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Proteinex P18 Liquid Protein, Cherry (30fl oz)

Proteinex P18 Liquid Protein, Cherry (30fl oz)
Item #: PROTEINEX1830

Price: $28.95

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Proteinex P18 Liquid Protein, Cherry (30fl oz)

Price: $28.95

In stock


  • Provides the highest concentration of protein (18 grams) in a small 1 oz. dose (2 tablespoons).
  • May be used by bariatric patients with food and liquid intake restrictions.
  • Easily absorbed.
  • Ready to use; no mixing required.
  • Protein source: hydrolyzed protein.
  • Low Carb - 0g Net Carbs*
  • Promotes healing of wounds or repair of tissues.
  • Helps to prevent tissue breakdown.
  • Does not contain fat, sugar or carbohydrates.
  • Great taste
  • Long shelf life.

*g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols

Proteinex-18 Liquid is a predigested high-protein (18 grams per oz.) source, which means that the product is already broken down to readily utilized amino acids. Proteinex-18 provides 18 grams of highly absorbable protein per ounce. Proteinex-18 is ready to use, no mixing is required. For your convenience you can also blend this versatile liquid protein with your favorite beverage or with foods such as apple sauce or Jell-O.


Take two tablespoons (1oz) daily or as recommend by your physician.

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26 Customer Reviews

Set Ascending Direction
Tangy and tart but very good source of protein
by Cynthia on 4/24/2013
Mixed with Poweraide and it was even better
Proteinex Liquid Protein Drinks
by Cindy on 4/6/2013
I love these products! They taste really good in tea and fruit drinks and they really provide the protein I need daily. I wouldn't drink liquids without them. The lemon lime is my favorite but the apple is good as well.
no diet
by janet on 10/2/2012
I bought this after hearing of "nodiet.com" on the radio... the price they were asking per serving (3grams protein every night) was astronomical. I figured I would need only one tsp Proteinex 18 per night to get my 3 grams. this 30 oz bottle would last 180 servings. So both my husband and I started taking it. I wish I could say it worked for me as well as my husband. It has been only 1 month and he lost 11 lbs. While I have maybe lost 1 or 2 pounds. (still going in the right direction.) I do have more energy and wake refreshed. I will not stop taking this. Oh by the way my husband is diabetic and his sugar levels have been great every morning... Good stuff. Taste isn't so bad if you don't water it down too much.
Best tasting liquid protein ever.
by MICHELE on 8/31/2012
I love this liquid protein. I ordered the small bottle of grape flavor just to test it. I love it so much that I came back to order the 30 oz. The texture is the best..not thick like other liquid proteins. There are times when I think it is too sweet and other times it craves my taste for sweets. I am hooked on this brand and will always return.Grape is my favorite flavor, but i am willing to try the other flavors soon.
You Get Used To It
by EmmBee on 8/30/2012
No liquid protein tastes wonderful, but this is definitely better than most I have tasted. Over time, I have become accustomed to the taste. The amount of protein per ounce and low calories make it great for Bandsters.
Great taste, great for the money
by Victoria on 11/28/2011
I have been with MRC for 3 months now and have lost 20 lbs. A big part of their plan is liquid protein supplements. After finding Proteinex-18, I am saving approximately 40% in cost. If you mix 1 oz with water or even add a sugar free powder drink mix to it, the flavor is great either way. I will continue to purchase this product and recommend to my friends and family!
Just what I was looking for.
by msmary on 11/7/2011
I really wanted a product to give me additional protein without a lot of calories. I mix it in my water bottle and take it to my workout!
Proteinex-18 liquid protein
by vicki on 4/22/2011
Taste great, after I had bariatric surgery I could not get enough protein, this makes it so easy (Updated on 4/23/2011.)
It is just what I needed
by Andy on 2/11/2011
My first time trying such a product. I have the LemonLime flavor. As far as taste goes it is okay. But it is a thick substance that does need to be mixed well with your choice of liquid. And for me personally it has to be sipped slowly. My Lap band is set pretty tight and the viscosity of the drink (even when mixed with water) when it hits my pouch sometimes feels like it wants to come back out. Don't get me wrong it is nothing thick like cooking oil but it has some weight to it. I put up with this slight inconvenience because of some skin wound issues I have, and since taking this product the extra protein has cleared up those problems. And my lab reports are great. So for me it is great.
Not that bad of a taste
by nicole grady on 10/8/2008
Doesn't really taste THAT bad. It's kinda sour, like Sour Patch Kid candy.

Proteinex 18
by Beverly on 6/29/2008
You have to follow the review from another user for another liquid protein. All liquid protein is nasty! None is going taste good, but if you follow her instructions, you can get this down and be ok. Hold your nose and shoot the 1oz. down and then use something else to rinse your mouth with several times while still holding your nose and then drink or eat something that has a lot of flavor and then let go of your nose.

Good Price
by Miriam Maldonado on 6/3/2008
Please tell me if the free shipping includes Puerto Rico. The price in PR is very high and you have a good price. Thanks

Proteinex18 - A great product
by Jill on 6/5/2013
Protienex18 is a great source of Protien for my husband who is in End-Stage Renal Failure. Whem he's at dialysis they check all of his levels and his protein had increased significantly by using this for the past 10 months. Also his heart capacity was at 33% before using Proteinex and now is working at 55% plus a leaky heart valve has repaired itself. I truly believe this product has helpd with all of the above!
by NICKY on 5/15/2014
hi i had the gastro sleeve done 3 years ago and i had to take this liquid protain for about a year ,and let me tell you all, its not a very nice taste but it realy is a good way of getting the protein that our body needs my labs are incredible good,, ,,,,i have a question for the Proteinex-18 ,,,,,can this protein be good for lifting waits i mean for getting some muscle out sence one of the mucle food is protein, can any one tell me,,please thanks ?
by Jennifer on 1/13/2015
This liquid protein product is the answer to my prayers! It tastes good, is already sweetened with a noncaloric/carb sweetener and helps me get my water in for the day. 2 Tbsp is a serving so I put that in a glass of water a few times a day and I've gotten my water and my protein in for less than 500 calories and NO carbs. Which leaves me with a lot of calories & carbs left to consume and still be within the parameters of my diet. I have lost over 55 lbs in just a few months on a high protein low carb diet. This is cheaper money wise and saves on carbs and calories!
Great buy and great tasting !!!
by Alice on 3/31/2016
THE PROTEINEX IN CHERRY IS VERY GOOD and I will be purchasing several others as well as the cherry flavor again. I am a bariatric patient and it is wonderful. I put it in water, yoqurt, smoothies, and shakes. I have already shared it with friends on Real Self. I am already getting the word out !! I found this company on the website. Enjoy friends. And it has 18 grams of protein !!! Wow !!! Great tasting and a great buy !!!
Great buy and great tasting !!!
by Alice on 3/31/2016
This is the best yet protein that I have found. Great tasting and a 30oz bottle, great buy. I am a bariatric patient and this is good stuff. I put it in water, yoqurt, smoothies, jello and in shakes. I have already been spreading the word about it on Real Self website. Great stuff and great buy. I will be ordering more soon.
by Cynthia on 1/10/2018
This is the only product that kills my appetite and gives me energy! I have to drink it with sugar free fruit punch but cherry is the only flavor I can do this with.
I'm so glad I found this product
by Danna on 5/31/2011
I struggle with fatigue on a pretty substantial scale, and tried this product to boost my energy level. I've been using it twice a day as a supplement to a low carb diet and feel better than I have in years, and it's been less than a week since I started. It is pretty thick and syrupy, but tastes pretty good. At only 1 ounce per serving, it is not a big deal. I highly recommend it.
Good for a quick protien fix!
by Leslie on 7/22/2013
Liquid protien works GREAT in a pinch! Flavor was ok, has a bit of a "BITE", very sour, especially as it gets to the end. ALWAYS shake well.
by tsard on 3/11/2011
Product provides a significant amount of protein and low in calories but I find it a little hard to swallow. It is extremely thick and maybe a little to syrupy. Thank goodness it's only one ounce per serving. The Lemon-Lime is better then the Cherry.
by on 8/30/2012
Both the grape and lemon lime made me gag - did not taste good at all - ewwww.
Awful taste
by m.frasier on 8/30/2012
This stuff taste awful. It caused me to become very ill.

Proteinex-18 Liquid Predigested Protein
by Roe on 7/24/2012
This is the worst tasting product that I have purchased from this site. Bad after taste, if you can get the teaspoon even down to where it will stay there.

by Lisa on 2/14/2012
I bought a bottle of Grape and a Lemon-Lime of this predigested protein based on a high review. I forced myself to try both flavors several times and I just don't see how anyone can drink this stuff? It makes me gag. I am a frequent user of the wonderslim and bariwise products and will continue using them but I am extremely annoyed about the money I spent on these two bottles that I had to throw away. What a waste!!!
Very Ill
by Rose on 9/30/2013
Taste aside. After taking this product I became very ill with severe hot flashes, gagging and then violent shaking and cold sweat and diarrhea ending with severe exhaustion. I felt that I should warn anyone taking this for the first time.

Hi Rose, thank you so much for your feedback. We are so sorry to hear you became sick after using the Proteinex. It sounds like you experienced the "dumping" syndrome which can occur right after surgery but is very rare with using this product. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution, please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.