WonderSlim 101: Get the Most Out of Your WonderSlim Experience

WonderSlim 101: Get the Most Out of Your WonderSlim Experience
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WonderSlim 101: Get the Most Out of Your WonderSlim Experience

In a recent post, we answered a lot of questions WonderSlim users and soon-to-be users have about our Meal Plans (you can read those here). After understanding how the diet works and selecting the right plan for you, the next step is getting the most out of the experience!

Here are just a few must-know things to help make your journey a success:

If you don't love something, we'll make it right.

One of the things WonderSlim is most known for is our satisfaction-focused customer experience and helpful staff. If you don't like something, you are welcome to return or exchange products within 60 days of purchase, even if they've been opened. Simply send them back to us with our return/exchange form!

There are so many different WonderSlim foods to choose from, we're confident you'll find something you absolutely love.

Worried about your morning coffee ritual while on the plan? No need!

For many customers, morning coffee with creamer is a requirement to start the day. Don't fear, though, you won't need to start taking it black during the WonderSlim plan. In fact, you might even like the way this idea tastes even better.

We love mixing our WonderSlim Pudding/Shakes with cold coffee in the morning! The Mocha Cream and Chocolate Cream Shakes are especially delicious mixed with your morning java.

To prepare, simply add a few teaspoons of black coffee to your shake. You can even blend with ice for a frappe-like treat.

If you love WonderSlim's Pudding/Shakes but haven't tried them as a pudding, here's how.

You may know that our shakes make decadently-delicious puddings, but have you tried it? We recommend preparing the puddings as listed on the mix packet, then placing in the fridge for about 5 mins to set. We have found preparing in a deep bowl or container works best. Sometimes we like to whisk ours and place them in the freezer. They are a fantastic chilled treat!

Change is good, so "shake" things up with our meal replacements and bars.

While one of WonderSlim's biggest benefits is how great the meal replacement shakes and foods taste, if you like to make things interesting and try different ideas, there are endless ways to prepare them and some best practices for mixing. Here are a few of our favorite tips:

  • Shakes love cold water. Leave in the fridge overnight for extra creaminess, or use a blender to combine the shake mix with 6 ounces of water (or non-fat milk) and some ice.
  • Use your blender to liven your shakes up by including your meal plan's fruit serving with your shake. Add anything from strawberries to bananas for a fruit-tastic concoction.
  • Shaker bottle tip: add liquids before adding the shake mix.
  • Hot summer day? Store a few of your WonderSlim bars in the freezer for a cool pick-me-up.

Make delicious recipes for your WonderSlim Plan's Healthy Dinner meal.

Developing healthy shopping/cooking habits that include a variety of protein, vegetable and starch servings are a key part of what makes the WonderSlim Weight Loss Plan unique. The trick is to get creative with the plan's food selection list/shopping guide and make delicious Healthy Dinner recipes (based on each plan's unique requirements) that you'll look forward to eating.

To help, we worked with a registered dietitian to develop several incredible healthy recipe ideas that meet the requirements for many of the WonderSlim Women's and Men's Meal plans, such as:

Each recipe includes nutritional information and WonderSlim meal plan equivalents. Use this information to help experiment with your own variations of our recipes!

Get recipe ideas from other WonderSlim users online.

At WonderSlim, we are all about motivation and support from the community. Thousands have tried the WonderSlim plan, and many have come up with incredible ideas and recipes that helped them succeed.

We encourage anyone using our products to tap into some of the many groups of people online, from all different walks of life.

A great place to begin is the WonderSlim and WonderSlim Recipes Facebook Group. If you like the ease of using Facebook groups, check out this excellent fan-run, "unofficial" group that's all about WonderSlim. Learn more and how to join here.

Can WonderSlim items be used to create your own plan, or do you have to follow the 3 plans listed?

You can absolutely use WonderSlim items to create your own diet plan or to supplement your current diet. You do not have to purchase one of our kits or follow one of our diet plans.

If you enjoy WonderSlim, why not tell your friends about it (and get rewards)?

Share the good news and help friends and family achieve their goals, too! When they register through your referral link, they’ll get $10 Rewards Credits for their first purchase. (redeemable on a $75+ order) When a friend makes their first purchase of $75+, you’ll earn $10.00.

Click here to learn more about sharing the love and our referral program.

January 20, 2017