Light in Sodium, All-Natural Beef Jerky Launches in Response to New FDA Guidelines

Light in Sodium, All-Natural Beef Jerky Launches in Response to New FDA Guidelines
Posted on December 5, 2016: Health & Nutrition

We've launched an incredible all-natural, high protein jerky with the lowest sodium content on the market on Diet Direct.

High blood pressure continues to be one of the major risk factors for heart disease, the NUMBER ONE killer worldwide. The US Food and Drug Administration issued new guidelines this Summer for the food industry to reduce the amount of salt used in processed foods. The goal is to reduce Americans' high intake of sodium, which has a direct link to high blood pressure. According to the FDA, Americans consume 50 percent more sodium than most experts recommend, and most of the intake comes from processed foods, like beef jerky.

While beef jerky is a convenient protein-rich snack when you're on the go, most brands of beef jerky aren't very heart-healthy. One ounce of beef jerky generally provides between 9 and 14 grams of protein, depending on the brand and quality of jerky you buy. The main drawback of beef jerky is its high sodium content. One ounce of regular beef jerky contains up to a whopping 590 milligrams of sodium, almost half the recommended daily limit.

In response to America’s love for beef jerky, and the FDA sodium guidelines, Diet Direct has launched a new addition to their Snackergy® line of healthy snacks— Snackergy® All-Natural Beef Jerky.

Snackergy® All-Natural Beef Jerky is available in Sweet Teriyaki, Smokehouse Original and Cracked Pepper flavors, and comes in 1-oz. and 3-oz. sizes. This is no ordinary jerky. Made in the U.S.A. from lean cuts of premium American beef and marinated in a special blend of all-natural ingredients and spices, this jerky contains 50-66% less sodium per serving (190mg) than the leading jerky brands while delivering 10 grams of high quality protein per serving in a delicious low-fat snack with no added nitrates.

“Snackergy proves beef jerky can taste good and be heart healthy,” says John Thomas, CEO, Diet Direct. “We constantly strive to bring healthy food innovations to satisfy America’s hunger to eat guilt-free.”

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