Moms (Not on the Run) - Burning Fat Without Running

Moms (Not on the Run) - Burning Fat Without Running
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Moms (Not on the Run) - Burning Fat Without Running

While running is a terrific way for many to burn serious calories and shed pounds, it also can require a bit more time and energy to squeeze in a run when you're a mother of toddlers, most who are already "on the run" all day as it is. And some just don't enjoy running, in general!

There are a host of other great calorie-burning exercises for busy moms(that also build strength) you can do right at home, without going out and hitting the pavement, like:

  • The Kettlebell Swing
  • Indoor Rowing
  • Burpees

- Read more about how to do these and 7 more exercises to boost the burn here.

For those who love the kettleball, there are a nearly unlimited amount of strength and cardio workouts you can do with just a simple 8-16 kg kettleball. Here is a great resource for beginner to advanced exercises focusing on a wide range of target areas. Click here.

For those times when you are really wanting to squeeze in a workout but don't have much space or any equipment right around you, you can still get an awesome, complete workout. Check out this at-home workout routine that's perfect for busy moms.

November 14, 2015