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Need protein? One of the quickest and most effective ways to supply your body with protein is by ingesting it through liquid supplements. Both potent and high-performing, Proteinex Liquid Protein Products are some of the best liquid protein supplements on the market today. Designed and manufactured by industry-leading lab engineers at Llorens Pharmaceutical, Proteinex Liquid Protein Products are specially-formulated to give your body the protein it needs efficiently and effectively — without the unhealthy extra ingredients. These state-of-the-art liquid protein products use a predigested protein source which supplies the body with a full range of readily-usable essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids. Fat free, sugar free and carbohydrate free, Proteinex Liquid Protein Products are an excellent source of protein for those who are looking to regulate their diets and supply their bodies with ample amounts of protein simultaneously. Order your Proteinex Liquid Protein Products at great prices here at Diet Direct by browsing our inventory below.