Tropical Breeze Protein Boost Recipe

Tropical Breeze Protein Boost Recipe
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Tropical Breeze Protein Boost Recipe

While protein shakes play an important role in your post-op procedure diet, sticking to your diet plan doesn't have to be a chore.

You can really mix things up and experience a boost to your nutrition and a blast to your palate with fruit-flavor infused shakes like our this tropical breeze protein blast.

This recipe was developed exclusively for Diet Direct by dietitian and bariatric nutrition consultant Sharon Howard with the unique needs of the post-WLS lifestyle and supplementation needs in mind.


Ingredients and Directions

Makes one serving. Using our BariWise French Vanilla Protein Shake mix (you can buy here), this recipe will pack 26 grams of protein.

For a less thick recipe, add a little water.

Mix together by simply shaking it up in your shaker bottle. An excellent protein source and a delicious, simple way to enjoy it!

June 25, 2019