WonderSlim DHA, 100mg (30ct)

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Diet Type Aspartame Free, No Gluten Containing Ingredients, Low Carb (≤20g), Low Fat (≤3g)
Calories Per Serving Under 50
Bundle & Save up to 35%
  • Trusted Source, Used In 99% of US Infant Formulas
  • FDA-Inspected To Current Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Produced In Controlled Environment, Start To Finish
  • Vegetarian, Free of Ocean-Borne Contaminants
  • Promotes Infant And Baby Mental Development
  • Supports Brain, Eye, And Central Nervous System
  • Made For Pregnant And Lactating Women
  • May Improve Hand-Eye Coordination, Motor Skills, Attention Span

DHA is a vital nutrient for infant and baby development found naturally in breast milk. Since this crucial fatty acid is dependent on a mother’s diet, pregnant and nursing women are recommended an intake of DHA daily. Our WonderSlim DHA supplement supports women and babies, containing life’sDHA™ - a completely vegetarian source of DHA.

The life's DHA™ Advantage - a Vegetarian Source of DHA

Our WonderSlim DHA supplement, with life’sDHA™, goes straight to the source. Most people believe that fish are a rich source of DHA, when in fact fish get DHA from the algae in their food chain. Our DHA is produced from the same microalgae sources fish get it from. Unlike most DHA supplements, life’sDHA™ is a fish-free source of DHA from algae and is therefore free from concern of ocean-borne contaminants.(1) The ingredient has been granted Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) status for use in infant formula by the FDA, and is used in nearly all infant formulas in the United States. (1,2)

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  2. 2) DSM, formerly Martek Biosciences Corporation. 2009 Annual Report. Columbia, MD.


Take one 100mg softgel one time per day, or as recommended by a physician.