Video: Diet is More Important Than Exercise for Weight Loss (Explained)

Video: Diet is More Important Than Exercise for Weight Loss (Explained)
Posted on February 10, 2016: Health & Nutrition
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In the long term, both diet and exercise are important to losing weight and exercise offers a host of health benefits. But when it comes to weight loss, research continues to show that focusing on calorie consumption is more important than burning calories if you're trying to shed pounds.

Even more, when we do use the concept of calculating calories burned vs. calories consumed to guide weight loss, very recent studies show the 50-year old "rule" that calculates a loss of one-pound if there is a 3,500 calorie deficit between what you eat and how much you've burned may be terribly off. It's closer to 7,000 calories. Read more.

With that in mind, this excellent video (watch it below) from AsapSCIENCE illustrates this concept by making you think about what's easier- walking an hour or not eating a candy bar? Running 30 minutes every day or not drinking two sodas? There are plenty more research insights that you may not have heard before.

In the end, it suggests, you'll want to focus much more on your diet than exercise when trying to lose weight. Watch below or click here.

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