7/Box | WS149-001
Protein Granola, Chocolate Caramel (7ct)
  • DELICIOUS GRANOLA: Enjoy our guilt-free granola that will satisfy both hunger and a sweet tooth in one. These snack-sized clusters are made with a blend of whole grain rolled oats, soy & whey protein, cocoa powder, pecans, and more. Boost any weight management routine with this tasty, protein cocoa cereal.
  • 11g PROTEIN: Packed with 11g of protein to help stay full for longer and satisfied throughout the day. The ideal diet-friendly cereal to satisfy hunger pangs, fight cravings and energize the body at only 130 calories per serving. Just the kind of motivation anyone needs to tackle the day ahead.
  • QUALITY INGREDIENTS: The perfect crunchy treat to snack smart throughout any weight management journey. Sweet in taste with only 6g of sugar to crush those chocolate cravings. This 14g net carb granola has 0mg cholesterol and 0g trans fat.
  • EASY ON THE GO SNACK: Each serving comes in convenient single-portion packets which make it an ideal choice for a quick breakfast or healthy snack. Eat as a breakfast cereal, delectable yogurt topping, or straight out of the bag. All are delicious options that are sure to satisfy.
  • TRUSTED BRAND: WonderSlim product is made in the USA and 100% employee taste tested & approved.