7/Box | BW210-001
Protein Gelatin, Raspberry (7ct)
  • DELICIOUS PROTEIN GELATIN: This protein packed gelatin is cooling, refreshing and delicious. Replace the desire for unhealthy snacks and desserts with this delicious gelatin mix to stay on track with health and wellness goals. Experience a burst of fruity flavor with every bite and none of the guilt at only 60 calories per serving.
  • PROTEIN PACKED: Our delicious gelatin makes for the ideal diet dessert or snack. Nice, light, and packed with 15g of protein per serving to stay full longer throughout the day. Nutritionally designed for any weight management routine while working to satisfy cravings for something sweet.
  • GUILT FREE SNACKING: This sweet treat contains no aspartame, 0g fat, 0g sugar, 0mg cholesterol and 0g net carbs, all while being gluten and lactose free. Ideal for post-op bariatric surgery patients and others looking for a tasty snack without the excess carbs.
  • TRUSTED BRAND: BariWise is committed to providing highly nutritional products that are supported by hospitals, physicians and clinics all over the country.