Get Started with PetSlim Chubby Dogs Love Petslim

We have good news and bad news.

The good news is that you thought our email was clever and cute enough that you landed here, delighting our marketing team. The bad news is that your pudgy pooch won’t be getting any introductory packages of high protein PetSlim anytime soon. After all, today is April 1st.

Since PetSlim only lives in the brains of our pet-loving team, here are a few healthy ideas that any human may want to adopt:

  1. DO take your pet to the veterinarian regularly for physical exams, including a weight check
  2. DON’T feed your animals any of the “no no” foods you want to get rid of in the pantry!
  3. DO take more walks. You and your 4 legged friend will benefit!
  4. DO exercise portion control, making sure to set aside or freeze extra food for future meals- don’t give these “scraps” to your pet, they’ll add up fast!
  5. DO get a workout partner. As we know, the most reliable friends are often sitting right beside you!
Chubby Cats Love Petslim