7/Box | WS152-008
Protein & Fiber Bar, Fluffy S'more Crisp (7ct)
  • PROTEIN PACKED NUTRITION: Elevate one’s daily protein intake with our protein & fiber bars, each packed with a robust 15g of protein, 6-8g of fiber, and just 1-5g of sugar. These essential nutrients keep one fuller for longer and help curb cravings, making them an ideal choice for mindful snacking throughout the day.
  • IRRESISTIBLE FLAVORS: Indulge guilt-free in our range of delectable flavors. From the rich satisfaction of Fluffy S'more Crisp to other mouthwatering options, these bars are meticulously crafted to satisfy one's sweet cravings, all while being kind to the waistline. And the best part? All 160 calories or less per bar!
  • CARB CONSCIOUS CHOICE: We've meticulously designed our bars to be a smart choice for anyone watching their carb intake. By cutting out unnecessary calories and sugars, we've created a snack that perfectly aligns with your weight management goals without compromising taste. These delicious gluten-free bars contain only 7g or less net carbs per serving.
  • SIMPLIFY DIETING WITH WONDERSLIM: Crafting a diet plan has never been easier! Incorporate our delectable Fiber & Protein bars into one’s regimen and elevate success. For a holistic approach, combine them with our wide array of shakes, breakfast options, hearty entrees, savory soups, and essential supplements, all designed to harmonize with one’s weight loss journey.
  • TRUSTED BRAND: WonderSlim product is made in the USA and 100% employee taste tested & approved. Our bars are Gluten Free and Vegetarian.