013
Love blueberry yogurt smoothies. Taste is delicious, diminishes my hunger. I drink it every morning for breakfast and when I am having a busy day will have it for lunch. Very filling.
summer delight!
by karen on 6/18/2013
I loves these... add some frozen fruit and WOW ! I notice medifast now has the same product and their prices are sooo high... great deal and Diet Direct is a great place to order from ! just wish they were on ebates.
Smoothie Heaven
by Rebecca on 6/27/2013
I use this as a base to make my smoothies. I just add unsweetened almond milk and ice and I have a rich tasting smoothie that keeps hunger at bay!
yogurt smoothies
by Rachel on 6/30/2013
I really like both flavors of the yogurt shakes!
Really delicious 100 calories!
by Dawn on 7/14/2013
I love BOTH the Strawberry Yogurt and Berry Yogurt smoothies. Refreshing, fruity, filling and delicious! This is in my rotation always!
by sunnydee on 10/4/2013
These berry yogurt shakes are delicious! I like them better than trying to create a smoothie in the morning. They taste great and they are good for you, what could be better? So much better than any other shake from Diet Direct or Medifast. My absolute favorite! The strawberry is also delicious.
best smoothie
by jeff on 11/1/2013
This is the best tasting smoothie sold. It reminds me of raspberry ice cream. I drink at least one of these a day for my centsable diet plan. I really like my buying experience with diet direct. Very good website with good prices.....Thank you diet direct!
love this shake
by jeff on 11/21/2013
This is part of my lunch routine. (reminds me of raspberry ice cream). This along with two cups of vegetables keeps me full until dinner!
Same as the satrwaberry and Cocomint shakes
by Edna on 10/18/2014
Great lunch to take to work
Yummy Smoothies
by sm62 on 12/5/2014
These are very tasty - the berry and strawberry are both very good. A bit thicker than the shakes and quite satisfying.
Raspberry Heaven!!
by Melissa on 2/24/2015
Love Love LOVE this smoothie! Toss it in the blender with some ice and enjoy a real treat that will keep you full for hours ....I find the wonderslim smoothies keep me fuller longer than the shakes. The strawberry smoothie is also delicious, but this is my favorite of the two!
by Joann on 5/25/2015
I like the Wonderslim smootie. It has a nice fruity yogurt taste.
Excellent product
by Daria on 12/8/2015
I can't decide which chocolate shake I like the best, but berries are GREAT too! I like to use shaker cup with one ice cube and shake (figuring I'm burning a few extra calories). While some may wish to slowly enjoy their shake, I usually gulp it down. I immediately feel full and usually have 2 shakes a day, sometimes getting in my veggie joe. Love these products and have only found one (cookie dough bar) which has aftertaste.
Love these smoothies!
by Trish on 1/17/2019
My favorite meal replacement product. I add a cup or so of frozen blueberries, mix in a blender, and enjoy! Keeps me full and satisfied knowing I am eating healthy.
Best Smoothie
by Bevszoo on 2/27/2019
Of the smoothies available through Diet Direct I think this one is the best. It is creamy with great berry flavor. Mix in some ice when you blend it and you would think your drinking a milkshake. Yummy
Excellent smoothie
by Irina on 10/15/2019
Excellent smoothie, perfect for breakfast or for brunch. Good flavor and easy to prepare
Very good
by Miss_De on 12/28/2008
I ws very pleased with this product. Easy to mix and enjoyable!
Strawberry is excellent, Berry is Gross!
by Jen on 7/29/2009
The Strawberry is very good and delicious. The Berry has a weird taste to it and I did not enjoy it! It's not so bad that I can't drink the other 6 packets that I have, but I won't buy it again, stick to the Strawberry!
by Mari on 3/4/2011
I bought Strawberry and mixed it in the blender with a few frozen strawberries. It was very good!! I prefer the Wonderslim shakes to the smoothies but this was still a good buy.
Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie
by DBliss on 5/28/2011
It mixes well (especially if you make it into a thick paste and then add your liquid from there), it smells delicious, and it genuinely tastes like a strawberry yogurt smoothie. Fresh or frozen strawberries would be a fantastic addition, this is a staple in my diet!
Berries - yum!
by cillar on 1/9/2012
A very berry taste! This also makes a good pudding.
by on 1/12/2012
I tried these by default, after ordering two weeks' worth of food for my hub, who didn't stick with it. I wouldn't have ordered smoothies for myself, but I've been using them and they do taste good. I'm a purist when it comes to fruit (meaning, eat the real thing), but I don't mind the smoothies and the variety has been nice.
Pretty good smoothie
by on 4/14/2012
I thought this would have more of a smoothie texture; little bit thicker, but not shake thick. And unless you have a shake blender (which I do), it doesn't mix as well unless you REALLY shake it up. The taste is pretty good and I like the strawberry smoothie better than the berry one. Still all in all, pretty good.

By the way, you can change the texture of the smoothie if you use 1% or skim milk.
let your taste buds change
by pisces8096 on 5/15/2012
If you are new to dieting.... do yourself a favor and give your tastebuds a chance to adjust... and remember...SKINNY TASTES GOOD! And you can also try diet sprite instead of water..... I'm just saying.....but 4 most of the fruit drinks.. add a clear diet soda... the difference is amazing...(2) low cal sweetners and ice and bam....down the hatch... don't waste your money thinking that its a mikki-ds shake..... its for your health...now go and choose wisely.....
Surprisingly Good
by Neisha on 8/14/2012
Let me start off by saying I am not a shake/smoothie fan at all. I wanted to start the wonderslim program by trying something that had pretty good reviews so I started with the strawberry smoothies. The smoothies mixed up smooth and the flavor was palatable. The smoothie thickened up well and the texture was nice. I did not care for the strawberry seeds in the smoothie but if I let the smoothie set for a few minutes most of the seeds would settle in the bottom of the blender bottle. I have placed my second order and am excited about trying some other products!!!
Berry Yogurt Smoothie
by CO Mom on 8/14/2012
Good Berry smoothie! (Updated on 6/14/2012.)
Some Berries Are Ok
by Jen on 8/14/2012
First, make this about 5-10 minutes in advance to actually drinking it. And make it with COLD water (I usually set some in the fridge overnight and use that the next morning.)

Pretty freaking tasty if you do that. If it is the strawberry. The berry was...meh. Not my favorite. Not bad, just not all that great. Strawberry is where it is at (and yes, does have strawberry seeds, but I like that, gives it a "real" feel.)
my favorite smoothie
by marie on 8/8/2013
out of all the smoothies this is my favorite
I wish it were more berry but I enjoyed the change from the chocolate drinks. It's a nice alternative.
by Stephanie on 7/2/2018
A nice change
Very good
by Thomas on 3/23/2019
Very fresh tasting. Mixes easily. Interesting though that one of the envelopes in the package was empty. Completely sealed but empty.

Hello Thomas,
Thank you for reaching out to us. We are very sorry to hear that you received a defective packet. We will absolutely report this to our Production Team. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
by Dom on 11/11/2009
I normally love the wonderslim products... This being said I wasn't crazy about the smoothies. I ordered both the strawberry and berry yogurt smoothies and wasn't pleased with either. The berry yogurt has an overwhelming artificial blueberry flavor to it and smells a bit off.

The strawberry was much better but I had a hard time getting past the consistency, I love a creamy thick shake but these we far too thick for me even after adding extra water.

Okay, has a slight with aftertaste
by ALin on 12/12/2009
The taste was okay, there is an artificial sweetener afer taste to it which I didn't really like. I'm going to finish what I have but probably will not order more.
Both flavors are similar
by Amy4 on 7/4/2011
Ok - but too sweet for me. I will not reorder.
Just Ok, Kind of Watery.
by Eve on 8/18/2011
This wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. I was excited there was a yogurt version because I love yogurt. But this just didn't have enough flavor. Won't buy again.
Thin drink, but delicious
by Theresa on 2/23/2012
I gave this delicious drink an average rating because it wasn't thick, but very thin and watery. I'm quite disappointed.
Not thick enough
by janet on 4/4/2013
I thought the flavor was good, but the consistency was no different than a shake. I expected it to be thicker.
by Leigh on 4/6/2018
Of all the Wonderslim products I have bought this is my LEAST favorite. Just did not enjoy the flavor at all.
Hated the seeds
by Becca on 1/23/2010
Flavor was good hated the seeds..!!
Not a fan
by jlinhart on 1/24/2011
Personally I don't like these...either flavor, they are very bland.
Tastes Great
by archie on 4/10/2011
Have tried both flavors of the yogurt smoothies and they both taste great, deliver a good shot of protein for a low amount of calories. Strawberry is my favorite.
Strawberry yogurt smoothie
by Melinda on 4/3/2012
I wouldn't buy this one, it isn't good. It leaves a bad after taste. I had to put extra fruit and put it in a blender to get it to taste even good enough to drink.I was going to return it but I knew it would take a while to get a different one so I just throw extra fruit in it and put it in a blender and it made it taste better, so no I would not recommend it. (Updated on 4/4/2012.)
Smoothies are weak
by TheRattler on 5/27/2012
The strawberry is not too bad. The Berry is truly bad. I would recommend going directly to the pudding shakes and sticking with them.
by Scott on 8/9/2012
just ok... a little bit of an aftertaste.
Not so great
by Gloria on 5/16/2014
I really did think that this drink would have more taste to it. I was disappointed but it wasn't bad or anything like that.
by D&R on 3/8/2009
My wife and I used the QWLoss products in Texas... and were delighted to find them continued here w/Direct Direct (SforLife here in CO).

The Berry Creme tastes OK if made w/non-fat milk, crushed ice, and fairly watered down. Have to stir this one more, it seems, as it gets 'gainy'. We think the Berry Creme tastes too much like artificial flavoring. Not recommended. However, the Strawberry Creme is 10x better - and again, we like w/non-fat skim milk and crushed ice. Strawberry is very very good. BUT the very best product in this related category is the LEMON CHIFFON. It tastes like it could be served at a nice restaurant! Very Highly Recommended!! By the way, the Vanilla Shake is fair to good - all of these are better if you add bits of fruit.

The NY Cheesecake, my wife says, is not the best. Choc Pudding is good. We'll have Lemon Chiffon w/ a small handful of blueberries most every night!!
by Jorja on 4/19/2010
While this smoothie (strawberry) smells GREAT... it tastes HORRIBLE! To drink it straight is a nightmare. However, if you throw in a few frozen strawberries, a tad bit of ice and a drop or two of vanilla in a blender with it.. it becomes edible.
Sorry...do not like.
by LovesChips on 1/25/2011
I gag on both of these. I'm hoping to add some kind of flavoring (juice or real fruit) to change their tastes. If that doesn't help, I've wasted my money :-(
Way too Sweet
by B J on 8/7/2011
I bought both flavors and can hardly stand to drink them as they are sickeningly sweet. Why does everything have to be overly sweet. That's one reason people are so obese in this country. And artificially sweetened is even worse, in fact, I found 6 sweeteners in the ingredients as well as propylene glycol (which is the main ingredient in anti-freeze). I am returning these.
by Kallybaby on 8/11/2011
While the other shakes are good, this shake taste fake and overly sweet. I was surprised to see the high amount of sugar grams in most of the products. I would not recommend this flavor.
by SuzyQ on 9/2/2011
Received this as a sample. Glad I didn't pay full price for a box. Smell turned me off, too sweet. Dumped it down the drain.
by Smith01 on 12/15/2011
Most WonderSlim products are great. Really, really great. But the smoothies have an odd chemical taste and after-taste. It's the only product, of the many I've tried, that I had to set aside. Even with "doctoring" - adding freeze-dried strawberries and low-carb yogurt, the smoothies were dreadful. Skip this product!
I Love Wonderslim; However the Smoothies...
by TRobbins on 1/18/2012
I love the Wonderslim products. I'm averaging losing 1 pound a day, and am never hungry. I'm a 285 pound man, with a huge appetite, and have been really satisfied with WonderSlim. And it's been so economical on top of that. I've already got 3 other friends getting ready to order.

However, I've told them to stay away from the Smoothies. Especially the Very Berry one. They are gritty, chalky, and have a chemical taste. Next time I order, just gonna request all shakes, no smoothies. Please WonderSlim, work on the smoothies, bring them up to the quality of your other products.
Smelled like chemical
by sdgal on 1/20/2012
No matter what I did with this I couldn't get past the chemical smell or the chemical taste. I mixed in a blender with a banana and some yogurt and still it tasted funky.
Yuck, not for me.
by binnyblonde on 2/23/2012
By the reviews I was really hopeful that this would be good. It's GROSS. The strawberry one is a little better (still not good) but I couldn't handle the taste of the berry one at all. (Updated on 2/24/2012.) (Updated on 2/24/2012.)
by mla2010 on 3/13/2012
Discusting!! don't waste your money!! I tried this one (the berry) and the strawberry one. I will spend the month and do shakeology!
by T on 5/17/2012
I am going to preface all of my reviews with: This IS a diet product, so I was not expecting gourmet food. 'Edible' is basically what I'm looking for in these products.

That being said...

Both the Strawberry and Berry are so gross, I don't even know what to say other than that. Weird consistency, weird after taste (and during-taste). I have four boxes of this junk now, what a waste of money. I have added a banana and handful of strawberries and blended it up with some ice, and that makes it somewhat edible, but it really is disgusting.
Berry Yogurt - Did not like the taste
by Angeline on 6/13/2013
This is something new I am trying but I cannot take the Berry Yogurt taste with water, so i tried putting Diet-7up. Still did not like the taste, and it doesn't smells good. So, sorry, I will not drink use this replacement meal. I have a friend who likes it, so I will give to them
by Joy on 8/8/2013
Love the chocolate, mocha, vanilla and strawberry shakes, but I don't like the berry. To me, it has a funny taste and smell to it. Not sure how I'll get through it all. Too expensive not to drink it though. :(
by Jodie on 10/3/2013
I just started a few days ago and I've loved everything...Except the berry smoothie. I thought it was absolutely awful! I have a whole box to get through I'll have to figure out how to mix it up with something. The only thing I haven't liked so far, and I really really don't like it.
Awful, save your $$
by Lisa on 6/21/2014
I've liked almost every one of the Wonderslim shakes I've tried, except this one. It has a horribly medicinal taste and smell to it, only way I can get it down is mixing with fruit & Walden Farms chocolate sauce.