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Kay's Protein Pretzel Sticks, Jalapeno Honey Mustard (6ct)

Kay's Protein Pretzel Sticks, Jalapeno Honey Mustard (6ct)
6 Bags/Pack

Price: $9.95

Availability: In stock

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Kay's Protein Pretzel Sticks, Jalapeno Honey Mustard (6ct)

Price: $9.95

In stock


  • Delicious
  • Made with the Finest Natural Whole Grains
  • Designed with a healthy balance of Protein and Carbs
  • Packed with 12 grams of lean Soy Protein per serving
  • A good source of Fiber
  • Low Fat, Zero Trans Fat
  • Gluten Free
  • 6 Bags per Box

Looking for a delicious, all-natural snack that won't blow your weight management diet? Kay's Naturals Protein Pretzel Sticks are your answer.


Simply open the bag and nibble your hunger away with this delicious, high protein snack food.

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129 Customer Reviews

Set Ascending Direction
Love these!
by Roberta on 4/25/2013
I buy these all the time. They are a great morning snack with coffee.
Love the cinnamon pretzel snacks
by Nita on 3/15/2013
These are a great standby. Gives me the crunch and the sweet but not too much. Love these in the car to keep me on track. Very filling with a glass of water. love love love. Great for movies when others are eating popcorn
Great to grab and go
by Nita on 2/14/2013
These are addictive. LOVE LOVE LOVE these
Good and Bad
by Dolphin Princess on 12/6/2012
I recently decided to give Kay's Naturals Protein Snacks a try and they were good and bad. The chili nacho cheese chips were not really good they have a strong after taste. The cinnamon toast pretzels were delicious these I WILL order again. The sweet BBQ mix was not very good and it had a bit of an after taste to them as well. All in all the cinnamon toast variety is worth it.
Kay's Naturals Protein Snacks (Snack Bag)
by on 8/30/2012
Good stuff!
by on 8/30/2012
I like the cinnamon toast and the chili cheese the best, absolutely great to satisfy the crunchy craving! Good flavoring too!
LOVE the Cinnamon Pretzels
by Donna on 8/30/2012
Of all the items I order from Bariatric Choice this is my favorite. The sweet taste along with the cinnamon is perfect for my taste buds. I also have ordered the Chili Cheese Nacho's. I highly recommend this also. I love spicy foods. This cures the cravings I have when I want to get some Mexican Cuisine.
by Cheryl on 8/30/2012
I tried the cinnamon toast snack and it was GREAT! A little sweet a little crunch, lots of protein.

Cinnamon Toast
by Courtney on 8/22/2012
The Kays Cinnamon Toast pretzel sticks are amazing! I will be purchasing these again with every order. They help keep me on track with the Wonderslim diet program. I just sub these for a snack bar or shake. I highly recommend them!
Plan order more flavors
by Patti on 2/18/2012
Cinnamon Toast & Jalapeno Honey Mustard are delicious.
cinnamon toast and jalapeno honey mustard are great!
by LanaCSR on 2/12/2012
Have always loved the jalapeno honey mustard flavor, but recently tried the cinnamon toast. I didn't think I would like the cinnamon toast because I wasn't sure how the sweet flavor would taste on a pretzel, but it was AWESOME! Makes you feel like you're having dessert! Thanks Kay for another great, low-calorie protein snack!!!
These rock!
by MJG on 2/12/2012
Just sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth Love them YUM
Cinnamon Toast Pretzels - love 'em
by louisek on 2/1/2012
I'm a big fan of the Cinnamon Toast Pretzels. They are delicious and the nutritional stats are good too. Also good that this flavor is 1 serving per bag - I avoid the ones that are more than 1 serving per bag - you can guess why!
by Ellen on 1/3/2012
Taste good and satisfy.
Most all flavors are excellent
by a1paigep on 12/3/2011
I crave the Jalapeno Honey Mustard prezels and the Cinnamon Toast pretzels! The Lemon Herb Chips are habit forming. I love the rest of the flavors EXCEPT....

Sweet BBQ Mix (BBQ flavor is too sweet...needs to be a bit more spicy),

Tomato Basil Protein Puffs (too sweet...should have more basil flavor and be more savory)

Veggie Pizza Protein Puffs (again, too sweet and doesn't have much of a distinctive pizza flavor, perhaps more oregano/tomato savory flavor).

I love the fact that most of these are gluten free, too!
Cinn Pretzel sticks are very good
by Limi on 11/10/2011
Nice slightly sweet and salty snack. I have tried a variety of Kay's products and all have been very good
Tasted Yummmy
by lo_s on 10/16/2011
It was so good, i couldn't believe that is had protein in it. I gave some to my friends kids and they loved it too!!!
Jalapeno/Honey Mustard Pretzel Sticks
by Laurie on 10/16/2011
These are fabulous snacks. The mix of flavors is absolutely titillating!
These are fantastic! BUT...
by quishee on 9/21/2011
I love these pretzels and I also love the jalapeno honey mustard ones. BUT these have 1 and half servings per bag! The jalapeno ones do not. PLEASE make these with only 1 serving per bag so that the carbs, protein and calories are pre-measured correctly! I hope someone from the company will read and hear this.
by Cheryl on 9/18/2011
I really love these chips. My favorite is the sweet barbeque mix. They are tasty and crunchy. Love em!
Love these pretzels!
by Praiser on 8/29/2011
I love these, they are so yummy. They satisfy my wanting to crunch with just the right amount of sweet!!
My Favorite Snacks
by texasgrl53 on 6/25/2011
I love the jalapeno honey mustard pretzels so much! They have so much taste compared to other protein chips I've tried. And the white cheddar kruncheeze taste great with hummus or salsa. I hope they keep making these for a long time.
Love these
by Lanne on 6/20/2011
If you like spicy-crunchy-hot you will love these. My only complaint is that the package contains 1.5 servings and the nutritional information is for 1 serving.
Love, Love, Love these pretzels
by Ellie on 6/13/2011
Love these pretzels! The taste and consistency is awesome. I don't feel as though I'm eating low-calorie, great protein food. Previously, I was ordering Medifast pretzels and they changed the way they make them. I'm so pleased that I found out about Kay's naturals. Please do not change the flavor or consistency. Thanks for a wonderful product.

Kay's Protein Snacks
by Chappy on 5/12/2011
For the most part, I think Kay's Protein Snacks are wonderful - good taste, good protein, etc. BUT, why do they have to put 1.5 servings in a bag??? Why not put just 1 serving per bag? That makes more sense! My guess is that most people eating these are bariatric surgery patients and, like myself, do not need to be eating more than 1 serving at a time. But back to the taste, I think they are great!
cinnamon pretzels are the best
by J.Herr on 4/4/2011
Love the flavor! they really hit the spot and are just the perfect treat. You don't feel like you are eating foods that other people won't eat. I only wish they would adjust the package size the a one serving size!
Just Awful
by MK on 3/10/2011
The Crispy Parmesan Chips are terrible; and they arrived as dust, they were so crushed.
Parmesan Protein Chips
by Erin on 2/15/2011
These are delicious! Reminded me of Cheetos Puffs. :) I liked the Jalapeno Honey Mustard Pretzels.. I will have to order one of each to see which ones I like and which ones I don't like since they seem to be hit or miss within these reviews.
by LovesChips on 1/19/2011
My first try was the Honey Mustard/Jalapeno Pretzels. I wasn't so impressed with the taste of the pretzel itself, but the seasoning was good. They were also very satisfying. I then tried the Lemon Herb chips, and OMG, all I can say is awesome. I just ordered more, cause it's going to be a favorite. I couldn't believe just how good they are. I then tried the Sweet BBQ Mix which was good and satisfying. I can't wait to try more. This definitely helps me stay on my diet. Thank you!!!! I've been on my diet for only 6 days now and am down 11 pounds :-)
absolutely wonderful!
by gette on 10/10/2010
I just opened my first bag of cinnamon toast pretzels...all I can say is I am ADDICTED! I ordered just one of a few different flavors to try and I can't wait to try the others...these are the best snack...the only problem now is I will have to try to refrain from wanting to binge on them- they really are that good!
Love Kay's Snacks
by Momager on 10/4/2010
I had already tried Kay's Cookie Bites and ordered more, now I've tasted the pretzels! They're amazing!!! The Golden Butter Twists are really good, but I LOVE the Sweet BBQ Snack Mix! The BBQ flavor is not overwhelming, but very tasty. I especially like the variety of textures that are included in this mix. In one serving, you get pretzels, Frito-like chips (yum!), some round BBQ balls, and thin, crunchy BBQ chips. This is an excellent snack for bariatric patients. Easy on the tummy and so, so satisfying! ENJOY!!!
by Kroshaynut on 9/29/2010
Great product! Great taste. I love all of Kay's products!
Awesome Cinnamon toast pretzels
by Barbara on 9/15/2010
Love love love the cinnamon toast. The Jalapeno honey mustard was spicy but good but I'll be ordering the cinnamon toast.
Thumbs up for Sweet BBQ mx and Jalapeno Honey Mustard Pretzels
by Mir on 9/9/2010
So impressed with the quality of the 3 Kay's products I've tried (these two snacks and the Honey Almond crunchy sweet snacks).

Sometimes, you just want to eat something crunchy, salty, spicy that fills the void of not having chips and salsa or potato chips or Nachos, etc. These are great.

I tried the Sweet BBQ mix (great for parties in a bowl) and Honey Mustard Jalapeno...nice kick. Really flavorful and just makes you feel like you can stick to your plan better cause you get a taste-bud kick that FEELS like junky, indulgent snack food. :D
Great Snack
by Laura on 8/11/2010
I love these pretzels...they are hot, but not too hot, sweet and a very satisfying snack. Great mid day with a diet soda or flavored water.
Cinnamon Toast Pretzels
by Trishie on 7/29/2010
Really good pretzels. Nice sweet cinnamon taste, crunchy texture. And it's a nice serving size. Good all across the board!! (Updated on 7/30/2010.)
I love the Honey Mustard
by BatSheva on 5/2/2010
I love these and order them all the time. They keep me from snacking on potato chips, but I really do miss the ones they used to make the Wabassi? I wished they would bring them back.
by Fit4Lyfe40 on 2/6/2010
I've tried the White Cheddar Kruncheeze, Cinnamon Toast Pretzel Twists and the Jalapeno Honey Mustard Pretzel Sticks. All are yummy and satisfying.
Love 'em!
by Claire on 2/5/2010
I don't do spicy, but all the others are delicious, very satisfying. Wonderful snack or even a meal!
Hazelnut sweet crunch
by peetoe38 on 1/23/2010
I really like the flavor, sweetness, and crunch of this flavor. It has a great taste without some of the off flavors of other soy products. When is the Almond flavor going to be back in stock as I like it even more!!!!
If you want spicy...
by Mitch on 1/6/2010
If you like spicy then I highly recommend the Jalapeno Honey Mustard! Not only they're spicy, they're tasty with a nice crunch. The only con may be the texture but not enough to not enjoy overall :)
Great cruchy snack
by SC, RD, LDN on 11/8/2009
Loved the chili nacho cheese Kruncheeze and will order them again in bulk. Was NOT impressed with the cinnamon toast pret.(tolerable, but not sweet enough) and jalapeno honey must pretzels (yuk).
Wonderful snack
by jam on 9/7/2009
Oh my gosh the jalapeno mustard are my favorite i can't even believe that it is diet food!!! Wonderful little snack. I also tried just the regular buttered twist and did not care for those.
Yummy Stress Food
by Connie on 9/2/2009
I LOVE these. I need something to crunch on - especially at work in the afternoons when things are stressful. These hit the spot and take care of the hunger. I was really surprised at how yummy they taste!
by Sonia on 8/24/2009
Sweet Barbeque are very tasty. I cannot believe how good it taste. I have told everyone see to try a bag.
Stick with the pretzels!
by MsK on 8/23/2009
I'm not a pretzel lover, but these are fantastic! I've had the wasabi, jalepeno honey mustard and the cinnamon toast. They really help you through those 'munchie' attacks. I need more fiber in my high protein diet, so I eat these pretzels with a bottle of water infused with All Bran fiber drink (25 calories, 10 g. fiber). I feel like I've had a real treat after this snack. The chips are sort of styrofoam-textured, but their flavor is definitely tolerable. I still like the pretzels way better. They satisfy your crunch-crave and the cinnamon toast ones help with that sweet tooth.
Yummy and Crunchy
by Wendy on 8/22/2009
I've tried the Wasabi pretzels (tasty, but spicy), the Nacho protein chips, and the Parmesan protein chips. I loved the Nacho chips-- totally hit the spot. The Parmesan were okay, but not as zingy. Awesome snack and great way to fit in the protein.
Better Balance Jalapeno Honey Mustard Pretzels
by APuckett on 6/18/2009
Is this diet food!?!?!?! I tried the Jalapeno Honey Mustard pretzels for the first time, oh my GOSH they are DELICIOUS. If you are looking for something sweet, crunchy and with a little extra kick, these pretzels are for you. I called and asked for a sample and I'm glad I did. I ordered seven bags!!! FANTASTIC :)
by jw on 6/5/2009
Never used to like pretzels...now i have the cinnamon pretzels with me wherever i go! Great little snack, generous portion and tastes great! Will reorder again.
Absolutely Addictive
by nikdragon on 5/16/2009
The pretzels are the best. Wasabi, Golden Butter, and Cinnamon Toast are just plain awesome. Since my gastric bypass this is the only snack food I've truly enjoyed. Enough protein to make it a worthy part of my diet while satisfying crunch cravings.
great snack
by cwel on 3/19/2009
I've only tried the cinnamon toast but they are fabulous so I give them 5 stars. Great pretzels with almost glazed on cinnamon sweetness!
Great Snacks
by Crickett on 2/8/2009
I have tried all the flavors and like them all except the wasabi. The cinnamon and the hazelnut and almond flavors are my favorite but the chili nacho cheese and parmasan cheese is also great. Highly recommended!
Sweet BBQ Mix
by Monica on 1/29/2009
I love these! They have the best flavor! You have to try them.
Better Balance Snacks
by Pat on 1/8/2009
Are you looking for a good healthy snack, well don't hesitate, grab one of the bags of Protein Chips or Pretzel Sticks, they are the best and will satisfy you no doubt!
Kay's Natural Protein Snacks
by jquilts75 on 12/22/2008
These snacks are Fantastic, I like the Lemon Herb Chips,

chrispy Parmesean Chips, Chilli Nacho Chese Chips, White Cheddar Khruncheeze , Cinnamon Toast Twists, & Golden Butter Twists Pretzels. These are a great little snack to keep with you any where you go & healthy too! I give these a 5 star rating! The Jalapeno Honey Mustard Pretzel Sticks just too spicey for me, but if you like hot spicey you'll like these.
VERY good!
by Patty on 11/4/2008
The chili nacho cheese chips are VERY good. The only thing I would change about this product is that I wish it would come in a 1 serving size, instead of the 1.5 serving size. They're soooo good it's hard to not eat the whole package.

Very happy with this product
by GA on 8/25/2008
The cinnamon toast pretzels are sooooo good!! Taste just like pretzels!!! The jalapeno mustard pretzels are also yummy!! These are a great way to get your protein and lose weight! Very happy with this product!!!

Totally awesome snacks
by jackie on 8/19/2008
These snacks are totally awesome. I did not think I was eating 'diet' food.

Love it
by Karla on 8/12/2008
Hello.. I tried this product.. Cinnamon Pretzels are very good. Love it.

Cinnamon toast pretzels
by rhonda on 7/18/2008
Cinnamon toast pretzels...delicious! Taste like real cinnamon toast. Got one as a free sample, and now plan to add to my next order.

by Liz Day on 5/1/2008
The cinnamon pretzels are wonderful and I thoroughly enjoy them on a regular basis. I munch each one very slowly to make them last as long as possible although I think the portion size is very generous.

Addicted to the jalapeno
by AC on 3/9/2008
I am very addicted to the jalapeno mustard twists. You forget it is diet food. They are so yummy. They have become my favorite snack food. The chipolte protein chips are very gross though i don't recommend trying the chipolte flavor.

Awesome snacks
by Beth R. on 3/8/2008
These snacks are delicious...The golden buttery pretzels are awesome!

5 Star
by Tammy on 10/14/2013
Love it! Great snack!
great taste
by Nina on 1/23/2014
really great taste, perfect for a snack
My favorite snack.
by batsheva on 1/31/2015
I love these. And it gives me the satisfaction of crunch, salt, and heat. My absolute favourite snack. It keeps me away from chips and dip. I dip these in low fat ranch dressing and I feel satisfied.
I wasn't expecting them to be so good!
by jensie on 2/22/2015
I really wasn't expecting these to be good. I was looking for a healthier snack option for afternoons at my desk... Thaybfirst bag caught me by surprise. They are crunchy & really flavorful. I will definitely buy these again!
by Tammy on 2/23/2015
I had these for a snack it was really nice to have something crunchy and spicy . I can eat them everyday .
by Patricia on 5/4/2015
Love these snacks! Certainly worth ordering again!
by Patricia on 5/18/2015
Love these snacks! Great flavor!
great snack
by Judith on 11/25/2015
Love it! Great snack!
Love the hot sweet taste
by Diane on 3/31/2016
I bought 4 boxes with my last order. My favorite!
Good snack option
by kathy on 4/11/2016
I was really surprised at how good these were. They have a sweet tangy taste to them and are really good for a crunchy snack. Will definitely order again.
by Terry on 6/23/2016
These pretzel sticks are a little spicy and tangy which give it great flavor. I would definitely order them again.
Love these!
by jensie on 11/13/2016
Pack these for snacks at work. Perfect! Great taste and low cal with high protein! Will buy more of these in the future!
Love these
by Stephanie on 9/16/2017
I enjoyed these so much I ordered extra. They are a great snack!
Love these
by Alexis on 10/26/2017
My favorites, I will order these again.
Great snack option when on the go!
by Lange on 4/26/2013
Great snack option when on the go!
Satisfies your crunchy urges
by Deanne on 3/13/2013
These protein snacks are super crunchy, I like them for an occassional munchie attack. I've only tried the cinnamon pretzels and they do have a slight after-taste but it isn't overwhelming. The sweet/salty combination is worth it to me and I am good to go!
Has a good flavor
by April on 2/22/2013
These have a good flavor and are filling.
Pretty Good.
by Lois on 8/30/2012
These were good. Not great but good for a salty snack.
by Marin Chic on 8/14/2012
The cinnamon toast pretzel sticks are Kay's Natural's best product!

Sweet, cruncy, guilt-free. They're also gluten free which I recently found out I need to adhere to--so again, guilt-free and delicious. I also like the honey mustard and my husband likes the BBQ.
Cinnamon Toast Pretzels and Almond Puffs
by Tara P. on 8/14/2012
I've tried both the Cinnamon Toast Pretzels and the Almond Protein Puffs. Both had a nice flavor and crunch, but were not my favorite Diet Direct products. I would order them again, for sure, and will most likely try other flavors, too. There were a decent amount of pretzels/puffs in each serving, although I did get to the bottom of the bags rather quickly :)
Great Snack
by bflorida on 8/14/2012
The pretzels are a great in between meal protein snack. I like that the packages are now a serving size as opposed to the 1 1/2 servings.

The Parm chips recipe has changed. There is also an inconsistency in the formula. No quality control? Sometimes they even taste stale. The last order I got one box was okay and the other stale tasting. Disappointing.
(Updated on 6/18/2012.) (Updated on 6/18/2012.)
Sweet BBQ Mix
by CJinMichigan on 4/25/2012
It was fine; not the greatest, but a nice snack with high protein and low calories. (Updated on 4/26/2012.)
Good snack
by Laur on 2/26/2012
I had the Cinnamon & Sugar pretzels, and the Pizza puffs. Both were good, not outstanding, but for the low amount of calories, & high amount of protein with fiber, good crunchy snacks.
Pretty good!
by Lollliiipopzzzz on 12/12/2011
Most of these flavors are good but they taste pretty artificial. I always get these when I order from Diet Direct but there are much better options available on this site. The cinnamon toast pretzels and the sweet bbq mix are really good. The jalapeno mustard is also good, really different [unexpected] flavor. However, the protein puffs are all really awesome!!!
Good snack
by dsmith on 9/10/2011
Low net carbs and good protein content. These are great to snack on when you think you need some carbs.
Cinnamon Pretzels
by Strivingformore on 8/12/2011
These are great! A real treat! I am about to order more! I wish they gave a box special!
Nice take along snack
by Bethie on 8/1/2011
Nice to go quick meal. Cinnamon is my favorite pretzel. I like the jalapeno mustard too for when I'm in the mood for something spicy. The new puffs are good too. I was very pleasantly suprised at the Lemon Herb. I would not have ordered them if it wasn't for the reviews. I'm not usually a lemon PERSON but these were delicious! I'll order them again for sure. Thanks DD!
Cinnamon Pretzel Twists
by Jan on 4/21/2011
Liked the Cinnamon best. Is better alternative to real pretzels for post gastric bypass surgery patient like me. I want to keep off those 96 lbs.
Strong flavors, lots of crunch
by GrannyQ on 4/10/2011
I tried the cinnamon ones and the jalapeno honey mustard. Both are strongly flavored for a real taste kick. The underlying pretzel isnt' the best, but with the strong flavoring, it was hard to tell.
Cinnamon Pretzels
by Tina on 11/14/2010
Make sure you order the cinnamon flavor. I do not like the plain pretzel bows but I love these!!
Very good snack
by Gayla on 5/11/2010
Cheese puffs and cinnamon pretzels very good!
Great snacks
by nicmz1772 on 4/4/2010
These are great, my favorite are the Cinna Stix. The pretzels and the BBQ Mix are basically crumbs when they arrive. They taste good but hate eating crushed up snacks....I would give 5 stars if these arrived in tact.
Crunchy and Tasty
by Martha on 11/4/2009
I'm a muncher, so when I saw these snacks I had to try them. So far the Jalapeno Honey Mustard Pretzels are my favorite, they're crunchy and a little sweet and salty, very tasty.
These are Tasty when you're looking for Crunch!
by Lugnut on 9/14/2009
Tried the White Cheddar, the Cinnmon Pretzels, Wasabi and the Jalapeno Honey Mustard All were very good. I really love Wasabi, and figured it would be my fave, and yes, I liked it but the Jalepeno Honey Mustard was my FAVE!!!!

Give them a try, they're GOOD!
Pretzels are great!
by Pam on 6/13/2009
Love the cinnamon toast ones, but try to restrict because of the amount of sugar. I didn't care for the jalapeno mustard at first, but they really began to taste much better. I plan on ordering a bunch of them!
Need self-control!
by Susan on 6/5/2009
I have tasted White Cheddar Kruncheez and I think they are great. The taste and texture are excellent but I wish they were prepacked into single serving sizes. The bag says each is 1-1/2 servings and I defy anyone to leave the extra 1/2 serving uneaten!
White Cheddar Kruncheeze
by Beth on 6/4/2009
I love using a small amount on my salad for lunch to add a little crunch. It would be better if they had 1 serving per bag.
Like these now
by kate1997 on 4/28/2009
I didn't like these the first time I tried them, but your taste buds change the more you use this food and now I like them just fine. Great for that afternoon salty snack you crave.
Jalopeno Honey Mustard
by Andrea on 12/16/2008
Love the jalopeno honey mustard pretzels. These are great, I wish they came in single serving sizes though instead of 1.5 because there is no putting this snack down. I am not a big fan of the crisps though- they have a styrofoam texture.
Like the crispy parmesean
by Doreen on 3/14/2008
The crispy parmesean flavor tasted good and made a satisfying snack.I would rate it a 4 out of 5. The cinnamon toast however tasted like slightly burnt toast sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and I would not recommend it.

by lisa on 7/25/2017
this snack was okay. i wouldnt order again. i didn;t want my money to go to waste so i bought some humas and was able to eat it that way. i expected something tastier
only tried the one so far
by Connie on 3/17/2013
Enjoyed it 100% however daughter found them for 88 cents at Tunies
Some good, some not so much
by Susan on 2/21/2013
I really enjoy the jalapeno honey mustard pretzels and lemon herb chips. The Sweet BBQ are ok, chili are ok. I don't care for the texture of the protein puffs.
One serving
by k on 10/4/2012
These snacks DO NOT have 1 and a half servings per bag and do not equal 180 calories if you eat the whole bag. If you take the time to read the nutrition information, it states Serving Size as 1.2 ounces and Servings Per Bag "1." Serving Size 1.2 oz is the weight of the sericng size. Serving per bag is ONE. So, it is only 120 calories as it states. You are misreading the nutrion information on the bag. So yes, you can eat the WHOLE bag and it is only One 1.2 ounce serving.
These snacks were awsome BUT ...
by inkdink on 8/14/2012
Kay's has changed the recipes. They have ruined the jalapeno honey mustard. The sticks are drier and the spices aren't as good. The sweet BBQ mix is even sweeter and there is no hint of BBQ flavor. I dread trying the "new" lemon herb which was another of my absolute favorites. Chili nacho cheese also drier chip. Why OH why Oh why Oh ?????? I went through this with Medifast. They really changed their jalapeno sticks to a bland tasteless puff. That is how I found Diet Direct. I was looking for a substitute for Medifast's mistake. I must admit that Kay's did not go as far as Medifast did. At least it's still a stick.
They were ok
by Susan on 10/7/2010
When you first try them they are ok, but by the time you eat a few more bites, you do not really want any more.
Loved sweet BBQ
by JHarper on 10/9/2009
I ordered three different flavors. I loved the taste of the sweet BBQ, and the Golden butter twists are ok. The Wasabi is horrible. I put one twist in my mouth and the spice and flavor were not tasty at all. If you like hot and spicy, then Wasabi is for you.
Not to bad
by Kim on 5/22/2013
I normally get the cinnamon toast ones but this time I thought I would change up. They are not too bad but I really like the cinnamon ones the best
Too sweet
by Jasmine on 12/1/2013
These are too sweet for me. Thought they would be more savory because of the jalapeño. Will probably just get plain next time.
good but not very filling
by MELISSA on 4/30/2017
I gave these 3 stars because they are not very filling and the jalapeno flavor is on the mild side. They do taste great, but i'm still hungry afterwards. An 80 calorie Greek yogurt is more filling, but lacks the crunch and salt of this snack.
Cinnamon Sugar Flavor gives a weird after taste
by sduncan on 8/30/2012
These leave a bit of an after taste but they are not awful. My biggest pet peeve is that the serving size is 1 and 1/2, which I didn't realize until after I ate the whole bag. So, instead of 120 calories, the entire bag is 180.
Jalape and honey mustard sounded good but tasted.. yuk!
by Lisa on 3/10/2012
Not much to say, I thought it sounded good but it didn't taste good
Too sweet for me...
by CaliGirl on 12/6/2011
If you like sweet BBQ flavor then try this, but I found it too sweet for me. Not horrible but I've had better... The pretzels are also a weird consistency but everything else is pretty good.
These are just Ok for me.
by tyresank on 11/5/2011
Unfortunately these are not my cup of tea so I will not re-order. The flavor used is very strong in onion and garlic, and that is the main reason if they were less overpowering for me, I would like them much more.
Not a Fan
by lasvegasgirl32 on 5/19/2011
I am personally not a fan of these because the powdery coating on the chips and pretzels is too thick that it tastes unnatural to me; however, with the yummy crunchy texture, I could see how other people would be satisfied.
REALLY Hit or Miss
by wickwicky on 9/28/2009
I would urge someone to order a couple of each before stocking up on any one kind. When they went on sale, my husband and I ordered 1 or 2 of each kind to try them to see what we liked. The original pretzel sticks and Hazelnut Sweet Crunch were completely inedible - disgusting. BUT the White Cheddar were good and the Almond Delight Crisps in milk tastes JUST like Cinnamon Toast Crunch (but stays crunchy in milk!). Some are good, some are horrid, I think you need to try them to see what you like because they can go from half a star to five.
by Lori on 5/29/2017
Was really hoping these would be full of jalapeno honey mustard flavor, but they are really bland. Good crunch, however, if that's what you're looking for.
Too strong protein powder taste to suit me.
by on 8/30/2012
Leave an aftertaste. Will not buy again. Disappointed. (Updated on 2/23/2012.)
Butter Twists are a fail!
by jojo on 8/30/2012
I was looking for regular pretzels with protein. These are not good. They taste like burnt soy nuts. I MAY be able to eat them dipped in peanut butter or ranch dressing. Won't buy these again. (Updated on 10/6/2010.)
by kimmy on 8/30/2012
I don't like these i tried alot of them of different flavors and i just don't like them
by HGF on 1/5/2011
From reviews on this product, it seems as though quality varies greatly according to flavor.

Golden Butter Twists in no way resemble an actual pretzel.

Texture virtually invites a broken tooth, while the taste is like cardboard.


Did NOT Like Them
by BSimms on 12/20/2010
I was looking for an item with protein to substitute for pretzels. So I tried the Butter Twists - these are not a good substitute for anything. I could only eat about 5 of then since they tasted like cardboard. I threw the rest away.
serving size
by SF Sue on 12/20/2009
I was very disappointed to discover that the serving size is 1 oz, whereas the bag holds 1.5 oz. I resent the fact that this company has resorted to distoring the nutrition value in that way. I enjoyed most of the flavors, but won't order again unless they begin to manufacutre 1 oz bags.
by Marie on 10/4/2009
They were crunchy, but my grandkids wouldn't even eat them.
Pass on Wasabi
by ButterflyDreamz on 9/27/2009
I tried Wasabi over the weekend. Not a fan. Too strong for a bariatric patient. Our taste buds are too sensitive for these.
Did not like
by Carolyn on 1/6/2018

Hi Carolyn, thank you for your feedback. We completely understand your concern regarding the Kay's NAtural Jalapeno Honey Mustard Pretzel Sticks and apologize for the trouble. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you, and we appreciate your business.