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Snackergy Natural Beef Jerky Light Sodium, Smokehouse Original (6oz)

Snackergy Natural Beef Jerky Light Sodium, Smokehouse Original (6oz)
6 Bags
Item #: PK06SK003

$18.95 $16.95 Save 11% Your Savings: $2.00

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Snackergy Natural Beef Jerky Light Sodium, Smokehouse Original (6oz)

$18.95 $16.95 Save 11% Your Savings: $2.00

In stock


  • 10 Grams of High Quality Protein
  • 50% Less Sodium Than The Leading Jerky Brand
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Gluten Free
  • Low Fat
  • No Nitrates Added


Beef jerky is an excellent source of protein. Unfortunately, this high protein snack usually packs a hidden punch that can be hard on your heart. Depending on the brand and quality of the jerky, it could contain as much as 620mg of sodium in a one ounce serving. Since recent FDA guidelines recommend limiting daily sodium consumption to 2,300mg a day, that’s more than a quarter of the sodium you should consume a day in one snack!

Since high sodium levels contribute to high blood pressure and heart disease, we are proud to offer a healthier beef jerky with all the flavor you love but less of the sodium that does not love you back. Made from premium USDA inspected beef, Snackergy Smokehouse Original Jerky is marinated in a special blend of natural ingredients and seasoning and then smoked to a tender texture that makes snacking a joy. Each one ounce serving contains only 190mg of sodium and no added nitrates yet delivers 10 grams of high quality protein. Isn’t it time for a better all natural beef jerky? Your heart and your taste buds will thank you.


Open the bag and savor the flavor.

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5 star taste, 4 star packaging
by Amanda D on 8/3/2019
My husband and I both liked the Smokehouse Original jerky. There's no funky aftertaste that some diet food has. When you first open the bag, it looks and smells just like regular jerky - there's a mix of big and little pieces. Other than the jerky tasting a bit sweeter than normal jerky, we really couldn't tell it had less sodium. When my husband picked up a bag, he asked me if it was a snack or a meal because of how heavy the bag was. Then we read the packaging out loud. On the website, it says there are 6 bags at $17.95 - a bit more $ than the rest of the WS inventory at an initial glance. I didn't really want to ding an entire star because of packaging, but we expected 6 individual bags of jerky. We still got the correct amount of servings; however, the bags weighed 3oz each with a listed serving size of 1oz. You have to weigh out your 1oz. Taste wise, well worth and feels like you're cheating. Packaging wise - just know you need to weigh it out yourself. We will order it again.