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Savory Shakes - Variety Pack

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Price: $87.85

Availability: Out of stock

Savory Shakes - Variety Pack

Price: $87.85

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This product is not real, so you cannot order. If, by some magical means, you DO manage to order it... you will receive 0 servings per box. Well, you won't even have a box. Because it's not real.



These "Savory" flavors may have sold out due to high April Fool's demand, but rest easy knowing that we're fully stocked on your favorite traditional Pudding Shakes. Click here to browse the Original formula (available in 5 creamy flavors plus a Variety Pack) or Aspartame-Free selections (7 tasty flavors plus variety).



For a Shake:

  1. Place contents on the highest mountaintop within a 100 mile radius.
  2. Add 8 ounces of dragonfire and lightly shake until the contents burst into a flurry of butterflies.
  3. Do not consume the butterflies.

For a Pudding:

  1. Place contents of one packet directly into the mouth of a unicorn.
  2. Shake the unicorn until rainbows come out.
  3. Do not consume the rainbows.