Jerky with Less Sodium: Perfecting a Perfect Snack

Jerky with Less Sodium: Perfecting a Perfect Snack
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Jerky with Less Sodium: Perfecting a Perfect Snack

While there are plenty of grab-and-go, high protein snacks out there, scant few powders or bars can match the collection of positives like beef jerky does.

Once, jerky was mostly a staple of male bodybuilders and hikers but has seen a huge surge in broad popularity as a convenient, healthy snack for everyone over the past several years. Jerky packs a very solid 10 grams of protein per serving, which is rare for convenience snacks you can easily toss in a purse or gym bag. It's generally pretty lean with very low fat content, as well. In addition, there are more and more all-natural options without all the additives of jerky past.

Unfortunately, there is still one thing that has kept jerky from being the ultimate healthy snack blend of protein, low calories and taste - the high sodium content. In fact, many of the leading brands of jerky contain over 20% of your daily suggested intake of sodium in just one serving. Also unfortunate, jerky tends to be eaten by the bag, which is often much more than a serving size.

We set out to change all this with our new all-natural Snackergy® reduced sodium beef jerky and prove you can get all the taste with half the sodium.

The FDA is Raising Red Flags on Sodium

The new daily recommended amount of sodium targeted by the FDA is 2,300 mg, and even less (1,500 mg) if you're at risk for high blood pressure. Americans, on average, consume almost twice that much at about 3,440 mg per day. The illnesses that have been demonstrated from research studies as being caused by too much salt include higher blood pressure, increased risk of heart disease, and increased risk of stroke. In high sodium diets, kidneys release more water, which increases the volume of blood your heart needs to pump each second.

Snackergy beef jerky was designed in conjunction with this new effort by the FDA to reduce the sodium in our diets. Our all-natural jerky formulation contains the lowest salt content of major brands by a whopping 50-66%. In addition, we offer a convenient one-ounce bag that contains exactly a serving size, versus many competitive bags that you may assume are a serving but the bag is actually 2 or 3 servings, greatly increasing the total intake of sodium.

High Protein Jerky Crafted with the Finest Ingredients

We took great care to develop the perfect the ultimate healthy snack by putting everything loved about beef jerky without everything that's not. Our all-natural beef jerky is hand cut from premium beef and marinated overnight. We use an advanced vacuum-tumble process to deeply infuse the flavor and tenderness in every bite, not just on the surface. Then, the jerky is slow cooked for maximum taste.

Made in the USA, we've developed several popular flavors bursting with taste and tenderness , but without added nitrates for a high-protein, gluten free, and low fat snack.

Snackergy Beef Jerky is offered in cracked pepper, original smokehouse and teriyaki flavors, while also being offered in a selection of sizes, including 1 ounce and 3 ounce, plus available by the box.

By perfecting the almost-perfect healthy snack, we've proven you can do good for your heart and taste buds with this unique new lowered-sodium beef jerky from Snackergy.

March 28, 2017