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High Protein Soup Mix Beef Vegetable (7 ct) - ProtiDiet

Item #: PD310
High Protein Soup Mix Beef Vegetable (7 ct) - ProtiDiet

Price: $14.95

Availability: In stock

High Protein Soup Mix Beef Vegetable (7 ct) - ProtiDiet

Price: $14.95

In stock

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  • High Protein - 15 Grams per Serving
  • Low Carb - 5g Net Carbs*
  • Low Calorie - 80 Calories per Serving
  • Fat Free
  • Low Cholesterol - Just 5 mcg per Serving
  • Provides 15% DV of Calcium
  • Easy to Prepare
  • Comes in Convenient Single Serving Packets

*g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols

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Our friends at ProtiDiet are proud of their heritage of creating great tasting high protein products. Their Beef Vegetable Protein Diet Soup is a proud addition to that tradition. Each tasty fat-free serving provides 15 grams of protein and 15% DV of Calcium. A great choice for a healthy low-carb lunch or serve it as part of a nutritious dinner.


Pour contents of one pouch in 6 to 8 oz of hot water. Stir with fork until completely dissolved.


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54 Customer Reviews

Set Ascending Direction
excellent cream of chicken
by Dawna on 4/4/2013
I was very impressed, excellent flavor.
by SusanAnne on 2/28/2013
I was on Ideal Protein for a few weeks - loved the diet but the food was too expensive for the long term. This is a great substitute. In fact, this soup is far better! It is a little salty but tastes a lot like the standard Lipton Chicken Noodle. Low carb - high protein....definitely a reorder and must have.
by Cegolf on 1/16/2013
I cant believe how good the creamy chicken soup was, it was creamy, and not gritty like most diet foods are. It had a great chicken flavor, might have been a tad salty, but i didn't add anything to it, i just drank it how it is from the pack, so I'm sure adding a little bit of veggies, and chicken breast would cut the salt if added. I am extremely happy with this product and cant wait to try the other flavors!
love it !!
by Danielle on 1/7/2013
When I'm cold during the evening, I like to make this.. .It is tasty!
by GTinELP on 11/11/2012
This soup is fantastic--and makes a perfect starting base for adding some shredded chicken, mushrooms, or any other leftover vegetables. Perfect for a late-night snack!
I love this soup!
by tyn on 8/14/2012
This is the best soup I have tasted so far! I am happy to have something that is not sweet and cold for a change. Yummy!!!
Great soup!
by Pjmsplace on 5/11/2012
I love soup so I tried the cream of chicken, it was very flavorful had a nice creamy texture. The flavor was very good compared to some I have tried that have tasted like wall paper paste. I will buy this again
Protidiet pea soup
by Richie on 4/5/2012
Love the pea soup. I add a little Tabasco for extra "zing."
Cream of Chicken Great with Broccoli
by alphabetsoup on 3/13/2012
While I ordered several favors, I've only tried the cream of chicken. It was surprisingly good. I was concerned I wouldn't like it, but I actually enjoyed it. I added my vegetables, broccoli, to the soup and it made it really good.
Better than Lipton!
by on 1/12/2012
I really like the flavor of this soup, and it has so many noodles I can't believe it's a diet soup. I love knowing it's high protein and has substance. Sometimes I sautee a few veggies (garlic, onion, carrot, celery) in a pan and then add the water & soup mix to give it more of a meal feel. Have also added curry powder to it for a super delicious flavor.
by IBarrera on 8/18/2011
Soup is good. It is very deceiving. Smells so good. It makes you feel like you are eating more. The flavor is great. I love it.
ProtiDiet soups
by AAA on 6/27/2011
Tasty soup range. Filling too.
Vegetable Soup
by Camy on 6/19/2011
This is a delicious soup with a lot plenty of vegetables and a great flavor. It very satisfying.
Chicken Noodle
by momontherun on 4/24/2011
I was pleasantly surprised. The broth is very tasty and the noodles have a slightly chewy texture which allowed me to believe I was having more than a diet soup. Reminds me of those cup-o-soup things. You do need to make sure the water is hot and that you stir well. Bottom line - the soup along with my salad was very filling and I didn't feel deprived.
by JungleLady on 3/11/2011
I got the cream of chicken and the basil tomato. The cream of chicken is so yummy. I add just a touch of pepper and it's perfect. It gets really creamy and is so filling. I take this for lunch at work. The tomato is good as well. I add some cajun seasoning to spice it up a bit. Both of these came in handy when I recently had dental surgery. The cream of chicken is better than any canned soup I've ever had.
Mushroom Soup
by Karen on 11/10/2010
This soup was great.... I added some fresh steamed mushrooms and broccoli. I have also had it with fresh spinach.
I love these soups!!!!!
by gerijackie on 9/20/2010
No, I really like the flavor of these soups, the ones I have tried. The chicken noodle is perfect out of the bag. You have he stir briskly with a dinner fork and let sit for a few minutes. The only vegetable in the beef vegetable is a shaving or two of carrots but add half a tsp of beef soup powder and some tomato/chipolte powder and it is extremely satisfying. The pea, after forking briskly put in the microwave for about 45 seconds (be careful it will foam up) to eliminate the starchy taste, a dash or two of bacon flavored salt and be surprised by the creamy goodness. I have not tried any others. They may all be wonderful. I shared what I know. MMMM GOOD.
by Boo on 4/5/2010
The chicken noodle soup is very good. It has such great flavor! Much better than any other brand. I'll even eat this when I am not sick it is sooooooooo good. I highly recommend it.
by Kathy on 2/13/2010
The Beef Vegetable is delicious. I added some cooked ground turkey, celery and green onions and really enjoyed it.

The Tomato Basil is delicious. I make chili out of it with cooked ground turkey, seasoning, green onions and diced tomatoes.

The Chicken soup is delicious. I add diced chicken, celery and green onions.

These all fall into my diet plan that I'm on and it really makes dieting so much easier when you have something good to eat and so filling.
Proti Chicken Noodle
by Linda W. on 2/11/2010
This is my favorite soup so far. It is very flavorful. I have some oyster crackers on the side and drink it out of a mug. The noodles sink to the bottom, so I eat them with a spoon as a treat when I'm done. I would recommend fixing all the soups on the stove top (boil water, then add soup & stir, put lid on top and wait 5-10 minutes). It's the best way to cook all the soups.
Chicken Noodle Flavor
by rmock on 1/12/2010
Love this soup, added extra water and bouillon cube. (Updated on 1/13/2010.)
Chiken Noodle Soup
by Lynn on 7/8/2009
Wow! The chicken noodle is about the best diet soup, that I have eaten. Easy to mix and super tasty. It's not salty and goes wonderful with lunch or dinner. Rates 5 stars!!!!!
Beef Vegetable Soup/ Mushroom Soup
by Kee on 6/3/2009
This is my favorite soup. I used to buy the Lipton cup of soup mix, but have switched to this instead (much better protein count). The flavor is great, just need to mix well. I'm on my second box, I just love it.

Mushroom Soup is NOT GOOD. (Updated on 6/4/2009.)
Chicken Noodle and Split Pea
by MarkHuss on 4/17/2009
The Chicken Noodle and Split Pea were excellent for me. I started helping them just a little with a shot of hot sauce and half a bouillon. The trick with the Chicken noodle is to let is sit so the noodles get soft. For food that comes out of a package and packed with the essential protein and low fat that we are committed to, these are remarkably functional soups.
Beef Vegetable
by Southernboy on 3/26/2009
Great Tasting over all soup. Put a little hot sauce in and a few peppers, 10 grams of mixed fresh vegges like some diced green/red peppers, fresh tomato,and a thin slice of fresh white mushroom cap and you got a great filling soup. My mom tried it and she too was very impressed. Def. be ordering again. (Updated on 3/27/2009.)
by bean on 2/4/2009
Very good tasting soups.
I think it tastes great
by Susan on 3/13/2008
Tastes great!! You feel full because it is hot!

by Diane on 7/29/2013
Love it, was delicious, will order it again.
Beef Vegetable Soup
by Kathy on 11/12/2013
I really love this soup - it is salty & flavorful, which I love. I only use 6 oz. of water which makes me think it has more flavor & I do find it filing! I love the ease of it, too!
by tonya on 1/24/2015
Love this soup for lunchtime or anytime.It has a great flavor and can be made and use on the go!!!
Great product
by Michelle on 7/16/2015
Fast and easy. Good taste. 15 gr protein, 80 calories. Perfect for lunch. Ideal for a very low calorie diet.
My favorites are Beef Vegetable and Chiken Noodle.
Very Good
by merian on 8/24/2015
I add some ground hamburger and diced zucchini, onions and mushrooms. Tastes great and very filling
Great taste and great protein source.
by Theresa on 10/22/2017
I love this protein soup. It is nice on a cold or chilly day and it's very filling. You could also use it for a base and add ground meat and some veggies and I'm sure it would be amazing.
Great for cooking lentils in
by Diana on 7/17/2019
This Beef soup saves me every day. And I get creative with this one the Chicken noodle and the chicken flavor of all different ways I make it so I don’t get bored. I add grilled chicken, ground bison, ground chicken, veggies and lentils so it’s heartier sometimes when I need to.
Pretty good I will order it again
by Kelly on 2/18/2013
I thought the soup is pretty good I have the cream of chicken I like it with out the dryed vegetables so that's why I get the cream of chicken! I will most likely order this soup again!
Great pick me up or small meal
by BWise on 4/6/2012
I really love the protidiet protein soups, as the base for a quick small meal, or for a late afternoon pick me up. My favorite is the pea-soup with either a little lemon juice OR a little non-fat greek yogurt added. This is a very low-sodium one, and keeps me satisfied forever. The chicken cream soup is a nice base for a meal; again I add a little greek yogurt and some chicken or veggies if I want it to be lunch or a quick supper.
Tasty & Filling
by Laur on 2/26/2012
Most recently I have purchased the Split Pea. It is filling & tasty, and would recommend. I also love the added fiber in the pea soup. Didn't give 5 stars since the powder doesn't always completely dissolve, but just mix & chop a little, and you're good to go!
Close to home made -
by cillar on 1/9/2012
Smooth and smoky. I added black pepper and a bit of chili powder for a kick, then a bit of Himalayan salt before eating. Comfort food!
Super soups
by Robin on 12/17/2011
I've tried all the flavors and can't complain about any. I prefer the chicken noodle and veggie beef.
Good soup
by dlou on 4/17/2011
I tried the chicken noodle soup because it was sent to me as a sample. Good thing -- I really like it and have now purchased more.
Remember to let sit a little before tasting
by bill on 12/16/2010
I find these soups quite decent but only if you stir them really well and let them sit a bit. There is a huge difference between taking a little care and waiting 5 minutes or so and trying to eat them right away. A bit more basil in the tomato basil helps, I put lot's of other veggies in the beef veggies and then I like it a lot. The chicken noodle is my favorite and it's good as is (as long as you wait).
Chicken Noodle soup
by Kathy on 2/16/2010
The soup was pretty good, I liked that it wasn't too salty, it had just the right amount of flavor.
ProtiDiet Protein Soups
by on 2/8/2010
Ordered the Tomato Basil and Vegetable Beef. Like the VB better than the Tomato. The Tomato Basil has a good taste, but kind of a funky texture. Regardless, recommend either or both.
All of these soups are tasty and good
by Bob on 1/27/2010
Out with the Campbell's, in with the powdered stuff. They all have a good flavor, although some are a bit harder to blend then others...
Too much sodium
by Liz R on 1/21/2012
These soups taste ok, but they have way too much sodium. 820mg in Chicken cream, 860 mg in Chicken noodle and 930 in Beef. That is just way too much and not necessary in my opinion. I will use what I purchased but really need to watch my sodium on days I do. I probably won't buy this again. With that said, I love Diet Direct and appreciate the variety of weight loss supplements to use.
ProtiDiet Soups
by D. on 3/31/2009
I tried the tomato-basil soup. The color was a frothy pink and the particles would not dissolve completely. It had the oddest smell and taste. I ended up adding fresh basil and diced tomatoes, and putting it through the blender in an effort to salvage this inedible mess. I can honestly say it is the worst prepackaged meal/snack I have ever tried.

I really enjoy the bariwise crispy double chocolate bars as a quick, convenient protein-rich snack to enjoy between seeing patients. I was so disappointed with the soup. I have also not liked any of the various samples I have received.
Tomato Basil Soup
by Tree on 10/30/2011
The tomato basil soup was disappointing. First of all, it's pink! Which is weird all by itself. The taste is only OK, it has sort of a chalky flavor but is reminiscent of a soup. It's only ok. I will reluctantly finish the pack I bought but won't buy again. :-(
Chicken Noodle
by Kim on 12/8/2009
This soup has lots of noodles, but the taste is far from what chicken noodle soup should taste like. I will doctor it up to finish the box, but would not get this one again.
Don't like it
by Julie on 2/25/2008
Flavor is not like chicken noodle soup. Was unable to eat the whole cup. Would not recommend.

The worst thing I've ever seen
by Doxie on 9/6/2011
The tomato basil soup was the worst thing I have ever seen or tasted, and I have tasted a lot of hospital food in my day so I've tasted my share of substandard food in my day. When you pour it into the water it has this unnatural light pink color. And the worst part is that it clumps at the top giving it the appearance of vomit. I had to close my eyes just to look at it, and when I tasted it I found it to be terribly bland. I could not stomach more than two sips even after dressing it up with spices.

My advice is to stick to the chicken noodle and creamy chicken varieties as they are not bad. I'm afraid to try the pea soup. (Updated on 9/7/2011.)
Sodium Too High
by RL on 6/27/2010
I did not like the soup. I have high blood pressure and the sodium is awfully high in this product! The sodium is 34%. This is not for me!

I prefer the Wonder Slim soup product instead.
Mushroom Soup is Awful
by MK on 3/20/2010
Nothing I did made this product taste good; boiling, shaking before heating, adding chicken soup powder. It is vile. Blah. Good thing the other soups are delicious.
Tomato Basil
by ms on 3/15/2010
Tomato Basil is AWFUL.
Tomato Basil Made Me Sick
by taboodabelly on 11/24/2009
I love the Medifast Tomato Soup so I tried to switch to this brand to save money. I literally gagged while eating it and I'm not that picky. However, I do have a sensitive nose - maybe that came into play. It stunk up my office with a stange odor that lingered to the next day so I threw the rest of them in the trash. Guess this isn't for me...but now I'm kind of scared to try the other soups.