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WonderSlim Cheddar Crunchers (7 pk)

WonderSlim Cheddar Crunchers (7 pk)
7 Bags
Item #: PKWS120

$15.95 $13.55 Save 15% Your Savings: $2.40

Availability: In stock

WonderSlim Cheddar Crunchers (7 pk)

$15.95 $13.55 Save 15% Your Savings: $2.40

In stock

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  • High Protein - 10 grams Per Serving
  • 130 Calories Per Serving
  • Low Fat - 3 grams Per Serving
  • Gluten-Free
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Saturated Fat Free
  • Cholesterol Free



BIG Crunch, BIG Flavor! When that next meal seems so far away, finding a quick, sensible snack can sometimes be a dilemma. With WonderSlim Cheddar Crunchers, you can enjoy a filling, nutritious snack without the guilt and without the gluten. These crunchy, high protein diet chips are a healthy alternative to vending machine chips. Rich in flavor, they carry only 130 calories per serving yet pack in 10 grams of appetite satisfying protein.

A word of caution is in order: WonderSlim Cheddar Crunchers don't just crunch, they super-crunch! Do not attempt to consume these great tasting, satisfying snacks in any environment where silence is imperative.

*2 meals is the monetary equivalent of $0.20. $0.10 helps provide 1 meal secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks. WonderSlim pledges a minimum of 1,500,000 meals (monetary equivalent of $150,000) to Feeding America® and member food banks from 02/15/2019 to 02/14/2020.


Potato Starch, Defatted Soy Flour, Soy Protein Concentrate, Soy Isolate, Vegetable Oil (Contains One Or More Of The Following: Mid Or High Oleic Sunflower Seed Oil, High Oleic Canola Oil), Salt, Whey (Contains Milk), Cheddar Cheese and Blue Cheese (Pasteurized Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes), Maltodextrin (From Corn), Sour Cream (Cream, Cultures, Lactic Acid), Soybean Oil, Nonfat Milk, Corn Syrup Solids, Buttermilk Solids, Citric Acid, Natural And Artificial Flavors, Enzyme Modified Cheddar Cheese (Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes), Modified Food Starch, Sodium Caseinate, Lactic Acid, Yellow #5, Yellow #6.


WonderSlim Cheddar Crunchers


Simply open the bag and nibble your hunger away with this delicious, high protein snack food.


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394 Customer Reviews

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Awsome chips
by Sandra on 10/27/2015
These are awesome tasting chips. The cheddar cheese is excellent but my favorite is the original flavor.

Great taste!
by Bonita on 10/27/2015
Delicious, delicious, delicious. Very crunchy, tasty, and satisfying! Both flavors taste great!

Much better than potato chips
by Renee on 10/27/2015
I like the cheese flavored ones. They are not quite like potato chips, but I've always disliked potato chips. They are much better than potato chips to me. Hearty & Satisfying with a nice cheesy flavor.

Luv them!
by Angela on 10/27/2015
These are great for when you need a snack! Luv them both! Just wish they were a little cheaper.

(Updated on 12/8/2008.)
A really great snack
by Denise73 on 10/27/2015
A great snack as you drink another glass of water or two. I prefer the cheese and my son prefers the original.

by Melissa on 10/27/2015
LOVE BOTH FLAVORS! Great when you have a CRUNCH CRAVING! The do have a hint of a porkrind after taste, but are good!

Bring back the "Original" flavor!!!!
by jdogue on 10/27/2015
love these satisfy my chip craving but like the original flavor better and now it's gone :( please bring them back
Expensive, but good
by JDoe on 10/27/2015
Thus the item is rather expensive, the bag contains a large number of rather large retangular shaped bites, exactly as pictured.

They are crunchy, don't disolve too quickly and are not too strong it taste, I find them quite right.

I tried the Honey Mustard Flavor and was very pleased.
honey mustard is awesome
by K1983 on 10/27/2015
I am not usually a fan of honey mustand but the ladies at Medical Weight Loss who felt the same way about honey mustard said that they were great and that i would love it! I tried it, trusting them and they are great! quite crunchy and awesome!
These are Soooo Good!
by LauraB on 10/27/2015
These are the tastiest treats. I love them.. Great flavor and crunch.
WonderSlim Double Bites
by hawk1212 on 10/27/2015
I like it I like it I like it!!! alot in one bag and filling
Love These!
by cwel on 10/27/2015
These are wonderful! I love both flavors. Didn't think I'd like the honey mustard as I'm not a big fan of that flavor in general; however, these are really good. I tried one pack and decided to get more. These have a wonderful crunch almost like a corn nut, and are more filling than I thought they would be. Very good.
by Jamie on 10/27/2015
I have tried both flavors and I really love the cheddar. The crunch makes you work at eating and it really satisfies my cravings for something crunchy with flavor.
Very Good
by Sonia on 10/27/2015
I crave cheddar chips. Very good
Loved the crunchy snack bites
by DGibbs on 10/27/2015
I can't say enough good things about these cheddar snacks. I'm not really all that crazy about chips, but these are a fantastic snack. More than enough to satisfy the munchies.
by Ann Marie on 10/27/2015
These are a nice change to other foods to get your protein in. I am enjoying them, and they are a great treat.
LOVE these!
by DiDi on 10/27/2015
I absolutely love these! There's just nothing crunchier out there that hits the spot the way these do. LOVE them!!! One of my favorites. (Updated on 1/18/2010.)
Great and satisfying
by Yooper on 10/27/2015
A nice, crunchy snack that satisfies the need for crunch and salt with flavor. I prefer the Cheddar, but both flavors are good.
by charlie in pennsylvania on 10/27/2015
These tasty cheddar chips are exactly what is needed to fill the "crunch" void. The flavor is very nice and mildly cheesy. Because of all the texture and crunch, these go an extra long way--nice portion. (Updated on 10/26/2010.)
Nice flavor and crunch
by Zubes on 10/27/2015
These are a little reminiscent of crunchy cheetos. The crunch is great, the flavor is strong enough to satisfy that salty/crunchy craving. I get major crunch cravings so these are great for me. Will definitely buy again.
by azuresky on 10/27/2015
Ordering more today! These chips have excellent flavor, crunch and wow, the portion is perfect, not a few, just the right amount. I was amazed, since I'd tried other diet snack products before and disappointed. These will be perfect to take a few and crumble on top of my zesty chili with beans.
Crunchy good
by Fourez on 10/27/2015
Very crunchy and filling. A really good shake alternative. Definitely on my reorder list.
Safety snacks
by Eliza on 10/27/2015
I love having these in my purse if I am invited out to dinner--they are my safety snack in case I am tempted by dips and cheese and fried food I can have these and not feel guilty. Yes they are 130 calories so I don't always take them out if people are serving lo cal fruit and veggies. I love the crunch and taste. I think they resemble pork rinds from my old Atkins days but much better. Even have taken them on the golf course for a quick pick me up. (Updated on 3/2/2011.)
Super Satisfying CRUNCH!!
by superbaker on 10/27/2015
I love pulling out a bag of these to share with my friends. We LOVE the super satisfying crunch and flavor of these chips. I have never eaten a better chip. No store brand can compare to the cheesy flavor and crispness. A fabulous, healthy snack!
Cheddar chips
by Neila on 10/27/2015
I really love these chips. They are wonderful.
I love these chips
by SLR on 10/27/2015
I love these chips. They are not Lay's but they are great when you are trying to lose weight.
Cheddar Chips
by Lilli on 10/27/2015
If you miss crunching like do some times, this is the best snack! It's crispy and tasty as well. I suggest you eat slowly with a drink. Gradually you'll feel full. I really enjoyed these snacks.
Love These!
by Amy4 on 10/27/2015
Large portion with great cheese flavor. However, no fiber - use a supplement.
Wonder Slim Protein Diet Chips
by Aunt Noan on 10/27/2015
Don't take them to the movies. They are really crunchy crisp and I was afraid I was disturbing others. However, they taste really good and are satisfying.
Very tasty
by Bless55 on 10/27/2015
I enjoy these chips and they satisfy the desire I have for something crunchy like potato chips.
Love these
by dyesdive on 10/27/2015
Love these give you that salty crunchy need
Big Crunch
by Fritz on 10/27/2015
I had reservations about what these chips were going to taste like. I was expecting them to taste dry and tasteless. They were fantastic. A lot of flavor and little hard, but it helps me slow down and not gobble them to fast. A tasteful snack and lots of protein. I have reordered 6 more bags.
by Tom on 10/27/2015
In fact, LOVE may be a misnomer. I am ADDICTED to these chips! Great flavor, salt-ily satisfying, and GOOD FOR YOU. Try these out for sure.....
Chips are sooo satisfying
by murphy on 10/27/2015
These are crunchy, salty and have a nice cheddar finish.
Cheddar Protein Diet Chips Rock!
by Ms. Mocha on 10/27/2015
They have just what I was looking for. Great taste, and I really enjoyed the texture of the chip. It's very crunchy and leaves you with that satisfied feeling...not a lite weight snack...hee hee :-) I only sampled it, but I'm reordering right now. FYI, the cheddar flavor is not overpowering or salty. Hope this helps. (Updated on 11/2/2011.)
Doesn't taste "diet"
by Bep on 10/27/2015
Love them. Very satisfying, nice serving, good taste. The crunch is wonderful!
Healthy crunchy snack
by Lori on 10/27/2015
These are great for those days when you're craving something crunchy. I don't know why they call then cheddar, to me they have more of a plain flavor.
Very good and tasty. satisfying
by TMJ on 10/27/2015
Very good tasting, satisfies hunger. Would like to see more flavors
Really crunchy
by MJG on 10/27/2015
Great under the sloppy joe. Stays crisp. YUM!
by Georgia Peach on 10/27/2015
Satisfies your crave for crunch. Could be a little more cheesier and the honey mustard is tasty. Another good take-along snack. Love them.
by Lisa on 10/27/2015
My 10-year-old son and I both love the honey mustard chips. Sooo tasty!
So Crunchy They'll Wake the Neighbors!
by Tara P. on 10/27/2015
I've tried both flavors and enjoyed them both. These chips are SO crunchy you have to pause your television show while you chew so you don't miss the action! And crunchy means they last a while. These little bags are stuffed full of flavorful, crunchy chips. I loved them. Thank you.
Great chip!
by Melanie on 10/27/2015
Nice, crunchy chip. Loved the cheddar; the honey mustard not so much. Will definitely re-order the cheddar.
by RickyDee on 10/27/2015
Great crackers with apple, pears, grapes, cheese! Not a WHOLE bag but a few gives that crunch I miss so much!
Crunch satisfaction
by Tracey on 10/27/2015
I have to go gluten free(product not stated gluten free) and the cheddar chips give me the crunch I like to have. They are a fast grab n go. And they go nice with a green salad for lunch.
Protein Diet Chips
by Harriet on 10/27/2015
Good and crunchy, packed full of flavor. I'll be ordering these with every order I place.
Crunch & Munch at its best
by BobL on 10/27/2015
Great strength for salsa dipping enthusiasts. Not too cheesy, so it goes well with any flavored dip. Fine without a dip, but it's shape, size, and strength makes this chip a winner when you like to add that low cal salsa dip to zest up your taste buds. This chip will always occupy shelf space in our house.
by cathy on 10/27/2015
These chips are fantastic!! if you love crunchy stuff these fill that void.

by Christina on 10/27/2015
Yummy! After six weeks of liquid and puree what a treat! A little salty a lot of crunch. Delish!

I have to hide them from my husband
by Sharon on 10/27/2015
These are better than I had expected. I have to hide them from my husband since he loves them as well.

by Kathleen Muffoletto on 10/27/2015
When I received the free sample I could believe how good they were, awesome, fabulous, etc.

Very Satisfying & Crunchy
by Rhonda on 10/27/2015
One of my favorites! The crunch makes them more satisfying. Always order several.

a tasty treat
by Ruth on 10/27/2015
Wow, I enjoy the flavors, great way to get protein and a tasty treat too.

Tasty and crunchy
by Debbie on 10/27/2015
Yum, yum, yum. Another food item that you will have to hide from your family. They remind me a little bit of pork rinds (although as a vegetarian I haven't had a pork rind for over 15 years so I could be remembering wrong). Tasty and crunchy.

Double Bites
by Ron on 10/27/2015
The cheese chips are fabulous. Bring back the original flavor. They remind me of Japanese snacks but with more protein and less carbs.
by Terra on 10/27/2015
These are delish! I love both flavors and recommend them to everyone. The honey mustard reminds me of those honey mustard pretzels I USED to snack on.

For those in the soft food phase after GBS, these mush up nicely after chewing them and go down smoothly!!
No Original???
by Johnna on 10/27/2015
I love the original flavor. What happened? Why don't you carry them any longer? I'm going to try the honey mustard and I've tried the cheddar cheese and wasn't crazy about them but the original went great with Laughing Cow cheese or in low fat dips. I depend on those instead of eating potato chips. Please tell me you will get the original back!!!!
great snack
by Vickie on 10/27/2015
My husband and I both like this product. It satisfies the need for "crunch" and tastes good.
Love These
by Joanne on 10/27/2015
Cheddar ones are good, but I really miss the original flavor. The Cheddar work well on their own, but the original ones work best with dips.
Double Bites - Cheddar flavor
by Tooty on 10/27/2015
I love the Cheddar flavor............they are

G R E A T!!
good chips
by csauer on 10/27/2015
tastes cheesy, very crunchy, not too spicy. I tried both flavours and I like them both.
by Sllepes on 10/27/2015
These are good. I tried both flavors. The cheddar are better than the golden dijon. They are a great why to get the protein in with a crunch... I will order them again. The only - is the double bites were better. What happened???
Good chips!
by on 10/27/2015
These chips are really good, they are super crunchy and make me feel like I am not missing out when others are eating chips.
by Tiger T on 10/27/2015
These ROCK!!! My husband tried them and wanted to take my bag away!!! I will definitely stockpile these tasty, crunchy snacks!!
So crunchy--so good!
by Suz on 10/27/2015
These are so crunchy it's hard not to believe they weren't deep fat fried! They are so satisfying, especially after weeks and weeks of liquid diet and soft foods. I will keep these in the 'must have' list.
Super Crunchy
by KatieJ on 10/27/2015
These chips are super crunchy and I love the cheese flavor. They definitely cure my craving to "crunch" on something instead of drinking a protein shake.
Great Replacement
by Erin on 10/27/2015
Great replacement for a salty snack!
by colleen on 10/27/2015
These are the crunchiest snack I have found so they take the place of my high cal corn nuts and cheetoes. I have just ordered more so I dont run out and find my self tempted by other non healthy crunchies!
WonderSlim Cheddar Crunchers
by Danielle on 10/27/2015
I love these Crunchers... It's a good thing when you want to eat with a good film... They have a good cheese taste
Love the cheddar chip!
by Bryan on 10/27/2015
These chips are great!! Love the crunchiness!!
by Deneen on 10/27/2015
Perfect snack when I'm craving something crunchy. Great flavor. My favorite snack
by marg on 10/27/2015
I love this snack! I love crunchy snacks. and this is perfect
still love these
by nando on 10/27/2015
i've purchased these before and am happy the taste has remained consistent. it is so delightfully crazy crunchy which makes me feel like i'm eating real "snack" instead of a "diet snack." make no mistake, this does not taste like Doritos or any other chips but has enough flavor along with the super crunchy texture to help when i have a crunchy salt craving.
Crispy and good
by Jenn on 10/27/2015
Tastes like a soy crisp cracker. Good substitute for chips.
Tasty and Crunchy Treat!
by Gayle on 10/27/2015
I was so thrilled to get a chip that is both tasty and very crunchy. I thought I would miss regular chips but these are so tasty and crunchy I have not missed them at all.
by Sandra on 10/27/2015
Love this as a snack - really fills my craving for a crunchy treat
THE BEST food out of the entire Wonderslim program
by RACHEL on 10/27/2015
i love these. Whenever I'm cooking dinner for my family i always like to have something crunchy/cheesy to snack on while i'm cooking, and these are great for that. I also like the generous portion you get, most "diet snacks" or "100 calorie snack packs" come with a very small unsatisfying amount. The portion you get in these fills me right up!
Cheese Cruncher
by Linda on 10/27/2015
This snack is GREAT! I would eat these even if I wasn't dieting! Highly recommend - best snack at Diet Direct!
by CONNIE on 10/27/2015
These are really great. Very Cheesey and Crunchie. My husband even loves them.
by Neila on 10/27/2015
I love love love the Cheddar Crunchers. I eat them every day and find them satisfying for the crunch and the taste. They are my favorite item. They make not only a good snack, but a great breakfast for those of us who don't really like breakfast. I don't care for breakfast or breakfast foods, so these help me with that.
When I have that salty craving...
by Nancy on 10/27/2015
This is a great product when I'm having that craving for chips. It satisfies that craving and provides a good amount of protein at the same time!
Party Saviors!!!
by Patricia on 10/27/2015
These were so much better than expected. OK. They are not Cheese Puffs, or potato chips. Big Time Danger for me. But you know what, they were pretty darn good. A bag of these are going with me to every party or event. I can see them getting me through safely to the other side, and not feel cheated.
I've finally found my crunch!!
by amara on 10/27/2015
I love the BIG crunch and cheesy flavor... I order them frequently
Love these!
by amygold954 on 10/27/2015
Both my husband and I love these. There are a lot in the bag, they are REALLY crunchy and they taste delicious. Very satisfying snack.
really crunchy but tasty
by Mafe on 10/27/2015
I absolutely love these snacks. They are flavorful a bit too crunchy but really yummy.
My friend steals some chips from me everytime she sees me eating them!
thewse are one of my favorites
by Deborah on 10/27/2015
Great crunch and subtle cheese flavor, love them for a quick pick me up.
Nice snack
by Joann on 10/27/2015
These cheddar crunchers are a nice snack. Very crunchy! It takes awhile to eat them so they last. I usually have them with a big glass of crystal lite.
When I have that salty craving...
by Nancy on 10/27/2015
This is a great product when I'm having that craving for chips. It satisfies that craving and provides a good amount of protein at the same time!
Great snack!
by wolfpax4 on 10/27/2015
I love these Cheddar Crunchers. While I'm dieting the one thing I miss most is something crunchy. I find these crackers not only satisfy my urge for crunch but also taste good. And the portion in each bag is just right.
Who needs a fork?
by EMTGirl on 10/27/2015
I ordered these for dipping in my Lean Buffalo Chicken "Dip." (Really just shredded chicken breast and buffalo sauce.) I was slightly disappointed at the high carb count as 18 carbs is hard for me to work with, as my "sweet spot" is between 80-85 carbs/day. I limit them to no more than one day a week, and it is a special treat. They are perfect for scooping my warm chicken salad from bowl to mouth and feel like cheating. Again, I have to be careful to limit them to no more than 1 bag per week but I do savor them when I eat them. They are a bit TOO crunchy plain out of the bag, but as a scooper, they are awesome!
I love them.
by Gary on 10/27/2015
These crunchers are great. I love them
cheddar chips
by chris on 10/27/2015
nice and crunchy and large portion which is a plus
One of my favorite snacks
by David on 10/27/2015
I really do enjoy the WonderSlim Cheddar crackers. They are delicious in their own right and don't look or feel like diet food at all. They are filling also. I like to save these for an afternoon snack. Love the crunch.
Crunchy & low cal.
by Margaret on 10/27/2015
Really enjoyable cheese cracker with minimal calories, definite cheesy flavor, just salty enough, and a relatively large portion per bag. My diet calls for five snacks a day, and these cheese crunchers fit one of those snacks every day.
by SUSIE on 10/27/2015
would order again
by SUSIE on 10/27/2015
My favorite of the chips!
by Barbara on 10/27/2015
I love these. They are so much better than any other brand .
Always count on these..
by Dana on 10/27/2015
I can always count on these chips to be fulfilling.
A must have
by Deanne on 10/27/2015
This is one of my favorite products; I get very tired of protein bars and need something to balance out the sweet protein bars. I find these crunchers to be extra crunchy and to have a mild aftertaste, and I've bought more boxes than I can count and I'm still not tired of them. My son enjoys them also so they can't be too bad!
Oh my gosh these are so good!
by Lisa on 10/27/2015
A bit salty, but soooo tasty. I take them with me to the movies and that way I don't feel like I'm missing out on snacks!
Very tasty snack
by J on 10/27/2015
These taste great and are a very satisfying snack! Others have commented on the hardness of them, which doesn't really bother me. In fact, the texture has helped me to slow down and enjoy them. It's a small bag like a pack of chips, but feels like you are getting a lot of volume. It really satisfies my need for something salty and the protein content keeps me full until my next meal or bar.
Greatest snack going!
by Margaret on 10/27/2015
This crossbreed of a baked potato chip and a crunchy snack cracker is the best snack around - even if it is "diet food". I like the crunchiness. They do require chewing but that is a plus in their category. I use one every lunch and sometimes one later in the evening, so I order 4 to 5 a month. Enjoy!
Yummy crunchy goodness!
by Donita on 10/27/2015
Cheesy, crunchy goodness! Like a pork rind mixed with a potato chip sprinkle lightly with cheese. I have to be careful with these. I could see them becoming a "craving" so good.
I LOVE these crunchy snacks!
by Tom on 10/27/2015
Need a salty snack? Like cheddar? These chips have a BIG bang: tasty, healthy, low calories.

Try them!
by Jodi on 10/27/2015
These are great when you need something crunchy
Really Good
by Peggy on 10/27/2015
Sometimes you just want that crunch and these are great...Very firm crunch and after that packet you are done. No sudden urge to consume the entire bag of high carb type chips! No guilt here. Taste is slight salt slight cheese very mild. Perfect...
Crunch on
by Joan on 10/27/2015
Crunch is what its all about when it comes to chips and snacking. A great change in texture after the other soft textured foods. The flavor was surprising, nice and cheesy on my very first bite. I was surprised at how much was in the bag. It was very satisfying and I'm happy to have something to take with me to the movies this weekend.
Love 'em
by Moosh on 10/27/2015
I enjoy a bag of these when watching television late at night. It satisfies that craving for something salty and crunchy, yet doesn't blow my calorie count for the day. My extremely picky husband even ate a bag rather than some of his usual high in fat and calorie chips. These taste a little bit like cheese flavored "Bugles."
Crunchy Cheezy Yumminess
by Carrie on 10/27/2015
These are excellent and a nice size portion. Great flavor, no after taste.
Crunchy goodness
by Kelli on 10/27/2015
My husband and I both enjoy these crunchy treats. I add them to soups or just eat them strait out of the bag for a tasty, portion controlled treat. Very satisfying.
Great Product
by Pam on 10/27/2015
This was my first time trying the Wonder Slim Cheddar Crunchers. I was very pleased. They were not too bland, like some other diet snacks. They were not overly salty, either, like you sometimes find with cheese snacks. The portion was generous for the calories. I will definitely buy these again.
So much better than I thought they would be
by Kari Ann on 10/27/2015
For diet food I was really impressed. I like these better than the other snacks I normally and would be happy to replace Cheetos with these from now on. Seriously, I'm not disappointed.
by Linda on 10/27/2015
This chips are very tasty and crunchy !
Love them!
by Elaine on 10/27/2015
They are filling and tasty. Honestly, I like that they are in a package with graphics rather than the plain white or foil wrappers----it doesn't seem like diet food!
nice and crunchy
by Barbara on 10/27/2015
Great! tasty . Would like to see them plain as well.
cheddar crunchers really hit the spot
by Cyndi on 10/27/2015
Sometimes you just feel like a snack. I requested a couple of snacks to try and thought these were so good. They really tsatisfied my salt & crunchy taste. I bought a box immediately. Very good taste.
by LC on 10/27/2015
These Cheddar Crunchers and crispy and tasty. Really satisfied my need to have sometype of salty snack.....without the empty calories.
just love cheddar bites
by regina on 10/27/2015
I love these because they prevent me from eating fatty chips and they are delicious.. I love that they go on sale every now and then because I would over indulge on them. The other place I was purchasing them was charging way too much. You had a great deal on these cheddar bites.
These are very satisfying
by Maxine on 10/27/2015
The cheddar crunchers are very tasty and very crunchy. The serving size is large and they are very satisfying. I enjoyed these and would order again..
by Cindi on 10/27/2015
Very cheesy and very crunchy!! A favorite for sure...
by lily6288 on 10/27/2015
I just received my first order from Diet Direct and I was excited to try these Cheddar Crunchers as I am a big fan of cheesy chips and crackers and these were so good!
The flavor is very cheesy and the crunch is nice. There are a lot in the bag, though I still wish it was bigger!
I was on Medifast for 9 months in 2010 and I started back on it August 1 of this year and after a month I was already so sick of the food! They have added some new items, but their Chili Nacho Cheese Puffs, which I had previously loved, now taste awful with almost no cheese flavoring and this sparked my search for something better. I'm so happy I found it in these "crunchers". I should have ordered a case!
Good to me
by Rosina on 10/27/2015
Great snack,
Oh My Gosh!
by Mary on 10/27/2015
I'm the one trying to lose weight, but when I let my husband and daughter try these, we decided to order four more boxes so we wouldn't have to fight over them. They're very crunchy with a nice cheese flavor. A lot of other diet snacks add extra flavor like nacho to their cheese snacks, so it was nice to have a cheese snack with enough flavor to stand on its own.
by Norellen on 10/27/2015
I love the crunch. Great snack
Great Snack for Dieters who like crunchie food
by Glenda on 10/27/2015
My husband, who is not dieting, and I love this snack. I am a chip eater and these cheddar crackers satisfy my need for chips.
love these
by Megan on 10/27/2015
I was hesitant to try these at first, however since I have and I really enjoy them, looking forward to trying other snacks. The cheese wasn't overpowering and still present..the crunchy chip at its base was a cross between a rice cracker and fried pork skins..loved this, will definitely buy it again.
by Leann on 10/27/2015
I love these cheddar crunchies - they are a perfect satisfying afternoon snack.
by Lyric on 10/27/2015
These are so good I could eat them every day. I wish they came in more flavors. Crunchy in a big bag. highly recommended!
Like a cheesy Asian rice cracker
by Valerie on 10/27/2015
I really like these crackers. The cheese flavor is quite good and each bag contains a satisfying amount for a snack.
Satisfying and Portable
by Laurel on 10/27/2015
I've been carrying these in my briefcase to work and they haven't gotten crushed yet. They are a perfect snack; the flavor is good and more "adult" than some of the orange cheesy snacks. The portion size is very satisfying compared to other portion-controlled snacks for sale, and the protein makes them filling enough to keep me satisfied until the next meal time. Also, if you've been eating mostly shakes and pudding for some time, the crunch and texture are a very welcome change.
yum, yum
by Norellen on 10/27/2015
love the cheddar flavor on crackers. never order enough
yum ym
by Norellen on 10/27/2015
never order enough
by Norellen on 10/27/2015
Can you say YUM!!!
by Juanita on 10/27/2015
I was completely surprised by the Cheddar Crunchers, they are a great alternative to chips. I am hooked on them, they are great tasting and very crunchy. Will need to stock up on these.
As satisfying as a bag of Cheetoz
by Marge on 10/27/2015
This is the salt and crunch that I crave. I love them.
wonderful wonderful
by Patricia on 10/27/2015
My husband and I really enjoyed these. Will keep ordering
them again and again. Great flavor crunch....and amount.
Great Snack
by Jessica on 10/27/2015
These were weird to me at first and I couldnt believe i had a whole box of them and was worried. But By my Second bag of them I found the love, it's in the cheese! Now I finger lick the bottom of the bag! They are SO hard and crunchy that I almost couldnt eat them at first but then I found if you let the chip lay in your mouth a few seconds, it softens up and is still crunchy good but not as hard. I have bad teeth so it makes it harder for me to eat real hard snacks. But the flavor is excellent and the crunch good once it softens up a bit in your mouth. Half a bag satisfies me for a day or two. So for me they last and I do like that. Love that their healthy snacks and it does replace chips!
by Sharon on 10/27/2015
I had these today for an afternoon snack. Love the crunchiness, and the bag has lots in it. Will definitely keep these in my home stock. The cheese in today's bag was loose, and did make me cough a little though. Great taste. Thanks for having so many choices!
love these
by Mary on 10/27/2015
This is by far my favorite snack food from wonderslim.
super crunchy!
by Amy on 10/27/2015
Really like these! I ate half the bag for a morning snack and the other half in the afternoon!
Crunchy & Delicious!
by Macaire on 10/27/2015
At first taste I wasn't so sure I liked these crackers, then I found myself craving them. I would rather eat these then any cheese cracker on the shelf at the grocery store, diet or not!
Love the crunch
by Marla on 10/27/2015
These are great. good flavor and texture. I love them.
Fantastic snacks
by Barb on 10/27/2015
Ordered these for the first time a couple weeks ago and they are fantastic. I've been on another diet plan that had cheese puffs and while those are good, these are GREAT. Gives you the satisfaction you're looking for from a snack cracker. I highly recommend them.
Nice crunch snack
by Joann on 10/27/2015
This is very tasty. I love the crunch and flavor.
delicious and satisfying
by anthony on 10/27/2015
I love these chips. They are very satisfying and delicious. Even our teenager enjoys them often.
good and crunchy
by cAROL on 10/27/2015
I like the cheese taste of these crackers. They satisfy my ned to crunch something.
Great Snack
by Bonnie on 10/27/2015
I really like these.
Great Snack
by Bonnie on 10/27/2015
I really like these.
cheddar chips
by anna on 10/27/2015
great chip. These are allowed on my diet plan.
by Rita on 10/27/2015
These Crunchers are so good it is difficult for me to just each one bag at a time.
I LOVE these
by Pamela on 10/27/2015
I like rice snacks/chips/crackers and these are wonderful. Just the right amount of cheesy flavor and a wonderful crunch.
Love these
by Kara on 10/27/2015
These are very tasty and satisfy those crunchy cravings!
Love the crunch
by Ellen Dee on 10/27/2015
This is a great protein snack thank handles the need for that chip texture. I love the flover and it helps reduce hunger since it is high in protein.
Best snacks ever!!!!
by ANGELINA on 10/27/2015
These cheddar crunchers are the tastiest, most satisfying diet snacks ever. I just purchased a bunch more so I don't run out. Plus there are plenty in each bag.
by Rhonda on 10/27/2015
OMG! I think these are wonderful! Ever since my surgery food has not tasted that good to me. This is the first thing I have eaten that I love without question. They are satisfying and taste wonderful.
Best Snack Ever.
by ANGELINA on 10/27/2015
Not only are these crunchy, they are tasty, satisfying and are the best snacks I've ever tasted. Got my hubby & sister hooked on these. Wowser!!
Cheddar Chips
by Rhonda on 10/27/2015
This product is really good. I look forward to this snack in the afternoon.
WonderSlim Cheddar Crunchers are a good crunchy snack
by Joann on 10/27/2015
I enjoy the WonderSlim Cheddar Crunchers when I want a crunchy snack. They satisfy my urge for something not as healthy.
Nice flavor
by amanda on 10/27/2015
One of my favorite snack products. Great cheesy flavor. If I'm not careful I could easily eat two bags of these at a time.
Cheddar Crunchers are my favorite Diet Direct snack!
by Tom on 10/27/2015
I don't buy any other kind of chips anymore. I love the taste of Cheddar Crunchers, know they have a LOT of protein and only a few calories. LOVE 'EM!!!
Very good . You get a lot in the bage and they are crunchy.
by Michele on 10/9/2015
The first time I tried them I was pleased ,very tasty
My favorite snack!
by Linda on 11/7/2015
Cheddar Crunchers are my favorite snack. Generous portion and very satisfying!
Love them
by Marilyn on 2/21/2016
These cheddar chips are full of flavor and are so filling. By the time I finish my bag, I am totally full. They are my favorite snack time meal.
My favorite
by Heather on 2/23/2016
I LOVE thes cheddar crunchers! So crisp and yummy. There is plenty in the bag, but I always want more.
These are good!
by Shannon on 2/25/2016
I love the cheddar crunchers. You will too!
Delicious Snack!
by Carol on 3/11/2016
These cheddar crunchers are delicious! They are very crisp, and they are coated with cheddar powder, which I like.
Good & crunchy
by Vicki on 3/17/2016
I love these. They are crunchy enough to satisfy my craving for crunchy chips & cheesy enough too.
cheese chips
by Theresa on 3/17/2016
Very good....
Hero of the day!
by Lisa on 3/28/2016
I really enjoyed eating the "not good for me" crunchy cheddar snacks with the tiger for a spokesperson, so I did not want to get my hopes up for these snacks; however, I was pleased with the cheesy flavor and true crispy texture.
Love these
by Kara on 4/3/2016
I use wonder slim as a tool in my medifast diet. These are so good! They really satisfy my craving for cheddar sour cream chips. The portion is large as well.
by Carol on 4/4/2016
I just started Wonderslim after trying Medifast for over a month. WOW... what a difference in taste!! It got to the point where I could barely eat the Medifast food. It is absolutely horrible... tasts bad and also everything seemed to have a horrible aftertaste. I love these crackers... delish and cheesy and definitely makes me feel like I am not on a diet!
Chips :)
by Aidyl on 4/6/2016
These remind me of cheddar sour cream chips...When I am drinking a lot of shakes this is nice for a change to get a crunch. I was surprised at how much I grab for these when I am in the chip mood :)
by Dedra on 4/7/2016
I really like these. So crunchy and tasty.
by Sandi on 4/30/2016
I love these...gives me crunch but not the extra calories. My go to afternoon snack daily.
Delicious and awesome
by Joshua on 4/30/2016
These are by far my favorite product. Cheesy, crunchy, delicous and a satisfying snack
Having these with my veg joe for lunch
by kathy on 5/7/2016
that I am actually having these with my veg joe for lunch
I love these!
by Sheryl on 5/12/2016
These are so good for a crunchy snack. I really enjoy them in the afternoon if I am feeling hungry before dinner.
Taste Great
by Melissa on 5/16/2016
I love these to snack on when I'm at home.
Dietary Snacks
by Christina on 5/17/2016
For a dietary snack, I found this to be not only delicious but very crunchy and satisfying....my favorite!!
Love these.
by Barbara on 5/22/2016
These cheddar crunchers are delicious.
by Deborah on 6/4/2016
This really hits the spot when I want a crunchy snack. So full of cheesy flavor too.
by debbie on 6/16/2016
These are the best crunchy snacks if you need something that isn't sweet.
LOVE these
by kathy on 6/17/2016
I stock up on these every time they go on sale. They are absolutely delicious and it is quite a generous portion.
by Lynn on 8/5/2016
Love the crunch and no aftertaste
Tasty Afternoon Snack to satisfy cravings something salty/crunchy!
by Ashley on 8/13/2016
Great flavor & texture! Highly recommended snack!
by Christine on 9/24/2016
The cheese flavor is not that strong, but I still like these. They are a bit more like crackers that chips, but nice and crunchy. I will be ordering more soon.
Wonder Slim Cheddar
by Linda on 10/15/2016
These are the best snacks ever. I use them as a late night snack and has 10 grams of protein
Great snack
by Wendy on 11/3/2016
Love these!
my fave
by margaret on 11/11/2016
These are my favorite salty crunch snack
Best of the snacks
by Tee on 12/7/2016
These are seriously good. I've tried a few of the snacks now and these rate well above the rest in my book. I would totally buy them in the grocery store if they were available even if i wasn't on this plan.
Very tasty
by Heather on 12/27/2016
These give a wonderful crunch and are very filling. I like the cheesy flavor too.
Best find ever !!!
by RaeEllen on 12/31/2016
I love these !!!!! They have a great crunch to them. I love the flavor. They do not have an after taste. There is enough in the bag to satisfy a salt craving. I will always keep these in my stash.
Great crunchy snack
by diana on 1/3/2017
Very good cheesy snack food. Really satisfies a craving for wanting something savory like a potato chip or Dorito. Have ordered multiple times and really love this as a midday/afternoon snack.
by Bill on 1/13/2017
Best diet snack I have found. Great taste, good crunchy texture. My favorite.
The best diet food product
by James on 1/20/2017
I get lots of compliments from dieters and non-dieters alike about how good these are!
Very Crunchy!
by RicPick on 1/26/2017
Pretty good! Went to the movies and had these for my movie snack and it was great. Very loud because it's very crunchy but I enjoyed them! They're not too cheesy. I'll buy again!!!
Yummy snack!
by Lisa on 1/30/2017
4.5 really! But will go for five versus 4. Great crunch and flavor. Satisfyingly large portion. Minus half a point for not being quite "cheesy" enough, but so perfect in every other way.
by Yaoundémama on 2/9/2017
This is my second favorite of the salty snacks. It has great crunch, I really like the cheese flavor.
by Andrea on 2/17/2017
This is by far my favorite snacks just the right amount of salt and cheese and the crunch is perfection! The portion is great too I don't know how you did it but between the taste and portion size you have answered my prayers! Thank you
Good and crunchy
by Sheila on 2/17/2017
These are good and crunchy. And they're not the orange color that is messy, which is nice. Very tasty and filling.
by Barbara on 2/24/2017
Absolutely DELICIOUS and very satisfying. I will get these Cheddar Crunchers with every order from now on!!
Awesome chips!!!
by Cherinahirsh on 4/9/2017
It's so filling and so delicious and so great on protein and calories that I forget I am on a plan. Brought them to the movies and that movie popcorn had nothing on them lol
Great Chips
by Annie on 8/24/2017
These chips are really good for snacking. Before you know it, you are full and the bag is empty. I like the texture, flavor and the crunch.
Great snacking
by Laura on 9/30/2017
I was skeptical about these before I tried them. Any doubts were squashed upon tasting the first one. I love the cheddar powder. The pieces are very crisp and satisfying. These are one of my favorites.
Yup, it's good
by LowCarbInBethesda on 10/1/2017
Cheesey and crunchy. Will buy again.
Quite good
by Tamara on 10/2/2017
Tastes like Cheetos but with a texture is like stale pork rinds. Powdery mess but no weird after taste.
One of my favorite snacks
by Duchess on 10/19/2017
Love the crunch
Yummy crunchiness
by Jen on 2/12/2018
Nice crunch. Nice cheddar flavor. Satisfying snack
Frito-Lay Cheetos
by Latarsha on 2/16/2018
OMG If I didn't know any better I would say I'm eating a bag of Frito Lay Cheetos. I knew I was being pranked and started looking for Chester Cheetah
by SONNIA on 2/21/2018
Mindful taste of Cheez-squares. They are delightful for the munchies.
Delicious Cheeseyness
by Shannon on 2/22/2018
LOVE THESE! They remind me of Cheetos. They have a big cheddar flavor and I have read that some people feel like they have a chalky after taste, but I didn't think that at all. These are one of my favorites.
Very Crunchy
by Gilda on 3/1/2018
These had a great taste I just found them to crunchy, does taste good when dipped into plain yogurt
loving life
by kathleen on 3/8/2018
satisfies my salty and crunchy cravings very yummy I liked them a lot will be getting them again for sure. the pretzels also liked.
So good!
by Nienna on 3/23/2018
I have the Cheddar flavor and love them! Great crunch and yummy flavor.
Favoite salty snack
by Shawna on 5/6/2018
These are my favorite salty snack. I plan to have these on hand from now on. It is crunchy, salty and cheddar flavored. Holds up under dips and with laughing cow cheese. Or they are great plain.
Loved WonderSlim Cheddar Pretzel Snacks
by Franco on 5/13/2018
Got the sample and I tried the WonderSlim Cheddar Pretzel Snacks and loved them, great crunch, had the salt & cheddar flavor was there, I love cheese so the cheddar could have been stronger , Overall a great snack, 12g Protein, I will definitely be reordering !
I like them.
by Roger on 8/25/2018
These little chips are good. I am ordering more.
Love having a crunch!
by Ash on 10/27/2018
I love the shakes, but sometimes it is nice to have a crunch. I love these cheesy crunchies!
Great Product
by Karen on 12/11/2018
I grind this up to a powder and top over chili or pasta dish.
by Deborah on 2/3/2019
So good to have something crunchy and savory. When you get those cravings it really takes them away.
by Jamie on 2/11/2019
When I need a salty snack, these are my go to.
Vehicle for dip
by Karen on 2/28/2019
I love these cheddar bites and they work so well with my homemade pico salsa or hummus!
good flavor, good texture; there are a lot in the bag
by Gail on 3/7/2019
will definitely order again
WS Cheddar Crunchers
by Amanda D on 8/3/2019
These are okay. We'll finish the rest of the bags, but won't be ordering them again - there are too many other really good options for snacks available like the jerky and pea protein chips. The cheese reminds me of that cheap, shakeable flavoring you put on popcorn. The chips were very crunchy, borderline too hard. Some chips had a ton of the cheese powder, which made them more tolerable; others had little to none and those were like flavored cardboard. There was an aftertaste, but it wasn't as bad as some items I've had (Medifast puffs).

Hello Amanda,
Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear you did not care for Our WonderSlim Cheddar Crunchers, but you are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
Grow on you
by Gabriela on 9/18/2019
The first bite is like hmm these taste funny but as you start eating more you can't stop. At least the portion is bigger than most 100 calorie snacks so you get to enjoy your new found treat.
by Patty on 10/27/2015
I got a sample of these and I do like them which is unusual for me..I'm just not a "chippy person".....lol....I might order them the next time but might try the pretzels, too...
Like :-)
by Darci on 10/27/2015
They remind me of pork rinds lol
by Kathilynne32 on 10/27/2015
I really like these - they are a good snack for a carb lover. You get a nice portion size & there's enough protein in them to keep you satisfied until mealtime. Don't expect the fat filled flavor of a Cheetos because this isn't junk food. This is a staple in my pantry & I look forward to treating myself with something that's also good for me.
by jackie on 10/27/2015
Surprised by the taste of these. I thought they would be better from the packaging.

I like these
by Nancy Anne on 10/27/2015
These taste a little like pork rinds to me, which, fortunately, I like. Good for a little salty crunch and a nice occasional change from the crunchy round thingy's. (Forgot the name.) I don't prefer one flavor over another.

Honey Mustard is a Winner
by Princess1013 on 10/27/2015
The Honey Mustard was a new purchase for me, after I noticed the original was not available. I love the Honey Mustard...I'd certainly place an order for 12+ in the near future. The Honey Mustard flavor isn't overwhelming like the Cheddar is.
by on 10/27/2015
Finally, a snack I liked! I enjoyed there chrispness and the slight taste of cheese flavor. These were a great chip replacement.
Love 'em.
by Tamster on 10/27/2015
I love the cheddar double bites. The honey mustard ones are gross. PLEASE bring back the regular flavor. Those are the BEST.
Tasty crackers
by Trishie on 10/27/2015
The Cheddar chips are very tasty, though a bit hard. Cured my potato chip craving so I will order them again. Wish they had a sour cream and onion flavor.
by Calliegirl on 10/27/2015
These are not even close to a potatoe chip. They are however very crunchy, the cheddar flavor is good. If you need a crunchy high protein snack these can work nicely. I wish they would come up with a spicer flavor.
Get the job done
by on 10/27/2015
So these are NOT potato chips and knowing that they are really quite good. They do have a slight aftertaste, but when on a diet it is much better to grab these than the greasy alternative. The cheddar is pretty good. They satisfy the salt, crunch urges.
Pretty good...
by AngieBaby on 10/27/2015
Both flavors were pretty good...I would order again for the 'salty' cravings.
Super on the crunch
by Moni64 on 10/27/2015
When you crave something crunchy, these are the ticket! Being on a diet is tough enough and knowing you can have some crunchy snacks really helps if you are a chip lover. These fill the bill and are big on crunch!
Not bad
by Mandy on 10/27/2015
These are HUGELY crunchy! Both flavors are good too. Kind of like super cruncy pork rind. Just a hint of cardboard. My boyfriend LOVES these! I think they're not bad.
The Perfect "Bite" for Fans of Crunch and Corn
by jenniferlynne76 on 10/27/2015
I wasn't sure what to expect when trying the Cheddar Cheese Double Bites for the first time. The taste reminds me a bit of a corn chip or corn nut, with a nice dusting of cheddar cheese flavor. Thick and VERY crunchy, making it the perfect snack for someone who likes to munch on chips or crackers.

While it's not my favorite Wonderslim product, it will still have a place in my plan. Variety is the spice of life, after all, and I love that these Cheddar Cheese Double Bites give me the opportunity to enjoy a crunchy snack every now and again (like the rest of those normal folks out there).
by ryce cake on 10/27/2015
These are pretty yummy and definitely fit the bill when you want something super crunchy to snack on. I feel like the portion size is pretty big also. There is a slight cardboard aftertaste, but not too strong to discourage you from enjoying the product.
Satisfies Crunchy and Salty Cravings
by yakydee on 10/27/2015
At first I wasn't sure I like these - they have a little different texture and cheesy taste, but my second time having them I decided I really like them. They satisfy my cravings for chips and are high in protein.
Cheddar Chips
by Sher on 10/27/2015
These are a good crunch...much harder than a normal chip. Very nice taste, good way to get in the protein!
Great Snack!
by BMacey on 10/27/2015
These are a good crunchy snack. I thought they wouldn't have very much flavor, but these are really good.
Cheddar Crunch
by TFred on 10/27/2015
Pretty good, wish they had just a little more cheddar flavor but I love the crunch.
Big Crunch
by Mrs. B on 10/27/2015
These chips make a great afternoon snack with a bit of fresh salsa. Wish they had a bit more flavor alone. Don't miss potato chips at all when these are around.
by massagelady on 10/27/2015
These are awesome! Great taste I love to take them with me on the go for a snack. Oh they go oh so well with hummus!!
Unbeatable Crunch
by on 10/27/2015
I would give this a 5+ for the crunch, which is incredible, but a 4 for the cheese flavor, which seemed like a light dusting that didn't really stick. So the flavor was so-so, but the crunch was worth it. I would order again, for sure, but hope the manufacturer might find a way to get a cheesier flavor in the chip.
Good & crunchy
by Jan on 10/27/2015
I love these better than the pretzels, nice flavor & have the same crunch has pita chips. Great snack when you need that crunch
Satisfying CRUNCH!
by Paige on 10/27/2015
Of the two chips I prefer the Honey Mustard. The chip really gives a good, satisfying crunch with a nice honey mustard flavor and packs in good protein, too! I would like it if they had more flavors, sweet flavors as well as salty.
by Jane on 10/27/2015
I love the crunch. Honey Mustard is the Best. Cheddar chips don't have any cheese flavor.
by MiMi on 10/27/2015
These are good when you need something savory and crunchy. They are super crunchy and LOUD! Can't munch these at your desk - everyone will want to know what you're eating. The cheddar chips don't taste like cheese at all, so if you're on the fence on which flavor to choose consider your choices to be BBQ or Lightly Salted.
Good Crunch, Great Flavor
by starsnyc21 on 10/27/2015
I am in love with the cheddar chips. I really love the crunch of these chips, they kind of remind me of Fritos without the corn taste. Definitely a must try.
Tasty chips!!
by Pjmsplace on 10/27/2015
I needed a snack so I grabbed the chips and they were very good

Nice and crunchy like pita chips which I love.

I tried the honey mustard and they were good. I will buy them again
by Mati on 10/27/2015
While I wish they had more cheese flavor, I still bought a ton more 'cause I need my crunchy snacks and these hit the spot.
Better than expected
by Mary on 10/27/2015
I liked the honey mustard and am now going to try the cheddar. Why don't these come boxed like the pretzels?
Great with Sandwiches
by BrandNew83 on 10/27/2015
I have not had potato chips since February of this year. For me this is the perfect pairing with sandwiches. Although these have a bit of a pork rind taste with a pita chip crunch, they were pretty good. Plus you can't beat the price!!
Double Bites
by Beverly on 10/27/2015
I had the cheddar cheese and thought they were ok, nothing to brag about, but satisifies the hungry, protein and something quick. But you can taste the protein in them.

Double Bites
by Jerrilynn on 10/27/2015
These taste good, but they're hard to bite into. The original flavor kind of had a taste like yummy fried pork rinds but without all that fatcalories. The cheddar ones were a little bit better in my opinion. I may buy these again.

Tasty Snack
by Sheryn on 10/27/2015
They replace the fattening chips I used to eat before (WLS). I like them! Wonderful w/Fontera's Chipolte Queso salsa. I keep bags @ work and in my tote, for emergency situations & afternoon cravings. The cheddar is yummy. Please bring back the original flavor.
Has the product changed?
by Pam on 10/27/2015
The last batch I received were in a different package. The taste does not seem as good in the Cheddar flavor. It sounds as if the quality is changing and not for the better. But still the crunch factor is very good!!!
Satisfies the crunch craving
by Lois on 10/27/2015
This chip definitely satisfies my crunch cravings. The cheddar is my favorite. The honey mustard leaves an aftertaste.
Satisfies my chewing & cheese needs
by Josie on 10/27/2015
Ok . . . I was a little apprehensive getting this going by the latest bad reviews but I was pleasantly surprised. Let's be real . . . it's never going to take the place of any junk food you've ever had but did your junk food have protein in it? I got one bag of each flavor -- this review is on the cheddar. While one reviewer complained about the crunchiness, I on the other hand liked it. So much of what I eat is not crunchy. So far I've only had the cheddar and as a hard core cheese person I have to say it isn't bad. The best cheese taste is in the first few seconds it is in your mouth. Then it wears away and it's ok but those few seconds and the crunchiness are enough to satisfy my salty/cheese cravings. I'll do a separate review on the Golden Dijon as soon as I've had it.
Big on crunch
by Bec on 10/27/2015
For a crunchy snack, I was very pleased with this. I ordered because there's no artificial sweeteners of any kind, and since I've had soy crisps in the past I thought it might be similar.

First of all, if you're looking for an even switch out for a potato chip, keep looking. To me, these 'chips' were more of a cross between soy crisps and pita chips and probably would be better viewed as a cracker. The cheese flavor is very, very mild (probably nonexistent to some), and reminded me of the cheese flavoring used on name-brand natural cheese puffs at the grocery store, except much less flavoring used.

On a scale of 10, I'd say this has a crunch of 11 - so if you have a hard time eating very crunchy foods you may want to think twice before trying this.

For a high protein, crunchy snack, I will definitely buy again.
Really good
by Karen on 10/27/2015
Do they taste like cheese crackers? No. But they re cheesy and crunchy enough to help that kind of craving, and support portion control at the same time.
They really hit the spot!
by Yvonne on 10/27/2015
I received a pack as a sample and was truly surprised at the flavor and real crunchiness. I took a bag to the movies with me the other day and I never missed the popcorn. You have to munch on them slowly and one at a time though.
by Amy on 10/27/2015
These give me the crunching I need for satisfaction. They taste great too. Last box I bought, however, was mostly cheese powder in the bag and hardly any chips. The net weight was made up of powder which was disappointing because there weren't enough chips. I hope that doesn't happen again because this food isn't cheap!
[DD Admin Comment: Contacting Amy for further details to resolve this issue and take measures to make sure it does not happen again.]
by MARY JO on 10/27/2015
These are great. Very crunchy. Too crunchy to sneak into the movie theatre!
good- some of the crunchers give me heartburn/ too spicy- not these!!
by Pam on 10/27/2015
very tasty
by Karen on 10/27/2015
Love the crunchiness of these tasty chips.
This is my second snack choice mid afternoon.
by Dean on 10/27/2015
I enjoy the cheddar snack mid afternoon, I alternate with the choc/cinnamon crunch snack
Too crunchy, but flavorful!
by Katrina on 10/27/2015
It's like crunching into a thin piece of wood, but the flavor is really good. It will cut the roof of your mouth. But the flavor is really good.
Nice crunch
by Caprice on 10/27/2015
Decent but artificial flavor. Satisfying snack
Good but inconsistant
by nancy on 10/27/2015
I guess these are dusted with a cheese powder and not all pieces make it thru the duster. Some chips in the bag are very tasty while another piece can be very bland. I add a few of these to my tomato soup or eat half a bag with the chili entrée. By themselves they are just ok. I enjoy the pretzel snacks more. I gave it 4 instead of three stars because I was surprised and happy to find they did not arrive in all broken pieces like I expected. With that in mind I may try one of the other BARIwise chips.
Pretty good
by Mary on 10/27/2015
I like the BBQ chips, but these are really cheesy and yummy too!
Nice crunch
by Caprice on 10/27/2015
Decent but artificial flavor. Satisfying snack
by Kansas City on 10/27/2015
My teenager and I were watching a movie last night, so while she was eating her queso potato chips, I thought I would try these. Yes, these are very crunchy (and loud, so I will only eat them at home). They are thicker and denser than a regular cheese cracker so they take longer to eat, therefore I ate slower and felt satisfied. I thought these were good for a protein cracker and had an acceptable cheese flavor. I even licked my fingers! Recently, along with my regular bars and drinks, I ordered a variety of the chips, crackers and flavored, salty snacks because I was trying to branch out from my usual sweet and chocolaty bars. Salty is not normally a draw for me. These crackers are fine on their own, and I do think they will be good with tomato soup, a sandwich or salad.
Surprisingly Good
by Lisa on 10/27/2015
Got these as an alternative to the Protein Cheddar Puffs, and was pleasantly surprised at how good they are. A little harder and crunchier than regular chips, but still very good. I will order these again too.
Not cheeze-its but still good
by Theresa on 10/27/2015
Dont expect Cheese-its but overall not bad. It satisfies the need for something crunchy and still a great way to get in protein and a bit of cheese flavor.
Add these to favorites!
by Donielle on 10/27/2015
I really crave salty and crunchy foods instead of sweets. These have the texture of a Frito with the taste of a Cheetoh. Just what I need.
Very Good
by Rebeca on 10/27/2015
I really like these as they have a nice crunch and texture. I only gave it 4 stars as the chip itself seems flavorless without the powder on it. Other then that it sure helps the cravings for chips and salty snacks.
by Dianne on 10/27/2015
I enjoy these chips. When you are on a diet, these chips take a while to eat, so you feel like your snacking for a long time.

Taste good too.
Good Snack
by Sonny's Mom on 10/27/2015
Nice and crunchy. Good but would be better if the flavor seasoning stayed on each chip rather than falling to the bottom of the bag. It is not a 'cheese it' but it satisfies for me.
Satisfying Crunch
by Carolyn on 10/27/2015
Great when I crave chips. Wish the flavoring powder would stay on the chips, rather than the bottom of the bag, but all in all a good substitute for chips.
Very good
by Korene on 10/27/2015
Gives you that crunch that you want, maybe just a tad to hard, but very cheesy and the hardness makes me take my time to eat them. Will get them again.
Good snack
by s on 10/27/2015
Light, airy and cheesy. Would buy again.
Great for those Crunch Cravings
by UppityWoman on 10/27/2015
These have great crunch factor. They remind me of rice crackers; and like rice crackers, the flavor is light-which is a good thing. There is enough taste without being overbearing. A lot of "diet" products will try to make up for lacking an ingredient and usually do so by going overboard on sweetness, saltiness, or taste, depending on what thing is removed to make it "diet". This product does not. I will be purchasing more. Yes, I was happily surprised!
Pleasantly Surprised
by Dava on 10/27/2015
These taste like rice crackers rolled in mac and cheese powder. That said, you feel like you're cheating with this snack. The cheese powder is abundant and very fine, so be careful when opening. Also, the bag is quite large. Very satisfying because you can make this snack last.
Excellent with a little peanut butter to raise your protein intake.
by Michael on 10/27/2015
Always measure the amount of peanut butter you use. It also goes well with the powdered soups for something a bit crunchy with it. Be aware they are quite loud when you chew even with your mouth closed well.
Good and crunchy
by kathy on 12/4/2015
These have a good crunch and a good taste.
Loudest crunch ever!
by Aleena on 12/15/2015
This is my favorite salty snack in the Wonderslim snack line hands down. You get enough in the package to really fill you up. I LOVE the crunchiness of these. It says, "these things are dang good and I'm loving every chomp!"
Good Crunchy Snack
by Sally on 2/1/2016
Love the crunch of these snacks, and I'm impressed by the larger-than-expected portion size. The only reason I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5 .... and I know this may sound strange .... is that I have found some of the bags taste "cheesier" than others. I adore cheddar, but a few of the bags I've eaten have had barely any flavor, while others have been yummy. That said, I like them enough to order again.
by jocelyn on 3/12/2016
I really liked the Cheddar crunchers; very tasty and great snack without any guilt
Love them!
by Marianne on 3/19/2016
Great snack. Love the extra crunchy texture. Could use a little more cheddar flavor. Giving this 4 stars due to yellow food dye in ingredients. Rather not have artificial color.
Improved flavor
by nancy on 5/8/2016
I had not ordered these for quite some time but decided to try them again to go with the Veg. Joe or chili w / beans. They are much less salty and better tasting then I remember. Last time I got them (a year ago or more) all the powder cheese coating would come off at the bottom of the bag and the chip was just salt tasting. I hope the improvement stays - I will try them again.
Pretty good
by Renee on 5/22/2016
I sometimes "need" something crunchy, and the texture is perfect. The flavor is "lighter" in cheese than I expected, but that makes it better for dips.

I'll buy it again. I'm still amazed at how filling this little snacks are.
yummy and filling
by Janet on 8/8/2016
Cheddar crunchers are a flavorful, salty, cheesy snack. They are crisp and crunchy, with just enough saltiness and cheesy flavor to satisfy my afternoon slump. I was surprised at the flavor, and surprised that there were so many in that tiny bag!
by Barbara on 9/18/2016
good taste, satisfies the crunchy need
crispy crunchy snack
by Anne on 10/28/2016
There are more in this bag than I expected so it is a generous portion for a healthy snack alternative, especially with the high protein content. I wish they had more flavor, but overall I would order them again!
Very good
by Betty on 1/24/2017
I was surprised with the amount of product in the bag, a very hearty portion. The "chips" remind me of Sun chips as far as size and shape go. They have a very good crunch and even leave a little orange dust on your fingertips just like ..... A very good option for snacking.
by Priscilla on 3/9/2017
Nice cheesy flavor
Good snack
by ZuLy on 4/30/2017
I have one in my purse. It is not too salty but wonderfully satisfying. This treat is a winner.
Very good
by Dayle on 5/30/2017
This are great when you want a snack. I enjoy them a lot. Not crazy about the Honey mustard.
Great crunch
by Rebecca on 6/12/2017
These are good for a diet snack. Decent serving size and they are nice and crunchy. Light cheese taste. Very satisfying.
Just ok - but I reorder
by Sabrina on 7/7/2017
I've been reordering these for a few years now, so I can vouch for them. Here's what I have to say honestly..

Portion size - great. You really feel like you get to snack on something for a while

Great crunch! They are hard, thick and crunchy.

Flavor - Don't expect cheesy. These are a bit bland and I feel like they taste like a rice/sesame cracker, not a bad thing, but not a 'cheddar chip' you might expect.

Of all the crunchy savory options, this is a pretty good one, and one I always make sure to have in my pantry.
a great snack!
by Colleen on 11/3/2017
Has a great crunch. Good amount of cheddar powder. Quantity of chips/bag is good. A hit!
These were good
by J on 3/26/2018
I do like the cheddar taste on these- I would order them again
Amended Review
by KATHRYN on 10/4/2018
After first rating these with 2 stars, I'm willing to update my review. Although I don't believe they taste as cheesy as Cheetos, as some have said, they are satisfying for something to nibble on. I wrote the review after only tasting a few chips and although they had a good crunch to them there wasn't much taste. However, later on when I got down to the bottom of the bag there was more flavor. Today, I opened my 2nd bag but did so from the BOTTOM. Much more flavorful and I would suggest doing the same.
Reasonable sodium and tasty
by Mooshie on 1/17/2019
This Wonderslim snack, unlike some of the others, has a reasonable amount of sodium. It satisfies my need for a salty crunch while dieting, but does not have that ridiculously salty flavor like some of the other Wonderslim products I have reviewed. There are many ways to use these besides eating out of the bag like chips. I put them on my salad in place of croutons. I use them crushed in burgers or meat loaf. I have even used them as a base for a Mexican-style casserole in place of tortillas. Enjoy!
Amazing snack
by Victoria on 3/17/2019
I love the generous portion and delicious flavor. These are definitely rough and have a crunch to them. They’re almost like a seseame stick without seseame flavor/seeds. I love that I can toss them in my bag and have a yummy snack to look forward to.
Pico de Gallo with these!
by Karen on 5/15/2019
I use these as my tortilla chips for my homemade Pico de Gallo, so yummy and healthy too!
So good!
by Lana on 6/30/2019
I’m someone who craves carbs and crunch and these were fantastic! Just enough flavor and the crispness was amazing. Definitely satisfied as an afternoon snack.
crunchy goodness
by Linda on 8/22/2019
great flavor, very crunchy
A little disappointing
by Shelby on 10/27/2015
I really wanted to love these, but they are way too crunchy. I liked the flavor a lot, but having my teeth get a little sore isn't worth it.
Pretty tasty
by on 10/27/2015
Taste is good. I have to say they are a bit too crunchy for me. Hurt me teeth a little.
What Happened?
by JJ24 on 10/27/2015
I have order these a number of times in the past and loved them. It was a great snack. However they did something to the recipe and changed the flavor. They aren't as light as they were before. If you have never had them before you might like them, but if you have enjoyed them just keep in mind they aren't the same. I'll order a smaller quantity hoping that they returned to the old recipe.
Bring back the Original
by Scott on 10/27/2015
I love these products! But, please bring back the original flavor. The Cheese is OK but the original was an awesome chip. Thanks!
okay now, but not later
by sigh I have to do this on 10/27/2015
These tasted fine when I ate them, but later on, they (excuse me) had me tasting vitamins all afternoon. Ick. Will not eat these again.
Cheddar chips
by highlandlass on 10/27/2015
These were not my favorite, but they were quite crisp. I would order more, but not for awhile.
by MM on 10/27/2015
Just OK, but I will try the other snacks.
WonderSlim Protein Diet Chips
by on 10/27/2015
I didn't like these at first. They are hard to chew and the cheese dusting was not to my liking. I had them today and they weren't so bad. I think they would be better if they were BBQ flavor.
Great Taste & Great Crunch
by AgnesE on 10/27/2015
This snack is addicting, in a good way. It leaves you feeling full, so one bag is plenty. I use it with a protein drink for my mid-day meal.
Honey Mustard Chips are fabulous!
by Bubs on 10/27/2015
I have been eating the Cheddar Chips for many months. I've found them to be good, not so much because of the flavor which is rather bland and not particularly cheesy, but because of the satisfying crunch. When I placed my last order, I decided to try a few bags of the Honey Mustard Chips. All I can say is, WOW! There is the expected crunch, of course, but the flavor is great - tangy mustard with maybe a tiny hint of onion. I can't believe I've been missing out on these all this time!
Only okay...
by moorenm on 10/27/2015
These are okay if you need something with a LOT of crunch. Not terribly memorable...
too hard
by on 10/27/2015
The taste is alright, but they are too crunchy for my teeth.
Not what I was expecting
by Lonestarl8d on 10/27/2015
The cheddar chips were my least favorite item in my order. Really disappointed. They were kind of a like a cheddar bugle chip, not really like a cheeto. But, neither one of those was one my go-to snack chip list anyway. I had to push myself to finish the bag. Blah. And, they get stuck in your teeth!
If you are looking for crunch, this is your snack
by Boomboom on 10/27/2015
If you are looking for hard crunchy chips, you will love this. If you are looking for natural cheesy strong flavors, this is not the snack for you.
Pretty good
by esp on 10/27/2015
Amazing crunch. Could use more salt.
wonderslim double bites
by kathy on 10/27/2015
I love the cheddar and the orginal..... but the Honey Mustard is the worst thing I have ever tasted.....much to strong of a mustard flavor!! I shared these with several friends and they could not believe how horrible they tasted! I will never order again....

Pretty Good
by SammieJayne on 10/27/2015
This snack is pretty good and would be delicious if it were not for my taste buds which have totally changed since my bariatric surgery. For some reason I seem to like the sweeter snacks right now, but will certainly try them again in a month or so!
Bring back the plain chips
by DMC on 10/27/2015
The flavored chips are good, but the plain are my absolute favorite. Where have they gone? Please, please, please bring them back!
not very impressive
by Beth on 10/27/2015
I really like to have a snack to crunch on and this wasn't that great. I think the box I bought will last a long time. These taste more like pork skins and there is not much cheese flavor. There is a lot of crunch.
okay but not great
by Debra on 10/27/2015
These have a good crunch and are cheesy but the taste isn't really great! Would recommend if you are desperate for the crunch.
Almost, but not quite.
by ANGIE on 10/27/2015
The flavor on these crisps were fantastic, the texture- not so much. It could be just me, but they were too crunchy in my opinion. Sort of reminiscent of a wonton wrapper, but really hard to chew.
Hard enough to break dental work
by J on 10/27/2015
Flavor is good and satisfying, but I cannot eat these and risk damaging thousands of dollars of dental work. My dentist would whup me if he knew I ate anything remotely this hard. Just not worth it. These are way too hard to chew.
How about making the "O's" with this same flavor? They would be VERY popular I expect. I would buy lots of them!
Good Cheese Flavor
by Robin on 10/27/2015
Great crunch and gives you that cheese flavor that a cheese lover craves. A little bit of a cardboard texture but otherwise good.
Not much flavor
by Dave on 10/27/2015
Good crunch but mot much flavor
Just ok not very cheddary
by Christine on 10/27/2015
These are just ok. They remind me if the POP chips which are very bland and airy but salty. These are not salty tasting but don't have a lot of flavor. They are crunchy however, as the bane implies.
You have to be creative
by Bob on 11/23/2015
These are way to brittle for me, but I have found that if I crush them and use about 1/2 bag at a time, they work very well as a thickener for things like the chili or the chicken soup. They get soft and also create the impression that there is more food than there is.
OKay -
by Chasity on 3/6/2016
I really like the texture of these, but the cheesy flavor wasn't my favorite. I keep them in my desk when I need a snack to hold me over until dinner time. Not sure if I will purchase again.
Really good, but....
by Bet on 7/31/2016
The unfortunate part of the snacks is that they are loaded with soy. And all of that soy is GMO. Yes they are crunchy and delicious. Really taste great. But I cannot eat this quantity of soy daily. I'm going to substitute a nonfat Greek yogurt for my afternoon snack. I wish WS would stop putting soy in their products. It is extremely unhealthy. :(. The only reason I purchased these snacks is because I purchased the two-week Core kit and I had no choice but to purchase these soy filled snacks.

Hi Linda, thank you for your feedback. We completely understand your concern regarding the presence of soy in our products and apologize for the trouble. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you, and we appreciate your business.
Not as cheesy as I'd hoped
by Jo on 8/27/2016
Crunch is good, not enough cheese for my taste. Will be giving the other 6 packages away.
by Catherine on 10/17/2017
To me, they needed more of a cheddar taste. Also, they were thicker than I expected. This snack is just okay in my book.
OK, but.....
by Nancy on 4/28/2018
Received a sample of this with my last order. It was just "ok"... I like pretzels; have never tried any with flavoring like the cheddar added to this product. Could hardly taste the cheese - perhaps would have been more impressed if it was more "intense". The basic pretzel product was good.

Hello Nancy,
Thank you for contacting us. We are so very sorry to hear that this product was not to your liking! We assure you all of our products are vetted and sampled before we introduce them to our consumers. This particular one is an office favorite! You are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
by Mamma Mouse on 1/14/2019
Based on the raving past reviews, I couldn't wait to try these. When I did, I was a little disappointed! They were not bad, just mediocre for me. I expected a cheesier bite. Most of the cheesy powder was unevenly distributed on the chips, so some had too much and some had none at all. These are really thick and crunchy and I actually prefer the lighter crunch of the pea protein crisps. I will finish the order since they are okay, but I will not buy more.

Thank you for contacting us. We are so very sorry to hear that our Cheddar Crunchers were not to your liking! This particular one is an office favorite! You are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
by Jane on 10/27/2015
Taste like cardboard with a dusting of cheetos cheese. You are better off just getting pretzels.. .they are actually good.
Bring back the org. and the org cheese flavor
by nicmz1772 on 10/27/2015
THe orignal flavor must come back!! Those were great. The cheese ones taste kind of burnty to me, what happened to the flavor of these? Stop messing with recipies and keep what works!!
What happened to the regular flavor?
by Nancy Anne on 10/27/2015
What in the devil happened to the regular flavor? They were my favorite! And the new honey dijon? YECH!

These used to satisfy my craving for salty food, but not anymore. Why fix something that isn't broke?
What Happened to the Plain Flavor?
by Cheryl on 10/27/2015
I loved the plain double bites and placed an order for more only to get the cheddar. Now I see that plain are no longer available. I am very disappointed. Please let me know when the plain ones are back.
where are the plain
by shelley on 10/27/2015
I love the plain they were fantastic. I don't know where the went please bring them back. I don't like the chedder cheese that much. I am going to try the dijon. I hope they are better.
by LIsa W on 10/27/2015
I liked these a lot, yes they are bland but I love the crunch..when most things are not solid this is a nice treat. However...I have had these twice and both times I had horrible gas pains and stomach aches and was in the bathroom a few times. I am not sure why. None of the other products did this and I didn't see about anyone else having this issue. Not able to have any more of these :(
Not really enjoyable.
by Valerie on 10/27/2015
Funny aftertaste, did not care for it.
by Marsalette on 10/27/2015
These chips were coated with cheese flavoring but it had all fallen off and collected in the bottom of the bag. What was left was a crunchy but flavorless chip. I wish they would have figured out a way to incorporate the flavoring into the chip itself because I actually liked the powder in the bottom of the bag.
not so much...
by Connie on 10/27/2015
bland chips with a lingering unpleasant aftertaste
Not for me
by Sharon on 10/27/2015
I usually love Wonder Slim, but these are tasteless and so hard that I broke a tooth! I have 2 boxes of them, and won't be able to eat them. I wish I had bought something else that I knew I liked.

Hi Sharon, thank you so much for your feedback. We completely understand your concern regarding the Cheddar Crunchers and apologize for the trouble. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution, please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
Expected way more cheese flavour
by Kirsten on 10/27/2015
I found these very bland with not much cheese flavour. So far my least favorite of the wonderslim products
I've tried to like these
by Jill on 10/27/2015
I am eating them so I can get to the good stuff I ordered - pretzels and bars. These can satisfy your desire to crunch but that's about all the good I can say of them.
Least Favorite
by sm62 on 10/27/2015
This is probably my least favorite of any Wonderslim product I've tried. It was a bit like eating cardboard. No real flavor, terrible texture, aftertaste....blah.
Nothing Special
by Nancy on 10/27/2015
I had hoped for a real cheesy taste, this doesn't make the cut. I passed them off to hubby, he likes them. Of course, "give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything"....
Not very good
by R on 1/9/2017
I do not like these taste like pork rinds
Nice crunch, but not crazy about the taste
by Sarah on 2/5/2017
These weren't my favorite. I like them better than the Savory Bites, but prefer the BBQ Snack O's. There was a bit of weirdness to them.
Chalky after taste.
by Sandi on 2/11/2018
Did not like the after taste.

Hello Sandi,
Thank you for contacting us. We are so very sorry to hear that this product was not to your liking! We assure you all of our products are vetted and sampled before we introduce them to our consumers. This particular one is an office favorite! You are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
Not the greatest
by Jessica on 4/23/2018
Extremely dry and hard. Not much flavor.

Hello Jessica,
Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear you did not care forour Chedder Crunchers, but you are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
Not much cheddar taste
by KATHRYN on 10/2/2018
These seem to be a condensed version of pork rinds with not much flavoring. They are flat with some air bubbles. If you want something to nibble on, fine. However, if you are looking for something that is flavorful then I would give them a pass.

Hello Kathryn,
Thank you for contacting us. We are so very sorry to hear that our Cheddar Crunchers were not to your liking! We assure you all of our products are vetted and sampled before we introduce them to our consumers. This particular one is an office favorite! You are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
Not quite what I expected.
by Raquel on 4/8/2019
Unfortunately this is an acquired taste and I did not acquire it. This was not quite what I expected. I will have to keep searching.

Hello Raquel,
Thank you for contacting us. We are so very sorry to hear that this product was not to your liking! We assure you all of our products are vetted and sampled before we introduce them to our consumers. This particular one is an office favorite! You are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
Recipe Change is AWFUL!!!
by TStaib on 10/27/2015
I LOVED these in the past, but they changed the recipe, and they are HORRIBLE!!! I would NOT recommend unless they change the recipe back.
by pastorginnie on 10/27/2015
I have purchased this product many times in the past and it was my favorite. We got notice recently of new packaging but I did expect that the product would be the same quality. This last batch, with the new packaging, does not tase good; it tastes burnt. I would not recommend this to anyone.
Product has been changed
by flo on 10/27/2015
These were may favorite snack but they have CHANGED the product. It is no longer the double bite snack I have been getting for the last year. They are not those crisp large snack but rather dense smaller and much much less cheddar flavor. I won't be ordering these again and I am really SAD about that. So be aware...... I am very very disappointed.
Honey Mustard is aweful
by kt9 on 10/27/2015
I tried to give these away and nobody wanted them. leaves a bad after taste. I liked the original the best. The cheddar are okay but I get tired of the dry cheese flavor.
Not All Change Is For The Better...
by Renee on 10/27/2015
I used to love the cheddar flavor ones. I had ordered them faithfully for over a year. Now it tastes horrible. The recipe has certainly changed. They are dry and of poor texture. Please bring back the previous recipe!!! I and so many others would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
not good
by on 10/27/2015
Horrible taste and after taste. Gave these away to a friend to can tolerate this.
by on 10/27/2015
I love WS products, but this is horrible the most horrible tasting and smelling snack I have ever come across...I was surprised because I LOVE Wonderslim products, but this is soooo NASTY!!!
Don't taste anything like what they are advertised
by sara on 10/27/2015
I couldn't eat them....
by Me on 10/27/2015
I don't know, I just couldn't eat these. I tried to like them but sadly, they aren't for me.

Luckily, DietDirect has such great service, I was able to return them and get other items that I know I love! I will stick with my favs from now on (there's many of them!!!)
What Happened
by bkboy on 10/27/2015
I loved these things and now the recipe changed and they taste terrible. Let us all know when they get back to the original recipe they were awesome, now I wouldnt recommend them for my dog.
by Lid on 10/27/2015
Thes were nasty. I tried a couple and then threw the rest in trash (RIP). Wont try these again but will try others with open mind.
Just so so
by Nina on 10/27/2015
I ordered these for the first (and last) time a few weeks ago. There's not much cheddar flavor and they are SO crunchy that chewing them actually hurt my ears and head. LOL Weird, I know, but I have to tell it like it is.
Not my favorite
by Noaf on 10/27/2015
Not worth the calories
by Rob on 10/27/2015
These are so hard you can barely bite them. They taste like stale pork rinds that have no cheese flavor whatsoever!
Not Goof
by Melissa on 10/27/2015
These snacks are crunchy, but lack flavor.
Not for me
by Sharon on 10/27/2015
Disappointed and I bought 2 boxes! Don't taste cheesy at all and they are so hard (some of them) that I feel like they will break my teeth.
Not As Good As They Look
by Cookie on 10/27/2015
Not good at all. I wish I could have given this product a Zero. The texture is course and thick. This product smells just like real cheddar cheese but the first bite will definitely bite you back.
not happy
by Theresa on 10/27/2015
Thank you for your recent order. We’d like to invite you to write reviews of the product(s) you recently received. Tell us what you liked. Tell us what you didn’t like. Tell us the unique ways you’ve found to prepare or enhance these products to better suit your lifestyle.

Yes i'd like you to know that the products that you are referring to have not arrived ordered. on Aug 22 2014 it's Sep 2 and still no product. The order is suppose to take three days. So i'm not a happy camper.

Hi Theresa, thank you for your feedback. We completely understand your concern regarding your shipment time and apologize for the trouble. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours with a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
No thanks... returning these
by chococat on 10/27/2015
The hardness of these 'cheddar crunchers' were a turn off to me so I am returning them for exchange. I expected a crunchy crispness to these but am disappointed. This was the only WS product so far that I do not like at all. Everything else is great!
lacks taste
by Christine on 10/27/2015
Not my favorite snack. Texture was good but lacking the cheesy taste
by Janet on 10/27/2015
I wish I had known how awful these are. Tasteless cardboard. Save your money and don't order these.
Yuk is right.
by Janet on 10/27/2015
Sorry but these just taste like cardboard. I was very disappointed and wish I could return them. Not sure what I'll do with the 6 packages left. I'm missing crackers, but these are not good.

Hello Janet, thank you for contacting us. We are terribly sorry to hear that you did not care for the Cheddar Crunchers. You are of course welcome to return/exchange those. Simply send them back to us with the return/exchange form found under the Return Policy section on our website and we will happily honor that for you.
Throwing them out
by Andrea on 10/27/2015
I bought 14 bags based on the reviews. I should know better by now. I'm throwing out 10. Horrible flavor...

Hello Andrea,
Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear you did not care for the Cheddar Crunchers, but you are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
by S A on 10/27/2015
These have NO flavor, only crunchiness - very similar to cardboard.
by Glenda on 10/27/2015
Don't do it. They taste like card board with small sprinkles of cheese flavoring. The Bariwise Protein chips are MUCH better. I will NEVER order these again! Still have 2 bags, gave as many away as I could convince to take them. No one else wanted them after they tasted them. Waste of money on my part now.
by Shirley A on 10/29/2015
Sorry, but these taste like cardboard. Do not recommend them to anyone.
by Virginia on 6/21/2017
I'm supposed to watch for low sodium foods and the majority are very high, even in the diet foods.

Hi Virginia, thank you for your feedback. We completely understand your concern regarding the WonderSlim Cheddar Crunchers and apologize for the trouble. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you, and we appreciate your business.
Definitely a huge NO!!
by Shelley on 4/15/2019
Unlike most of the products, these Cheddar crunchers have zero taste! Its like biting into plastic. Do not order these!

Hello Shelley,
Thank you for contacting us. We are so very sorry to hear that this product was not to your liking! We assure you all of our products are vetted and sampled before we introduce them to our consumers. This particular one is an office favorite! You are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
Plastic and Awful
by Mc on 9/23/2019
I bought lots of this based in other reviews and it was terrible. I threw them out. Tasted vaguely like cheddar and completely like plasticized cardboard texture. What a disappointment. So many wonderful products from Wonderslim. This one is not.

Thank you for contacting us. We are so very sorry to hear that this product was not to your liking! We assure you all of our products are vetted and sampled before we introduce them to our consumers. This particular one is an office favorite! You are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialists within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.